Surprise Surge as an Important Poll Shows Trump Leading
By Daily Bell Staff - August 22, 2016


Donald Trump has beaten Hillary in a major poll.Donald Trump appears to have made a political comeback for the ages, but the media has gone silent about a major new poll that shows the Republican has catapulted back into the lead instead showing their viewers polls from three weeks ago. -Sputnik

A recent poll released by the USC/LA Times, here, found that Trump held a two point lead over Clinton, nationally. The daily poll questioned some 3,000 US citizens.

Trump recently changed top campaign staffers, bringing in new manager Kellyanne Conway and Brietbart CEO Steve Bannon to help run his effort. And now in at least one poll he has seen a massive jump in tracking polls of some eight percent, pushing him past Hillary.

Both Trump and Hillary have moved up and down in the polls, especially because of the recent conventions. But now Trump seems headed up.

It could be that Trump’p recent apology helped reassure voters about his essential good nature.  He’s also supposedly attempting to make a special efforts to appeal to African Americans.

Over the weekend, Trump supposedly held a 45% to 43% lead over Hillary. But as suggested in the above article excerpt, the development is not getting much play in the rest of the mainstream media.

Here’s the latest according to the Daily Wire:

Despite some positive movement for Donald Trump over the least week, he still finds himself trailing Hillary Clinton in the nationals polls by an average of nearly 6 points and losing to the Democrat in most of the key battleground states. Though many of the polls are looking grim for the Republican, an Aug. 19 LA Times/USC poll finds the two candidates tied in a head-to-head.

We’ve written about polling here. Given the ongoing negative news about Hillary, we don’t understand the massive lead she has in many states.

It’s been pointed out that Trump fills stadiums while Hillary has trouble filling much smaller venues.

We’ve written that one possibility when it comes to this election is that Hillary’s poll numbers will remain relentlessly positive and that the election itself may be fixed in accordance with the polls (here).

This may sound far-fetched, but Hillary has powerful backers at the top levels of US society. She wasn’t indicted by the FBI and it’s perfectly possible that the election is “fixed” in certain parts of the country. Trump himself has worried out loud about this possibility (here).


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  • No one special

    This election is the most blatant joke on the people in US history. The candidates are both a joke. It’s the Elite thumbing their noses again at the people as if saying, “See, it doesn’t matter who runs; we control the outcome and rule through them anyway.” That became obvious to me when Dubya was elected. For those who didn’t get the message then, open your eyes.

    • Tommygun

      According to Trump…”what the hell do you have to lose”
      Stick your head up where the sun doesn’t shine and let an opportunity to shit on the PTB escape and eight more years of communist rule will sink the country

    • Bobby

      You are exactly correct. The “Power Elite” have controlled the elections for decades. This election will make that painfully obvious to those who care to notice. They controlled the re-election of Obama. Anyone in their right mind should have noticed.

    • mary

      No one, I felt the same way when the hillbilly from Arkansas was installed in the white house. Btw, I’m wearing my “Giant Meteor 2016” t shirt today. 😉

      ps, I think you’re a snow flake.

  • James Clander

    Any one but Killary !

  • Renov8

    Are we all being played? I don’t know. If we are and it comes out, I bet there will be hell to pay. No one likes to be made a fool, especially when it comes to our livelyhood.

  • Sol

    “Given the ongoing negative news about Hillary, we don’t understand the massive lead she has in many states.”

    Well let me help: Whatever bad things there are to say about Hillary – and there are a lot of really bad things – Trump is categorically unfit for the job of president. Even as strictly a figurehead he is unfit. Only a fool would support him for president. When has being crooked ever stopped a politician from winning an election? Crooked Hillary is, thank f’ing Christ, going to win this election.

    • Bobby

      just as Obama was “categorically” unfit for the job as President of the United States and still is unfit.

      • Sol

        What are you nuts? You honestly think those two are in the same league as human beings? They’re not even playing the same sport! Trump is a garbage heap of a person – I never really bought into the Obama hype but he’s at least a decent, intelligent enough guy who would never, say, own a private jet with golden toilet handles. And Hillary, however unaltruistic and opportunistic as her motives might have been, has at least performed some public service and given some of her time to helping people. Trump cares about Trump and maybe his daughter Ivanka insofar as he kind of wants to lay her.

        • mary

          Ask the Libyans and the Haitians and the five people who were recently Arkancided about Hitlery’s public “service.” Helping people? You must be joking or a gov’t troll. Obummer is a cia plant, a creep who bragged about being great at killing people. Both are degenerate psychopaths.

          • Sol

            Ah, Obama is a CIA plant – ohhhkay. I used to think stupid crap like that, then I grew up and got real. Plenty of actual sinister shit going on without having to get into bonkers stuff.

          • mary

            There is nothing bonkers about it. You are obviously a gov’t paid troll. No one here is going to pay any attention to your lies so why don’t you buzz off?

            btw, the cia has planted the last four potus, at the very least.

          • Sol

            Government Paid?! You’re a friggin nutbar – I’m Canadian for Godsake.

          • mary

            oh, right. we can tell by your accent. Buzz off, gov’t paid TROLL

          • Sol

            If the government is willing to pay me to mess around with you wackadoos do you know who I could contact about that? I feel like a sucker doing it for free.

            And is everyone that makes sense a government paid troll to you?

          • rapph

            Yep, you got that right Mary.

        • Praetor

          What are you nuts?

        • Bobby

          There now…..feel better. Good Grief. This nation has been taken over by a bunch of retards. I would always vote for a person who has held down a “real” job rather than living off the American People.

        • Jackie Hallock

          Stfu db

        • rapph

          Yeah, she really helped all those Haiti victims, didn’t she? You must be looking at the world thru rose colored glasses, because you are have a really twisted view. Also, you don’t know Trump very well either.

        • Ephraiyim

          Just read a article on DB here goes.
          About Sol.

          TROLL ALERT!!!

          • medicis

            yes, the trolls for the dems/clinton machine are out in full force. I just have to wonder, is the money that good?

  • mary

    Political polls–the ones with announced results, that is–are meant to steer the election. In this case, since the election results have already been programmed into the computers, they are making the polls reflect the coming results. It’s clear that Hitlery will not leave anything to chance this time. DB, you are correct, but mealy mouthed. Call a spade a spade.

  • Praetor

    1980, Reagan/Bush, Bush/Quayle, Clinton/Gore, Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden. And now Clinton/Kaine vs Trump/Pence. The one constant Clinton/Bush.

    36 years of these globalist is enough. We find the U.S. on the verge of civil war.

    Yeah lets put a sick bag into the white palace, and continue down the road to war.

    Pathetic those who think that’s a good idea, putting you’re own self interest before the U.S. and the rest of the world is sick and suicidal!!!

    • Sol

      Riiiight, go with Donald “Why Can’t We Use Nuclear Weapons?” Trump instead!

      • Praetor

        Well, Riiiight. That does seem to be a very good question. Could be you should ask the same question. Since Trillions are being spent on nukes, “Why Can’t We Use Nuclear Weapons”. The better question could be, “Why Are We Spending Trillions on Weapons We Can’t Use”.

        Yeah that was a good question Trump asked. Don’t ya think, Riiiight!!!!

      • FreeOregon

        Seems to me the question is rhetorical, seeking the obvious answer that we cannot use nukes, and leading to the obvious conclusion we’re wasting money manufacturing and storing them in our backyard.

    • EDD

      Maybe I’m reading too much into this. This morning I woke up to another Trump questionnaire. This one was about which Clinton’s failures the campaign should focus on. Asking ‘we the people’ for input is a new feature in a political campaign.

      Are we looking at a new strategy? Is he for real? So far he has tapped into the angst of dissatisfied Americans. Maybe this is the reason his public appearances are attended by full capacity crowds. The same thing cannot be said for his opponent. Hope is all we have left at this point. And Hope is the name of an Angel.

  • EDD

    If the citizens of the U.S.A. are as dissatisfied as the British seem to be, we may have a huge surprise for the msm, TPTB, and other liberal sources come November. One thing I have been surprised about is the outreach Trump’s campaign system is orchestrating. Twice in about 5 days, I have received polls requesting my input in questionnaire form about the direction a Trump administration should take.

    It was not just a short list either since there were 30 questions on the form. I have been politically active for several decades and, for the first time, I am actually thinking someone in the political arena is including the real ‘we the people’.

    It has been a long time since I have shared the following because I did not want others to think I overuse the theme.

    George Washington was a humble person in many respects. He did not take his role in the revolution lightly. He gave his ‘all’ and it is my belief he was rewarded by a visit from an ascended lady who is known as the Lady of Liberty, the one who the French honored by giving America the famous statue. I am referring here to ‘Washington’s Vision’ at Valley Forge.

    Toward the end of the vision, the Lady stated; `Son of the Republic, what you have seen is
    thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most
    fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall
    not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his
    God, his land and the Union’.

    The full article can be seen here:

    For those interested, my support for the ascension of individuals has a Biblical background. Enoch, ‘who walked with God and was not’, (not physically present anymore); Elijah who went into heaven in a ‘chariot of fire’, (a reference to his chakras spinning in luminescence form); and Jesus. Moses was also seen speaking with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, (as was Elijah). Those who have gained their eternal freedom have the ability to lower their vibration so they may be seen in this physical realm.

    Consider also the Catholic tradition of the ‘Assumption’ of Mother Mary. Early church fathers could in no way consider it as an ascension because that would put it in the same parallel as the aforementioned. Heaven, (a higher vibratory plane of existence), is peopled with the saints mentioned in Revelation.

    The conditions America is facing is as stated in the vision, American’s are indeed in dire straits during this time. There are many parallels between Americas founding and the relationship enjoyed by the Master and his disciples, but that is another story. I just mentioned this because it is my belief America has many re-incarnated Israelites today, and America is the land ‘flowing with milk and honey’.

  • Bruce C.

    The big “secret” in all of this is the turnout that Trump will get in November. “Nobody” is expecting that. There are many Trump voters who haven’t voted in years and are therefore effectively off the radar as far as the msm and the pollsters AND “the vote riggers” are concerned. Personally, I hope “the polls” remain tight or that Trump is or stays a little behind Clinton. The msm considers this campaign a lock already, which ironically disincentivises Clinton’s base and her “fans” are not very energized anyway. Trump supporters see that as a challenge that they intend to correct. I predict record turnout in this election and Trump will win big, swamping any attempts to surreptitiously tweak the vote in Hillary’s favor..

    • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

      Excellent comment. Trump will likely be the big “surprise” in November.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Trump is very clearly MORE POPULAR than Hillary Clinton. This is why: The U.S. Mainstream Media (MSM) has SOLD ITS SOUL to the Western Bankers:

    Selected not Elected — Rothschilds Hold $100,000 a Plate Dinner Fundraiser for Guess Who ~ Hillary Clinton.

  • Westcoastliberal

    A substantial percentage of people will vote for Trump in order to keep Hitlery far away from any power. This “lesser of two evils” group will decide the election, but they cannot be detected in polling because they’ll answer “undecided”. And that’s my answer to the polling question.

  • chris

    You have to consider too, the anonymity factor. Many are afraid to say aloud they are voting for Trump.

  • ahuxley

    Just this evening at a dinner we had with friends, I expressed that although I have a healthy aversion to both Clinton and Trump, I considered Trump the far lesser of the two evils.
    So I doubled down and laced into BroomHillary.
    Louder crickets…
    The MSM has done such a thorough job of villainizing the bane of the status-quo, The Donald, that most of the MSM conditioned sheeple become zombi-apocalyptic at the mere suggestion that BroomHillary is inferior to even Trump.

    Joseph Goebbels would be green with envy over the modern aristocracy’s propaganda machine.

    • killben

      “Joseph Goebbels would be green with envy over the modern aristocracy’s propaganda machine.”

      You said it! In fact he will feel that he is a novice!!