WATCH: John Bolton Appears on CNN, Laments ‘Random People’ Trump Talked to During Presidency
By Ben Bartee - July 15, 2023

Originally published via American Thinker:

Neocon John Bolton of Iraq War fame – shilling for the war based on lies, to be clear, not fighting in it himself – recently appeared on corporate state media to do what the only two things he’s ever brought on to do, usually at the same time: shill for more war (any war will do) and bash Donald Trump.

Bolton’s a bit of a two-trick pony in that way.

This time, the Trump-bashing was framed in the context of the former president’s alleged role in orchestrating the Jan 6th election integrity protest.

“Does it surprise you that these people [“election deniers”] were allowed to get into the Oval Office?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper prompts Bolton.

“This was not the first time this happened… Random people had access to Trump… He’d hear from… somebody he had met in a rope line at an event… He gathered information from all kinds of people… It was a fundamental flaw,” Bolton responds.

He goes on to explain how state handlers – who direct the activities and contacts of every president – tried to intervene to keep Trump from talking to “random people” who might give him perspectives on issues they’d rather he not have, to no avail.

By “random people,” of course, Bolton means populists of any stripe not fully controlled by the Deep State who don’t want to send America’s children to die in pointless military exercises for the sake of generating profit for the military-industrial complex.

History, as they say, rhymes.

CNN’s consternation at Trump liaising with unapproved members of the uncivilized hordes smacks of a tale from America’s storied history, when one Andrew Jackson, himself a notorious populist, invited the rabble to the White House – much to the chagrin of the aristocracy that, even so early in the nation’s history, had firmly established itself as the true ruling class.


“On March 4, 1829, many in the crowd filling the city thought that Providence was smiling on the country in general and on Washington, D.C., in particular, for they believed that the resolute will of the people had swept from office a corrupt administration. The ‘common man’ had come to the capital to revel in the installation of a popular champion as chief executiveWashingtonians, generally, were not so cheerful, deeming the admired champion a backwoods barbarian, his associates cronies, and his followers an uncivilized horde.”

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