Trump Is Man of the People or Man of the Police?
By Daily Bell Staff - February 10, 2017
Donald Trump signs executive order giving police more powers … The President has signed three orders to tackle ‘public safety’ moments after he swore in Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. -UK Independent

Did Donald Trump run specifically on a law and order platform? We know he wanted more checks and balances but that is a lot different that insisting on good deal more police from the very beginning of his time in office.

One can be pro law and order without wanting overwhelming additional amounts of police. Plenty of videos and articles clearly show police assaults on civilians. Additionally, many of these civilian assaults are not successfully redressed.

Police generally tend to protect themselves and civilians can be a distant second when it comes to general security, especially if the officer is asking for more compliance than the individual is able to give.


Donald Trump has signed three executive orders to deal with “public safety”, including handing more authority to the police.  At the formal ceremony to appoint Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, the President outlined the new mandate that Mr Sessions would have, including tackling crime, drug cartels and terrorism.

“I am directing the Department of Justice to reduce crimes and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers,” he said.  “It’s a shame, what has been happening to our great, our truly great, law enforcement officers. That is going to stop today.”

One of the executive orders seeks to “define new federal crimes, and increase penalties for existing federal crimes, in order to prevent violence” against state and federal police.

According to the article, some 135 police officers were killed in the US, which is the highest in five years. according to a report from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  But the number includes many who died in traffic accidents or from heart attacks, etc. About half died in conflict with civilians.

Meanwhile, according to the article, there was no mention of the hundreds shot by police each year. Last year there were nearly a thousand killed at the hands of police and over 130 so far this year, according to

Mr Sessions, a longtime Senator from Alabama, did not focus on civilians however.  He said the US had a “crime problem” and added, “I wish the rise that we’re seeing in crime in America today were some sort of aberration or a blip, [but] my best judgment, having been involved in criminal law enforcement for many years, is that this is a dangerous, permanent trend that puts the health and safety of America at risk.”

Claims of permanent, rising crime are not borne out by statistics that show that long term crime is down especially when compared to the 1970s or 1980s. But Sessions was clear about his mission. “We need to end this lawlessness that threatens the public safety and pulls down the wages of working Americans,” he said.

The larger issue is Trump’s backing of law enforcement generally. He has met with many kinds of law enforcement and military groups since taking over. It seems as if he has met with fewer civilian groups thus far.

He talks a great deal about keeping civilians safe and says that was a main reason why he was elected. But our understanding is that people voted for him to bring back jobs. On this point he has been very good initially, but some issues like tax reform may have been put off for late this year or even early next.

If Trump continues in this vein, his relationships will be primarily with law enforcement and the military. There is nothing wrong with having relationships with all kinds of groups. But having relationships primarily with these two groups at the expense of others will do little to enhance his popularity.

Conclusion: Trump needs to reach out to a variety of civilian groups or he runs the risk of being pegged specifically as a law enforcement candidate rather than as a “man of the people.” That would be too bad as it would tend to shrink his orbit instead of expanding it.

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  • Sven

    I think Trump is preparing America for a mighty crash.

    • Bruce Stegiel

      Trump is a Trojan Horse from the cunning Greeks. He is the perfect anti-Obama in a psychological sense. The Left Brain Obama and the Right Brain Trump held together in one skull by the MIC corpus collosum.

      • Sven

        Could be. I keep telling everyone I know Trump’s the witting “Fall Guy”. The unknown stuntman! Here to oversee the economy crashing and the destruction of the dollar. Usually doesn’t go over well.

      • JohnZ

        Trump is mentally ill. 35 psychiatrists and psychologists have published a statement on Trump’s psychological problems which are malignant narcissism.

  • Steffo Erikson

    i think he prepares to drain the swamp, its no secret Cia is killing US officials and civilians, no matter what, the swamp wont give up so easy, so he needs extra powers, to protect the people going after Pizzagate etc, top echelon of Usa power, and elites

  • Hugh Akston

    When did local cops morph from Peace Officers into Law Enforcement Officers?

    Trump is looking more and more like “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. For all his anti-establishment rhetoric, he’s just as much an authoritarian as Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes.

    • Ross

      No! They are one worlders. He is an AMERICAN.

    • Roy bean

      I do not know which state or country that you are hailing from, but I can assure you that in NYS, there is a clear and unmistakable line between a Peace Officer and a Law Enforcement Officer.

    • RED

      Well……there is “Good” Authoritarianism and there “Bad” Authoritarianism.
      Of course it is a matter of perspective, but perhaps that is what it will take to quickly and efficiently “undo” all of the damage caused by the “obamination”.

      • JohnZ

        Authoritarianism is authoritarianism. It is still tyranny no matter how you try to make it look pretty.

  • Praetor

    We all can say, we don’t want to be victims of crime nor family and friends victims of crime, any kind of crime.

    Trump did run on a tuff on crime agenda but the agenda focused the crime issue as an illegal Alien crime and drug gangs problem. We have all seen the videos of cop shutting people and that has made cops look bad and some cops are bad. That needs to change, we don’t need thugs in uniform, thugs in uniform only create strife and instability. High quality needs to be hired as peace officers, with common sense and reason as a guide.

    Law and Order is for the court room. Peace and stability is a community/street level issue and requires community involvement. Peace and stability does not come from Washington.

    Terrorism is not a crime, it is an outcome of WAR. Nothing wrong with being tuff on crime. It does matter how they view citizens.

    The last administration view citizens who called themselves Patriots as criminal terrorists?!!!!

  • The BEST ‘crime preventative’ and ‘punk controller’ (including those on government payroll) is a very present hip-howitzer!

    The Sacred Second Amendment is everybody’s (including railroaded ‘criminals’) ABSOLUTE RIGHT to POSSESS, MAINTAIN and CARRY!

    In support of President Donald J. Trump draining the WDCSwamp, We, the Sovereigns must do our share and sanitize the Judicial Thundermug!

    • Thomas Clawson

      First, thanks for your service. Second, we conservatives need to support each other. A message to the Liberals, don’t bring a knife to gun fight!

      • On behalf of our many millions in/of Uniform, “You’re Welcome!”

        That We, the Sovereigns – especially those of us who are conservatives and Constitutionalists – need to send a well-advised message to the entire liberal crowd: “That knock on our door, regardless of the hour, will be one hell of a lot louder than the knuckles!”

    • JohnZ

      Trump drained the swamp and found his entire cabinet at the bottom!

  • georgesilver

    Who cares? If you need a ‘leader’, whatever the flavour, then you are just one of the sheep.

  • ICFubar

    Trump is definitely not a man of the people so by default with the question raised in this article he is a man of the police. Prof. Peter Dale Scott just wrote a superb article on Trump and the Deep State. If you want to know where Trump and some of his appointees loyalties lay I would take a read through Scott’s brilliant assessment.

    • Oliver

      Agree 100%.

  • autonomous

    Crime is up primarily because of the proliferation of laws. The more laws, the more enforcement is needed. The more enforcers, the more likely it will be that criminals will become enforcers, for the pool of honest men is limited. Diogenes may have been correct in his doubt of ever finding an honest man. I’m not quite that cynical, but I am convinced that honest men are rare.

  • Ross

    The difference between Police killing civilians and civilians killing police is that the civilians killed are “mostly” criminals.

  • sebastian puettmann

    If the US has military personel in Romania, Peru, Germany and Bahrain, it seems to me as if US police could not be in such bad shape.

    Rather the press needs to de-ideoligize and not scream racism everytime a coloured person is arrested. If a black president could not correct intitutional racism maybe there was none to begin with.

    The second part of this strategy would be to strengthen individual freedom as to depoliticise the private. It is nobody’s business if one does drugs, works for somebody who discriminates, or wants to get divorced. And by lowering taxes society would be enriched with money that, one way or another, could then be spend on the market for security.

    It seems that Trump would have it exactly wrong. Not the police must be strengthened, but there must be creative destruction of government so that the police can finally do its job.

    Then again Trump might just be doing what Scott Adams calls “the New CEO Move”. Trumps actions then would not be aimed at a specific policy but rather at the psyche of the American people. Trumps “Move” is supposed to make you feel as if a breath of fresh air is blowing. You are supposed to feel if someting big is happening to make you feel good. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Oliver

    The “advice” to the President given in the conclusion of this article — similar to those by so-called pundits who “advised” Obama in a continuous 8-year regurgitation of justifications — plays into the false meme that Trump’s error is due to “a misunderstanding of the problem” — which is rubbish.

    Comments by the readers describing the obvious role of the Deep State working with Trump are far more accurate than the subtle apology for his actions.

  • Libertarian Jerry

    To paraphrase Tacitus,the Roman Senator and historian,”The more laws the more corruption.” Flash forward 2,000 years to 21st Century America and Tacitus’s warning still applies.

  • James Clander

    Here in Australia -it’s Trump this & Trump that. You can’t get away from it & it’s a sick obsession. Radio & TV talking heads parroting total BS 24/7. It’s all crap!

    Until he’s had a few months & his policies become reality NO one knows what the real agenda is. Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but you just don’t know jack $hit.

    • Roy bean

      James Clander, if you think you’ve got it bad down under, try hanging around here in the US regarding media driven Pres. Trump overload. Nearly as vicious as watching ‘Crocidile Dundee’ 3x over. Just kidding, AC/DC still makes up for that. Thanks.

    • Thomas Clawson

      You folks “down under” seem to be really have it all together with your thinking. We used to but it seems to be leaving with our common sense. Our last eight year regime has divided our country almost 50/50. It is anyone’s guess how it is going to end.

  • Roy bean

    Hey there Daily Bell, perhaps it’s time for you guys & gals to put your finger(s) on the pulse of the heartbeat of America.
    For example, 957 people killed by police(USA)in 2016, over half, whites. Meanwhile, 762 people killed in Chicago alone (2016),not by police, but by criminals, well over half blacks.
    I understand that the Daily Bell is only writing about deaths and not about races. Unfortunately, here in the US, especially since the polarizing days of the Pres. Obama administration, it’s got much more to do about race as compared to earlier in my lifetime.

    • We’re a libertarian publication. They hardly had police until after the civil war. If it were up to us they wouldn’t have police now. Nor gun laws. Private police, yes. Public police no.

      • Roy bean

        Only because your outfit seems to be libertarian do I read your articles like a kid is drawn to candy. I am leaning hard toward considering myself a libertarian, but, I draw line before anarchy. I want a police force to call when things go over a bump in the night.

        • Roy bean

          Sorry, let me rephrase, a public Police Dept. to call.

          • Yokai Yo

            imagine there were two (or more) “public” police departments, each looking to provide the best service at the lowest cost..

        • william readling

          I’ve had them respond when I was a crime victim. They were completely worthless. They were even worthless when I once caught two junkies stealing my heat pump, and held them at gunpoint until they arrived. So were the courts.
          I was awarded victim compensation by the court which was never paid, they collected their cost of court, and probation first, and the crooks never paid me. They incarcerated them but they got money, not me. Citizens/victims come last.
          When the cops blamed the theft on drugs, I told them it was the drug war, and asked them if they blamed thefts on cigarette smoking.

      • bailintheboat

        Something to think about for sure.

    • william readling

      Many of those killed in Chicago were killed because of the black market in illegal drugs, which the police enforce, and lobby to continue. It’s a make work project for them.

      • kimmmmm

        drugs and weapons being brought in by government or at the very least with their knowledge and approval…

        • JohnZ

          Absolutely correct.
          Heroine and guns, provided by Washington.
          Someone if shipping arms into Chicago by the cratefull.
          Heroine is everywhere….from Afghanistan with love, poppy fields guarded by U.S. Marines, heroine flown out of the region through Camp Bondsteel.
          There are many inside Washington including the military deeply involved in the heroine trade.

    • Thomas Clawson

      Boy, will I 2nd that!

  • RED

    Although some of the minor rhetoric may be a bit overstated, I am in general agreement with the DB’s sentiments. One is not automatically a “hero” just because they are a police officer or a fireman.
    There is a lot of corruption in police departments, and all too often, they present themselves as underworked, overpaid unionized government employees with bloated salary and benefit packages……all on the backs of the already beleaguered tax payer.
    I agree with the concept of private police and fire departments. The citizens can vote to non-renew their contracts and fire them when necessary. Some open free market competition for the contracts just might make them more accommodating and responsive to the citizenry.

    • Thomas Clawson

      I have no connections with any police or police organizations but what you are saying is way out in left field. If you think police are over payed for putting their lives on the line everyday then I would suggest that you apply for the job or have your kids apply.

      • RED

        Been there…..done that!! No one twisted their arms to take the job; they all have their various reasons and agenda. Don’t attempt to extend your lack of information and experience on others. You know not of which you speak!

      • sukTHEfac

        So just because one willingly takes a dangerous job, we should bow down and throw unlimited wads of cash their way? A large portion of these officers are only there because they barely scraped by in high school and didn’t want to go to the military academy or flip burgers at McDonalds…in no way does that entitle them to inflated wages. Construction workers, mechanics, private security, private snow plow drivers, and skydiving instructors also have dangerous jobs but are paid in consideration of the market. Why should police be any different.

        They already get paid a lot plus a lifetime of 50% salary post retirement. You don’t get to use the “because it’s dangerous” rhetoric every time they want more money. It would go on infinitely that way. It’s an irrelevant justification.

      • JohnZ

        Putting their lives on the line for who?
        The SCOTUS has already stated the police are not there to protect YOU.
        Besides they chose that kind of job.
        They weren’t drafted.
        There are too many bad, crooked, incompetent and corrupt cops.

  • bailintheboat

    Trump’s plans include first restoring order.

    “Police generally tend to protect themselves and civilians can be a distant second when it comes to general security, especially if the officer is asking for more compliance than the individual is able to give.”

    Believe the old NRA window sticker “support your local police” meant…keep your eye on them.

    Some charges against the police recently have not been justified, but that’s not always, and never the complete story.
    Many a black father has had to warn their kids about what can happen on the street. I’m not talking Chicago.

    So, starting there, what do you do? Trump’s plans include first restoring order and that is what we are seeing.

    • Nellie McConnell

      Ready snobr ppsy
      Lids need directions and Explorers is a good start.
      I also worked with Future Farmer of America.
      Our local school has program for kids 9-14, Sheriff Explorer kids work with younger kids. They get same training. Public Safety Academy.
      Great programs.

  • william readling

    The best way to protect police officers, would be to return them to their traditional role of enforcing laws against property, and violent crime. The drug war, and the general tendency to criminalize bad habits, and bad decisions is to blame for the hatred many people have for the police.
    I was in criminal district court in Cabarrus county North Carolina as a result of my goats ability to walk through fences, when I realized most of the people who were there were charged with things that were not crimes 100 years ago. No automobile insurance, failure to pay child support, 30% of those there for marijuana possession, violation of animal control ordinance…. The only real crimes I saw were shoplifting, and damage to private property. I swear that over 95% of the defendants were there for victimless crimes.
    It’s no wonder that almost no burglaries are solved by the police. They are too busy dealing with speeders, and pot smokers. Get back to basics, John Law, and maybe I won’t consider you a destructive waste of tax dollars. Protect, and serve, Indeed!

    • Praetor

      In the US, 99% of the citizens are criminals. All we do is in violation of some laws, ordinances rules or regulations as written by are public servants, politicians and their ignorant minions bureaucrats. There is however 1% of the population in the US exempt from all the laws ordinances rules and regulations. The ones paying the politicians bribes.!!!!

      • JohnZ

        A book written by Harvey Silverglate, Three Felonies A Day, describes how Americans commit that many without knowing it. From the moment they get out of bed during that day they have committed three felonies.
        We are all now criminals.

  • Nellie McConnell

    Having a community that is in connection with local Law enforcement helps everyone’s. Programs like Explorers program for kids between 14-18 in Deputies Sheriff Department, High Way Patrol, local police.
    My son and one daughter were in local Police Explorers. They worked wit local community projects besides learning law enforcement. My son went into Sales and Marketing, daughter managed a Auto mechanic shop.
    My son and myself still involved with Law Enforcement. We have great Deputies.
    Community needs to keep eyes open and report to police. I like neighborhood watch. In 8 years Obama was in office the crime rate has increased. If you don’t have am alarm your house is broken into. Home invasions, stripping homes and arson. Rape. Murder, one small community taken over by drug gangs. 330,000 in stolen merchandise. We are not safe. TRUMP is right and only way is raids and deporting the criminals. God Bless Our COUNTRY and TRUMP.

  • nathenism

    what needs to be acknowledged is that the people in charge have always been by far society’s worst criminals…granting police more powers is without a doubt going to enable them to increase their crime wave and their war on humanity…trump has been living a sheltered life and like most sheltered people he probably doesn’t understand the authority problem…i am convinced that authority is the true “root of all evil”…

  • JYou_51

    I don’t know what Trump is, yet, as many of you on this board. But, if you come from the standpoint of the “people’s billionaire”, many of his moves have been insidiously ingenious. Getting companies to say they are moving jobs to America to absolve him of the coming collapse (and put the blame squarely on the Federal Reserve) and banning certain countries to absolve him from the liabilities of a potential attack (false flag or not) both set him up for success no matter what happens. If he truly is the peoples billionaire, then this current move could be interpreted as getting law enforcement onside to “drain the swamp”. There have already been compromises by him that have been correctly criticized on this site, but I still have hope that these are calculated moves necessary to bring the right people on board with his plans. He cannot do it alone.

  • Ahlayaahway Zakar

    He talks about 9/11 and the Saudis but if he doesn’t expose the corruption plain to see in the U.S. Government and tackle the Fed head on, he is manipulated by the financial interests who control the police forces across America.It’s a conservative “new deal” to “make America safe again”.

    Safe for who? Take your pick?
    America is overdosed on decadence and poverty living precariously side by side.

    I’m calling him out now, Trump is just another statist puppet and those who aren’t as jaded as I am simply need to study more. Patriot Act, NDAA none of this is repealed. Predator drones.


    • JohnZ

      The Saudis and 9/11…how about israel and 9/11!

  • JohnZ

    I have no doubt, Trump will further the police state. He is mentally ill…..a malignant narcissist and himself corrupt. A human failure of the worst type. He is controlled by israel and KSA, owes money to the Russian/ Kazarian mafia, in total his policies are controlled by others. Bannon is a drunken loudmouth idiot. His attorney general is a neo-fascist , his Sect. of Defense is a bible thumping moron, Boykin.
    This is the worst administration ever. Made up of old hacks and people who have no business anywhere near Washington, D.C.
    Say Donald…..what about the DHS? the TSA? The FBI and CIA? The DEA? What are you going to do about those worthless wastes of money and threats to liberty? Nothing.
    The war on drugs will continue and the rise of the corporate run prison for profit industry will ensure that all Americans are now suspect of one crime or another.
    Don’t believe so?
    Just read Harvey Silverglate”s Three Felonies A Day, and find out.
    IN America there is now in place every form of totalitarianism in place, from police on the street to the DHS, CIA, FBI and TSA and those unknown to the public within the deep state, now ready and able to completely turn America into a massive prison.
    Those within the deep state have been planning this for a long time. They are now ready to unleash their “dogs of war” on the American people. They are only waiting for a “new Pearl Harbor” from which they will openly bring this about.
    America will make the old Soviet Union look like a walk in the park compared to what those in power have for the rest of us.
    Do not count on the Donald to reverse course.
    Your best bet is to move out of the country. You and your family or at the very least get your children out to a safe haven elsewhere. The curtain is coming down.
    You will have no rights. The courts will be nothing more than kangaroo courts, where corrupt judges and D.A.s will sentence people into prison for the slightest offense.
    George Orwell is rolling in his grave.