News Roundup: Have You Heard About These 3 Stories?
By The Daily Bell Staff - August 24, 2017

The DOJ Wants to Know Who Visited Anti-Trump Website

The Department of Justice is seeking the IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited a website organizing anti-Trump protests at the inauguration.

The warrant is in connection with hundreds of prosecutions from “rioters” who were arrested while protesting the inauguration.

But the web host already provided details in accordance with a narrower subpoena for the information of those arrested. Such a broad sweeping search is completely in violation of rights.

Could the move be the start of a Trump enemies list?

Don’t Want To be in the Union? That’s Fine, but Pay Up

Unions pretend to provide a stable and safe working environment, but really they prevent it. A court ruled that a bus driver was contractually obligated to pay union dues, even though she was not in the union.

So if she wants to work, she is bullied into signing whatever documents the Teamsters tell her.

You want the job? Pay protection money.

Say What? Google Argues to Protect User Data From Prying Government Eyes

It’s not every day you see Google and other big data companies arguing in favor of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

In a Supreme Court case, companies like Google and Apple have encouraged the court to rule that the Fourth Amendment does indeed protect electronic data from government seizure without a warrant. Information such as location and call meta-data cannot simply be taken at will by law enforcement, they argued.

The companies said users consider the information private, even if they allow it to be collected and viewed by the likes of Google and Apple. It is good to see big companies fighting for individual rights, especially with the immense power they hold because of the data they collect from us.

But does Google really care about your privacy from the government? Or is this just a meaningless nod to convince users not to be suspicious?

James Altucher: “Do NOT Buy Bitcoin Until You See This!”
I repeat… Do NOT buy Bitcoin before you see what I’m revealing here.

  • georgesilver

    1. “Could the move be the start of a Trump enemies list?
    As an Englishman living in France I couldn’t care less.

    2. “You want the job? Pay protection money.”
    They are just learning from government practice.

    3. “But does Google really care about your privacy from the government?
    If you write anything on the internet it’s like shouting in a crowd.

  • hangloop

    I am a member of the teamsters. It should be noted, that all the options of where I work are closed shops. In short, even if you opt out of union membership because you are in a right to work state, you will still pay dues, also known as service fees. I am told these fees are $2.00 less a month than actual dues.

    What I find interesting, is that the bylaws by which each union member is supposed to behave become fluid if the person being punished by the companies representatives are nor well liked by management level union leaders. As a matter of fact, it is possible that the union steward will push for harsher judgements than what the company initially wanted to impose. In short here, the union determines that they will not represent you nor will they tolerate you.

    This in a free society.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    “Don’t Want To be in the Union? That’s Fine, but Pay Up” – Ha, ha!
    I thought this was going to be an article either 1)about states that want to secede from the United States or 2) about the government robbery that takes place when somebody wants to renounce U.S. citizenship and leave the country.
    The point being that any sort of a union ends up as a socialist agency of some kind whose mission becomes control of the incomes and wealth of their members, whether they volunteered for their positions or not.

  • autonomous

    The DOJ Wants to Know Who Visited Anti-Trump Website
    The job of government is to control the people under it. The method is to know every secret of each of those people. J. Edgar Hoover was not the first person in American government to spy on Americans, nor the last.

    • Allyx Young

      I hope that was sarcasm. It is not the job of the government “to control the people under it.” That is what a dictatorship does. Progressive leftists regard the federal government as the securer of rights. It isn’t unless you want to have your freedoms stripped away. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      • autonomous

        No sarcasm intended.
        We the people included the framers of the constitution–only. They apparently intended to establish a limited government. In that they were unsuccessful; they established what within a very few years became another tyranny. It was immediately clear that the people they wished to rule wouldn’t agree to adopt their constitution without a bill of rights, an empty promise that the new government wouldn’t trample them under. Their true intent worked itself out quite quickly. In four score and seven years, their immediate heirs set their serfs against each other, brother against brother, father against son, in a bloodbath worse that King George ever inflicted. In addition, they committed genocide against the origional inhabitants of ‘their’ country. And how many millions of people worldwide have they killed since? Not to include the fifty-plus millions of unborn human beings. Patrick Henry had it wrong; if this is liberty, give me death.

        “The law, unfortunately, has always been retained on the side of power; laws have uniformly been enacted for the protection and perpetuation of power.”

        — Thomas Cooper


    • Rosicrucian32

      He was the first one to do it in a dress over his jockstrap.

  • Rosicrucian32

    Google = Sell your info to
    Union = No protection unless you come to work drunk and stoned, but pay up anyhoo
    Anti-Trump = if you organized and transported protestors across state lines you committed a FELONY