Leaked TTIP Papers Show Dawn of a New Authoritarian Epoch
By Daily Bell Staff - May 03, 2016

Leaked papers show ‘unsurprising’ TTIP disagreements: Dutch trade minister BusinessEurope May 2, 2016    The lack of agreement between the US and Europe on a controversial trade agreement is unsurprising, Dutch trade minister Lilian Ploumen said on Monday. The minister was commenting on the leak of confidential negotiating documents relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which have been published by environmental group Greenpeace. – Dutch News

TTIP and its sister agreement TPP are not “business as usual,” as the Dutch trade minister implies (see above).

Born in secrecy, marinated in furtiveness, the trade treaties are obviously being developed for purposes other than “free trade.”

In fact, it is oxymoronic to speak of negotiated treaties of any sort as “free.”

Treaties that are negotiated over a long period of time often have adjectives like “free” attached to them. But this is only to try to make what is finalized more palatable.

In the modern era, such treaties typically advance globalism and concentrate more power in the hands of a few.

When it comes to TTIP, leaks of documents made available by Greenpeace Netherlands seem to show  TTIP could  have a negative impact on “public health, people’s rights, internet privacy and the environment.”

That’s according to RT, which posted an extensive article on TTIP several days ago.

The article is one of only a few by larger media outlets. Not surprisingly, Western media seems to have avoided writing about the leaked documents.

Here is more from RT:

The 248 pages of classified negotiation papers on The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were released by Greenpeace Netherlands on Monday.

“This treaty is threatening to have far-reaching implications for the environment and the lives of more than 800 million citizens in the EU and US,” a Greenpeace statement says.

The TTIP is “about a huge transfer of power from people to big business,” according to the group.

Greenpeace says the papers’ authenticity is confirmed by an investigative research team consisting of Rechercheverbund NDR, WDR und Süddeutsche Zeitung media outlets.

The RT article goes into some depth. For instance, Washington is pressuring the EU to make certain concessions. DC is alleged to be “blocking European car exports into the US “to force the EU to buy more environmentally risky US farm produce.”

Greenpeace has been worried that the negotiation papers do not mention General Exceptions rules, which would allow nations to regulate trade “to protect human, animal and plant life or health” or for “the conservation of exhaustible natural resources.”

“The omission of this regulation suggests both sides are creating a regime that places profit ahead of human, animal and plant life and health,” Greenpeace says.

The media outlet Sputnik makes other points regarding the leaked papers.

[They] show that the US was blocking an EU demand that arbitration panels to handle corporate lawsuits be public not private as sought by Washington.

The documents further reveal the fact that the US has blocked the urgent European call to replace the controversial private arbitration tribunals, responsible for corporative lawsuits, with a public State model.

We’ve suggested in previous articles that these treaties are even more significant than they are being portrayed.

They are not merely an elaboration of issues regarding exports and imports, they are actually the foundation of an entirely new kind of governance.

The Gutenberg press undermined the social structure of the day. Once Bibles had been printed in non-Latin formats, people could see for themselves that the Roman Catholic Church was misrepresenting the Word of God.

The Church lost credibility and then it lost power. So did titled nobility. Once the Church was seen as institutionally corrupt, the concept of the Divinity of Kings was brought into question.

Out of the wreckage emerged the “democracy” as an alternative way of organizing social structures. The elites of the day still controlled society but did so behind the scenes.

Now in the 21st century, we grapple with information revolution that has discredited democracy as an organizing force.

Within this context, one can argue that TTIP and TPP are a good deal more ambitious than they have been portrayed.

What seems to be emerging is a social structure built around multinational corporations and an expansive and powerful mercantilism. The structures created by TTIP and TPP are intended to replace current sociopolitical configurations just as democracy “replaced” monarchial rule.

This would explain the tremendous effort being expended on these treaties and the notable secrecy as well.

These treaties promote a kind of authoritarian corporatism. It is not a pleasant thought, but increasingly seems to be reality.

It could be that the agreements are considerably watered down. But the forces behind them will then begin the process of strengthening them over time.

Conclusion: Recognizing what is occurring, people should make every attempt to further enhance their privacy and independence. It is important to take action as we are living through a historical “crux” time. Decisions made now will have considerable personal and familial resonance.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • john cummins

    Thank God for the Internet, for Ron Paul, and for the Daily Bell.

  • alaska3636

    It is remarkable how prescient Griffin was in The Creature from Jekyll Island – especially, in light of recent “free” trade deals, immigration explosions and global warming propaganda.

    I can see why the paradigm of an Elite is so compelling when it provides analysis to predict the direction of public policy so accurately. All we need now is a global currency and a suspicious environmental catastrophe before the water is boiling our froggy legs.

    • W. S.

      The Global Currency already exists in the Central Bank/IMF world, in the form of the SDR (Special Drawing Right) and will in the fullness of time be making an appearance in more commonplace circles, the next time we have a meltdown – sometime in the next 3 years… probably 2018.
      NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) is but a stepping stone to bring all currencies to parity over time, so that it can be introduced as a world digital currency, then a world government controlled by Bankers, and the Globalist Corporate Apparachicks. If we don’t fight it, we are doomed as slaves.

  • apberusdisvet

    All of the global trade agreements have one critical meme in common; loss of individual state sovereignty in favor of non-accountable corporate governance. Those that sign or promote these agreements on behalf of their respective countries should be tried for treason and hung on pay-per-view; proceeds going to victims of “globalization”.

    • max naegele

      well said! bang on!

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    RT and Greenpeace are not exactly “alternative”. The “leaks” they are alluding to are no doubt orchestrated with the goal of soft selling the coming mercantilist authoritarianism. Sort of like announcing to the world that you 7+ billion humanoids have no choice in the matter. Hopefully many more than we know are on board with the DB Conclusion above.

  • Praetor

    Believe it, they have a plan for this world. If you don’t have a plan for your personnel and families survival, you and yours probably won’t, survive!!!

    • Agent Revolver

      “…”I beg your pardon”, retorted the stranger quietly,” but to rule, one must have a precise plan worked out for some reasonable period ahead. Allow me to enquire how man can control his own affairs when he is not only incapable of compiling a plan for some laughably short term, such as, say, a thousand years, but cannot even predict what will happen to him tomorrow?”

      “In fact,” here the stranger turned to Berlioz, “imagine what would happen if you, for instance, were to start organising others and yourself, and you developed a taste for it — then suddenly you got… a slight heart attack…” – at this the foreigner smiled sweetly, as though the thought of a heart attack gave him pleasure. . . . “Yes, a heart attack,” he repeated the word sonorously, grinning like a cat, “and that’s the end of you as an organiser! No one’s fate except your own interests you any longer. Your relations start lying to you. Sensing that something is amiss, you rush to a specialist, then to a charlatan, and even perhaps to a fortune-teller. Each of them is as useless as the other, as you know perfectly well. And it all ends in tragedy: the man who thought he was in charge is suddenly reduced to lying prone and motionless in a wooden box and his fellow men, realising that there is no more sense to be had of him, incinerate him.” , 1928-1940

  • Bruce C.

    I don’t know if it can happen in time (or politically, given our vile Congress) but the best option is that the US not become embroiled in any of it. Let the countries that enter it suffer accordingly.

  • OlenaG

    Sorry while this article may have many valid points they are destroyed as soon as RT (Russia Today) is quoted as a source. RT IS a Russian State Propaganda Organ…self admitted. Just watch online and ask yourself if you are in Bizzaro World or not. Here in Eastern Europe we see it for what it is. Surprised the Western World gives it any credibility.

    • W. S.

      Having watched RT for several years, I can vouch for much of their factual content, whereas, our corporate ologopolistic media machine, seems to be in the hands of the corporate execs who feed them…

      It’s an old saying but it still rings true…
      “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.”

      Which piper do you prefer?
      One who puts profits over everything? Have you seen “Erin Brokovich” or “Silkwood”?

      Or one who at least on the surface, appears to put people over profit?
      In the former, we become just economic units, who pay taxes to maintain the Status Quo where extremely large corporations get the largesse of the state to bail them out when they lose, but keep the profits when they win(and thus the shareholders).
      Or one where balance appears to prevail between profit, the environment, wages, and the broader public good?

    • Do you wish to rage against the truth machines and Zero Hedge too, OlenaG, whenever they share the same tale of dodgy shenanigans with elitist machinations in a failed operation for corrupt perverse transatlantic control? ….

      And what are we to make of your own credibility (should we even care) OlenaG, whenever your ire is discovered and considered misplaced, and it be decidedly so?

      Does that render one outed as a shill?

      • John

        Does that render one outed as a shill?

        Or A Government Agent Troll as Warned by All the WhistleBlowers to Protect The Politicians & Their Too Big Too Jail Corporations, CEO’s, Wall Street & The Banksters Who Cheated Everyone In Their High Speed Computer Rigged Stock Markets.

        • By their comments and/or actions do we recognise them, John.

          And that is one doozy of a s–t detail which renders one a legitimate enemy combatant to be summarily dealt with appropriately ……. A Government Agent Troll as Warned by All the WhistleBlowers to Protect The Politicians & Their Too Big Too Jail Corporations, CEO’s, Wall Street & The Banksters Who Cheated Everyone In Their High Speed Computer Rigged Stock Markets.

    • Agent Revolver

      Ahh, could you please inform the audience on anything more trustworthy than RT… What say BBC on that Ukrainian issue, OlenaG?

  • Actions have been taken and seeds have been sown in the many new fertile virtual fields of geopolitical discourse with Greater IntelAIgent Gaming, and all lead to harvests fundamentally varied and quite different from established deformed default needs and corrupt corporate bodied reads, for words can and therefore do command and control worlds.

    It does explain very plainly why so much being proposed for the future is discussed in private behind closed shop doors and why they burned books and now try to limit the flow of information with myriad degrees of secret classification……. but all of that has them extraordinarily rendered as King Canute types and dull drones in the service of fool slaves and masters of nothing.

    And all of that is as much as needs presently to be made known to the general public …. for, well, what is it that they say …. reasons of national and international and internetional security.

  • rahrog

    Is it OK to waterboard the details of these secret pacts out of our elected officials before they are signed? I get confused about when trips to the water park are okie dokie. It’s probably a secret.

  • pbr90

    If tue, the problem exists more with the attitude/mentality that would create such agreements long before such agreements are created. Inhumanity and unfairness built in to agreement is the problem, not whether such agreements can be passed or not; it’s more a matter of whether it should be created in the first place to put mercantilism over the rights of men; whether the rights of a few can be allowed to dictate the rights of the many. This issue exists for each nation and government where so few make commitments for so many.