Leaked TISA Docs Reveal Secret ‘Global Constitution’
By Daily Bell Staff - May 26, 2016

WikiLeaks releases latest documents from TISA negotiations … The classified annex to the draft “core text” of the Trade in Services Agreement is part of what is being secretly negotiated by the U.S., EU and 22 countries.  The website WikiLeaks released on Wednesday classified documents from the Trade in Services Agreement, or TISA, which is a huge trade agreement being negotiated in secret by the United States, the European Union and 22 other countries.  -Telesur

This release seems to make it clear that global elites are using trade treaties to write a new global constitution.

What is the new structure being imposed?

Over the past millennium, societies have been organized around feudalism and democracy. Now we are headed toward corporatism.

TISA is one of several global trade agreements now under active negotiations. Another is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and a third is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

TPP has been successfully negotiated and ratified. TPIP seems to be in some difficulty, currently.

From the EU Observer:

TiSA is based on the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), which involves all WTO members.  The key provisions of the GATS – scope, definitions, market access, national treatment and exemptions – are also found in TiSA.

The talks are based on proposals made by the participants.  TiSA aims at opening up markets and improving rules in areas such as licensing, financial services, telecoms, e-commerce, maritime transport, and professionals moving abroad temporarily to provide services.

This is fairly innocuous sounding. But none of these deals are innocuous.

Based on the WikiLeaks release, Telesur explains TISI this way,

The documents include a previously unknown annex to the TISA core chapter on “State Owned Enterprises,” which imposes unprecedented restrictions on SOEs and will force majority owned SOEs to operate like private sector businesses.

The leaked documents show how stipulations outlined in the TISA documents advanced the “deregulation” of big corporations entering overseas markets.

According to the leaked documents, the TISA rules would also restrict governments’ ability to determine the size or growth of certain economic activities and entities, preventing nations from limiting the size of foreign companies in the market.

This perfectly buttresses our previous perspective that the world is moving toward an era of increased globalism driven by corporate activism. You can see a previous article HERE.

It was the Gutenberg Press that basically ended feudalism. Once people could read bibles for themselves, they discovered the Roman Catholic Church had been lying.

And once the lies were understood, the Church lost credibility – and so did its endorsements. The “divine right of kings” became something of  a dead letter and feudal credibility was shattered.

Enter democracy, which has lasted as an operative system for more than 200 years.

But now, thanks to the Internet, democracy is dying. The Internet has exposed its inherent fallacies. Chiefly, democracy is not what it seems to be. It is controlled behind the scenes from the top down, and more and more people are aware of that now.

Thus a change must be made. Enter corporatism – a kind of technocracy.

Corporatism actually serves two purposes. In an era of elite globalism, corporations are transnational and thus provide a platform for pan-regional transactions.

Additionally, corporations, properly positioned, are not subject to the inevitable restraints of the democratic process.

Corporations and the technocrats who run them fit into the globalist structure now being erected.

People don’t necessarily see it this way, of course. For most, these massive trade deals are simply  a way for elites to enrich themselves.

But these are not really trade deals. They are structures designed to trigger a social metamorphosis. They are a new “ruling paradigm.”

These trade deals, therefore, are serial constitutions.

Constitutional mandates that must be approved by each party. That’s why so many nations are involved.

As always, we’d argue we are living at a crucial turning point in the history of mankind.

Never has so much information about the way the world works been available. Never have ruling elites been so exposed and undermined.

To think it will stay that way is foolish.

The solution is to create a new world order that will reestablish elite control.

Taken together, these three trade deals seem to create activist corporations that will exercise enormous clout over nation states.

Corporations, of course, are artificial entities to begin with. We’re written plenty of articles explaining that large multinationals would not exist were it not for certain judicial and legislative decisions.

These decisions have create “corporate personhood” along with intellectual property rights and monopoly central banking. These three “legs of the stool” support an increasingly expansive corporatism.

There is not a scintilla of free-market evolution in all of this, by the way. Ignorant people will blame “capitalism” for what is occurring now. They will be wrong.

Another point …

We have questions about these serial “WikiLeaks,” just as we have reservations about Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations.

In Snowden’s case, we tend to believe that the DC power structure wanted people to know about its vast surveillance powers but could not release the information itself.

Snowden (once CIA and now a “whistleblower”) did the job that needed to be done.

Today, people throughout the world are intimately aware of the “surveillance society.”

Predictably, the NSA and other agencies have not backed away from their illegal and reprehensible activities. That was never part of the plan. Intimidation has been generated without ramifications.

Let’s extend this reasoning to the trade treaties. It could be that those negotiating these agreements have realized that they cannot be consummated in secret.

WikiLeaks strategic leaks of certain documents can therefore be seen as a way of acclimating the public to this upcoming, massive social realignment.

Hollywood movies are often used in the same manner, to inform people of new and  invasive technologies that are soon to be available. When people are aware of something in advance, they often are not so resistant to it.

Conclusion: Massive changes are being initiated by Western banking elites. What is being created is no less than a kind of “global constitution,” treaty by treaty. What’s going on has little or nothing to do with trade and everything with rationalizing and expanding global control by the few over they many.

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  • Webforager

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that feudalism is dead. It appears, at least to me, the structural pattern is still in play. Democratic governance has taken on the conceptual role of the nobility while individuals who seek the power of influence populate the edifice. At heart it’s still people dominating people.

    • Of course each system partakes of the other, yes. They were invented by the same group of people …

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    And you shouldn’t be afraid unless you have something to hide.

    • Castle_Nut

      If you’ve got nothing to hide, post your debit card number and PIN code.

  • turn out the lights

    This can only be done generationally and through supranational legal and governing systems.

    The last generation to object to any of this is the Boomer generation. It is the one generation both objecting to and designing these alleged trade treaties.
    It is stopped now or it becomes the defacto secret government behind human life.

    Generation X will go along with these programs and Millennials are Clueless.

    The only question mark in the Global human equation is Islam. Will they go along?

  • Jonathan Halsey

    Snowden volunteered for tough duty if what you say about him is true.

    • Trevor Neuman

      More likely, Snowden may have been a patsy who was manipulated, just like the FBI and other organizations have been shown to manipulate activists and goad them into becoming terrorists.

      • concerndcitizen

        Patsy. His heart is in the right place, but he was a tool controlled by handlers, just like every other patsy.

  • Humanity will never be free of free-market capitalism being perverted by it usurping the power of ‘the state’ and morphing into Corporatocracy. Whilst there is capitalism and ‘the state’ this will happen. The statist will proclaim that the solution is to end capitalism but without the free-market exchange of goods and services and the investment of the profit of that into growth and development the economy will stagnate and human progress will wither. Conversely in the absence of the state the free-market and capitalism will flourish and without the propensity for capitalism to morph into corporatism since, without the power of the state, it will have no means to do so.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Sadly I feel you are spot on with the analysis. “Turn out the lights” I think is accurate in his analysis of the Gen X and Millennial crowds general acceptance of the changes. They are too self absorbed in their pop social media worlds to even be aware of the happening. The initial solution is for those not buying the deal to begin setting up systems outside of their systems and be prepared to defend and hide the same. Our best hope is that the elites do not “produce” and are very slave/robot dependent. That doesn’t make for a particularly creative or successful system.

    • rahrog

      Gen X & Millennial “crowds” did not create the tsunami of debt that is bearing down on all of us.

    • Not all of us are so self absorbed….. And regarding those that are, what generations were the parents, teachers and other authority figures that taught them to be that way? The ones that instead of parenting, sat their kids in front of the television as a babysitter. How about the dads that got drunk watching football every weekend? Who was setting the examples now being followed and surpassed? Who bought houses, cars and appliances they couldn’t afford so their children could watch them lose everything because they spent money they didn’t have on things they thought they deserved? Who Elected the Clintons and the Bushes the first times?

      Some of us know about the problem that is the Elite. Some introduced our parents to the problem. Bringing them in to study what happened in 1871 and 1913. Don’t lump us all together.

  • Jim Johnson

    How is it a politician can swear on their Honor to protect and defend the Constitution while arguing they need not “abide” by it? This 100 year long experiment wherein we “work around” the Constitution has left us impossibly befuddled and confused. Propose an amendment to no longer use gold or silver as money, or STFU. “Shall Not” means exactly that until we amend it. Hamilton’s “Implied Powers” doctrine needs reviewing. My bet is some damn fine minds will have other options 216 years later.

  • Doski

    The Exceptions and Immunities granted to the perpetrators of these agreements and their henchmen will force a rise in vigilante-ism worldwide as Law Enforcement is neutered.

    Once Enabled, EVIL will only result in more of the same at Every Level of “Society”. Two Thousand years of Middle East HISTORY proves it more and more with each passing day. By its Very Nature the “Civilization” of Society is Regressive.


    • Gambeir Bay

      Yes, you’ve gotten the right idea. It’s about creating a new royalty. Titles of nobility are encased in CEO, Commissioner, blaw, blaw, blaw.

      Unelected stooges proclaiming divine right to rule our lives under a phony pretext of trade laws is surefire path to the graveyard. Good, the sooner the better is my feeling. Off with their freaking heads.

      Self proclaimed rulership hiding behind the pretense of lawful authority is no authority at all. Who the hell are these people to think they have a right to control our lives under this bogus bull crap?

  • Martin the American redux

    Possibly, the scariest article I’ve read on this channel. Thanks for sending me to bed even more of a nervous wreck!

  • rahrog

    A great many folks have been distracted by talk of a “one world government”. The Ruling Class doesn’t care how many governments suckers choose to line up with. They OWN the governments that sign these treaties.

    • Gambeir Bay

      Bingo! We have a winner! Hence the legal adoption of the subversion of the democratic process with a bribe for votes scheme disguised under names like soft money, pack money, and special interests. Hence the adoption of subversive organizations whose special interests are constructed under so called trade alliances, business associations, ect.

      I give you a Bronze Star for seeing through Bull S–t.

  • Concerned European

    Quite true. World dominance (and profit) is their name of the game. Since the crash almost nobody world wide was punished at corporate level for unlawful actions. Look at master cheat VW. Corporations only paid/pay/will pay penalties.

    The great film of its time, the original “Rollerball” from the 70s that they try to distort with a recent debased version contains the whole story in a realistic metaphor.
    I strongly recommend readers to find the original and watch it. It is a classic.

  • disqussted999

    DB…I’m trying to understand your “bottom line” here. I agree that in general information is good, that knowledge generally gives power of some sort, that, for example, the Gutenberg press did indeed reveal the lies of Rome, or, as the writer states, the ability to read the Bible revealed all the man made, non-Biblical rules and constructs created by the power-and-wealth-mongering controllers at the Vatican.

    But, I seem to be reading here that you’re realizing, but not really saying it as such (or are you?), that the knife cuts both ways with the information now widely available on the internet. You seem to be saying that the (at least Western, but probably now fully) global/bankster financed and controlled “elite” DO recognize its existence and ARE using it for their own benefit. If Wikileaks and Snowden-leaks are part of the planned “preparation” of society for a global police- and policing-state, along with a bankster-controlled corporatized global governance that does away with sovereign lines and authority by allowing global corporations to step right over and through them, then they are a step ahead, and those who read about it first simply become their unpaid propagandizers. Are we who follow these things constantly and pointing them out simply being used by them?

    What you said about Hollywood is so true. It reminded me of “Minority Report” and the rumblings of the new “Pre-Crime” squads apparently starting up now (for example, Of course most of what comes out of Hollywood, as you mentioned, will have (not so) hidden “persuaders”…actors delivering certain lines put into the scripts that often are not integral parts of the film, but that simply plant the desired propaganda seeds in the watchers’ ears and hearts. And the mouths used are generally the likable and “smart” protagonists in the film. Or the arguments against some global elite meme are put into the mouths of generally detestable, sociopathic characters. But again, if we are going to say, as I said about Minority Report, that the purpose is to soften the sheeple to the possibility/probability of its happening, so that when it does happen they’ll simply say, “oh, how interesting, it’s like that film I saw once,” without even thinking about whether it is a good or a bad thing, then again, pointing it out simply advances their psyop program, if that is their purpose.

    Obviously, what it means is that it isn’t enough to simply point these things out to people, we need to try to explain succinctly WHY they are bad, not just that they are. But then again, in this world that has become almost totally relativistic, most don’t want to be thought to be judgmental, to be “caught” calling something “bad”…that’s just not very cool. And to even consider the possibility of something being good or bad requires there to be some standard upon which all can base their decision. I believe there is one…but most don’t anymore.

    • The Internet is changing things. But we’ve always argued that people will take advantage of its best features individually. Brave Heart was a movie.

      • disqussted999

        I don’t understand your last comment. Are you saying there are good movies with good memes?…if so, ok, I agree…but the idea of Hollywood’s introducing new ideas and technologies to “soften” the populace, and thereby advance its (not so good) memes comes from your article.

  • Brosky

    TPP has not been ratified unless I missed something… Congress is too cowardly to vote on this ahead of elections.

  • olde reb

    In ages past, society was composed of individuals and a tolerated representative frequently called a king. If the megalomaniac king saw a neighbor that had an asset that was coveted, he would conquer the nation and exploit the asset for his

    As society evolved, the tolerated representative was now elected and called a president. The megalomaniac individual soon found a more lucrative endeavor in
    finance. The name Rothschild comes to mind. Benjamin Ginsberg, in
    FATAL EMBRACE, identifies repeated instances in European history
    wherein megalomaniac financiers worked with various rulers to exploit
    not only foreign nations but citizens of the homeland for the benefit
    of the ruler and the financier.

    It is submitted that in the society of today, Wall Street has evolved from the European model. Every treaty in the above article is written for the benefit of commercial interests that are submitted to economically benefit Wall Street.
    All of the treaty negotiations are done under the guise of being a government action, but the object of the treaty is to abrogate control from the government. Disputes between commercial interests are removed from national powers and resolved by entities created by the treaty with self-appointed business leaders. Exploitation is then not restricted by popular elections.

    Various economic benefits have to be offered by the treaty negotiators to induce diverse nations to relinquish control to the negotiators. It is submitted Wall Street
    obtains the funds required for the concessions from the operation of the Federal Reserve.

    To beat the drum one more time with this website, the Federal Reserve obtains the funds from embezzlement using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of auction accounts of Treasury securities. Currently the alleged embezzled funds profit Wall Street by $6 billion daily. Ref:

    The problems of our society do not originate in DC; the origin of our problem is in Wall Street which uses the powers of government for their purpose.

    • The problems originate in London’s City. Wall Street is ancillary.

      • olde reb

        Does London have control of the IMF ?? the WB ??

        Does London have exclusive control of the auction accounts of Treasury securities that handle $8-10 trillion annually wherein the deficit securities amount to $2 trillion annually has no known destination ??

        Where is the action in London expressed in the U.S. ?

        (all efforts to sign up for an account have been blocked with a 404 error. sorry to be so late.)

      • olde reb

        Is London having a major role in the treaty conferences mentioned in the article ?

        Of course, it could be that my news sources do not present the London actions.

  • Gambeir Bay

    This is a good article.

    Without really saying so, it tells us what is going on, and if one follows the history of power they uncover a trail, and the old saying that all roads lead to Rome has more truth in it than is recognized.

    Isn’t it interesting that right after the legitimacy of divine right of kings was upended, people suddenly have officially approved politics?

    TISA is a back door disguised form of “Divine Right to Rule.” In reality it is the overthrow of freedom and liberty by a few billionaires.

    This is high treason plain and simple.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Great. Thanks.

  • J81A9G3

    -The world is now quite disjointed, so stopping something like these things under a global monopolized collectivism, so to speak, is like trying to halt a fast moving freight train with an old Datsun car parked across the tracks. -Even a four door…. Sorry to say…

    ‘The realism of a fragmented world of thought through the disparity of Internet opinions (and ‘non-opinions’ to boot), which disperses the very community of will (and willingness) to pull in one direction to reflect a true democratic change _back_ to a better, more balanced (checks and balances) methodology for living peaceably together and for all is a distant thought.’ Again, sorry to say…

  • susan_flagstaff

    This article includes several historical inaccuracies.

    1. >>Once people could read bibles for themselves, they discovered the Roman Catholic Church had been lying.

    This is protestant propaganda and simply not true. For 1300 years the bible was read in churches every Sunday. If there were errors in it, you would think that someone would have noticed. At the time of the Gutenberg press, Martin Luther translated his own bible and in my opinion mass produced his own mistakes.

    But returning to the article, it is true that people DID lose faith in institutions – first in the Catholic Church, and then in their kings. Corruption in the clergy was certainly a factor.

    2. The other historical error is this idea that democracy is only 200 years old. Not true. I’ll site just one example. In Poland during the Middle Ages, land owners voted for their kings.

    • The Bible was read – in Latin. And widespread democracy took hold several centuries ago …

      • susan_flagstaff

        Ah yes, latin – the language of intellectuals, historians, architects, scientists, public servants, and scholars from all over Christendom – the esperanto of its day. They knew Latin and as they sat there in church and listened to the Bible, none of them breathed a word that what was being preached was not in the Bible. It was only until Martin Luther translated the Bible into German that the common folk found out that what they were being taught was all a lie.

        I hadn’t heard this version of history before, so let me ask you – is this what you’re saying?

  • luvgabe

    I came onto this site, intrigued by the words “global Constitution” in the title of this post. I mean no disrespect, but this article merely asserts, without really explaining how, that TISA, TTIP, and TPP in effect amount to a global Constitution. Who are the parties to this Constitution? In what sense are the trade agreements not trade agreements (like GATT) but a “Constitution”? How is this Constitution binding? How will the global Constitution be enforced?