North Korea May Reach the US, but Not With Nukes
By Daily Bell Staff - February 07, 2017

The terrifying truth about North Korea’s nuclear weapons …”North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the US,” President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on January 2. “It won’t happen!”  However, the terrifying truth is that North Korea, the only country to have tested nuclear weapons in the 21st century, has just as much of a say in whether its potential nuclear arms can or will reach the US as Trump and the US do.

According to people who make their living assessing threats, North Korea has nuclear weapons and is quickly making more of them. But our research shows quite clearly that TNT can be substituted easily for atomic material and that, in any case, using nuclear material may be a good deal more difficult than is commonly made out.

Do we believe North Korea has nuclear material. Possibly. Is their program moving along the way they claim it is. Probably not. But nonetheless, according to professional watchers, North Korea is making rapid progress toward inter-continental missiles.


“It can be difficult to make assessments about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities given that we have very little access to North Korea’s missile facilities,” Kelsey Davenport, the director of nonproliferation policy and a North Korea expert at the Arms Control Association, told Business Insider.  “But it’s clear that North Korea has made significant advances both with nuclear warheads and with ballistic missiles,” Davenport said.

North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is still in its early phases, but Kim Jong Un, the country’s leader, commands about 100 missile launchers with several missiles for each, according to Jeffrey Lewis, the founding publisher of Arms Control Wonk.  While there’s some debate about North Korea’s stockpile of nuclear materials, “you’re looking at a few tens of warheads, but that number’s going to keep going up every year,” Lewis told Business Insider.

In comparison, the US has 1,796 nuclear missiles deployed, another 4,500 stockpiled, and 2,800 retired and waiting to be dismantled, according to the Arms Control Association.  Furthermore, North Korea presently has no way of reaching any part of the US with a missile of any sort, but Pyongyang is “likely at the point now where it could mount a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile, and that would put South Korea, Japan, and US military installations in range of the North Korean nuclear threat,” Davenport said.

The article sounds suitably terrifying until one begins to examine the underlying evidence. Then it all begins to fall apart. According to the article, experts have “every reason to believe Kim regarding his missiles.” Really? Why is this?

We were told that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were wiped out by nuclear bombs, but this evidently isn’t true. Perhaps a nuke was dropped on these two cities, or perhaps not. But they certainly were bombed using standard incendiary devices. See here.

Nor is it true that a video of even a single nuclear test was released to the public without significant alteration. See here.

According to the article, North Korea’s nuclear threat can’t easily be halted. It will only get stronger over time. All three participants, the United States, North Korea, and South Korea, all plan to go first. ”It’s a dangerous situation people haven’t thought through,” Jeffrey Lewis said.

But surely a lot of it is simply exaggerated. Here’s our thought: There won’t be an actual nuclear confrontation with North Korea, or if there is one, it won’t involve nuclear weapons.

It’s easy to build up the Korean threat, but there’s little to no proof for any of it.   Just like there’s very little proof for previous nuclear threats, by North Korea or other countries.

Trump wants enemies and North Korea is a convenient enemy. But that doesn’t mean it’s a real one. There’s no real evidence for the nukes that North Korea says it has.

It’s mostly rhetoric just as it has been for years. Saying that North Korea has been building super mini-nukes or other kind of special nuclear weapons is just so much talk.

The idea  has been to demonize North Korea to make its “nuclear threat” more real. People need to fear other nuclear powers, especially because the Pentagon has just asked for a trillion dollars to overhaul its nuclear  program.

But chances are the Pentagon has exaggerated its nuclear  program just as North Korea has. Just because the Pentagon says it has dramatic numbers of nuclear weapons doesn’t mean they actually exist.

Conclusion: So much of what our leaders tell us isn’t true. What should nuclear weapons be any different.


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  • Ken Griffith

    Way back in 1994 those of us in the military with clearance were aware that North Korea was manufacturing 4 working nukes per year. Publicly we and they have engaged in a game where we pretend they don’t have them yet. But reality is we were paying to contain their tech from other rogue states. It was North Korea who sold their tech to Pakistan which enabled the Pak bomb. They have nukes but nukes are highly over-rated in terms of effectiveness.

    • Yes, whatever the reality of nukes is, its nothing like the fantasy being told.

  • Heywood Jablome

    nowhere did the concept of mutually assured destruction enter this piece, and I think that regardless of how many, range, or a number of other parameters are discussed, if they have evolved to the point of developing the tech, then they can also assess the risks of a first or any strike against someone who is equally or better equipped, and the fact that China is on their doorstep, this is the elephant in the room, IMHO

  • North Korea is in increasing trouble. There is no real intelligence in its social system. Thus, it is terrifying to think what might happen without warning. Scenario: Kim is removed. Suddenly. They attack the USA “monster” . Truly: Is the USA capable of knocking them out?
    “Nations” are a conglomeration of the psyche of its inhabitants.
    Certainly, shoving N. Korea back into the stone age is a very simple case of ….. a preemptive surgical strike.
    It is no more than prestidigitation by the USA, deflecting attention from the coming meltdown caused by ….. 4 Banks. They killed the chicken.

  • I well remember the “magnesium” bomb claim so long ago, deflecting world attention from the nuclear “toothpaste” squeezed out over Japan. It was horrific. Could not be put back into the tube……
    Think Germany’s revenge: Fluoride. ( They don’t use it, in fact it is illegal to store or transport it without “clearance” in the Fatherland.)
    Much better than bombing, neater, UNOBTRUSIVE and like Uranium, irrecoverable, an untreatable Cancer.

  • Alan

    They were given the technology by Bill Clinton and his administration. They did underground tests which other nations monitored/measured. Although nothing is definite with our government, it seems foolish to assume they don’t have nuclear weapons.

  • Doc

    So Trump writes “capable of reaching parts of the US”, when it turns out “that would put […] US military installations in range”. In other words, it is only because there are installations very close to NK and there is no threat to the US itself.

    Who can still take these guys seriously?


    The U.S. should have called North Korea’s bluff during the 1980’s, before China became a massive opponent re: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even so its not to late. Our satellites have pin pointed every stationary launching site for missile use, and our high altitude Spy planes know the locations of most mobile units. These could all be obliterated in one day. We have the blockbuster nuclear components to take out hidden labs & factories. If they work on the Intercontinental Ballistics for another ten years, they may develop one to reach Alaska, or Hawaii. It would be a blessing to the peoples of N. Korea, to take out the nuclear capability, and free them from 70 years of
    slavery to murderous militant leadership. It’s certain that many of those senior leaders, always taking notes, would savor the assassination of that young smiling
    deadly upstart. N. Korea is unable today to be able to hit any target in S. Korea , or Japan, with any accuracy with their missiles, and none with nuclear warheads. More likely no better than the Scuds into Israel. N. Korea say they are at war with the U.S. and S. Korea, so S. Korea with the munitions supplied by the U.S.should pre-empt this paper tiger and takeout all the missile and nuclear labs, and accidentally drop a few on the smiling boy, and his note taking toadies. China will not retaliate at this time.

    • James Clander

      An alpha solution for sure — not very smart.

      • Flash9

        It actually is wisdom. Stay long bull markets.

    • JohnnysZone

      Don’t you see that the US desperately needs a nuclear “enemy”. This is like a WWF wrestling match – it does not help to assassinate you ring opponent before the “match”.

    • John Bosley

      Should have listened to General McArthur and nuked em in the early 50’s and any advancing Chinese when they had the chance.
      The Soviets weren’t even that far along in their nuke arsenals and we could have easily dominated.
      I guess it is easy to be an arm chair general in hind sight, but McArthur was right.

  • Brabantian

    Another aspect of the Fake Nuke News farce with North Korea, is that they are in reality a Chinese dependency, the ruling Kims even getting their internet via China

    Part of what is likely a general farce amongst all the big powers, the USA – Russia – China fake rivalry game that is set to continue ‘Are You Not Entertained?!’ as Russell Crowe ‘The Gladiator’ would say

    A ‘liberty’ perspective should likely have a healthy does of secessionist sympathy against these colluding big powers … Independence for Tibet, Xinjiang & Taiwan … freedom for Chechnya & Dagestan … And of course let the USA break-up

    But of course the traditional objection is What About the ‘Nuclear Weapons’ LOL

  • John Bosley

    Whatever the worry about North Korea, I think we have a bigger problem on our hands with the Islamists.
    Over 1 Billion possible combatants against us in a religious Jihad to the death.
    With Tehran as their headquarters directing the play.
    We need to deal with these cucksuckers in some way, shape or form and very soon.
    North Korea can wait.