One Day Before Retirement, Nest Egg Smashed by Mayor’s Executive Order
By Joe Jarvis - April 08, 2018

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop practically wiped out a couple’s retirement with the stroke of a pen.

He decided to issue an executive order banning the demolition of any homes for six months.

During those six months, Fulop wants the city council to pass new laws, “which will better protect the City’s culturally, historically and/or architecturally significant buildings and structures.”

The proposed new law would force property owners to get demolition approval from the historic preservation officer. This officer would have total discretion over granting or denying permits. If the permit is denied, the property owner can appeal to the Historic Preservation Commission.

But what this means for developers is total uncertainty. You can’t invest in a property that you might not even be able to use. And how can you tell if your demolition permit will be approved before buying the property?

Overnight the value of homes in the city was tanked by this executive order, while vacant lots are now more prized than ever by developers caught in the new regulatory net.

The order says this is “in the City’s best interest.”

But what about the best interest of the actual individual residents of the city?

Spencer Flagg’s parents have lived in Jersey City for 42 years. And this executive order screwed them out of their retirement 24 hours before they were set to close on a home sale. Spencer posted on Facebook to raise awareness of this injustice:

My parents have lived in Jersey City, NJ for the last 42 years and are finally retiring to the countryside of Tennessee to get away from the hustle and bustle. When they arrived in the 70s, times were tough and land was cheap. They took a risk, bet on the area, and scraped together enough money before I was born to buy and painstakingly hand-renovate two small, gorgeous, 100-year-old homes. One was the house my brother and I grew up in and one has served as a rental all these years.

The neighborhood is much wealthier now than it was when they arrived. Jersey City is in a renaissance and for the last several years developers have been clamoring to purchase land there. They pay amazing money, buy the land, raze the house, and build a larger multi-family home on the plot. Most of the block has gone this way, and my parents have been happily watching their land (and nest egg) increase in value year after year.

After almost a year of planning and moving and logistics, my parents got all their ducks in a row. They had a buyer for the old houses, they bought a new house in TN, and were just about to close on a new rental property in TN to protect their assets. Everything was good to go. All they had to do was get some final signatures, and the transactions would be complete.

A day before the final closing, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop issued an executive order banning all future demolition of 1-4 family homes (for historical preservation purposes). Since all potential buyers merely want the LAND and will raze the houses, this onerous act effectively devalued my parents’ property. The land is much less valuable with houses on it in the current market. There’s no getting around that. No developer is willing to pay for land he cannot develop.

Since the edict, the buyers have pulled out of the sale, and the TN rental purchase that was contingent on the NJ sale has fallen through. My parents have lost their long-nurtured nest egg to the whim of a young authoritarian politico. The path forward is uncertain. My parents are absolutely floored by this turn of events: this may entirely change how they live out the rest of their lives.

Preserving historic buildings is not a bad idea in itself. But preventing people from using private property as they see fit is unreasonable. Why does a historic building take precedence over real live people?

If the city wants to maintain historic homes, it should cough up the money to outbid the developers. If the city, and taxpayers, are not willing to pay a fair market value to preserve a historic home, then it should not be done.

But this executive order transfers that burden onto the homeowner. The Mayor basically just robbed this couple about to retire in order to preserve some old homes in the city. They will pay the price.

The mayor did not rescind the executive order after an explosion of criticism. Instead, he said:

Of course, this doesn’t help the Flagg’s. Perhaps if Fulop had bothered to bring this issue to council meetings before he issued the order, the Flaggs would be on their way to a happy relaxing retirement.

Instead, they are stuck in a Jersey City quagmire.


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  • emptymag

    In my 65 years I have NEVER seen a politician who cared a whit about any of his constituents. They only care about how they appear to those with MONEY. They just put on a face to fit in with those with assumed power. Walk into office & change everything they perceive as outmoded, no matter the damage they do to the people of their community that put them in office.

  • Paul_Morphy

    Eminent domain has arrived. Pipsqueek mayors issuing executive orders. Keep the written offer to purchase as evidence of the fair value of the place. It will come in handy in assessing damages during the lawsuit against the city, and always remember, you never really “own” real estate.

  • Bill Anderson

    Jewish Lightning.
    Have your parents go on vacation, a cruise ship for certainty.
    While their away, their home suddenly goes up in flames.
    Pro Tip…
    Take out all the valuables before they leave a little at a time.
    Replace all the pictures and personal stuff with random garbage purchased at yard sales. Keep the look sad.

    • Number 6

      Hey Jewish Lightning worked for Larry Silverstein in 2001 he for the bargain price of 124 million dollars bought Two buildings nobody wanted full of asbestos which were largely empty and loosing money, maintenance and heating costs exceeding rental income for 20 years, and only 11 companies registered as occupants of the North tower and NO records of anyone occupying the south tower as of 1993, which he promptly insured for 7 billion. Then just 6 months later they Suddenly fell down defying the Laws of physics netting Lucky Larry a cool 4 billion. not bad for a six month investment !

      Pro Tip

      Blow up an empty car park under the north tower to clear the final residence out of the towers, sell off what little office equipment there is and strip the building for demolition. Pretend the buildings are full 50,000 residence despite the fact the buildings were largely empty even in their heyday ! Sign the rights over to a friend who then promptly insures the building for 7 billion, do some last minute filming in the empty building which you’ll later pass off as being on the day, rig the bejesus out of it with high explosives, buildings don’t just fall down on their own you know, wait for a numerological significant date and bam !

      Anyone asks why theres no office equipment or bodies on the debris pile, tell them ALL the evidence anyone even occupied the buildings turned to dust ! and collect the victim compensation money from tax payers as a special bonus, Job done

      • Bob Byrne

        Time to renew the meds.

        • Bill Anderson

          Time to rethink all the lies.

        • Number 6

          Sorry Ad hominem attacks aren’t evidence I’m afraid, Show me footage of 50,000 people evacuating either tower by which I mean by any exit of the towers themselves or footage of 11,000 firefighters and trucks crammed round the base of the towers or in the lobby NOT two blocks away ! and I might consider your suggestion.
          I on the other hand can show you footage of ZERO people either in or around the base of the towers between the hours of 9:03 when the second plane hit and 9:59 when the south tower collapsed on the morning of September 11th 2001, barely 1 hour into what should have been a two hour evacuation. Can you top that can you ?

      • Bill Anderson

        Damn Bang On!
        Thanks for being AWAF.

    • Number 6

      How you too could make 4 billion in just six short months !

  • SnoMad

    This is easy, hang this lil POS IN PUBLIC. I’ll donate the rope.

  • More evidence that all land in America was stolen from individual Americas when the 18th-century founding fathers replaced Yahweh’s property laws with Amendment 5:

    “…The Fifth Amendment’s provision for property confiscation is applied in eminent domain, which is nothing more than a form of organized theft:

    ‘Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance….’ (Deuteronomy 19:14)

    “Eminent domain – the Constitutional Republic’s alleged right to seize property for the “betterment” of the people – is one way the government moves boundary markers and steals from its citizens. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary defines eminent domain, in part, as follows:

    ‘The superior right of property subsisting in a sovereignty, by which private property may in certain cases be taken or its use controlled for the public benefit, without regard to the wishes of the owner…. The right of every government to appropriate otherwise than by taxation and its police authority … private property for public use.’21

    “This property appropriation and redistribution is allegedly justified under the guise of urban renewal, by which private property is condemned for private use or sometimes transferred from one private owner to another. This occurred in the infamous 2005 case of Kelo v. City of New London,22 in which the Supreme Court decided five to four in favor of stealing a private owner’s home and property and transferring it to another individual under the auspices of furthering economic development. These types of decisions were made possible when, in 1954, in Berman v. Parker,23 the Supreme Court expanded the government’s “right” to confiscate private property to include “eliminating blight” as justification for such theft. Because Deuteronomy 19:14 offers no exception clause, no individual or body of individuals has the authority to steal land by moving boundary markers, regardless the reason:

    ‘Eminent domain is … an attribute of ultimate sovereignty, and therefore it is an attribute of divinity…. The right of eminent domain, then, is a divine right and power. Moreover, there are no degrees of divinity: divinity is a total concept. A deity is either divine, or he is not; he is either a god, or he is not. Thus, when the state lays claim to divinity, it lays claim to total power. The right of eminent domain ostensibly limits the state to the confiscation of properties necessary to the common good, or to the public welfare. But the state is the judge of the common good and public welfare, and so the power of eminent domain expands steadily towards the total possession by the state of all properties within the state. The state, being viewed as the higher or supreme power, and the possessor of eminent domain, is seen as the natural guardian and agency of the public welfare. In terms of this presupposition, private ownership is seen as hostile to the common good, whereas state ownership advances the public welfare…. The right of eminent domain, therefore, by associating a “necessary common use” or good with the state, makes the state into a benevolent god whose control and ownership are necessary to the welfare of man.’24

    “The “need” for straight highways is often cited by proponents of eminent domain. But which is more important – straight highways or private property? Yahweh did not provide for straight highways in His law, but He did establish private property. Eminent domain – as provided by the Fifth Amendment – is an impressive term for legalized plunder. Because only Yahweh is sovereign, only He holds eminent domain to all land (Exodus 19:5, Leviticus 25:23). Any government claiming domain is breaking not only the Eighth Commandment when it enforces that claim, but also the Second Commandment by usurping Yahweh’s sovereign ownership….”

    For more, see online Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey at and receive a complimentary copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

    • jackw97224

      I like the Marc Stevens/Lysander Spooner question: What factual evidence do you (judge, prosecutor, mayor, president or anyone) have that the constitution and law apply to me just because I am physically present in some state such as commie/socialist, “moonbeam,” DemonKrait tyranny of corruptifornia? It doesn’t exist and never has, else we would be stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state run by masters/politicians and overseers/judges/enforcers

      • Don Duncan

        But “it” does exist, i.e., a coercive system imposed by rulers without compassion or a sense of justice. What doesn’t exist is a rational justification for “it”. The justification is replaced by violence, the threat thereof, or fraud. Put that way, the honest way, I open up a disscussion about how such an abomination can exist. And you may note that a master/slave relationship exists wherein the slaves support their own slavery. I have not denied “it” exists and inflicts injustice daily, but I am claiming that most of the so-called injustice is deserved and therefore not injustice; it is statists getting hurt by the statist system (authoritarianism) they support. I, on the other hand, have never supported “it”. I am a voluntaryist. I don’t deserve to by ruled because I don’t consent; I don’t forfeit my sovereignty by voting or recognizing any moral/political authority over me. And I can back up my politics, my ethics with an well thought out argument. No matter. The majority don’t value reason over force. They don’t value honesty over rationalizations. But they are consistent in their irrationality. They deny they are unreasonable by refusing to debate or think about (question) their politics. Even the few who do debate and lose pretend they won and continue to cherish violence, e.g., coercive govt.

    • Don Duncan

      The atheist Ayn Rand argued that “the divine right of kings” belief was replaced by collectivism, i.e., the sovereign was not divine but subject to the will of the people who were morally superior to him along with any individual. By this belief individuals can be destroyed by other individuals who claim they are acting for “the common good” or “national defense” or “national security”. Thus, some individuals have all the powers a king had, but their rule is called leadership and the harm they do is suffered by their victimes who worship “democracy” as the new divinity.

      I say the only sovereign is the individual, even if most deny it. Their denial is self-denial, self-destructive, unhealthy, and leads to self-sacrifice in the name of a delusion. The “common good” is an abstraction invented to convince the many to submit to a few for purposes of exploitation. Society flourshes only when the individual flourshes. If the individual is not sovereign no one is safe, no one has rights.

      • “I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus … that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which He will bring about at the proper time — He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords.” (1 Timothy 6:13-15)

        • Don Duncan

          “He” is not my lord or sovereign. I have none. I am not charged. I recognize no god or delusion of others. I bow to reason, logic, reality, as conceived by myself. If I can’t conceive it, I do not take it on faith. I trust to my mind. What trust comes before it? None, if I would be me. Otherwise, I lose myself. MY SELF is all I have or will have.

          I am that I am!

          What do you have? Yourself, your mind, or your what? Your god? What is that to me? I cannot conceive it. Just do it, you say? What does that mean? Just join you in your faith, whatever I choose it to mean? Just fantasize? Just “create” my own reality? That is not the life of a thinking being. And you could be a thinking person, if you want to be true to your nature.

          • He is, whether you’re aware of it or not.

            Furthermore, thank you for verifying the inspiration and veracity of the Bible, especially 1 Corinthians 1:18-28 and 2:12-14.

          • Don Duncan

            ?? I have no idea of what you are talking about and I assume you don’t want me to since you didn’t explain. Not all of us are religious scholors who memorize fantasy, but you knew that already. You rely on it.

          • Simple as Googling the passages I cited.

          • Hardhitting Grandpa

            God has moved on. The providence of salvation is dynamic. Jesus did not come to repeat the Old Testament.
            The 2nd Coming has come and gone. Just like the first time around not many people could be bothered.
            If you want to be informed I suggest:

    • robt

      What’s wrong with the advertising spam filter?

      • Don Duncan

        At least they knock on your door much anymore.

  • jackw97224

    The reality of political government comes home to roost. Politics is violence. When people vote, they sanction such violence/aggression/force. So, in the end the voters get what they deserve and those who don’t vote are harmed as well. There is certainly some good in preservation of ancient houses or other aged things. So, maybe Fulop, the little tyrant, will loot the taxpayers to fund moving the houses to some other locations which have been purchased by also looting the taxpayers and then the Flaggs can be permitted, in the Land of the Free, to market their houses.

    • Don Duncan

      Well said! We can only hope in the present social/economic chaos. Protect yourself from those who would sacrifice themselves and you.

  • jackw97224

    So many politicos have the wicked tyrant gene. It is distressing when these politicos always seem to say that “this is for your own good.” Clearly these politicos believe they are superior to you. Am not saying that historical structures should be razed, but that there are ways to handle historical buildings and they could be moved to other locations.

    • Don Duncan

      “Clearly” you deduce actions of “politicos” based on their excuses. They lie! They lie to themselves first, then their victims. They are few overall, but they appear in politics as a majority because the political paradigm draws them. They see a chance to exploit and rob, legally, with consent of the “governed” (self-enslaved). How could an unethical person resist? It’s only logical.

      • jackw97224

        The excuses, IMHO, are evidence of profound immorality, dishonesty. Most politicos propound fallacious economic arguments.

        • Don Duncan

          I agree completely. It occured to me that even if the bad arguments they expound were believed by them, they are attempting to initiate violence, and that negates all their arguments, correct or incorrect. In the end, rights include the right to be free to make your own mistakes and that is violated by the present political paradigm.

          • jackw97224

            Big “thumbs up.” Indeed, the min. wage is an example of violence. I approve of people improving themselves and earning pay increased based on merit, but I do not approve of the use of political violence to force employers to pay more than the market guides them. I do not approve of forcing a consumer to pay more for his burger and fries (Yes, the consumer does have a choice as to consume or not consume but to exist one must eat and not everyone can cease fast food and prepare meals at home).

          • Don Duncan

            Case on point: Austrialia has a min. wage of $15/hr. and a Big Mac is $25. Min. wage law is political grandstanding. If you could show a politician it hurt the entry worker it wouldn’t matter to him/her. It gets votes, reelection, and most all politicians are in it for the political power & money selling that power, whether they admit it to themselves or not. First, they lie to themselves they saviors, protectors, then they lie to the public. Or the really sucessful ones are cold-blooded psychos who know what they are doing to people and know it benefits them so they don’t care, e.g., the Clintons?

          • jackw97224

            Yeah, I couldn’t afford to live in Australia. I pay 8 f.r.a.u.ds for a Big Mac Meal here in Reedley, corruptifornia ruled by the tyranny of the commie/socialist, DemonKraits and their boss of the cesspool governor “moonbeam.” The post offices here in Amerika used to post the pictures of criminals and with the advent of Facebook, Zuckerberg could post the pictures of the criminal politicians.

  • Barney Biggs

    This should be a no brainer. A short trip across town by a few on the commission and they make the decision, Go No go. Probably 90 + percent of the homes will be GO
    This Mayor probably has a few friends he needs jobs for. I agree with the heritage
    designation but make it fair and transparent. I have a buddy who would subdivide his bathroom if he could

  • Jim

    Seems to me that the Citizens of Jersey City should make that decision instead of one of their EMPLOYEES. Yes the Mayor is an EMPLOYEE of the Jersey City Citizens. They hired him by voting (majority choice) for him to take over the job of bringing into effect the wishes of the entire City,

    • Don Duncan

      There is no “…wishes ot the entire City.” That belief is based on the bogus fantasy of “collective mind or will”. There are only individuals acting. And they will conspire to act in their interest, which will not be the public’s. That was, is, and will be, until people start self-governing.

  • Mike

    I know exactly what he is doing. It has NOTHING to do with “Preserving heritage” and everything to do with stealing land at cheap prices for now, then in 10 years time they will CHANGE THE RULES back to what they were and bingo bango properties are worth millions. Watch who snaps up these properties, and see if they get “government funding” to help preserve these historical buildings/houses.

    They know on average a lot of people are in this situation. We have old ladies here in beautiful old houses they have lived in for 50 + years, no husband, no more kids, right downtown….they have tried to raise the council rates to kick them out, but they won’t leave. The council knows the land is a LOT of money. So they do this 3 card monte trick because they want to LEGALLY steal that value.

    So in essence they will get the land for cheap, have the government pay for the restoration, then sell when they change the rules and make a ton of money. It will be a corporate group that runs around buying them up, you just wait and see…or…. do something about it, because it’s a global phenomenon.

    • Don Duncan

      It’s global because coercive govt. (rulers’ conspiring) is global and they are not anti-intellectual, just unethical. They make the mistake of not thinking long-range, just what they can grab now. They hurt all. But they are allowed to get away with it by the people, the public, the self-enslaving majority who forfeit their sovereighty, their political power, and then deny the consequences of their actions.

  • Rich_The_Engineer

    What happens when you vote neo-Bolshevik Criminals into office. You get screwed.

  • Too bad your parents didn’t just skip the whole Jersey experience, and head on down to Tennessee in the first place. 🙂

  • gregory alan johnson

    Yet more proof of who truly owns and controls the land and houses on the USA.
    Under YHVH’s Torah, this can’t happen, because His ‘rules’ don’t change. In the name of Yeshua, Amein.

  • TheRealTruthSerum

    Sorry, not a lot of sympathy.

    I’d like to know the voting history of the Flaggs. I’d also like to know why they’re moving out of state. Maybe because the people they voted into office are acting like little hitlers? I guess they’ll vote for people who will do in TN what they did in NJ.

    • jrice2n

      You have to ask why someone is moving out of Jersey?

  • MetaCynic

    The landmarks commission of the city of Chicago did just this sort of thing. A nonprofit organization was in the process of closing on the sale of their 11,000 square foot mansion of 65 years for $4M to a developer who wanted to build an apartment building on the lot. The building was badly in need of millions in renovation to bring it up to code for public use. It was one of just a few mansions left in a neighborhood of large apartment buildings. Only a millionaire could afford to renovate it to modern standards as a home, but no millionaire wants to live in a neighborhood of apartment buildings.

    So, out of the blue, the city’s landmarks commission voted to give the building landmark status prohibiting its use as anything other than an existing single family house which no one wants to buy and in which the non profit can no longer afford to remain. As a result of this Kafkaesque madness, the building is now being foreclosed on by its creditors and will be sold – if a buyer can even be found – for pennies on the dollar, and the non profit, instead of walking away with near $4M in cash to continue its good work in a more suitable location, will be left penniless.

    Of course this robbery is justified in the name of the greater good which, if such a good can even exist, is righteously claimed by a tiny architectural elite which values a building designed over a century ago by a second tier architect for a minor merchant more than they value anyone’s property rights. It goes without saying that this architectural elite sees no need to invest their own capital in this aesthetic indulgence when their buddies on the landmarks commission will force someone else to do so at gunpoint.

    • Joelg

      Follow the money. No doubt the fix is in. The winning foreclosure bidder’s name is likely among the election campaign donors. Another good bet is that the building will burn to the ground in a mysterious fire shortly after auction, and the new buyer will collect insurance money and get their vacant lot on the cheap. Corrupt city politicians and developers have many rackets, and this is an old, time-honored scheme. Not “Kafkaesque madness.” Brilliant madness. $$$

      • Paul_Morphy

        You’re making it sound so, I dunno, dirty or underhanded. I’m sure the city planners are simply looking out for what’s best for the children.

        sarcasm /.

        • Joelg

          I love it

  • kbman

    Just tell the land developers to put a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in the house and the left will demolish the house for free and they will have their land.

    • libertyanyday

      thinking outside the box !

    • Don Duncan

      The buyer-developers plan to demolish the house. That costs them. They want a lot, not an old house. What if, while the owners were away, the house burned down? The property would increase in value, and not be subject to the “landmark” restriction. Probelm solved.

      • bailintheboat

        Today, you could be arrested for suggesting that.

  • TheYiddishLion

    All of this will only keep getting worse until people take to arms and take their country back by force. Lock and load people. It’s time for a second revolution.

    • Or they could vote for better people.

      • Dusty Thompson

        It matters not who we vote into office when Laws like FDRs New Deal are in place. That Law is pure Fascism, just like FDR advocated for. Exactly why whoever we send to DC does the exact opposite of what they ran on. The New Deal was not about Soup Kitchens, it was about US Govt power over the individual.

        A small sample of US Law.

        If you roll a ball down a hill in a national park, you could go to federal prison [see 36 CFR §2.1(a)(3)].

        If you sell vegetable egg noodles that aren’t ribbon-shaped, you could go to federal prison [see 21 USC §331, 343(g) & 21 CFR §139.160(b)].

        If you play croquet without a permit in any national park in Washington, DC, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1865 & 36 CFR §7.96(b)(1)].

        If you leave the US with more than $25 worth of pennies, you could go to federal prison [see 31 USC §5111(d)(2), 31 CFR §82.1(b) & 82.2(a)(2)].

        If you write a letter to a pirate, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1657].

        If you are a falconer and let a non-falconer care for your falcon for more than 45 days in a row, you could go to federal prison [see 16 USC §707 & 50 CFR §21.29(d)(7)].

        If you ride a bike in Fort Stewart and the pedal, at its lowest, is more than 12″ above the ground, you could go to federal prison [see 18 USC §1382 & 32 CFR §636.27(h)].

        If you sell margarine at retail in packages larger than one pound, you could go to federal prison [see 21 USC §§331(m), 333 & 347(b)(2)].

        If you commingle avocados traveling from Hawaii to Alaska with things traveling to other states, you could go to federal prison [see 7 USC §7734 & 7 CFR §318.13–21].

        If you make an offer to buy a leaky egg, you could go to federal prison [see 21 U.S.C. §1037, 1041(a) & 1033(g)(6)].

    • john pyskaty

      These Marxists do not believe in the rules, whether it is the ten commandments or the constitution. They love fait accompli where they unilaterally, with no legal or moral justification, take actions that are near impossible to undo. They see the destruction of nest eggs as wonderful. It is the redistribution of wealth away from the priveleged majority.

      In California they are working on a scheme to put all retirees in nursing homes even if healthy. All their assets will go to the state, and all the absentee ballots will be voting democratic.

      You are correct. They will keep breaking the laws until we are defenseless peasants if we do not soon take action against their abuses of position while we can.

  • confederate

    New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C. are the shitholes of America. Of course there are many more but those listed will do for now.

    • Dusty Thompson

      I was in Frisco yesterday, it smelled like a urinal.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Wake me when the second Civil War actually starts.

    Listening to insane corrupt Liberals destroy America on brick at a time gets my blood pressure up.

  • aj54

    age alone does not make a building historic, except in cases where they constituted the first buildings in the area, there must be cultural importance to gain the designation. The UN Agenda 21 is also preventing the use of private property, but is going the other way, they want stack n pack units where spacious single family residences with large yards now sit. Interestingly, much of the land that burned in CA last year had plans already drawn up to replace the homes for the stack n pack units.