The Guardian Wants Other Newspapers to Help Share in Trump Investigations
By Daily Bell Staff - January 24, 2017

Here is the key to investigating Donald Trump … We were successful because we collaborated with other journalists. Now it is time for the media to join forces once again – especially given the threat Trump poses  trump towers  ‘We are faced with a story that is too big and too important to handle on our own.’

The Guardian claims it “broke” the story of the Panama Papers and can  use the same techniques to harass Donald Trump. What they need to do is cooperate better and with a sense of purpose.

The Panama Papers, they claim, provided a big learning experience for the newspaper. They learned to cooperate better with other newspapers on a variety of fronts.

Donald Trump is now president. This challenges many of us, not least members of the press. Countless reporters are still shaken and stunned by how he singled out a CNN reporter, one of the most respected news outlets in the world, to attack and humiliate him during his first press conference since winning the elections.

Worryingly, none of his fellow journalists in the room stood up for him at the time.  This wasn’t Trump’s first attack on the press, and it certainly won’t be his last. The first White House press briefing, held on Saturday, featured bullying, threats and unproven claims. That is why a new level of solidarity and cooperation is needed among the fourth estate.

American journalists should stop him from dividing their ranks – however hard their professional competition may be. They should do the opposite: unite, share and collaborate. Even if doing so would mean embracing something quite unfamiliar and new to American journalism.  The Panama Papers has showed that a formerly unthinkable project of collaboration can work.

The paper elaborates on its experience, saying it shared with over 400 reporters, including many who ordinarily competed with each other. It was simply too large a story to handle without the help of others.

The paper claims it faces a similar situation with Trump. “There’s a wide range of possibilities for how news outlets could work together. “

Concrete solidarity is one approach, the paper claims. When one person is denied the opportunity of an answer, the next person should ask the same question, and the next, until the question is answered.

Additional solidarity goes beyond answering questions. Reporters should reach out to rivals on other newspapers if they are having trouble corroborating a story. Why not collaborate, the newspaper asks.

At the highest level of collaboration  are special joint projects.  Trump has hundreds of companies – too many for a single person to investigate. But a collaborative investigation offers the possibility of a more successful approach.

Trump’s potential cooperation with Russia is also promising. “Unknown conflicts of interests in both fields can turn out to be a huge danger to the national security of the US.  Collaboration could even mean working with foreign news outlets in different countries, whose reporters certainly might have more knowledge of Trump’s respective business partners than a US-based journalist.”

Such cooperation gave the Guardian much success with the Panama Papers, according to the Guardian and should be replicated with Trump if possible.

Of course a lot of this is not entirely true from our point of view. We don’t believe the Panama Papers were simply discovered by newspapers. It’s certainly likely that government played a part in the discovery of the papers before handing them off to various newspapers for a variety of reasons.

We’ve written a previous article indicating that Trump would have difficulties with the kind of negative articles the Guardian has in mind writing. Large-scale ongoing cooperation between newspapers would be a further challenge, though one he would likely overcome in time.

Conclusion: Trump is already said to be downcast that current coverage doesn’t always recognize his to govern as he hoped. Large-scale newspaper cooperation would just make things worse, but perhaps it won’t happen. The Guardian is exaggerating in our view with the Panama papers,

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  • Nottoobrite

    Where was “The Guardian ” when hclinton was under investigation by the FBI for lying to a Congressional Panel while under oath ?
    Where was the Guardian with the 30,000 hclinton destroyed emails ?
    If you want Jesus Christ to be President of the USA, talk to God!
    Why don’t you clean up your own back yard, before climbing over the fence?
    Perhaps it is because, like the Labor Party, you at the Guardian are lead by idiots!!!!

    • john cummins

      Shows yet another good reason to have broken off from the Brits, now if we can just get the Bank of London off our backs…

  • davidnrobyn

    Wow, this is as clear a declaration of war on DJT by the Guardian as it’s possible to make.

  • Disingenuous

    Now they want to go journalistic integrity on everyone… Evidently you can turn that on and off at will. What jokes journalism has become.

  • Ross

    Its uncanny how they JUST figured out how to collaborate. Wonder why they didn’t or DON’T do it with the Clintons and Obummer!

  • Alec

    Whatever happened to just reporting facts and the stories?

    As for the collaboration claims………spare me. They had no problem collaborating for Hillary to get out a singular message. Same for Obama.

    This is not journalism, this is agenda shaping.

    Russian connection has promise? Yes, the promise of good relations with a country that helped us win WWII.

    • john cummins

      and stop WW3, which the Clintone/MaObummer axis was rapidly getting us into…via anti-Assad goofiness…

    • robt

      Actually, the West helped them win WWII.

      • Alec

        That is they way you see it. Not, the way I see it.

        However, the fact remains, they were united in the defeat of Nazi Germany and their collaborators.

        That is and was the point.

  • apberusdisvet

    The biggest mistake the Guardian made in its plea is the use of the word “journalist”. Better,and more truthful, to use the term “spin doctor”

  • john cummins

    The Guardian is as Lamestream as CNN shown by their goofy reporting on the CNN fake news incident first put out by the Lamestream Daily Beast. These loser rags accelerate their early extinction by continuing down rabbit trails. Where was the Guardian in tracking down the Clintone Foundation Corruption? Did it call on it’s fellow assaulted rags to help in reporting with the Corrupt Clintones? These rags are supplying rope to hang themselves with, the sooner the better. This allows Drudge, Daily Bell, Dollar Collapse and others to become all that more successful.

  • George Gamble

    Yea, just what the media needs – to be seen as purposely trying to undermine the US president. It’s one thing to keep the government honest, but nobody really believes that is what the media wants to do. Instead they have an agenda and they don’t want to see Trump interfere with that agenda. The problem is, whether rightly or wrongly, that more and more Americans are coming to believe that the media’s agenda goes against the US population’s best interests. That’s not a good place to be.

  • deltajent

    “Countless reporters are still shaken and stunned by how he singled out a
    CNN reporter, one of the most respected news outlets in the world”

    Hahaha! These guys at the Guardian (of the Establishment) are a riot. I wonder if when they use the term “professional” they realize it’s in the sense of a streetwalker. And certainly “journalist” is entirely inappropriate for these presstitutes.

  • Gardentoolnumber5

    So, they are saying they want to collude more with each other. It’s not like they don’t put out one talking point and hammer it ad nauseam already. It is self evident for anyone to see the Fourth Estate only fulfills any watchdog role when an R is in office, turning a blind eye to all transgressions of the D; becoming nothing more than a D cheering section. Good they are being put away by their own biased machinations.

  • Hayrick

    Whoever runs the Guardian would be well advised to pursue critical journalism with some sense of balance. The Panama papers appear to be just another wedged news item with few from the USA 0.01% on the ‘list’ so generously provided but it did get rid of a nasty intransigent Iceland leader. Icelanders having snubbed their noses at the all conquering privileged Banker scam that put the people in debt.

  • Bruce C.

    I actually think that the continuous barrage of negativity by the MSM is not only beneficial to Trump but damaging to their own agenda.

    For “drive by” citizens/Trump supporters MSM angst, et al are a good sign that Trump is making inroads. Furthermore, the basic strategy of the Progressive/liberal agenda is to always cloak their real beliefs in “populist” terms (e.g., climate change, feminism, racism, bigger government, etc.) but the levee has broken.

    No one can reveal the true Democratic/liberal/Deep State agenda better than themselves and they are doing that splendidly.

    I hope there are many more Madonnas and Al Sharptons out there to take the stage.

    What’s even better is that they still don’t get it (and never will – shuush), and I ain’t sayin’.

  • Praetor

    Boy ‘O’ Boy! They real do think we’re stupid. They will collude and have solidarity right out of existence and relevance. In fact the press room at the White House will begin to look very different in the future. This will make MSNewsMedia irrelevant.!!!

  • The Guardian’s problem, as revealed on their webpages …..

    Since you’re here…

    …we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading the Guardian than ever but far fewer are paying for it. And advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. So you can see why we need to ask for your help. The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it because we believe our perspective matters – because it might well be your perspective, too.

    If everyone who reads our reporting, who likes it, helps to pay for it, our future would be much more secure.

    Such though is not their only problem.

    • Q46

      “More people are reading the Guardian than ever…”

      “…. advertising revenues across the media are falling…”

      Those two statements do not add up.

      Audience/readership ratings determine advertising spending in the media. If the Grauniad is increasing its readership, it should be more attractive to advertisers. Nobody pays for Google, but it makes its billions out of advertising; nobody pays for ITV but it makes its money from advertising.

      However I suppose there are not so many advertisers of organic, low-carbon yoghurt and biodegradable open-toed sandals.

      • Are people reading the Guardian to see who/what is failing, Q46? And are leading articles without the facility for reader comment intended to be indoctrinating and patronising?

        • And in this zeroday and age, and in these new alternative space places, is the answer to all of those questions a resounding and definitive ….. YES.

          And that is both revolutionary and quantum evolutionary and will require considerably better intelligence to be engaged and exercised to defeat and/or steer chaotic direction than has ever previously been thought of as being necessary and easily available from alternate prime sources/secret servering resources/covert assets/clandestine forces.

          Believe it or believe it not, for neither persuasion will halt it and ITs ongoing rapid progress and virtual change dynamics, such is the present and future reality scape which confronts and may even taunt you to realise is true and inescapable.

  • rahrog

    If the people at The Guardian think that CNN is one of the world’s most respected news outlets they are too stupid to be tasked with anything.

  • Brabantian

    As commenters here note, the Guardian is totally corrupt establishment media … the Guardian faces criminal prosecution in the USA for taking bribes to print fake news in exchange for bribes in an extortion, terrorism & child rape scheme, attacking a witness who is a joint US-European citizen … this may be why they nervously attack Trump now, as Hillary was covering for the scheme before. There was a court filing in the UK Westminster Magistrates Court on this & how the Guardian was bribed by Pearson plc (scroll down a bit), another media gangster outfit:

    The Rothschild-board-member corrupt Guardian, was lead in what all major governments know, & Putin himself hints, is the massive hoax of Dick Cheney’s friend Edward Snowden, & his Rothschild employee pumper, ex-gay p-rnographer Glenn Greenwald, who along with Israeli asset ‘not really living at Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange, make an anti-9-11-truth trio:

    The Guardian, Greenwald, NY Times etc likely help silence & even kill real whistle-blowers duped into contacting them, media ‘rat traps’ for the naive & trusting

    As a sharp commenter notes here, Panama Papers has all the signs of being an edited tied to US (& Israeli) intel agencies, which indeed it is, its targets ‘selected’, part of a long history of fake ‘leaker hoaxes’ … the most recent three of which were led by the UK intel-tied Guardian, partnering with the CIA’s New York Times that helped lead all 5 of these scams –

    1971 Daniel Ellsberg ‘stolen’ Pentagon Papers, anti-JFK-truth Ellsberg also distracting from wider Vietnam war crimes
    1973 Watergate ‘Deep Throat’ fakery ‘Silent Coup’ by CIA / Joint Chiefs, Navy intel agent turned ‘reporter’ Bob Woodward
    2010 Julian Assange ‘Wikileaks’, admitted by both Brzezinski & Netanyahu to be a US-Israeli managed & edited fraud
    2013 Edward Snowden ‘stolen’ NSA Papers that had little new beyond 5+ previous whistle-blowers & a 2008 book
    2016 Panama Papers ‘leaked’ by CIA news outlets, ha!

  • Wrusssr

    Spin? Agenda setting? Change their sense of journalism? Call it what it is: Propaganda. Went there to leave a friendly comment. Found instead adverts where the comments should have been. Upon reflection, can’t say as I blame them. Did the Guardian’s call to fellow carnival barkers have a byline? Funny, I can’t remember. Maybe I got them confused with the Financial Times.

  • Q46

    Plotting the overthrow of a democratically elected Government because a handful of Left-wing, mindless blobs don’t like it?

    The Guardian, plus the entire media of the World, had most of 2016 to investigate Donald Trump, that is after all what the US Presidential campaign and primaries are all about, to dig out any dirt or any reason why a candidate should not stand.

    It is fascistic behaviour – use the political process to achieve your aims and then intimidation, defamation, lies, aggression, violence to get rid of anything the political process turns up that does not.

  • AmethystNancy

    The Guardian says “cooperation with Russia”….”can turn out to be a huge danger to the national security of the US…”? This is such a blatant bullet points type of manifesto to derail Trump’s presidency or at the very least to keep Trump’s focus on warmongering as opposed to rebuilding America. I think it’s significant that Trump clearly called CNN/Buzzfeed out on the obvious fake warmongering “golden showers” Russian blackmail story.

    The contempt for a significant portion of the American electorate is stunning. Trump won 2600 counties compared to Clinton’s 500 – 83% of the geographic U.S. Little pockets of blue in maps of the 2016 election look like images of Palestinians remaining land in Israel. “If there was no Electoral College, the 100 most populous counties (just 3 percent of the total county count) would determine every election…”

  • Red Baron

    Where were they the LAST 8 YEARS? Asleep at the wheel! No need to investigate their buddy, Mr. Obama. Pure as the driven slush. Hypocrites. More of their “investigations” will no doubt qualify as FAKE NEWS.

  • Wm W. Fawell

    America is in the 2nd stage of a revolution and with the help of yellow journalistic rags like the Guardian we’ll get to its 3rd and most violent stage soon enough, at which point they can print their stories in blood.

    • JosephConrad

      The Nature of the U.S. has become so violent & fragmented since, say,
      the 2001 Bush Jr. Coup, any kind of Populist ‘Revolution’ would be catastrophic, spreading violently to other more settled nations & regions.
      With so many unresolved, intense Social, Economic & Political issues, a
      U.S. conflict would be Holistic, giving no quarter to any party. Scary…

      • Wm W. Fawell

        It’s a revolution Joe, they don’t come populist or progressive or alt right… it’s just a revolution and the violence is commensurate with the divisions in society,… so yes, tighten your safety belt, I don’t see this 2nd stage lasting too long. Get your black rifles and ammo, gold and silver and 50 lbs of rice per person along with first aid items and toothpaste, brush, et al. I don’t know about quarter, but it will get crazy.