Incredible Mainstream Avoidance of Hillary Debate Collapse
By Daily Bell Staff - September 26, 2016

Inside the Final Hours of Debate Prep for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump … After more than a year of wall-to-wall campaigning, the outcome of the 2016 election could hinge on 90 unpredictable minutes Monday night in Hempstead, N.Y.  The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to be the most watched in history, with perhaps 100 million viewers tuning in for a showdown with the power to upend an increasingly close race. -TIME

How does Hillary manage to stay healthy and on her feet for three debates? That’s the big question but incredibly you won’t find it asked in mainstream media articles anywhere.

As of a few hours before the debate, the Guardian, TIME, New York Times and myriad other publications have weighed in regarding the debates and what the candidates need to do to win.

The consensus seems to be that Trump has to restrain his instinct to make informal comments that seem  “un-presidential.” And Hillary surely has to avoid droning on.

But there is only one fundamental question that needs to be asked from what we can tell: Will Hillary have a seizure or collapse onstage?

We found plenty of alternative media speculation on this issue. WND published an article speculating that Hillary had epilepsy. ZeroHedge speculated about Hillary’s stamina during the debates. Infowars, The Conservative Treehouse and other alternative publications focused on Hillary’s health as a main debate issue.

But not the mainstream. More, From TIME:

Clinton still boasts far more paths to the required 270 electoral votes. She enjoys an advantage in on-the-ground organizing in battleground states and a virtual monopoly over the airwaves.

But her campaign’s failure to put Trump away has Democrats fretting. Trump is a canny media manipulator, and Monday night on Long Island offers him the best forum this fall to channel his celebrity into political credibility by projecting a presidential bearing, just as early voting gets under way. 

Despite radically different approaches, both candidates have proved to be formidable opponents.

Not a single mention of the biggest problem that Hillary seems to have currently … her inability to control her physical health and tendency to suffer from what seem to be seizures, large and small.

Without these health problems, we tend to believe that Hillary would not have much difficulty winning the election. She seems to be the “chosen one” – backed by some of the most powerful people in the world from what we can tell, both in the US and abroad.

Whatever it takes to put Hillary into office may well be tried, including voter manipulation and other electoral “fixes” on a massive scale.

But she has to get to the election first. And that seems a harder and harder task.

The idea that perhaps millions of words could pour out of mainstream presses and onto the Internet without once mentioning Hillary’s physical state – and how it might affect the upcoming debates – is truly amazing.

This is a candidate that not long ago had to be dragged into an ambulance disguised as a van, losing a shoe in the process.

The woman who emerged several hours later on the streets of New York to wave at the crowd was likely a “double” but few mainstream reports mentioned the possibility.

She supposedly had pneumonia but has apparently recovered with astonishing speed. She supposedly felt “overheated” during the 9/11 ceremony when she collapsed but neither the humidity nor the temperature were unusual for the season.

It all adds up to yet  another obvious example of how the Western mainstream media has been organized to support every aspect of Hillary’s campaign.

What’s worrisome of course is that those who stand behind these mainstream publications don’t seem too concerned that they have crumpled up the reputation of a trillion-dollar industry and discarded its credibility.

Conclusion: And this unfortunately gives rise to another question whether Hillary ultimately wins or loses: What comes next?


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  • FreeOregon

    What would be the presidential conduct for Trump if Hillary collapses during the debates, perhaps bringing the October Surprise a few weeks sooner than otherwise?

    Do we postpone the election or open it up to all parties?

    • Jason Calley

      The US made it through the Civil War and both World Wars without ever needing to postpone an election. Why on earth would this election be an exception? If Hillary was unable to continue, then her current Vice President Kaine would become the presumptive Presidential candidate.

      • WinChll

        That may be in the power of the DNC . I’ve heard assumptions they might even give it to….
        Michelle Obama.
        A disturbing thought.

        • Bruce C.

          What I find more disturbing is that there might be a lot of people who would vote for her.

          • mary

            Hey, she’s a two-fer (maybe even a three-fer according to Joan Rivers), every neo-con’s and left liberal’s wet dream.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Postpone reasons:
        1) both candidates drop out
        2) all out war on one or more fronts
        3) civil war at home
        4) martial law declared due to “rioting”
        5) for some mysterious reason everybody stops playing Pokemon 5 at the same time.

        • john cummins

          I’d say No. 5.

  • Sol

    Why? Because that would be a ridiculous question for a journalist to ask. People collapse all the time. I had a friend – a 17-year-old athlete – collapse at a teacher’s funeral when I was in school – I didn’t then start wondering when he was going to collapse next. Just because Hillary collapsing on stage is about the only hope Trump has to not look like a complete buffoon in tonight’s debate, doesn’t mean the media has to try to drum up a story about it. You guys are really sad.

    • RJ O’Guillory

      …you are either an uninformed douche, or a bought-n-paid-for, poorly performing Hillary-Troll. You expect everyone to ignore the past, evil, criminal and illegal deeds that she has sponsored…and to believe in her health when there is a plethora of evidence that indicates she has systemic health problems? And you have no problem with the person you want as President having to be tossed in the ambulance / van like a side of beef? When you are running for President…an episode such as this is not like your friends unfortunate collapse. Get a brain. You sound like the sad one here.
      RJ O’Guillory

      • Sol

        (a) I “troll” here for free – if you know how I could get paid please send a link!

        (b) I’m no great fan of Hillary’s but at least she’s done some good in her life. Trump is the epitome of human garbage. A selfish sack of ignorant crap. It’s not my fault he’s made Hillary the only viable candidate.

        (c) Also, I’m Canadian, so no dog in this hunt other than I just find Trump so gross. But you know, what? Elect him you fools. He is absolutely the president America deserves. The perfect symbolic culmination of your country’s cultural descent into the toilet – a gold-plated toilet no less.

        • RJ O’Guillory

          …well…if you are not getting paid…you are dumber than I thought…
          RJ O’Guillory

        • Frank McDuff

          Come on Sol lets be honest you don’t really believe what you saying here.

        • Sam Fox

          Sol the Canadian, I take it you are happy with all the refugees up in your country. Your dude is as stupid as our dude. At least if your dude is stupid he has an excuse, a poor one, but an excuse.

          Our dude, 0blameUS, is doing his destroy the USA act on purpose, so our dude has no excuse. Hilldebeast would be an extension of 0blameUS like Obbie Indefinite Detention is a continuation of Mr. Patriot Act, GWB.

          Sol old boy, you best wake the heck up! You need to look up Muslim Demographics to see what will happen to Canada & the USA if the ISIS infused ‘refugees’ are not stopped. It’s already happened in Europe. Europe will be taken over by the ‘peaceful breeders’. They already have the mayor of London I believe it is.

          It’s not the ISIS & terrorist types that are the real threat. It’s the ‘peaceful’ ones. As Muslim Demographics shows, they move in & reproduce like rabbits.

          Then they can do this:

          Maybe you like Sharia Law? Is that it? If you are not a Middle Eastern Muslim, even if you convert you’ll still be an untrusted 2nd class citizen if people like you get them into your & our countries.

          • Sol

            Actually, f***head, I fully support saving people from the danger and miseries of a warzone (created by Western interference in the region) and I would welcome more refugees. Lots of space up here and I am not afraid.

          • mary

            If you were genuinely anti-war, you’d never be for Hitlery. Ask the Libyans, ask the Haitians about the Clinton Crime family. You collected your gov’t check for this thread. Now, get lost.

          • Sol

            lol, man, you paranoids really think people are getting paid to make these comments, eh? I’ve subscribed to the Daily Bell for a LONG time – I used to really love it – some articles I still do, but we do not see eye to eye on issues like global warming and Donald Trump. And I don’t really like Hillary but there is no viable alternative. Trump, besides being just generally gross is not qualified for the job.

          • mary

            Yes, Hitlery is qualified. Plenty of experience at lying, graft and corruption, not to mention killing little brown people all over the world.

            This ridiculous bs about whoever–Trump or anyone else–not being qualified should apply in spades to Hitlery whose whole life has been spent riding her husband’s coattails and living in govt housing. And what of the community organizer and freshman senator Barry Obomber?

            Hitlery is far more dangerous than anyone else as her “experience” tells us. On top of that, she’ll use the sexist card to quash decent, just like Obomber uses the racist card.

            Anyone who promotes creepy HItlery with her “Putin is a Hitler” stance is either a Troll or brainwashed. Either way, nobody cares what drivel you post. Take your govt paycheck and get lost.

          • Sol

            Sorry dummy, I stopped reading after “Hitlery” – she may be awful but get real.

          • Sam Fox

            sol–Actually brain dead, you don’t know what you are talking about. I take it you didn’t research Muslim Demographics. Plus you have not shown where what I said is incorrect.

            You are right about “Western interference”, which is interventionism. Directly opposite from what the US Founders had in mind for US foreign policy. One of them said don’t go around the world looking for monsters to destroy.

            I agree with saving people from a war zone. But what good is expanding that war zone to Canada or the USA or anywhere else? You don’t think the ‘peaceful’ Muslims will breed you out of your own country like they have been doing in Europe? Europe is nearly gone now in that regard.

            You don’t know that ISIS has stated that they will fill the refugee ranks with their own soldiers? It’s not about being afraid. It’s about POing a big pack of dogs & being stupid enough to invite some of those mad dogs into your back yard.

            You also need to look up the crime wave that has come with your ‘refugees’. Look at Germany. Look at France. Look at the USA. Going by your post, I take it you’d be fine with Sharia Law. You can have my share.


        • Renov8

          There is so much spin here…..i feel like I am getting vertigo.

        • Trierweiler

          You may be a Canadian….but I suspect something else you aren’t sharing.

        • Heywood Jablome

          This person probably supported the whelp we’re stuck with in the prime ministers office, a useless dimwitted excuse for a leader, who fits the true image of a tax and spend progressive, they call themselves liberals but that is just an insult to true classical liberals, I hope Trump doesnt run off at the mouth without thinking about what he is about to say, and with the history of the douche on the other side of the debating stage, he can crucify her with her own lies, and behavior. It should be entertaining……

        • Cat-astrophe

          A Canadian, eh?
          YOUR Prime Minster says Canada no longer exists, and only the arrival of the Muslim 5th column will give YOUR 150 year old country some much needed “culture”….LOL

          • Sol


          • Cat-astrophe

            Here’s a quote:
            Pierre Trudeau – “English Canada doesn’t have a culture — I’m going to give it one.” – speaking of the new institution of official multiculturalism, combined with increased immigration.

          • Cat-astrophe

            Quote 2:
            Justin Trudeau: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”
            Nuff quotes?

    • harry freeloaderII

      Trump could just stand on the stage completely silent and Hillary would self-destruct. She’s the biggest crook that ever ran for president. She makes Richard Nixon look like a saint in comparison.

      • Sol

        Check your sources, Einstein.

        • harry freeloaderII

          Check my sources? What the hell does that mean? I lived through and studied these clowns. LOL!

          • Sol

            Stop being an idiot.

          • harry freeloaderII

            Stop being a mindless troll, fool.

          • Trierweiler

            Sol or is really Saul?

    • skipcook

      Seventeen is too young to run for president you fool.

      At 69 her age and her health are relevant issues. Anyone who saw her dragged into her ambulance flopping helplessly like a dead fish, should be concerned.

      I feel sorry for her. The media hangers on and her campaign staff don’t have the compassion to throw in the towel. They’d rather have her die trying, so the lick log is there for them. Disgusting.

      • Sol

        At least you’re keeping up with your STRETCHING!

        • skipcook

          You’ve posted twice now. Both were incomprehensible. You should concentrate on keeping your pretty boy Trudeau from emptying the cash register, rather than the drag queen HRC and her election.

          • Sol

            You find him pretty, huh? Not really my type.

          • harry freeloaderII

            Sol = troll.

      • freakneck

        …”Anyone who saw her dragged into her ambulance flopping helplessly like a dead fish”…

        LOL!!!! That’s a new one. What scandalous satire rag-sheet webpage did you get that from!?!?!?!?

        • skipcook

          Don’t get out much do you? You can find the video on or for a much clearer copy, on You Tube, here:

          • freakneck

            I get out plenty, and surely have a much better grasp on reality than you do. What kind of drugs are you on. She wasn’t “dragged” into an “ambulance” “flopping around”, which **dead** fish don’t do by the way, unless you *are* on some kind of drugs. I’ve still seen none of that after seeing the video the day after it happened, after it was shared on BookFace 50 times after that, and once again from your link above.

          • skipcook

            You obviously have never carried a dead fish on a stringer. Notice H’s legs dangling behind her as her cohort drags her into her crisis mobile? Do you see the wobbling about? She is KO’d. Even with your limited brain power, you gotta believe this is a critical juncture.

            Notice the piece of steel falling from her pant leg? No, since you’re likely a troll, you did not. This is the person your want with her index finger on the red button. Gag me. You are totally lost in translation.

    • mary

      Maybe you should stop by a liberal webpage. You won’t convince anyone here, Troll.

      • Misterkel

        Exactly – Troll. Because anyone who doesn’t support Trump must be a troll.

        • Mary

          Apparently, either you don’t much read DB or you’re a troll, too.

          The left-right paradigm is false. Being against Hitlery does NOT mean that one is a supporter of Trump. I’m against the evil, murderous, thieving, warmongering liar Hitlery. Anyone who is for her is a TROLL or brainwashed to believe the idiotic and creepy “first woman potus” garbage.

          • freakneck

            And the opposite is true…..being against Trump, for obvious reasons, does not make me a Clinton supporter either. Nothing will happen and nothing will change if Trump’s elected. A wall isn’t going to be built, he isn’t going to build up the military like it’s never been before “so no one will want to mess with us”, he isn’t going to bring back lost jobs, cutting corporate taxes will have little effect on anything as corporations pay little taxes now, as much of those taxes are passed on to shareholders and taxed at investment rates and if they can “keep money overseas” to avoid paying the small amount of taxes they do now, will just result in them “keeping more money overseas”, and he’s going to be treated by Congress just like Obama was the first term, with few people willing to work with him, etc. The entire elections a wash no matter who is elected.

  • Red Shirt

    I think you meant “an ambulance disguised as a van”

  • harry freeloaderII

    What the hell is “un-presidential” about telling the truth? I suppose “presidential” behavior is being a stiff, cardboard cutout mouthing trite platitudes and slogans that have no meaning for the purpose of putting the American people back to sleep. Trump is a breath of fresh air. Hillary is the continuous odor of Washingtonian sewage and corruption.

    • Bruce C.

      The only people who care about Trump appearing “Presidential” are Hillary supporters.

      • freakneck

        …..speak for yourself. I’m not a Clinton supporter, but am quite anti-Trump. I think it would be an embarrassment for every American if Trump wins the election.

        Thank god for the electoral college. This is the EXACT situation it was put in place for.

  • NoMeansNo

    They’ll drag a corpse across the threshold of the White House if they have to!

    • john cummins

      With dead Chicagoans voting all along the way…

    • mary

      Agreed. This is shades of Franco and Andropov on ice for months. How low this country has fallen.

  • Pismo

    I am waiting for Trump to ask “Where is Bill tonight?” “Home with a lady friend??” Could be funny, about all it is worth. A pathetic dog show..

    • Bruce C.

      That’s an outstanding suggestion. I hope he says something like that.

  • Praetor

    Hillary Rodham Clinton! Tax and Spend, Bigger and Bigger Gov, More War and Bigger Wars, Free Food, Free College, Free housing, More Harmless Refugees. More of the same. Let her drone on with the Hope and Change, where there is no Hope and the Change has been totally destructive.

    Donald Wayne Trump! Another Globalist Criminal wanting to be President of these U.S. of A.
    Just let her hang herself!!!

  • robertsgt40

    I think Hildabeast may do a couple rails from Bill’s private stash. Realistically, I think they’ll have her hooked up to a remote injectable setup, so when her symptoms begin they can juice her.

    • john cummins

      Could be or it could be both will be tried.

  • Mesquite_Thorn

    If she wins, she’ll be impeached in the 1st year. That’s my prediction.

    • john cummins

      Slick was impeached but not found “guilty”…

      • Sickofphonyleft

        By party vote. This time Repubs should control Senate.

    • Beauaz

      Dream on. If they would not impeach Bill there ain’t a chance in hell they would try it with Hillary. The fix is in. Get use to it.. Every time I think of that I can’t keep anything on my stomach

      • mary

        Agreed. Billy boy couldn’t throw the sexist card. Won’t happen…

    • Renov8

      She won’t win so no impeachment necessary. Fixed it and saved taxpayers lots of money too.

  • Roger Thomas

    Think it’ll be the real Hillary or one of her body doubles?

    • Renov8

      There is only one Hillary and they are all witches….

  • Bruce C.

    What’s also interesting in all of this is that her goofy VP candidate could be the next President if she manages to win the election – which I highly doubt – and then flames out. I can’t imagine the PTB wanting that, so it is weird.

    The other creepy thing about this the quote from Warren Buffet about a year and a half ago in which he said he would bet money that Hillary will be the next President, and then he added ‘unless she has health problem or something like that.’

    At the time I took that to mean that either she would be made sick or they would fake her illness, but that would have made sense a few months ago. Now it’s too late.

    Maybe the PTB want Trump in so they’ll make it a one horse race. Then again, maybe they don’t and all of this has really taken everyone by surprise. As I’ve said before, the PTB can’t control everything.

    • Zaphod Braden

      Timmy Kaine makes it an ALL FEMALE ticket.

      • Renov8

        An all effeminite ticket is the politically correct way….

        • mary

          but i wouldn’t ever refer to Hillary the Butch as effeminate. 😉

  • L Garou

    Fifty bucks says she swallows her tongue before halftime!

    • john cummins

      wardrobe malfunction too? let’s hope not!

      • Renov8

        Really, do you want to victimize the rest of us too?

  • Zaphod Braden

    I PRAY she falls on the floor, flops around like a fish out of water, and we get clear video of her GOOGLY eyes rolling around …..

    • john cummins

      Hopefully they’ll throw water on her and she’ll melt at that point…

      • Zaphod Braden

        I’m jealous, I didn’t think of that one.

    • kathleen

      cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was priceless

  • Strayhorse

    Just like in professional and Olympic sports, the Presidential candidates, hell the President himself, need to be randomly drug tested to insure that they are not under the influence while executing the duties of the President of the United States, and in the case of Hillary and Donald, they need to be tested too for illegal and compromising substances.

    • Ephraiyim

      I really could care less if they are using drugs…especially if it mellows them or distracts them from doing all the idiotic things that President’s tend to do.
      In fact I would be willing to make a few recommendations!

  • Don Duncan

    No matter who wins, no constructive change will come from the top. So, the current trend of economic stagflation, domestic unrest and disillusionment, military offense, will slowly proceed to their ultimate conclusion, collapse of the US Empire. Two things are possible after. 1. One more step toward OWG, e.g., a new internationally controlled currency, (SDR?) and an enlarged North American Union of CA, US, Mexico. 2. States seceding. A breakup of the US into regions and sovereign states. Either way, no freedom will ensue, just less slavery in some jurisdictions.

    • Renov8

      Love the optimism….keep it up.

      • Misterkel

        Ah, the Donald will get elected and end the NWO, freeing us from the awful tyranny of Big Buhrother. We will pick flowers and start wonderful free market businesses. All will be well in the land of Oz. Here comes the Wizard! La la la.
        Fixed it.

      • Samarami

        I, too, enjoy optimism.

        Like the individual who can recognize that all political rhetoric, all debating, all media “appearance”, is based wholly upon obfuscation. The very best liar always wins in all public media as well as in politics.

        Which is exactly as it should be.

        What a frightening pale blue dot this would be if anybody, ever, told the truth.


  • Renov8

    I think Hillary wins the race if she stands for all three debates with no cough or falls….sarc. off.

  • Pop_Korn

    Tomorrows headlines will read ‘Hillary Clinton Was The Big Winner in the First Presidential Debate’, even if in the first minute she starts stuttering, coughing up blood, falls to the floor foaming at the mouth having violent fits and seizures and flopping around like a fish out of whatever. The television screen will go blank for a few seconds followed by a message “Please Stand By! We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties”.

    Eighty nine minutes later the message will disappear and the empty stage will appear. The State Controlled Media announcer will tell the viewer that remained, “Well folks, that was certainly one lively debate! I guess there can be no doubt that Hillary Clinton won. She really showed America and the world that she is made of the right stuff to be leader of the free world and Commander in Chief of the global empire. She made Trump look like a babbling idiot numbed on Novocaine in a dentists chair. Thank you all for watching and join us for highlights in about a week after we create some film”.

    • john d

      and who was that weasally looking guy slipping documents from the shill’s podium? surely someone can identify him if he was allowed to be that close to the corporate candidates. I mean jill stein couldn’t even get in the room! what a circus. and those face scratching signals to the “impartial” moderator were so clever.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I hope Trump says some outrageous stuff, true or not.
    (the last two campaigns where the Dem candidates would go off on big laughing responses, they looked like fools, acted like fools. Trump will use words instead of becoming the “Joker”)
    But I also hopes he runs that back to back with the common-sense business approach he has such a good handle on.
    I want to see the left puff so hard because of Donald’s natural showmanship that their vocal chords start to squeak.
    Whatever he does or say will be OK by me.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Watched debate and have to give a decided edge to Hillary in this one.
      She GOT Donald’s feathers ruffled at about the 1/3 mark and never looked back.
      She stayed healthy for the 90 mins as well as staying sharp. Too bad.
      She has had a LOT of practice staying flinch free and composed with all the commissions and inquiry’s since leaving the Sec. of State position.
      Oh yea, she is as smooth a silk.

  • Wrusssr

    Almost three years into his second term, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a near fatal stroke on October 2, 1919. Wilson’s wife, Edith, limited access to her husband following his stroke and sought to keep the incapacitated Wilson’s true condition from the press, public, and opponents. While Wilson lay in bed unable to speak or move, Edith purportedly insisted that she screen all of Wilson’s paperwork and, in some cases, is thought to have signed Wilson’s name to documents without consulting the convalescing president. She denied this. Wilson died in 1924.

    “The severity of Wilson’s condition was kept literally a state secret. His doctors, supposedly concerned for his mental health, conspired to tell the press and the country that he really wasn’t that bad, that he remained in full control of his faculties, and was fully capable of carrying on the duties of Chief Executive.

    “Nothing could have been further from the truth. Wilson couldn’t walk or move his left side. He had sight only in the right half of his right eye. He couldn’t hold a pen, much less sign his name, without considerable assistance. But for political considerations, there was absolutely no talk of turning over power to the Vice-President, Thomas R. Marshall.

    “Astonishingly, she [Edith Wilson] toyed with the idea of having her husband run for a third term in 1920, mainly because (it’s alleged) she feared that being out of power would kill him. It’s hard to imagine a Presidential candidate running for office half paralyzed and from a sick bed . . . “

    Examples of the demands of the office that required Wilson’s attention after his stroke:


    11/19/1919: After a lengthy national debate, the League of Nations Treaty of Versailles fails to achieve ratification in the Senate by a vote of 53 to 38.

    12/22/1919: Foreign-born radicals arrested by the Department of Justice in the “Red Scare” raids of 1919 are deported, leaving from New York harbor on the U.S. transport Buford, popularly referred to as the “Soviet Ark,” bound for the U.S.S.R.

    01/02/1920: Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer stages the most extensive series of raids of the entire “Red Scare,” arresting nearly 2,700 people in 33 cities.

    03/19/1920: The Senate defeats a resubmitted version of the Treaty of Versailles with reservations added by Foreign Relations Committee chairman Henry Cabot Lodge.


    04/15/1920: Shoe factory employees Frank Parmenter and Alexander Berardelli are murdered in a robbery in South Braintree, Massachusetts. Immigrant laborers Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are arrested three weeks later for the crimes in what becomes one of the most politically charged murder cases of the early twentieth century.


    O8/18/1920 Nineteenth Amendment was Ratified giving women the right to vote, and officially became law.

    08/28/1920: In a speech given from his front porch in Marion, Ohio, Harding denounces the League of Nations.

    11/02/1920: Warren G. Harding is elected the twenty-ninth President of the United States with an overwhelming 404 electoral votes (60.3 percent of the popular vote to Democratic rival James Cox’s 127 electoral votes (only 34.1 percent of the popular vote).

    01/13/1921: The U.S. Census Bureau reports that for the first in American history, 51 percent of Americans live in cities and towns of more than 2500 people.

    Even if Wilson’s stroke had happened earlier, his “financial handlers” [the London bankers and their American confederates] would have controlled his signature and kept their legislation approval road open to the White House, IMO.

    Likewise their veto avenue as evidenced by “Wilson’s” veto of a Joint Congressional Resolution to end the war with Germany in May of 1920; a conflict from which the bankers profited. The Senate refused to ratify this “League of Nations” treaty (orchestrated by the bankers) due in large measure to the Senate’s objections to U.S. participation in the organization that would later to morph into the banker-controlled UN. A separate treaty between the U.S. and Germany was signed instead, and ratifications were exchanged in Berlin on November 11, 1921.

    And Reagan’s “financial handlers”? They knew about his Alzheimer’s. There are other examples.

    So regardless of Hillary’s health, if they can keep her on life support and guide her signature hand across pieces of legislation they’ve purchased in Congress—all designed to give their actions the color of ‘law’ and ‘approval’—they’ll do it, IMO. And their controlled MSM will give them the required bye and wave-through.

    Here, Hillary’s medical condition is analyzed by one doctor, whose opinion is cross-checked with several other doctors by the writer. FYI

  • georgesilver

    Does it really matter who wins? As long as debt based fiat currency is used throughout the World nothing will change. The puppets Trump and Clinton are just a side-show to give people the false idea that they have a choice.

  • wraft

    At one point, early in the primaries, Trump referred to printing money to pay down the public debt. Of course, printing fiat would cause a steep inflation but what of it? A sudden rise in prices and wages would greatly reduce the debt slavery and ruin the creditors, who need to be ruined.

    The current system of paying interest on public debt aligns the creditors with wars and other expensive things. Were simple fiat created instead, the creditors would be greatly opposed to war. That alone is sufficient to sway the argument in favor of fiat money.

  • bcarreiro

    No President or Congress sounds like the best news we the people could hear four score & 7 years ago. Imagined if Obama endorsed Bernie wow we would fight for the right to party. hypocrisy is a lose/lose. Dwell on the past doomed to repeat it. Get a grip Clinton your just jealous and that’s a mutha f-cka???

  • Samarami

    Hillary, Hillary
    Pillary, Millary
    The world so loves a show.

    Trump, Trump
    Frumpety Frump
    And on and on she’ll go