Macy’s Parade Security Used to Promote Surveillance and Police State
By Joe Jarvis - November 24, 2017

I don’t watch the news often. But the news was playing at the family Thanksgiving gathering. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was on, and the newscasters were discussing the extreme security measures taken by New York City.

The massive police presence was welcome according to the news. People were reportedly thanking police officers for their roles. The anchors attributed this attitude change to recent terrorist attacks and shootings.

The Police Chief bragged that every inch of the city was covered by at least one security camera. He chuckled that there is not a corner you could find to escape being filmed.

Print news tried to give the same impression.

To ensure safety, vapor sniffing dogs wandered through crowds while officers watched from above and hid in plain sight. Officers also were escorting each of the giant balloons.

“We have people at high posts. We have observation teams, there will be sniper teams in and around. We will have undercover assets in a lot of different buildings so there’s going to be a lot you can see out there and a lot you won’t see,” NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan said.

“This beautiful event happens because we are safe. And our thanks to the NYPD for keeping us safe.” de Blasio said.

Paradegoers also showed their appreciation for police: The NYPD marching band and a group of mounted officers got some of the biggest cheers from spectators lined up as many as 15 deep along barricades.

The authorities make sure to push the idea that agents see you without you seeing them. They want everyone to know that embedded amongst the crowds are government spies.

There are plenty of bad laws that these hidden officers and surveillance might enforce. But apart from that, this is just getting people used to the idea of being watched. We don’t know what kind of crazy laws the government might make down the road. And at that point, it will be too late to do anything about the police state. The cameras will see the crime, no matter how trivial. The police will enforce the laws however oppressive.

A scared populace is more likely to accept government control. Rather than be wary of government power, fear makes people welcome the monster into their lives. They don’t realize that the government is often a bigger threat to safety and security than terrorists.

The news and police were reinforcing the opposite of Ben Franklin’s old mantra that if you give up freedom for security, you will get neither. Instead, the news was giving the impression that New Yorkers were gladly trading their privacy for security. They felt better with police everywhere and security cameras covering every inch of the city.

This attitude suggests that everyone is not just vulnerable, but also helpless to protect themselves. The only way to feel secure is to grow the police and surveillance states. With all the recent events, they say, we can’t afford to let our guard down.

But that is exactly how I feel about the government. With all their abuses, we cannot let our guard down to their growing power and omnipresence.

And of course, they ended the broadcast by reminding viewers and New Yorkers, “If you see something, say something.”

Privacy has become suspicious. Everyone has a right to poke and prod around in other people’s business because it is such a dangerous world.

Don’t be worried about strangers watching your every move. After all, they are police. And everyone knows, you can trust the government.

This attitude requires a serious myth around government. This myth involves convincing people that some magical quality makes government agents different.

But unfortunately, you don’t have to look far to see that governments agents are just normal people in uniform. The TSA fails to stop weapons getting through security in undercover tests 70% of the time. And this was actually a massive improvement from two years ago when 95% of weapons made it through.

This type of security is the worst of both worlds. People let their guard down. People are left unable to protect themselves, without always realizing that the authorities are not doing what is needed to keep them safe. And it allows abuses at the hands of the agents. Children being felt up by TSA agents is the price we pay for them to stop 30% of the weapons from getting into their “secure” zones in airports.

It is for these reasons I avoid big cities like New York. But unfortunately, I cannot avoid flying or interacting with government agencies in a number of other ways.

But I do hold out hope that the number of options for a government will only grow and compete to deliver a more choice. 

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Tony Nobaloney

    In the NYPD it’s called…

    Operation Overtime..and time for some to pad the pensions…

    • greg

      …add to that , their fraternal brothers were sacrificed on 911 /01 as a pretext for an expanding police state and perpetual wars. Kind of makes them complicit in the deaths of fellow officers,firefighters and other innocent Americans – unless they speak out

      • Number 6

        I have my doubts anyone died on 911 think about it for a second, where is the number one piece of evidence that anyone died ? Where are the 3000 bodies ? The OFFICIAL explanation….. “THEY ALL TURNED TO DUST” ! You think about that, does that sound legit to you ? Because it sounds like a con to me.

        But it doesn’t finish there when asked why, given that there were supposed to be 30,000 people working in the towers, why there were no desks, tables, filling cabinets, water coolers, computers or phones on the debris pile, they replied again “THEY ALL TURNED TO DUST” !

        We’re told again and again there were 30,000 people working in the twin towers on 911, Where is the CCTV or indeed ANY footage of 30,000 people leaving the building ???? And 30,000 occupancy is a neat trick considering the towers were largely empty throughout the life span of the buildings, a NY port authority request for occupancy rate figures made by the guys at “letsrollforums” show that there were only 10 companies in the north tower as of 1993, they would have everyone believe that after the 93 WTC Bombing, companies couldn’t wait to fill the towers, oh look its a major terrorist target that Osama Bin Laden has vowed to bring down, lets move our company there. It would be interesting to see New Yorks official death figures for 9/11/2001 wouldn’t it………

        • greg

          I don’t know anyone that died on 911, however there were firefighters, police and others in and around the buildings when it was “turned to dust”.
          There have been many deaths later because of that dust and many more have died in Iraq, Afghanistan , Libya, Syria ….

          • Number 6

            Have you seen the so called “public meetings” for these alleged victims on youtube ? How many fire fighters and civilians do you suppose were effected ? a few thousand ? how many family and friends do you think who would want to attend such meetings, do you suppose, and how many people that would equal ? tens of thousands ? So why are there only a hundred or so people attending these “Public” meetings and the rooms are not anywhere near filled to capacity ? Further more there were a lot of “Truth Movement” Gatekeepers attending these events too.

            Only a hundred or so people attending the meetings which if real would effect tens of thousands, Somethings clearly not right there is it !

  • NoMeansNo

    The lame stream media traffics in Fear Porn. ‘Are you scare yet? Are you?’

  • Don Duncan

    “…they say, ‘We can’t afford to let our guards down’…”. Yes, but the authorities don’t include us in that “we” all the time. They include us when it comes to spying on each other, but not when it comes to concealed carry. Why is that? NYPD wants a monopoly on guns…as if? As if, only NYPD can be trusted. We can be trusted to spy on each other, but not with armed defense. Really? Or, is it the opposite? Is it possible that an armed citizen might stop an attack, after police have failed? Oh, wouldn’t that be embarrassing? And enlightening.

  • LawrenceNeal

    “This is getting people used to the idea of being watched. The government is a bigger threat to safety and security than terrorists”. The so-called ‘government’ IS the terrorist. All this propaganda is just manipulating the sheep.

  • SnakePlissken

    They say there are cameras everywhere, yet crime still goes on unabated. Start a protest though, and the cops will be on you like white on rice.

  • SnakePlissken

    “Privacy has become suspicious. Everyone has a right to poke and prod around in other people’s business because it is such a dangerous world.”
    Watch “The Circle”.. “Not ‘sharing’ is theft.”

  • Swapster_com

    Protecting us from enemies created by the state. It’s a win win.

    • Number 6

      Imaginary enemies at that !

  • Nice is a fairly big city in the south of France with no heavy industry or similar but with good weather, hotels, wine, food, arts, etc, and is therefore popular with tourists and me. To keep the town safe Nice is outfitted with 1836 cameras checking every street. The cameras are linked to a Centre to Supervise the City with big displays where everything is recorded while seven public servants can follow what happens. If they spot something strange, they can call the local, national and military police that quickly arrive to the trouble spot, we are told. Nice is also infamous for the 14 July 2016 alleged terror attack, where a mysterious heavy truck entered the main road at the sea – Promenade des Anglais – and killed 86 persons and injured 100’s looking at national fireworks and attending an evening beach party. The Promenade was fenced off for traffic. However, the truck entered and drove a mile from west to east killing people. The police didn’t interfere until the truck stopped by itself for unknown reasons. Then the police riddled the truck with bullets and killed the driver/terrorist. Checking recordings of the
    traffic on the Promenade prior to the incident evening 14 July, it has been
    confirmed that the white truck had been driving the Promenade in both directions 11 times before between 11 and 14 July without any police interference. Heavy trucks are not even allowed on the Promenade but this white truck didn’t only drive there, it stopped and turned. The recording of the 12th and last truck trip on the Promenade killing people has never been shown or has been destroyed. Many people today wonder why the police forces of Nice didn’t work as expected.

    • Number 6

      Ahhh the infamous bloodless truck, its funny how NONE of these allegged terrorist attacks have CCTV footage despite being in areas covered in cameras. Paris, London and Manchester being three other notable examples of the absence of extensive CCTV footage despite all three being plastered in Camera’s. If they are good for one thing its being a litmus test for the validity of an event, if theres no CCTV footage its a government hoax for agenda.

      • I acually believe the police woman at the Centre to Supervise the City of Nice. She didn’t notice anything unusal on the Promenade the night 14 July 2016. Why? The system was temporarily switched off and she watched an old recording … while another show took place.

        • Number 6

          Yes that makes sense, most of these “events” are staged by production companies with crisis actors, it would be impossible for the CCTV controllers and police ect to be in on it, at least at the lower levels, too many people would have to be in on it and the truth would get out one way or another, besides the police are given a dangerous job to do and aren’t paid a great deal of money to do that dangerous job, they’re not ALL going to betray their friends and family just like that.

          For example Theres the terrible quality CCTV footage of so called armed police shooting the London knife attackers, there is no way that the people in the video are trained armed police officers ! First rule of being an armed police officer is minimum standoff distance, you don’t let the assailant get within 15 feet of you, on the video one “officer” runs up to the attacker and literally puts a gun in his face. Its utter nonsense no trained fire arm officer would EVER do that !

          The people monitoring the CCTV doing for the most part a laborious job, would have to be tricked in someway, or better still do what they did on Westminster Bridge, supposedly one of the most secure locations in the UK right next to the houses of Parliament, and disable the CCTV months before, claiming it was on the grounds of a cost cutting exercise.

          • This Nice 14 July 2016 incident really disturbs me living nearby. I can accept that the CCTV recordings of the
            ”incident” itself – a white, heavy truck killing children and women – are not available for public show, but the rest? After the killings and after all people alive on the Promenade having ran away leaving dead and injured all over the Promenade, what did it look like? The CCTC recorded it. But no footage is available. After a while the law, order, sealing off people, first help, medical services entered the area, we are told. The CCTC recorded it, too. But we have not seen it either. I arrived the next morning and found the complete area sealed off. I could not enter. A couple of days later, when I could enter, I tried to follow the trace of this white killer truck on the Promenade. No sign of any blood anywhere on the ground. Did they wash the whole Promenade. So it seems it was a staged event with crisis actors, bla, bla, bla. We live in a strange world, today.

          • Number 6

            We’ve always lived in strange times we just didn’t realise it until they got cocky 😉

      • Ephraiyim

        Yes there are cameras but recently I read an article somewhere that purported in a city with a couple hundred cameras mostly for traffic light enforcement over half were turned off at any govern time.
        The issue was the money to pay someone to monitor all of them.
        If that was the case in a small Iowa’s city it makes one wonder whether all these CCTV’s are even on.

        • Number 6

          Its the age old problem of finding and paying enough gullible peasants to police the peasant tax slaves, Its mostly done through fear, via the glowing box, far more cash efficient. Take the BBC licence fee here in the UK for example, years ago there used to be ludicrous adverts on TV, telling everyone that they had TV detector vans, which could magically detect if you were watching TV without a licence, why spend money making these ads, because in reality it was impossible to police it, as with everything else they had to scare people into paying up.

          Fear of cameras is often enough, but some places you can guarantee the cameras are working, are the houses of parliament, ie west minster bridge, the white house, the world trade centre and the pentagon to name but a few. But obviously not when a staged terrorist event is underway.

  • RED

    It’s an old marketing ploy called “Create the Need” !

  • JRX

    Is it still possible to save the US from imploding?