McCain Fingered as Trump Leaker
By Daily Bell Staff - February 22, 2017

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone … This could be the beginning of the end for embattled Sen. John McCain’s life in politics.  – True Pundit

Just the other day we wrote an article about John McCain and how he was trying to undermine President Donald Trump.

We suggested that if Trump could do something to rein in McCain that would be a net positive because McCain was being so destructive, not just to Trump but to the country generally.

McCaine tends to concentrate on areas that make him a male form of Hillary Clinton. Like Hillary he badly wants a war or vastly escalated tensions with Russia. He wants to stitch Ukraine firmly to Europe and wants to strip Russia of Crimea as well.

One reason McCain is so focused on international policy is because that’s where the wars are. For last 75 years, and even before that, America has been turned into a kind of beast of burden for international banking. It’s been made to shoulder numerous wars that were stalemated at best.

Gradually America is bleeding to death from these wars at the same time as China in particular has been raised up. McCain’s preoccupation is more with tearing America down. But meanwhile China is gaining in power and prestige.

The plan is to leave America behind, a shell of what it once was and transfer a lot more globalist involvement to China. This is the way you continue to build up globalist activity, which is what this group is after.

It’s not just China. The BRICs generally are being built up, including India, which is well down the road to a cashless society. Only Russia is being excised, presumably to make it a continued enemy of the US, as US needs at least one formidable enemy on which to expend blood and treasure.

At least some officials think the senator listened to some of Trump’s telephone conversations, including one with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  They say, reportedly that McCain is giving information on these conversations to mainstream media journos and other to injure Trump and even set him up for impeachment.

Conclusion: There are others besides McCain who are doing a lot of leaking, but McCain definitely seems a major player. …  though obviously he would deny it. There are no charges pending and McCain is a very powerful figure within the GOP. It is not clear if and when charges would be made. But according to the article excerpted above, it’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to figure out McCain’s full involvement and along with the laws broken.


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  • David Jensen
  • Rosicrucian32

    John “Manchurian Candidate” McCain…………….nuff said

    • Jazz Mann


  • Michael Miller

    This is a shabby article. There is no link to the original source and no specific accusations or evidence is provided. How would Mccain be able to tap the president’s phone? what is the evidence?

    You guys can do better than this.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Like what does this mean? “… He wants to stitch Ukraine firmly to the Soviet Union…”. It’s the opposite. He wants to strip Ukraine away from the Soviet Union, or something along these lines.

      But in the end this article is a sort of footnote/addendum to the earlier more thorough one about McCain the McDevious.

      • deltajent

        ? Article clearly says Stitch Ukraine to Europe, not Russia.

        • mary

          Article was prob corrected after Dimitri read it. The original was indeed as he quotes.

          • Dimitri Ledkovsky

            Thanks. I thought I had totally lost it. But still… I didn’t even react to “Soviet Union”. That phase has ended. It’s been “Russia” for at least 20 years. I should not apply for that proofreader job.

    • This was a follow to a previous article two days ago, That article is freely available. This article makes extensive use of an article by Truth Pundit, also freely available. The article relays that information. McCain could have seen transcript or he could have listened to conversations courtesy of the CIA. See also, David Jensen’s comment below on McCain’s illegal request for campaign cash.

      • autonomous

        As part of the CFR McCain, no doubt, has direct access to the CIA’s files, which include their eavesdropping on the President’s phone calls.

      • Ian

        “could have seen transcript or he could have listened”

        How does that answer Michael’s question? What has happened to the technique of triangulation whereby you need 3 independent confirmations from different sources?

        As so many websites these days are just aggregators of articles posted elsewhere, it’s getting hard to find 1st hand reporting.

        • The Wall Street Journal confirms all its stories three ways. Doubt it.

          • Ian

            Agreed but how does that add credence to this story where the reporter prevaricates rather than definitively states any proof?

            “some officials think the senator listened”
            “They say, reportedly ”
            “McCain definitely seems a major player”
            “figure out McCain’s full involvement and along with the laws broken.”

            Weasel words instead of actual journalism??

          • The story was a follow up to a previous story on McCain. There is nothing wrong with using the words you speak of. This is what’s reported. We don’t need to report three ways only find a source that seems reliable. McCain is a high profile public figure. And this is speculation surrounding him. If it turn out not to be true, we’d report on that as well. Just as we reported on McCain’s lack of interest in POWs who apparently later died. You want to defend McCain, go ahead. We’ll continue to report on the speculation surrounding him without saying definitively that it is true. It’s of legitimate interest.

          • Ian

            I went back to your previous story on Senator McCain, an article seemingly written as an extract from a New York Times story that praises him as “an outspoken defender of longstanding Republican verities on foreign policy “.

            Your article then notes “Trump abuses the presidency as much as previous presidents by taking powers that don’t belong to him”. The article concludes with a belief that the President should confront Sen. McCain once & for all.

            This current report posts speculation about the Senators alleged role in leaking information & eavesdropping on the President. It’s not clear if the Senator allegedly got tapes from the FBI/CIA etc, picked up another phone extension somewhere or hacked the President’s unsecure mobile.

            I await your next report.

            (BTW – I’m not defending or condemning the Senator as there is as yet insufficient verified information to do either).

          • JanicePaschall

            email me and I will send u all other comments U will find them interesting I am heading to March4Trump in Hoover City

          • Ian

            Just found another item of legitimate interest for you, one that highlights the need to check more than one source for news.

            The original TruePundit article on Senator McCain links to another claim that the Senator sought campaign cash from a Russian Ambassador in 2008.

            Well, Sean Hannity tweeted about that this week and, after being quickly pointed to the actual facts, Hannity deleted the false story reference & said “I retweeted an inaccurate article. My apologies to Sen McCain”.

            So, please continue to follow stories regarding the Senator but be wary of the traps found in Internet news sites.

    • LaserEye

      McCain has admitted to leaking the piss dossier to the FBI. Is it such a stretch, especially considering his character, that he is involved in the treasonous coup we see happening to Trump?

    • JanicePaschall

      truepundit is more detailed

  • Ryan keisling

    DB has gone down hill since Anthony Wile went to Columbia to grow pot. There is a definitive power play going on within the executive branch and the DB has covered it only minimally, which is a major disappointment.

  • Randall

    McCain is a pain, but how would he listen in on calls ?

    • The CIA, NSA and other routinely listen in illegally to White House calls. They could have secretly patched him in, or given him a transcript.

      • esqualido

        Am I being simple, or is there some reason for not putting the heads of the CIA, NSA, and FBI under oath to answer whether they are monitoring White House calls and by what authority they are doing so? When Daniel Ellsberg, who had worked for the CIA was found to have released classified material to the New York Times( “The Pentagon Papers’), he was indicted, and got off the hook only because it was found that Nixon had his psychiatrist’s office raided to collect dirt on him. It has been widely written that J. Edgar Hoover, at a time when wiretapping was labor-intensive, maintained private files on numerous public figures and may have done so to influence the action of elected officials, and furthermore, was aided in doing so by the phone companies. This is how Stasi or the KGB operates- we expect better from our government and should be demanding it.

        • mary

          We already know through Russell Tice that all top level politicians are recorded including POTUS. This is many years old news.

      • Randall

        Don’t see that happening because it would require too many intel people to commit crimes. I believe most of the intel guys are patriots and are not going to get involved with shadow government stuff. We know there are a few troublers. I’m tired of McCain, but don’t want to malign patriots to get him. If it’s true, get them all. Intel, police military deserve our support unless there is some proof of criminal behavior.

  • gil

    as a US Navy veteran, McCain is an embarrassment and a traitor, in my eyes. If you know anything about his past, this whole hero thing is BS.

  • gil

    How about old Johnny soliciting campaign money from RUSSIA?

  • Ephraiyim

    Giving the man the finger 😁 is less than he deserves. Someone painting FU on his house better. Traitor tattooed on his forehead would be be best of all.
    Though painting his house would violate his property rights.

  • Praetor

    McCain is a psychopath, there is no doubt. He and Clinton should be the ones investigated for colluding with Russia. Uranium deals, asking for campaign money and who knows what else.

    The corruption and deception coming out of DC politicians goes deep and will take years to purge. It can be done. It just requires persistence and determination and no fear.

    If Trump had anything to do with Russia, he was probably trying to get a hotel resort and golf course built. He is a businessman not a politician.!!!

    • LibyanWarTheTruth site had eyewitness testimony on genocide, trafficking

  • Disgruntled2012

    I KNEW IT!!!! Of course it was McCain!

  • Dot

    Juan wasn’t very happy when Russia wouldn’t donate cash to his campaign in 2008. He’s been sore about it ever since.

  • JanicePaschall

    last Friday Comey has secret meeting with select gop/dems They were pictured after leaving with a look like they saw a ghost Was this the news Does Pres Trump know

    • “Day 109, the DynCorp Harvest” on YouTube…. piracy, trafficking, racketeering

  • JanicePaschall

    Truepundit has more info

  • Nickelthrower


    You can’t say, “some officials” and expect to be taken seriously. Isn’t this the reason we are mad at the MSM and their fake news? I want names.

    • Hobbit Hater McCain is one of many Fifth Column traitors….end feudalism in 2017

  • Zulugroove

    Not surprised one bit ! . Time to show Americans that treason will not be tolerated and charge him with treason & throw him in jail …if this pans out & he is found to be guilty .

  • Michael Ponzani

    The same McCain who cooperated with the VC and left his wife when she was paralyzed in an auto accident? Or did she have cancer? I get The Pasty Doughboy Newt Gingrich mixed up with him in these wife dumping incidents. Was Doughboy the one who divorced his wife as she was dying of cancer, literally.

  • sukkTHEfacc

    this sucks for me morally. I one hand McCain is a war monger asshat but at the same time I want Trump the hell out of here

    • Jazz Mann

      Be careful what you wish for; and do not get too emotional about it.

  • organicfoods

    “I like war heroes who weren’t captured.” Donald Trump

  • Steve

    McCracked did this sort of thing before according to reports. He is a vindictive bast((d who will sacrifice the people out of pride. No more money for the RINOcrats. New blood 2018,2020. Heck, maybe even Trump Independent Party. It is almost like the Leftists won anyway with the deep state collusion.