Total Economic Manipulation Builds False Reality While Wiping Out Water-Powered Cars?
By Daily Bell Staff - October 06, 2016

Inventors Who Invented Water-Powered Cars, but were Killed or Forced to End Their Work … With all the talk and rhetoric these days, about global climate change, it is worthy to mention the works of some alternative scientists in the automobile industry.  Of course, we all know that the so-called scientific community is being controlled by a hidden interest. The purpose of this article is to let you know that there are scientists who have invented car engines that run completely on water.-

Is everything we know about the economy, politics and war false? We begin to think so, and this article, excerpted above, encourages that perception.

This article on inventors who were murdered after reportedly developing water-powered cars  is updated from an article at the conspiracy website.

When we examined the updated article it occurred to us that it was part of a much larger manipulation. There is considerable scientific pushback to water-powered cars because you get less energy out of the conversion to hydrogen/oxygen than you put in. But the string of inventor attacks and deaths, if accurate, is certainly unusual and gives rise to larger considerations about technological suppression.

Maybe Nikola Tesla would have invented usable “free energy” if he hadn’t been effectively bankrupted by JP Morgan. And there are many non-technological considerations as well: Maybe wars wouldn’t exist if they weren’t funded by a small group of bankers. (See All Wars are Bankers’ Wars.)

We’ve written numerous articles about the nonsense of “peak oil,” pointing out that if oil does diminish (which we doubt will happen any time soon), other energy sources will be substituted. The free-market remains fairly effective in such vast, singular instances from what we can tell.

But what has increasingly occurred to us is that in many ways elite conspiracies outshine market forces. For instance, Ben Bernanke printed $16 trillion during the height of the economic crisis and sent it around the world in short term loans, most of which were never apparently repaid.

What is to stop the Fed from printing a similar sum and handing it out at home? Perhaps eventually there would be significant – or tremendous – inflation but perhaps not, or not in the near-term. (Perhaps that inflation could even be ameliorated to some degree via other monetary manipulations?)

Why do people have to work two and three jobs to survive? Why are billions near starvation?

It seems in large part that our current reality is vastly over-configured by a small group of people who have taken a normal economy and substituted something else.

They want people to work – and work hard – and so they do.

They want to people to pay for energy and other fundamentals so that they must struggle to get by.

They want to restrict people’s income so that they have fewer life choices.

In an agrarian republic of the kind that Thomas Jefferson and other founders favored, work was necessary for survival. People often worked on their own or in modest-sized groups. They built furniture, raised houses or, most importantly, cultivated land and harvested food.

Today, people build “consumer” items: Dolls, headphones, racy sneakers, endlessly adjusted car models and the like. One can make the argument that much of this production is not necessary and that the “consumer society” is a direct outcome of almost unlimited central bank money printing – just as so many other things are.

Society has been entirely misaligned, it seems, by monetary excess and those who control unfathomable sums of money and will spend any amount to keep control.

Who knows what society would look like without this control? Central banking money – the ability to print nearly unlimited amounts of money – supports the world’s biggest ever penal system. It has allowed the US and Europe to make perpetual war. It has paid to pervert thousands of years of history and ensure that until recently people had no idea about the reality of their world.

People grow up thinking they are subject to culture and comity. Some things are allowable and others are not. But what if this is mere propaganda? What if the modern world is invaded by elite memes that propose endless falsehoods to justify “directed history.”

What if modern  history, more than ever before, is a series of lies that we would never penetrated even partially without the support of the Internet? Could we really be driving water-powered cars? Could free or inexpensive energy be beamed from place to place as Tesla apparently believed. Is the universe powered by electricity rather than gravity?

We should note that in asking the above questions we are not in favor of monopoly central banking or state provided ” basic incomes.” We think the modern economy should return to an unmanipulated state. It is important for people to support themselves on their own because that is how freedom is created and sustained. And if you don’t have freedom eventually you get genocide.

But what elites have done especially in the past 200-300 years, especially, is gradually substitute an alternative reality for a real one. They’ve taken life as it would ordinarily be lived and substituted an unreality that seems real because it resembles what came before. (This blanket substitution may even have started with the so-called “industrial revolution.”)

Central banking is at the root and heart of it, and if monopoly central banking were removed along with intellectual property rights and corporate person-hood (and regulatory fiat) lifestyle solutions would begin to seem credible rather than counterfeit.

One more thought:  Elites may have decided that the best way to confront the Internet – which we believe they fundamentally misjudged – is to begin to tear down what they have build up. Now it seems our endless cocoon of falsehoods is to be ripped away in order to present yet another series of “solutions” … global ones.

As people lives dissolve around them, as their faith in politics, business and cultural certitudes are destroyed, desperation inevitably rises up to fill the void. The new solutions will be advanced and slyly or boldly implemented. The lies will continue, or so elites hope.

Conclusion:  If this systemic misleading is to be stopped, people need to become increasingly aware of the “matrix” they have been subject to. Then human action is feasible, either individually or in groups. But the first thing, perhaps, is to realize the massiveness of the deception. Nothing much is as it seems. Little is at it could – should – be.



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  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The Book of Revelations calls it the Synagogue of Satan. The foundation of this synagogue is usury, which ultimately consumes an individual’s personhood. We are there. The mark of the beast is upon us. Each marking (bar code, if you like) denotes a commodity formerly known as a human being. Hopefully, in pockets and in hiding our humanity can survive. Everything else, as the false reality points out, is a lie.

    • Marten

      We’re running on a faulty Paradigm…
      Discontent is the Mother of revolution and Disillusionment, the Motor of real change…Yes we have a Paradigm Problem…

  • Jim Johnson

    Gutsy article. (DB needs to proof read it and correct errors) I pray you don’t lose readership for broaching the topic. Whatever is coming at us will reduce down to the place you live. Establish yourselves among one another in Peace and Harmony and let what will come do so. Keeping ourselves comfortable and safe should erupt into quite the exciting future study proves is not as dismal as foretold. This Internet has been the unseen innovating Godsend missed by those supported by Subject’s labor. Best it gets fully implemented before all the drone-training establishes its’ goals. We are damn close to being out of time.

  • Mstrjack

    Mike Adams


  • Praetor

    Correct on all counts, DB.

    H20, 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen. This sounds like an engine to me. Hydrogen is flammable and we all know you need oxygen to make a flame. Go figure!!!

  • Praetor

    It is also well know. The human body, which has been described in some circles as an engine. Requires H20 at a minimum every three days to remain functioning or running like the engine it is.

    This all give one poss. The conclusion would be, those that have been directing this world are the most corrupt evil individuals to have ever lived on this planet.

    That would be the conclusion!!!

  • Ethercruiser One

    There has always been deception in the world, but in the USA with BOTH major political parties part of the crooked Establishment (virtually all of the Ds & most of the Rs & even 3rd parties) as well as the MSM & with corruption in government from the highest levels on down, you really cannot trust anything you hear, read or see on TV or video. EVERYTHING must be checked out as best possible from alternate sources of news & points of views before arriving at any tentative conclusions on important matters. Yes, we live in an “Information Age”, but most of the information is DECEPTION & the people most deceived are those that can’t recognize their deception even when presented with the truth. The people most enslaved are the ones that can’t see their shackles & chains & who will deny they are bound to them! This may very well be the age of the Great Deception as per prophecy.

  • Human beings are mostly social beings living in families, clans, tribes, settlements and market towns – in which an interdependence operated a complex and rich network of relationships. Just as with depletion of soil – the natural relationships have been very deeply undermined by the dislocations arising from industrial and technological seductions to extension of power. With the sense of alienation from the Field of being resulting in an identity in isolation seeking protection and power to cope with less and less support – and the state and corporate technology stepped in to manage the results of a de-naturing that literally operates an insanity under the societal expectations of normalcy.

    However, the actual nature of being – of consciousness or awareness of existence is not really a matter of mutually agreed definitions arrived through the continuity of past experience and association into our present as an unfolding future – though of such is our common sense of a world we can significantly share. The true and the false are a bit like actual goods or needs met – and derivatives – or derivatives of derivatives.

    The true is a direct expression and the processing of it is either an extension of true or a distortion, The wish that something be true operates a distortion and can value a false or partial sense over and against the true – which is then rejected and defended against in order to retain ‘possession’ of one’s reality or self-image.

    Narrative control is as Orwell said:
    “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”
    This is operating in each mind and consensually as the assertion of judgement of a sense of self – outside or over life and others. It can only operate a distortion of reality – though that is experienced as real. Jesus used the term, through a glass darkly. But one cannot tell someone who believes their reality is false that it is not real – for it is their perception and experience. But we can question our presumptions, self-definitions and beliefs – for everything we think, perceive and do follows out from these automatically.
    False foundations cannot serve true outcomes and that is the nature of the beast that needs ‘rise from unconsciousness’ to be recognized – which automatically releases the illusion from its status as reality – though one can still commit to it as an illusion if one’s sense of self, power or control is so invested in it as to be terrified that the lie is all there is – and so fight over it for as long as one can…

  • Ernie Hopkins

    This is probably one of your best articles DB for the questions it raises, and you have written some great ones in the past. As our family has unplugged more and more, the manipulation and fraud becomes evermore apparent. Keep after them!!!!

  • marcdepiolenc

    Water powered cars are simple nonsense. Yes, you can break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, but to do that you need to find energy (from some other source) in an amount greater than you will get back. The car is not “water powered” but hydrogen powered.

    • guestimate

      Your 19th century education and paradigm is showing.

  • We should note that in asking the above questions we are not in favor of monopoly central banking or state provided ” basic incomes.” We think the modern economy should return to an unmanipulated state. It is important for people to support themselves on their own because that is how freedom is created and sustained. And if you don’t have freedom eventually you get genocide.

    How about, just as a starting point for further exploration and experimentation, current day style monopoly central banking providing basic state income/QE fiat notes for survival? It would head off the next Coming and Grand Enlightenment and rapidly approaching genocidal revolution and Great Evolution which will surely target and impact the 1%.

    What objection and imaginative excuse would you think to share in order to not render that a simple new reality which delivers freedom from the slavery of present day monopoly central bankings’ withholding of fiat until satisfied with a promissory contract to repay monies invented from thin air and accounting jiggery pokery with interest for profit …. more money for nothing?

    In truth, there be no valid reason why any of all of that be undesirable and even impossible, other than the obvious one which posits command and control of massive state slavery will be lost by monopoly central banking elitists, although of course, such nonsense would be immediately countered with the advice that the power and energy of that which be lost has just merely morphed into another smarter form allowing greater freedom to sow its seeds of imagination for rapid growth of nations/state and non-state actorhoods.

    It is certainly well worth an AI Pilot.

    • And talking of Virtualised Reality AI Pilots as we are here, do not be fooled into thinking that such is a nonsense whenever it is so active and enabled in deep and dark web fields ……. W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality

      🙂 Imagine Westworld, the new HBO teaser, is actually a true representation of your existence and reality and how you be groomed and harvested/used and abused for elite enjoyment and pleasure at leisure.

  • jacob

    Not your typical DB article. The expressions of surprise and astonishment are rather curious. Isn’t this news we already know?

    Gangs, modern (ie. criminals organized as “states”) and ancient (ie. criminals organized as “kingdoms”) have plundered the world throughout history simply because it’s wildly profitable. Who wants to work for a living when you can steal and enslave big time?

    Once gangs’ henchmen (armies, navies, air forces) are finished conquering, they then proceed to steadily extract wealth. Either they pay for and maintain occupying armies, or capture the cultures they’ve conquered, which means organizing conquered societies in such a way that its inhabitants learn and adopt a new “normal” in cooperation with their conquerors. Like being attacked by a parasite, where over time the host grows to believe that suffering the parasite is normal.

    The internet has been exposing this mechanism and the masses are catching on. More are learning the game every day, discovering they’ve been marks in the “friendly” poker games they’ve been playing for years…..and they don’t like it.

    These gangs never play nice. They see their human victims much like they see farm animals: good for milking and slaughtering. They kill when necessary, which is their biggest ace in the hole. “Normal” people find such behavior so repulsive that they leave violence to the gang members who enslave them. Perhaps this is why there is such a big push to emasculate the 2nd amendment. Once a critical mass of normal people become willing to undertake violence to stomp out these criminals, game is over.

    Count on increasingly devious and harsh measures to keep normal people misinformed and cowed.

    • JohnnyZ

      Good observation. The difference in this new age is that instead of using physical control, the parasites have moved to mind control by presenting you a false reality, just like in the Matrix movie. Much easier (and cheaper) to control, because people are brainwashed that they finally have left the times of kingdoms and violence behind (they live in a “democracy”, you know) and are made to think in ways which appear good for them, but are actually bad for them and only good for the parasites. So the sheeple enforce their de facto slavery against other thinkers and potential rebels. A much better control system than before. Our reality is an illusion not only because of the material-spiritual distinction, but because the physical reality has been replaced by a fake one, based on lies, deception, and pseudoscience.

  • Scott

    Best article I have read here. I commend you DB, and many more please. It’s obvious the idea to present this information as a series of questions is intended to inspire more research on the part of readers. So thanks for that, and off I go.

  • Spanky Lee


    Unless you are referring to the ‘hydrogen economy’, there is no such thing.

    Surely there have been and are great conspiracies of wealth and power, but the laws of thermodynamics are not among them.

    • guestimate

      Disinformationist or dupe, which are you? …because your education was a disservice, over-priced for value and you have failed to keep up.

  • Wade House

    Great Post/Article!
    To re-quote; “Best article I have read here. I commend you DB”
    Though that’s probably not a good thing for the DB coming from me. 🙂

  • Antonio Dias

    One of the best articles I have read on DB.

  • JohnnyZ

    DB is finally connecting all the dots to a single picture.
    I have written it before: everything in the “society” is controlled and with an agenda (and thus fake): politics, police, intelligence, military, banks / Fed / economy, justice, media, culture, science, education, healthcare (i.e. sick care), environment – you name it. Central banks are unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg. In order to dismantle them you need to start with the base below first.

  • spdlf

    “But what elites have done especially in the past 200-300 yearsespecially, is gradually substitute an alternative reality for a real one. They’ve taken life as it would ordinarily be lived and substituted an unreality that seems real because it resembles what came before. (This blanket substitution may even have started with the so-called “industrial revolution.”)”

    Bingo. This is key. Knowing how the world really works is half the battle for us to come together and figure out what to do. To understand this you really need to wind back the clock about 400 years, starting at the beginning of the Modern era, with the mindset that everything that we’ve been taught is a lie or misdirection. After all history is written by the victors.. and in the voice of George Carlin ‘Its a Big Club and we’re not in it.’

    As paraphrased by Sun Tzu All Warfare is Based on Deception. Carrying that further Clausewitz (and all of history) teaches us that War is a continuation of policy (politics) by other means. So it follows that the highest art-form of governance is also DECEPTION.

    What I think has happened is that a clique of powerful families decided to play the long con and instead of conquering nations through direct force, they have conquered them from within. These plutocrat families include all the famous industrialist/capitalist/financiers names which most people are actually familiar with and their influence can traced throughout the centuries. Central banking/income tax, public schooling, intelligence agencies (all the world’s agencies), the media and manufactured events are their primary tools of governance and it has worked brilliantly for a long time.

    Here’s a short example: Karl Marx’s mother was a Pressburg who came from a family of very wealthy merchants. His wife Jenny was from the Philips family.. again a powerful rich family of industrialists and bankers. Jenny von Westphalen was an educated baroness of the Prussian ruling class who’s grandfather was Chief of Staff to Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick.

    So right off the bat Karl’s personal history is a complete lie. Mainstream historians try to tell us Karl and his wife we’re barely scrapping by while at the same undermining their own ruling class from which they were from or in Karl’s case wedded into? BULLSHIT. Familial and social connections are everything and it works the same above as it does below. Everywhere you see Marx go he disrupts REAL Republican and Socialist revolutions that were occurring throughout Europe at the time. Never is he inconvenience by the authorities as he prevents any real action while helping the socialists turn the gun on themselves.

    In other words Communism was a bankrolled project from the very beginning designed to control the opposition while feinting into fascism. If you want to know more type in your search engine “Reading the Signs: today’s lesson: Karl Marx”

    • spdlf

      Oops I meant to Karl’s banker uncle was from the Philips family, not his wife.

  • alohajim

    Most encouraging to see all of the positive comments. The matrix is built on lies and mass brainwashing but enforced by the minions controlled by the puppeteers. The minions are key as the puppeteers are helpless, useless, and have no real skills or power – their only power, derived from control of central banking and fiat currencies, lies in their ability to control, and pay, their army of minions. Two things destroys the puppeteers and their matrix : 1. an inability to pay the minions as in the case of the Roman Empire and 2. as each non psychopathic minion begins to understand who and what he/she has been serving and how their direct actions have caused so much misery and human suffering they will make a conscious choice to return to their true nature, support humanity, and work towards undoing the damage they have contributed to. One does not have to be a Buddhist to know intuitively that when you hurt people bad things come your way and when you help others good things and happiness are yours.

    There are just too many ordinary, decent human beings who have been given guns and a badge to support and enforce the money changers matrix. When these people do wake up, thanks to DB and all of the other truth seekers and thruth spreaders, pay back could be a bitch. ‘Fragging’ on both a literal and figuartive basis comes to mind. . . .

  • ZT

    Last night I watched the Truman show and I went to bed thinking that each of us is Truman; every time we come close to uncovering the truth about the environment we live in, we’re blocked and misdirected. How very timely then to read this DB article.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Steam driven cars are old technology and dates back to the steam engine. The issue is the boiler. If the boiler can be heated using say Microwaves then water driven cars are possible

    Back in the early 20th century a consortium of rubber, oil and steel companies destroyed the US railway system in order that cars would become the dominant form of transportation.

    This was before the US began building our highway system whose main purpose in the 50’s was for military deployment.