The Internet Reformation that’s sweeping the world
By Daily Bell Staff - March 29, 2016

… Along with the crackdown on dissent and freedom of speech, as well as an increasingly ideological tone, some observers worry that Chinese politics is now taking a more authoritarian direction of the kind not seen since the days of Chairman Mao. And with the normal political process so opaque and closed, the things we can glimpse on the edges of China’s parliamentary set pieces are sometimes all we have to go on in trying to assess the truth.- BBC

There have been two communication revolutions in the past millennium.

The first unleashed the Gutenberg press that allowed masses of people to read, first the Bible and then other books – and to discover that they had been lied to on many fronts. This led to the Reformation and many other disruptive religious, sociopolitical and economic changes.

The second communication revolution is the one we call the Internet Reformation. It is just as profound as the thought revolution caused by the Gutenberg press and is having an equally significant impact.

Predictably, elites have fought back. They have tried to slow the circulation of information via copyright, just as they have before. Copyright has been vehemently expanded and enforced; wars have been expanded and prosecuted, as well; economic disasters are growing. The idea is to damp down the rate of social change.

Nonetheless, convulsive changes are occurring around the world and in the US where the Tea Party and the 2016’s political season are in the process of destroying the current two party system.

Europe, too, has seen the rise of forces opposed to both the status quo and the EU. A vote on Britain’s potential Brexit, its possible exit from the EU, may soon be mimicked by other countries.

Recently, we came upon a blurb authored by the controversial economic analyst Martin Armstrong. We don’t have any position on Mr. Armstrong’s financial theories or professional difficulties, but he certainly is known for his economic insights.

Here’s an excerpt:

… We are watching a worldwide uprising against government. This is the West’s version of 1989 which took down Communism. We are witnessing opposition to the establishment everywhere from Germany, France, and Britain, to even China …  The Chinese version of Donald Trump is Ren Zhiquiang, who has defied the Communist Party Leader President Xi Jinpeng … Things are changing on a global scale.

Armstrong goes on to explain that Ren has received extraordinary support in China for his criticism of the Chinese Party.

Ren is a wealthy, prominent dissident. And though the Chinese authorities recently suspended his popular “micro-blog”, the conversation that Ren helped create has not disappeared along with it.

An article in the Globe and Mail entitled, China’s Crackdown on Free Speech Sparking Growing Dissent further explores the rising dissent in China and lists three examples to begin the article:

A member of China’s top political advisory body calling for free speech. An employee at the state-run Xinhua news service publicly decrying the “massive” suppression of online expression. The granddaughter of a famous Chinese military general openly calling for democracy. A Communist-controlled news site publishing a letter demanding the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

The article goes on to say that President Xi’s ideological tightening “wasn’t supposed to look like this.” In fact, March has seen an unprecedented reaction to Xi’s political and technological crackdown.

Enough is enough. It’s bound to trigger some kind of reaction,” said Bao Pu, a publisher in Hong Kong whose father is a high-ranking Communist official turned political prisoner and dissident after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. “What you see is just the tip of the iceberg of discontent.”

Quite so. People may believe that the extreme discontent we’re seeing in today’s political arenas in the US, Europe and China are simply an aberration. They are not.

It should be very obvious to anyone who looks that the Internet Reformation is gathering strength, undermining the world’s existing institutions and systems.

Conclusion: The Internet has fundamentally changed society by making information more widely available to the population. Being able to more easily express dissent and to join forces with others is posing an increasing threat to the established order. Tomorrow’s world will not look like today’s.

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  • DonRL

    I agree that tomorrows world will not look like today’s world.
    The ongoing and expanding discontent is not just with the establishment, it is with authority itself. As the discontented reject the present authorities the elites will replace them with authorities which seem to be facilitating what the masses want. In the end there will be massive oppression and purges (killing of the people) as there was in Germany, Russian and China in the past. These will be world wide in scope as those who seek a one world government will do anything to accomplish their goals.
    The will offer freedom and give oppressive bondage. The horrors have just begun as the elites weave their web of deceit.
    They will declare peace and safety but will deliver hostility and contention and hazard and precariousness. No one will be safe or have any peace.

    • Yes, we have often mentioned wars, economic depression and social chaos will oppose the current expansion of freedom. It is not going to be easy and each person ultimately will need to struggle with his or her opportunities on an individual basis.

    • lynncar47

      We can see daily on our televisions the results of our own government neglecting our guarantees of freedom and liberty. A government that considers individual freedom as a barrier to their power is bound to lose it’s credibility in short order. They still don’t understand that we are a free people, and will always fight for our freedom.
      As a world-wide phenomena, our government has failed to recognize what is going on. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. We will be the last to think that we have lost our ability to respond to the world-wide revolt in progress today.
      We learned that lesson on December 7th 1940 and on 9/11/01. Do we have to go through the same thing again because of a dense-minded Congress?

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …not sure if you are aware of it…but look up “The McCollum Memo” on the internet. It is a formal document that had to be released from US DoD archives due to passing the fifty-year mark…and clearly shows that FDR purposefully provoked The Japanese Empire into attacking The US…as he was having difficulty getting the US population behind the idea of going to war in Europe. The McCollum memo was a detailed plan on how to provoke Japan into an attack that would rouse US support for entry into WWII. FDR made a deal with Churchill…that if the US entered the war and were victorious against the Germans, the British would submit to the dollar as the reserve currency of the world, replacing the British Pound. FDR illegally created a Naval Blockade of Japan almost two years before Pearl Harbor…which in and of itself, was an act of war. FDR knew of the location of the Japanese Fleet, and they had broken their codes, so they knew of the time and date of the attack. FDR was a traitor, as is GHW Bush and GW Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Clinton’s, Obama, etc. etc.

    • HENK-2


      I am an individual.

      A sovereign person.

      There are only two ways that someone else has ‘authority’ over me.

      1) I give him permission, which I will not do

      2) he can exercise force and then I have my natural right to self-defence

      Three times I have heard the iron locks rattle behind me.

      In the previous eighteen months I have been detained by the police twice.

      Three months ago they tried again.

      And after all that I have a clean record.

      Que sais-je

      • DonRL

        No one but God is totally sovereign.
        We all have authorities over us. The government has authority over you whether you accept it or not. Your rejection of their authority does not negate it or eliminate it, but it does put you into conflict with it. Government has authority over you without you giving them your permission. Government authority does not depend on your permission. Governments are there and those who exercise the authority of government are there because God has allowed them to be there. If you rebel against the authority you have rebelled against God. God may allow an oppressive government because the people themselves will not allow God to rule over them so God places tyrants to rule over them.
        Have you submitted to the authority of God? That is, the only true God the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        You have chosen to reject those authorities.
        As a result you have been jailed 3 times.
        The law is made for the lawless and disobedient. The more lawless and disobedient people are the more the Law applies to them, so as to suppress their lawlessness.
        If you conduct yourself within the bounds of what is good and right you do not have to fear or be accosted by the authorities.
        Are they are jailing you or detaining you because you are doing what is good and right?
        Government is a legitimate authority but they do not always exercise their authority in a legitimate manner. Governments who refuse to allow God to rule over them exercise their authority in illegitimate ways.

        • HENK-2

          You look at this issue from the point of religion.

          Who is God?

          To the non-Christian world.

          What is government?

          Created by the privileged offspring of robber barons, now the monarchy and nobility.

          They have no authority over me other than by force.

          I stated that I have a clean record which should tell you that I was right in my civil disobedience.

          I try to walk the straight and narrow.

          I will defend my country if it is attacked but I won’t go and attack others.

          I try to live by the golden rule which is one of the only commands of Jesus.

          The other one is to love the Lord with all your heart.

          No, I refuse to belong to the sheeple with the TV as my shepherd.

  • Jack Carney

    Hi, it’s Jack 7 months in Santiago, Chile from 12 + years in China, mainly, Beijing, where I taught at various universities and worked as an executive coach and consultant for many working for the SOEs headquartered in Beijing. My take on this article is optimistically hopeful the Internet Reformation will nail its digital theses on the CCP’s Door sooner or later. But it may be later. Of my many acquaintances and friends I made over these years–say 30 +–only a very few even spent the relatively minimal amount of money and effort to get a VPN in order to get the “Alternative” sources of information the CCP did not want them to easily get. Meaning, liberating information is not much values in China. I found it fascinating to discuss with friends their justification of the Power Elite’s policing the Net and watching them jump through the very Chinese set of hoops to explain away the Party’s censorship. To be continued.

    • Praetor

      The Chinese ‘we the people’, one could hope are not immune to natural law and individual human action. That the collectivist mindset is not natural occurrence, but a human construct and created for the use of control. One can hope!!!

      • lynncar47

        You are absolutely correct! This “we the people” construct is a Marxist ideology that assumes that people are too weak to exist without a protective government who will assure their existence from the womb to the tomb.

  • Praetor

    The established order! This order is getting older, and like all things old, they get broken and thrown away or put on the shelf to be looked at for what it use to be. Like all old things and people they don’t go away easily, but all old things do go away and something new takes its place. This could be by design or evolution, hard to say.

    Tomorrow’s world will look different. The question is, will it be better, and that again is hard to say. The old may not go out gracefully to the new. The olds actions speak volumes!!!

  • MetaCynic

    The widespread expression of popular discontent gains credibility and momentum when privileged insiders join in the criticism of the political establishment. This seems to be happening in China. The slowdown of China’s economy along with its recent stock market crash can’t help but add to the discontent of the average Chinese who are hurt by these developments. More than anything else, the Chinese elites fear social unrest. That’s why they are cracking down on the internet. Social media can be used to organize nationwide anti government demonstrations which could dwarf anything seen in China during 1989.

  • acudoc1949

    Thank you for always framing the question in strategic terms, DB!

  • alaska3636

    Speaking of Armstrong…

    He can sees Milton Friedman’s BIG as somewhat more justifiable than the welfare state.
    “Our welfare system has seriously altered human behavior as it pays people not to work and pays others per child, which creates incentives to have children to gain more money. The welfare system has done much to alter human behavior and destroy the family structure.

    Milton’s proposal was to flip the process to create incentives rather than destroy them.”

    Another benefit would be to eliminate the bureaucracy behind the Byzantine welfare system.

    Of course, the best thing to do might be to decentralize federal power and allow states, cities and communities to look after their own people. But, more often than not in our shared universe, there is better and there is worse.

  • Ron Daugherty

    Excellent, timely article! Prepare well. Some reformations will work and others will potentially bury us. Plan to experience both….

  • alaska3636

    Here’s another one from Armstrong:
    When Will Trump Be Assassinated

    Armstrong is big on natural cycles, so he sees political (and market) events through the lens of greater evolution. He thinks that recent uprisings in the Ukraine and Russia were primarily (see article above) the result of a growing airs of dissent and the elite reaction to the threat of their power, and, essentially, the maintenance of the status quo. All very well.

    However, one thing Armstrong never seems to stress though is that any person sufficiently aware of a cycle can adjust his actions to benefit from the timing of those cycles, such as the success he has seen in the markets. It shouldn’t be difficult to imagine that elites also know about cycles and act accordingly. This is one of the epistemological issues facing the social sciences: How do you create an experiment in a vacuum of human action which does not exist? Say you do create a good experiment; how to replicate? If the findings of the first were published, the vacuum of thought will almost certainly be different under any conditions of a replication. I think, therefor, I am. Ideas matter and they are certainly influenced by cycles.

    No perspective encompasses everything; but, still an interesting one:
    “The point is, those in power will NEVER surrender their power willingly. Donald Trump is flying in the face of people so corrupt that they would not hesitate to have him assassinated somehow, be it a plane or car crash or under the pretense of some minority who gets amazing access. This is standard operating procedure and it is dominant throughout history from ancient times to the present. They will stop Donald Trump one way or another. They cannot afford to lose control of their money machine. The press is part of the establishment, for you can see they have received their orders to portray Trump as dangerous. They should be nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards. This is why there is ultimately revolution. No individual can reverse the direction of corruption. Yet the practice of assassination is historic.

    So either they rig the convention, or they create an accident. The “establishment” does not appear willing to accept Trump under any conditions”

    • Bruce C.

      Hi Alaska,

      I want to thank you for citing the book by Lawrence Lindsey “Conspiracies of the Ruling Class” (How to Break their Grip Forever). So far it’s pretty good, but I haven’t finished it yet and having gotten to the “how to break their grip’ part yet.

      Anyway, it relates a lot to what you’re saying here but I’ll take it up with you when I have more time and have finished the book.

      • alaska3636

        Hiya Bruce,

        I am not familiar with that book, although I believe it is possible I cited a review of it or something. Either way, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

    • Steve

      I think assassinating Trump would amp up the already “we have had enough of being ignored by Washington” to riot conditions…the elite might be smart, but they arent that dumb to kill Trump. I suspect it would be an own goal by the elite.
      I think where Trump has been used is splitting the vote to reduce numbers so that Hillary ( shudder ) or the GOP candidate ( forget his/her name ) will still get up. Sanders said something true – that trump speaks truth, but alienates people , which makes him unelectable. It makes him a useful lightning rod for discontent, but the elites main aim is preserver the theft of power by maintaining the rigged & corrupt existing system…
      I got basically yelled at by someone who voted for Trump and a lot of especially working class america is *desperate* for anyone who might reverse americas decline – hes like political crack for these people, unfortunately they dont see the end game.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …yes…and I am thankful for all the dweeb-children we are producing who can circumvent any blocks or suppression of Internet technology. The “authorities” will have to remove their sheep’s clothing even more in order to control the flow of information….and the kids will laugh at them and devise a way around the blocks… Good luck with that…ha…ha..ha…
    RJ O’Guillory

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    I’m a bit puzzled and skeptical. The weapons that the elites invented following Gutenberg was censorship, the Inquisition and ultimately the dungeon and the guillotine. Today’s elites and controllers are hell bent for leather to either wrest control of the internet out of the hands of “just folks” or to attribute all manner of crimes to its “misuse”, or both. That’s why, it seems, the powers that be are so vehement about gaining access to everybody’s assumed internet privacy. I would prefer not to be paranoid about this but in my mind the internet is becoming so controlled that any kind of a social reformation via its channels is a pipe dream. The elites are looking at it and drooling over its capacities to expand their authoritarian powers.

    Years ago starry-eyed young programers swore that invasion of privacy and politically motivated control of information on the internet was “nearly” an impossibility (because they assumed they were one and all really nice and upstanding people, I guess). From the Chinese model and the endless Snowden “revelations” we know this not to be true. Am I missing something here?

    • You are missing the impact that the Internet has on the “hive mind.” It is continual and expansive. Nonetheless, nothing is easy. We made this reply below and repeat it here:

      “We have often mentioned wars, economic depression and social chaos will oppose the current expansion of freedom. It is not going to be easy and each person ultimately will need to struggle with his or her opportunities on an individual basis.”

      The Internet is clearly a change maker. The more people understand about their situations, they more they can act on them in common-sense ways. The Gutenberg press ushered in a great deal of freedom as a result of the information it made available. Read history and see for yourself. The Internet is evidently doing the same.

      • wrusssr

        Here is an example of the Internet at work. This documentary was censored due to BigPharma pressure on the principals to withdraw it from the New York’s Tribeca Film Festival earlier this week. This censorship went worldwide in the social media. Then, this has just occurred.

        Vaxxed: Vaccine censorship spell is broken: Angelika Theater will screen it in NYC!


        VAXXED the documentary trailer can be found here:


        Since 1986, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been compensating children and adults who are victims of vaccine injury including but not limited to: injuries, learning disabilities, severe/permanent disabilities, AUTISM, and death.

        They have been compensating for AUTISM cases resulting from vaccine injury. If vaccines don’t cause autism, why is it being proven in court rulings, and why are they paying these cases out if they don’t? Because vaccines DO harm, they DO injure, and they DO kill, and……they DO cause autism.


        “By 2010, the U.S. Court of Claims had awarded nearly $3 billion dollars to vaccine victims for their catastrophic vaccine injuries, although two out of every three applicants have been denied compensation.”

        In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism. The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

        Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC. Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist FALSELY accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens. Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

        Pharmaceutical companies are afraid that if people start to question vaccines (and rightfully so) they will lose BILLIONS in profits. Well, they’ve already made BILLIONS off of us, injuring and killing our children for their “greater good” and it’s time for it to end. Look at a vaccine insert and the lists and pages of debilitating side effects including death and tell me that they are “SAFE.” No one inherently looks at a vaccine insert that lists both death and permanent injury and thinks “yeah, that sounds safe.” Go ahead. Ask for one wherever they’re peddling vaccine shots—pharmacies, groceries, etc.. Take a look.

        People argue that if people start to question vaccines, it will jeopardize the safety of children. BECAUSE of the cover-up, they have already done that. Now it’s time to set things right, and hold the correct people responsible.

        The CDC RELEASED documents can be found along with a link to the story here:

        Cong. Posey on throwing the studies in a garbage can to get rid of the evidence:

        Dan Burton demanding a YES or NO from the FDA for a vaccine link to Autism:

        For Vaccine injury stories/videos and educational information please visit:

      • Ernie Hopkins

        I can say that if nothing else the Internet Reformation has gotten me in touch with thousands of like minded people. Were it not for the Internet I would have still been going through life thinking I was some anti social freak. I would have never read Daily Bell, Lew Rockwell, Anthony Wiles, Eric Peters, Hans Herman Hoppe, Murry Rothbard, Von Mises, Thomas Woods, Thomas Di Lorenzo, Walter Block, Paul Rosenberg, and many more. Were the self proclaimed “elites” to kill it now, the damage is already done. Not only that, but people like Paul are planting the seeds for a non state run Internet. While victory is far from guaranteed, it is highly probable if more and more people opt out and just say no to the state. Every moment that the Internet operates that probability grows. Along these lines I would recommend everyone read Paul’s new book, The Breaking Dawn. It deals very directly with this very subject through a fiction novel framework. In fact an interview with Paul regarding his new book might be a good Daily Bell article (And no, I am not doing this for any form of compensation. This will be a tough fight even if we win. The stronger my allies in Liberty, the better chance of winning).

    • Samarami

      I believe, Dimitri, that you are giving too much power to “..the elites..” and too little power to the individual. The very fact that you and I are here, on this forum, illustrates and illuminates the Internet Reformation.

      More and more average individuals like you and me are coming to see “government”, or “the state”, as mere superstition — and nothing more. Our friend, Wendy McElroy has called it “Demystifying“.

      It’s happening before our eyes. I’m old, but intend to live to see the total scuttling of the now-prevailing governmentalist mindset. Talk about “enlightenment”! That’ll be “post-day-of-reckoning”. I’m anxious to see the actual percentage of folks this fall who will become fully awakened and will abstain from beans. It may not be easy to discern from mainstream figures — all statistical reporting are now gerry-rigged around to not accurately show the back-sliding from state religion. Sam

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky


  • Zionist Subversion of America

    The lies of the Communist Jews cannot remain hidden for much longer before the collective consciousness of humanity acknowledges the truth.


    Discussion is all over the map here, so i will add a note RE: North Korea (binra of 19 days earlier here The US Govt. has stationed 50,000
    military in South Korea for the past 67 years. Absolutely asinine. Unfortunately, as we had already dropped 2 A BOMBS on Japan, that Pres. Truman nixed General MacArthur’s plan, to continue on to Manchuria, Korea, and everything else, all the way to India.


    Continued>>>>and solidified Chiang Kai shek’s hold on China, who was opposing Mao. This would have saved all of South East Asia and saved from dictatorships, several bloodletting countries, slaughtering millions, as well as putting non-Communist China in charge of keeping peace in that part of the world. It would have removed rge threat of the war in Korea, and Viet Nam.The 50,000 troops in South Korea for the past 65 years has cost the USA over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. The next US POTUS, should immediately NUKE every single North Korean
    NUCLEAR FACILITY, including every lauching facility, and a Blockbuster bomb on THE FAT BOYS PALACE. This should have been down 65 years ago. Millions of lives in South East Asia would have been saved North Korea has been bluffing the world all these years, and getting away with it. North Korea is a rattle snake. You kill the snake by cutting off it’s head. Don’t say O’ WE CAN’T DO THAT!!!! Yes we can.

    • James Clander

      “—The next US POTUS, should immediately NUKE every single North Korean – – bla bla bla ”
      Excuse me for the thought that the USA has done enough damage & killed enough to sate the appetite of even the most bloodthirsty Mongol. The USA would be better appreciated around the World if it stuck to its own waters & minded its own business. For a start every American would be much better off as would the rest of us.

  • HENK-2


    The invention of movable print did not lead to the Reformation.

    That was plotted and executed by the Venetian Oligarchy to split the Church.

    • Yes, we’re aware of narrative and have mentioned it in the past. Both Calvin and Luther were supposedly employed by the Venetian oligarchy and what occurred was indeed intended to damage the Church.

      Nonetheless, without the Gutenberg press, the ability of the oligarchy to carry out their plans would have been severely affected.

      The Oligarchy took advantage of popular indignation created by biblical revelations. These revelations were a direct result of the printing press and the many bibles that had been made available for popular consumption.

      No printing press, no false flag.

      And like so many other things, once the false flag was carried out, many more religious sects came into existence than had been expected – the Quakers, Shakers, etc. And these moved out of Europe to the US.

      The result was the creation eventually of the US as a separate, functioning, national entity along with the Declaration of Independence that has proven to be a long-lasting problem for elite control.

      The Declaration clearly states human rights are derived from a Creator not from other humans. It proved so troublesome that the elites apparently launched the French Revolution to try to set non-divine precedent but the damage was done.

      Jefferson’s statement still stands today and shows us clearly how elite false flags designed to take advantage of sociopolitical and economic trends often backfire.

      • Use of the new Gutenberg press was the driving force behind Henry VIII’s (and Thomas Cromwell’s) “reformation”, socially engineered from the top down; and subsequent replacement of the Roman Catholic establishment by a new “Church of England” with the King replacing the Pope as “Supreme Head”..

        • Probably so. And yet … eventually Cromwell was beheaded. False flags are unpredictable despite the too-smart elites directing them.

      • peter

        Christianity today is the same as the Christianity of yesterday but politicians don’t use this religion as method of control like they did in the past. They prefer debt to hang onto power and the media to broadcast their lies. All politicians however both now and in the past pervert the gospel of Christ when expressing themselves as bastions of respectability in order to express the establishment views. Calvin and Luther were men of the Christian faith who promoted the doctrine of election rather than that of freewill which is now the preferred stance of Christianity in the modern world. Any disputes here on doctrine are only resolved with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is not a political subject no matter what these gangsters have to say whilst standing outside of a church to pose like the Queen.

  • John Travis

    The past is the past to act as guide but not dictate the future. The current communications revolution including mobile data is still young to foresee its course. I am not hopeful that the elites are in danger losing anything as with e-tech they have logged in almost every human on the planet and have prepared special forces to crush any hick up anywhere on the planet. In the process we are losing fast our privacy and freedom, the most basic rights of our existence.

    • See our comments below.

    • Me_Again

      You’d really hope that one day the soldiers would just say NO!

  • Illuminaughty

    Welcome to, “the information super highway”. ;p

    “The Bible and other books…”…

    If the bible was the holy book of the Christian enlightenment, then the Encyclopedia was the inspiration of the Enlightenment. Here was a compendium of human knowledge dealing with arts, sciences mechanics and philosophy which swelled to some 36 volumes by 1780. Begun by the Atheist Diderot in 1751, the Encyclopedia bore the imprints of Voltaire, Montesque, Rousseau, Buffon, Turgot and others.

    The Enlightenment – Part 1

    In the history of Atheism, no period is as complex and exciting as that time we know today as the Enlightenment. Cultural historians and philosophers consider this era to have spanned the eighteenth century, cresting during the French Revolution of 1789. It was a phenomenon which swept the western world, drowning in its wake many of the sclerotic and despotic institutions of l’ancien regime or old order, and helping to crystallize a new view of man and the roles of reason, nature, progress and religion.

    And too, the Enlightenment was a feverish period of Atheistic thought and propaganda. Many of the leading philosophers of the time were Atheists or deists, opposed to the cultural and political hegemony long exercised by the Vatican and its shock troops, the Jesuits. Much of the political, social and literary activity of the Enlightenment was characterized by a repudiation of Christianity, and the formulation of doctrines calling for separation, if not outright abolition, of state and church.

    Any definition of the Enlightenment must, of necessity, begin with a prohibitorum — attempts to rigidly segmentalize history are often futile, since they envision history as a string of compact, autonomous events, each a “period”, distinct in all respects from all other times. History is not this way, of course, and like any period the Enlightenment is a broad designation to help us understand the events and ideas of the 18th century.

    Were we to construct a model to loosely describe this time, however, it would emphasize three areas — reason, nature, and progress. It was during this time that how leading personalities looked at their world, its religions, its societies, its knowledge, its political institutions, changed so radically. And it was here that the birthpangs of industrialization were being felt, where so much of the modern world was to be born from the womb of the old order.

  • James Clander

    “—sometimes all we have to go on in trying to assess the truth.- BBC”
    A LOL moment — Bull$—t is what the BBC is now famous for.
    Not saying the article was uninformative but just pointing out the authors well known lack of integrity.

    • Me_Again

      Yeah, I nearly choked on my coffee when I read that one….