If Trump Tries to Remove ISIS, Will He Be Removed?
By Daily Bell Staff - July 18, 2016

Donald Trump accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of enabling Islamic State’s emergence with “her stupid policies” in a joint interview with running mate Gov. Mike Pence, while pledging to “declare a war” on the terror group. “Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies. She is responsible for ISIS,” Trump said launching a scathing attack on Clinton’s legacy as US Secretary of State while speaking to CBS’s “60 Minutes” show host Lesley Stahl in an interview aired on Sunday.  -RT

Saying that Hillary Clinton enabled ISIS, is an almost incomprehensible statement.

Doesn’t Donald Trump realize that Hillary is not alone?

She represents the most massive military and monetary forces available on this planet.

Does he not realize they can crush him?

Is he somehow doing their bidding?

We know what to think of Hillary based on her associates and history. As we wrote HERE, she represents corporatism and militarism – the coming technocracy, in other words.

We are less certain about Trump.

He may have decided to run for president on his own and thus opened up possibilities for personal and political manipulation.

But when Trump speaks bluntly about Hillary’s role in creating ISIS, he is basically making statements rarely heard in large – mainstream – venues before.

Mitt Romney never said anything like this.

GPO leaders, despite their supposed antagonism to Democrats, have never made such statements.

Many GOP-ers are pro-war. Any war. Just like Hillary.

Congressman Ron Paul was anti-war, and as a result he was eventually marginalized as a presidential candidate.

Some of Trump’s statements have Ron Paul-like resonances.

True, in this interview he said he would “declare a full-blown war on the group.” On the other hand, he clarified his statement.

“I am going to have very few troops on the ground. We’re going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need; which, right now, we don’t have,” he said.

Trump also said negative things about NATO, as he has in the past, stating that the organization had an overly prominent role in the “war on terror” and that other nations should do more.

If Trump really does try to wipe ISIS out – or drastically reduce the power of NATO – will he be risking his own health and well-being?

The US is run by corporatist and military entities. Will they hesitate to intimidate or remove Trump if he tries to end ISIS?

Western war-interests always need an enemy after all.

When Russia began to bomb ISIS, its officials said that the Pentagon had been lying about its attacks on ISIS. Officials maintained that the US bombing was really aimed at Syrian infrastructure and thus at destroying the current regime rather than terrorist groups.

Russian officials also said there were no moderate “terrorists” in Syria and that the Pentagon had just made it up to justify a lack of aggression in certain areas.

This is certainly possible. After all, from what we can tell,  ISIS (and Al Qaeda before it) were essentially CIA inventions, created with the help of others: London’s City, Israel and Saudi Arabia, etc.

At the center of the current horrible Islamic extremism is Wahhabism, jointly advanced by the US and Saudi Arabia.

We’ve written about that HERE: The Internet Just Debunked the NY Post’s War on Terror.

You can see another article HERE: Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State. We don’t endorse the article but find it interesting.

Trump is currently attacking the West’s modern foundation. It is a combination of technocracy and authoritarianism and enormously profitable for those in control.

Conclusion: In blaming Hillary, Trump did not fully explain how ISIS came to be. But by blaming her (when coupled with his other statements) he is opening up a “Pandora’s box” of issues relating to Western warfare. This is dangerous to those who stand behind “endless wars for endless peace.” It might be dangerous to Donald, too, if he pursues the issue to its logical conclusion.

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  • notinmyname

    From a perspective across the water, I suppose the question of whether or not Trump would be crushed on becoming President depends on how debased that institution has become? As the Presidency seems to be the gleaming prize for all parties (as is the premiership in the UK), I can only assume that possession of the same offers empowerment that ordinary graft and corruption cannot achieve. (The logic for this position being that if Mrs Clinton’s backers can achieve their aims without her being in the White House, why would they bother at all? In the white House she would be supernumerary: there must, therefore, be additional leverage to be gained from being in post.) In which case, there may well be hope for you yet. Perhaps that is why certain parties badmouth Mr Trump so much. (There is a pun there.)
    I have the same feeling about our own Boris Johnson: deep, deep inside both men (Johnson and Trump) there are, I like to hope, little nuggets that see personal service to the state – saving the state against itself – as something far more important than filthy lucre.

    • Nguamlam

      You may be right both men question the status quo but will probably work within existing institutions rather than overthrowing them. We need some fresh air and focus on law for the commons everywhere now to counteract corporatism in Government and the ring fencing of all our daily needs (even the air we breath and natural plant and foods) by vested rent seekers.

  • Praetor

    Trump is trying to get elected, to the white palace! As far as danger, we’re all in danger.

    TPTB have unleashed the Hashshashin, again on the world. They promise them paradise, like all religions, that light at the end of the tunnel, that hope of a future beyond belief, and some believe it. That promise is made by mere mortals and there in lies the problem. After death no human on earth can guaranty, anything.

    Uncertainty is the name of the game in 21st century, when it comes to political and personnel motives. Trump at least speak some truth, better than no truth. Human Action in play here, DB. There are enemies of TPTB, if Trump make them friends, maybe TPTB can be sent to the promise land of the unbelievable!!!

    • notinmyname

      On which note I was watching a news item this afternoon where the journalist was interviewing a senior Republican: it was made clear that a lack of attendees necessarily meant a lack of funds for the upcoming Republican campaign. What caught my interest was the observation that Trump did not necessarily feel that he needed these (financial) supporters. He was, the interviewee suggested, quite capable of looking after himself. Given that donors and supporters would, inevitably, require some form of pay-back (which seems to be the nub of the argument against Mrs Clinton and, after all, why else would you make a big donation to a political campaign?), as Mr Trump doesn’t seem to care either way does that make him an independent mind? One who could resist pressures that might otherwise be placed on the President to return favours.
      I would find this encouraging, rather than alarming.
      It may well be counter-intuitive and I am fairly certain you will resist the temptation body and soul, but The Donald (as our press sometimes refer to him when he comes to play golf here) might turn out to be your knight in shining armour.

      • Time will tell.

      • Praetor

        The so called two party system needs money to exist. Trump has money and exists well without them.

        Trump is what we once called, men in America. The ‘All American Boy’, they have money, power, women and know from where all that came from. The United States of America gave it to them, through opportunity and hard work.

        We will see if Trump remembers that!!!

  • Typodrive

    Trump-Pence… tuppence. A couple of inconsequential old dirty pennies.

    • Praetor

      And your alternative to, two old dirty pennies, is?!!!

  • David Schultz

    When America is not outraged that ISIS is driving around in brand new trucks paid for with US taxpayer money something is wrong. There is one group that is outraged and we keep calling them racists. Sure many Trump supporters are uneducated bigots without clear understanding of facts. If they could use the Internet and voice their complaints properly they would have the elite’s in this country with their heads on a platters. In their words, they don’t need no F’n explanation, they know who the sellouts are.

    • We don’t suggest violence, but speaking up in large quantities might help.

      • David Schultz

        Even on Disqus I have seen that crossover traffic from Breitbart and Truthdig cannot communicate their similar views against globalism and frustration with the war on terror. I will conclude in my Truthdig voice that, although Trump’s rhetoric is simplified and aggrandized it is often based in the facts. His supporters are well aware that the military supplies Hillary forcefully advocated for fell into the hands of ISIS during the 2014 assault.

      • bbenhamid

        We can dream, can’t we?

  • vongoh

    Hillary Clinton is so obviously a distasteful, horrible candidate, that only reliable way to drive the people into voting for her (or submitting to her Selection as legitimate whether it is or not) – is to pit her in a dialectic against a candidate even more distasteful and horrible.

    I find it fascinating that Trump has consistently and deliberately (because I find it hard to believe it is simply carelessness) offended and pissed off almost every ‘group’ of the electorate other than white males, with his obnoxious statements and policy proposals.

    In fact I can hardly imagine another candidate that would be more perfect in a manufactured dialectic against Clinton.

    This one of the most obvious reasons why I cannot shake the idea that this election might simply be yet another setup by the globalist cabal to fleece the sheep .. with Trump as the perfect Big Bad Wolf that will drive the masses to the slaughterhouse yet again.

    • spdlf

      Right on target. Just like what happened with Obama.. they know how to play the people like a fiddle. I’m afraid true conservative America is being set-up with Trump just like Obama played the left. As long as citizens keep spending their time and energy playing someone else’s game (where they make and break the rules as they see fit) TPTB will glady waste it for them. It seems like they are trying to bait the people into making a violent reaction (see current manufactured race war) and both candidates are being portrayed as unacceptable to either side.

      I believe Congress and the Presidency is pretty much defunct and operates mostly for show. Even if Trump is real he will be trumped by the National security state.

  • Bruce C.

    It’s hard to tell what Trump knows. But even if he knew “everything” I don’t think he would say much more than he has been saying up to this point.

    Remember, he needs to feel things out. When he accused Bush of knowing that Iraq didn’t have WMDs he got a lot of flak so he backed off. Now he’s accusing Hillary of creating ISIS. The DB says he doesn’t go far enough, but if people can’t handle just Hillary being accused then blaming “the MIC” are whatever huge amorphous entity you want to call it isn’t going to go over either. Also, maybe by just dabbling he’ll get a better sense of how close to the heat he’s getting.

    Consider also, that “the MIC” et al may have a worse bark than bite. I asked yesterday why the US military is so depleted. We know Obama hates the military and wants to deplete it and “he” has – or at least he’s gotten his way. But why? Why wasn’t he taken “behind the wood shed” and reprimanded? Maybe it’s because “they” really can’t control individuals as much as “we” think. That may be why they want Hillary in, because they don’t have to control her because she already thinks like them.

    • notinmyname

      Isn’t that a very good reason for voting for Mr Trump?
      Regarding the knowing of things, we have only just found out – through Chilcot – that a great many of the the things we merely suspected (without hard evidence and in the face of systematic smoke and mirrors from the establishment) prior to the invasion of Iraq were actually true even when we were being told they were not. What is true in the UK is undoubtedly true – in that sense – in the US. And that logic, I maintain, applies to your military too.
      One thing is certain, Mr Trump will not easily be reined in once he gets to the Oval Office. If he doesn’t want to – that is.

  • stevor

    Here’s your clue: ISIS = branch of CIA

  • EDD

    With the advent of the ‘internet revolution’, It is, (as the DB has often said), an ongoing transformation. News can travel so fast that yesterday’s news might as well be ancient. The difference is that it isn’t so ancient people have forgotten it. With the attention span so quickly lost because of wanting to keep up with the stars on various tv shows, there is far less time before another expose hits the news and yesterday’s news is still in the backs of their minds.

    During the last few years, often spaced just far enough that people have forgotten the last disclosure, another episode comes along to refresh the memory of similar activity. In the case of Clinton, the revelations seem to come in almost daily. Anger is building in ‘average citizen’ in a way that is not financed through a Soros or TPTB sponsored ‘spontaneous’ protest.

    IMO, Mr. Trump has tied into the angst ‘average citizen’ feels and which he/she has felt it impossible to overcome. Trump has energized the GOP base in such a manner that has not been achieved in a long time, perhaps never. The record numbers of primary turnouts have proven this over and over in spite of the attempts msm has used to destroy the credibility of his campaign. He was seen as a dark horse with no chance of winning. Surprise!!!!

    Returning to yesterday’s news and other days before that; consider how many top military personnel have been given their walking papers. Does one think they have retired to sit in the easy chair and surrender to injustices real or imagined? Being military and having military training, they are not ‘average citizen’. They do not forget easily. They are focused. They are alert. Most love the country of their birth.

    Moreover, each one doesn’t fit the prototype that is in conforming to the expectations of ‘New World Order’ adherents. Maybe, just maybe we are at the beginning of a renewal of American founding principles, where ‘average citizen’ and deposed military personnel, each in their own way, might give Trump his vision of making America great again.

    (I purposely haven’t gone into details about about deposed military personnel, and I submitted it only as theory not fully developed yet. My research is still ongoing.)

  • oh_look

    I would kill myself before voting for Hillary. But when it comes to Trump I’m not sure yet. I don’t understand why things like the “plagiarism” sentence embedded within Melanie’s speech was allowed to happen…or why another band, this time Queen, was not notified of music they were going to play at the convention and permissions. Or how about the Twitter about Hillary with a red star. It really did not look like a star of David, but I can see how someone might easily see that in the pic. all of these little issues build up and make Trump more vulnerable to media attacks. tons of other examples.
    It all makes me wonder if there is a Mole inside the Trump campaign, or whether this is self sabotage. I hate to say it but I only see Hillary winning at this point.

  • Onson

    This is horribly confused. Are you actually asking if Trump will be “removed” if he tries to launch a massive war against ISIS? As if the military elites aren’t thrilled with the prospect?

    As you said: “any war”.

    Trump isn’t advocating pacifism. He’s advocating mobilization.

    Don’t worry. He’ll have friends in the military.

  • Everyone must KNOW that the CIA is a creation of MOSSAD, read Cockburn’s CLASSIC, “ISIS-RA-EL: Dangerous Liason”