Large Corporations Aid the Expansion of Authoritarian Government  
By Daily Bell Staff - June 30, 2016

Trump Dares Corporate America to Leave the GOP … The speech Trump delivered in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, attacking globalization and trade, will provide more cause for panic among Republican elites. –Bloomberg opinion

This article disparages Trump’s appeal and suggests that large corporations might leave the GOP.

That’s a direct result of Trump, of course. In his speech Tuesday, he blasted globalization in such stark terms that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce took to social media to counter him in real time.

Good for Trump. Let ‘em leave.

Corporations shouldn’t exist in the size and quantity they do in.

We’ve written numerous times that corporations are the result of judicial force.

The free market would never create such incompetent, multinational corporations. A truly free market would put them out of business quickly.

America’s vast corporations are the product of an authoritarian state that has reduced freedom generation after generation at least since the Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson and the founders were so worried about corporate power that they left the supervision of corporations up to the states. They refused to give that power to fedgov.

And purposefully, the states did little to facilitate corporate power.

Only after the bank-run industrial North had won the Civil War, did corporations begin to amass power.

In the late 1800s, they received corporal status and then were further boosted by the creation of the Federal Reserve, the consolidated stock market and, eventually, evermore stringent intellectual property rights.

In every case, the market would never have granted corporations the privileges that the courts bestowed.

Large corporations are in many ways an extension of government and a signal that the market doesn’t function correctly and that the government is protecting a few at the expense of the many.

The editorial calls corporations “[the only] powerful moderating influence left in the party. But then writes that, “Some corporations are now getting spooked.


Trump hasn’t just elevated the party’s crudest instincts. He is alienating its most sober components, and posing a direct challenge to corporate Republicans with his improvisational populism.

Actually, it’s great that Trump is challenging the “corporate agenda.” And while the article concludes with a question – “Extremism didn’t drive corporations out of the GOP. Could Trump?” – we’d make the case that US would be far better off without these behemoths.

In fact, the US ought to get rid of monopoly fiat money, which creates vast businesses cycles that benefit the very largest corporations, and “intellectual property rights” that enhance the competitive stature of only a very few corporations. The explosion of prosperity and freedom would be noticeable.

Conclusion: Trump is on the right track when it comes  to corporatism. If he manages to reduce corporate influence over the GOP, that would be a valuable achievement.

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  • Samarami

    “…Conclusion: Trump is on the right track when it comes
    to corporatism. If he manages to reduce corporate influence
    over the GOP, that would be a valuable achievement…”

    For whom? Sam

    • Everyone else.

      • Samarami

        And I’ll admit to daftness in my remark. Corporations — large or small — should not exist. But they do. Governments should not exist — but do.

        Anarchy isn’t escape from reality. Anarchy is recognition that nothing done by psychopaths hiding under the mantle of government serves socially useful purpose.

        As I said in a recent post — I rather hope Trump “wins”. Kinda. Sorta. Simply because he consistently thumbs his nose at conventional wisdom. I like that. It’s good diversion. But I have no expectations that anybody reading this would be benefited by a Trump victory in an election. In fact, if he were to delay the inevitable shipwreck of state (I don’t credit him with that “power”), that could be a not-so-good thing — a painful bloodletting.

        Carry on. Sam

  • Barney Biggs

    We are in a war with Globalists from all nations. They do not believe in borders, nations and wish the globalization of the entire planet. The Central Banks, IMF, World Banks, UN Obama, Clinton, Bush, Trudeau, Cameron, Merkel etc. terrible thing to say but the only organization opposing this is the BRICS and some like Trump (I hope, Boris Johnson).

    This also includes the Major Corporations which have ceased to be national many years ago.

  • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

    Daily Bell has it absolutely correct! Corporations are and always have been “creatures” that were created by the government to shower favors upon the ruling elite.

    What a deal! Get the government to allow you to escape the consequences of your actions that were taken “in the name of the corporation.”

    Of course, in a just society each and every individual should be answerable for hisorher actions, no matter what.

    It has taken a century of centuries for mankind to get where we are now. Maybe another millennium or two with good communications (like an uncontrolled internet) and our progeny may eventually be truly FREE and INDEPENDENT.

  • rahrog

    One of the many advantages of secession is that newly formed countries will not be tied down by “legal” precedents that give corporations special rights. Also, a new nation will not be subject to asinine trade deals that it never signed. Monopoly central banking could be constitutionally forbidden. DECLARE INDEPENDENCE!!! SECEDE!!!

  • nameless

    The US government IS a corporation. The Daily Bell staff surely knows that by now.

  • olde reb

    Large corporations DRIVE the expansion of authoritative government.

    The striking similarity between the EU authoritative faceless unelected
    financiers and corporate controllers that have devastated the
    European group and the projected structure being promoted by
    secretive treaty negotiations involving the United States should
    be obvious. The beneficiaries of treaties and the EU are the
    corporations assembled into the CFR by Wall Street to eliminate
    competitors. Six super conglomerate corporations now control 90% of all commerce ?

    It was Wall Street that helped Allen Dulles create the CIA. Ref. DEVIL’S
    CHESSBOARD by David Talbot. Wall Street has been the overwhelming
    driver of CIA programs. Ref. CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John
    Perkins. Perkins and Michel Chossudovsky in GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY detail how nations are impoverished for the benefit of Wall Street.

    The CIA, using the strategy developed by Kermit Roosevelt in Iran in
    1953, has armed and funded terrorists to overthrow any nation that
    resisted Wall Street domination. They are the source of terrorist
    actions, and military conflicts, of today. War mongering is profitable for Wall Street and military supplier corporations. Even WW II has been documented to have been a lengthy false flag agenda developed by FDR and Wall Street to eliminate the Japanese commercial competition. Ref. DAY OF DECEIT by Robert Stinnett.

    The embezzling of money by Wall Street/ Federal Reserve for the TBTF banks, and the same scheme by the ECB with the Euro, provides humongous funds for the above perfidious acts. It is such a shame the simple con job used so many times (to delude the masses) by the Rothschild family has been so successful. No body ever catches on. Ref.

    • olde reb

      Politicians, of course, receive generous campaign contributions from military supplier corporations and financial groups that benefit from expansive government legislation. Sending their constituents as cannon fodder is merely collateral damage.