WATCH: Chinese Spy-Loverboy Dem. Rep. Eric Swalwell Trolled Over CCP Sidepiece
By Ben Bartee - May 26, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

You won’t hear about it on MSNBC, but Eric Swalwell (alternatively pronounced “Swallows-Well”), a California Democrat in the occupied People’s House, had a sex affair with a Chinese Communist Party spy named Fang-Fang, for which he lost his seat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Swallows-Well is infamously touchy about his Chinese lover, as evidenced by his tantrum during a recent Congressional hearing when an opposition member raised the issue of his affair with Fang-Fang, whose name he hilariously changed to “Yum-Yum.”

Anyway, Alex Stein #99 recently caught up with Swallows-Well on the streets of DC, and it was wonderfully awkward.

“Did [Fang-Fang] give you anal? People are saying that she gave you an insertion,” Stein pressed Swallows-Well.

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