Trump Blocks The Washington Post from Covering His Events
By Daily Bell Staff - June 14, 2016

Trump revokes Post press credentials, calling the paper ‘dishonest’ and ‘phony’ …  Why did Donald Trump revoke The Post’s media credentials?  … Donald Trump said Monday that he is pulling The Washington Post’s credentials to cover his events because he is upset with the newspaper’s coverage of his campaign. -WashingtonPost

Donald Trump is probably justified in revoking the Post’s credentials. It really is a dishonest newspaper that manipulates news on a regular basis.

The Post doesn’t see it that way of course.  It treats Trump’s revocation of their credentials as a freedom of the press issue.

See here:

In a statement, Post Executive Editor Martin Baron said: “Donald Trump’s decision to revoke The Washington Post’s press credentials is nothing less than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press.

When coverage doesn’t correspond to what the candidate wants it to be, then a news organization is banished.  “The Post will continue to cover Donald Trump as it has all along — honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically and unflinchingly.”

In fact, the Post has a long history of presenting the news in a way that supports the agenda of the US military-industrial complex and its banking backers.

The Washington Post is not alone when it comes to this sort of manipulation.

Project Mockingbird was a CIA effort in the mid-20th century to use American media for propaganda purposes abroad.

The CIA recruited a number of top publications for the effort, and these included TIME and the New York Times as well as the Post.

During the tumult surrounding the Vietnam war, various CIA manipulations were exposed and denounced.

Project Mockingbird itself came under attack because the propaganda the CIA was planting abroad was circulating in the US as well. In other words, propaganda intended for enemies was instead influencing US public opinion.

Trump is no doubt aware of Project Mockingbird and the sordid history of American mainstream journalism.

As with the “war on terror,” Trump unfortunately doesn’t entirely reveal what’s going on.

We wrote an article yesterday suggesting that Trump should explain the roots of the war on terror instead of simply denouncing “terrorists.”

By referencing and explaining Project Mockingbird, he could reduce the Post’s credibility.

Trump could also mention there is a new bill in Congress that resurrects Project Mockingbird.

According to BeforeItsNews, the  ‘Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016’ (S. 2692) or ‘Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act’ of 2016 “has many characteristics of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and has been referred to as ‘The US Ministry Of Truth’.”

The US Government is at it again. Same Dirty tactics of the cold war era taken from their bag of tricks, dusted off, repackaged and presented to the public as a necessary means for ‘National Security’.

Once again the free press is not only under attack, it is being used as a front for a propaganda war! Just like all warfare, the people pay the price!

In fact, there are other analyses that show the current bill is hardly necessary. Reportedly, HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, Section 1078,
authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US.

CIA propaganda is alive and well in the US, even without further enabling legislation.

We would argue legislation isn’t even necessary anymore. The 13 or so separate US intelligence agencies are above – or beyond – legislative remedies.

Many in the alternative ‘Net media seem to believe Trump, if elected, will reverse the authoritarian and anti-freedom tide flooding the US and the West.

We hope this is true, but in just the past two days Trump has issued statements that were certainly not as accurate as they could be.

He blamed the Orlando shooting on militant Islam, without explaining that the “war on terror” is essentially Western invention.

And now he has labelled the Post’s coverage of his campaign “phony” without providing a larger frame of reference that would put the Post’s devious editorial policies into clearer perspective.

Perhaps Trump believes that speaking blunt truths about the US media would only complicate his political positions. But we’d argue such a position would be well received by many in the US.

In fact, according to the latest Gallup survey, newspapers and TV are less popular than ever. The new poll showed that “just 20 percent have confidence in newspapers, a 10-point drop in 10 years. TV news saw an identical 10-point drop, from 31 percent to 21 percent.”

From what we can tell, Trump has spoken more honestly about the US economy and military industrial complex than almost any other politician running a major campaign.

Unfortunately in the instances we’ve identified, he could go much farther than he has. Quite understandably, he may be concerned about speaking more clearly.

Conclusion: That’s the problem with politics generally. It’s the reason we continually emphasize that even the most courageous and knowledgeable politician is not going to be able to make a big difference in either the US or the world. Of course, we’d be happy if Trump proved us wrong. Unfortunately, we don’t think he will.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Jim Johnson

    While Reagan appears to have landed in bed with DC in order to ease his path to the White House, I am not seeing Trump as having done that (yet). My own hope is we have fielded a guy who won’t be taking any crap (much less Orders) from anyone. You know, a true American President as originally designed.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Jewish money and a yarmulka are still dangling in his face. His daughter married an Orthodox Jew. Don’t think he’ll be turning down AIPAC too soon. A century ago Pres. Taft stood up to the Jewish Lobby. It shrugged him off and found a “work around”.

      • We have often stated that the current convulsion of globalism is NOT a Jewish problem. The average Jewish worker or citizen has as much in common with top City bankers as a microbe has with a mammoth.

        Jews are being used. Antisemitism was painstakingly cultivated by the founders of Israel, those who stated that Jews would have to be frightened into migrating to their “homeland.” (This feedback is written by someone with Jewish antecedents.)

        • Dimitri Ledkovsky

          Understood. Many who were coaxed back to their homeland also left at the earliest opportunity, often because of the treatment of the native Palestinians by the Balfour Declaration Occupiers. These Occupiers, similar to the current Settlers, were once also microbes. Many grew into mammoths. Perhaps not like City bankers, but big enough to throw their weight around in the redirection of history.

          • Jim Johnson

            Dunno. Not my neighborhood. They strike me as folks who are trying to get their country back and keep a sense of identity among their kids.

  • alaska3636

    Journalism today has a strong flavor of historicist bias. History continues to be written by the those controlling the Overton Window.

    “Historcism substitutes relativity for understanding and, as a direct result, favors a status quo interpretation of past events. As an object of the Overton Window, historicism maintains that the common man has no power over his destiny and and, at best, can hope to work towards the ends of their enlightened leaders whom history has seen fit to elevate to positions of power.”

  • AmericanGold

    Gosh, Bell, such a fine conclusion … wish you could have quit with the happy thought and refrained from attaching the unfortunate negative.

  • Renov8

    Get rid of the press altogether.

  • Praetor

    We all know about the MSNewsM. And that’s why I read the DB, and other AlterNet News sites, some really good and some really crazy.

    What we don’t know is Trump going to change things for the better or worse! We do know he ‘wishes’ to change direction on many things. The question remains, can he do it, when the PTB don’t want to change direction. Will he be a puppet like the last so many in the oval office have been.

    No way to know except have him in the oval office. It will be a great show no matter what!!!

  • rahrog

    DB interviewing Trump would be a good read.

  • Bruce C.

    Unfortunately I’ve missed a number of statements and speeches by Trump over the last few weeks so I don’t have a personal sense about them. I can usually glean something by his exact use of words and intonation.

    That said, I am a little concerned that Trump isn’t as informed as we might hope. He might be absolutely right about some things on a superficial level but no deeper. Hopefully, it’s more that he’s not sure how much to say and how to say it and when. One (default) strategy might be to say something (like ‘the Washington Post is a hack publication that’s not covering me fairly,’ or whatever he said) and then watch how people respond to it. He may be hoping that alternative media outlets like the DB take the initiative and get people thinking and talking. He might then talk about the same things again in more depth if he thinks people are ready for it.

    I had a long discussion about Trump with a reluctant Trump supporter last weekend (an attorney who doesn’t like Hillary or Clinton) and he accused Trump of being irresponsible by accusing his judge of being biased without having any case history to back that up, and that he implied that the US judicial system is corrupt. He said in absolutely no uncertain terms that he didn’t think it was corrupt, so that made him reject Trump. “Corruption” is a somewhat subjective term so not everyone will agree on what that entails, but my point is a lot of POTENTIAL voters may not like to hear that the media is corrupt and biased, and so although it may be true that won’t help him at the poles. We shall see.

    • Speaking plainly elevated Ron Paul’s campaign considerably.

      • Bruce C.

        I know, but he also didn’t win and a lot of people I knew (Republicans) thought he was too extreme and too critical. Shutting down all the foreign military bases and ending the Fed was too much for them.

        Trump may say more as the campaign continues. He also may plan to say and do more only after he’s actually elected. The good thing is that even if Trump might not seem as ideal as one would like, he’s still hands down a better bet than Hillary. Be glad that Hillary is so flawed. Even the attorney I debated with agrees with that.

        One other thought is that – ironically – if Trump, say, were to point out all the flaws and nafariousness of the US government, MIC, MSM, etc. then voters might come to think that the system is intractable and maybe that attempts to change so much at once could have unintended negative consequences, or may not be possible to do, and thus a status quo candidate like Clinton (the devil they know) might be preferable in some crazy way.

        • Jim Johnson

          Our great challenge is to do what no country has done- halt the march off a cliff and turn in a new direction. Are we flexible enough to understand the Experiment that has got us here, and wise enough to know if it can still be tweaked or needs be abandoned altogether? We are hardly what we started out as, due to circumstance in large part, but equally how hard it is to adhere to a set of rules of do’s and don’ts that make us predictable to enemies. Maybe at some point we learn to declare a Jubilee Year where everything reverts to the original vision, keeping effective tweaks and leaving off the rest. Trump is definitely screwing up a whole lot off well-laid planning, but it still has a feel of fumbling along, hoping for The Best.

  • Sven

    Bezos reveals himself more and more as a very shady character.