Trump Is No Aberration
By Daily Bell Staff - December 16, 2015

The Plot Against America: Donald Trump's Rhetoric … You can't effectively say that Donald Trump is vulgar, sensational, and buffoonish when it's exactly vulgar sensationalism and buffoonery that his audience is buying … Donald Trump, when he really gets going, hardly speaks in sentences anymore. He doesn't need to …. Whether we call him a Fascist or a right-wing demagogue, Trump's acts and words remain the same. It makes sense that, in America, an insurgent movement would grow out of the media and entertainment, that it would issue from enormous prior celebrity, and not from an obscure rural corner, the world of militias and white nationalists. (Their approval of Trump, nevertheless, has now become evident. A white-supremacist and neo-Nazi group called Stormfront, hanging on to Trump's coattails, has, according to Politico, upgraded "its servers in part to cope with a Trump traffic spike." Politico goes on, "And former Louisiana Rep. David Duke reports that the businessman has given more Americans cover to speak out loud about white nationalism than at any time since his own political campaigns in the 1990s.") – New Yorker

Dominant Social Theme: Trump is a Nazi. The US political system is falling apart.

Free-Market Analysis: The New Yorker was a lot better when it published 50,000-word articles on wheat. This article, filled with adjectives about the mystifying appeal of Donald Trump and his loutish followers, is a kind of new low. It is so predictable that it kind of writes itself the way a cartoon coloring book provides numerical signposts.

Is Donald Trump a fascist? He might as well be, the article concludes. It uses the approbation of the neo-Nazi group Stormfront to establish Trump's authoritarian credentials. But shouldn't the article mention that Stormfront is possibly a CIA invention developed as a tool to smear unwanted viewpoints? That's certainly what the article does among other things.

Here's more:

Is he a Fascist? Trump's movement flourishes without white hoods and burning crosses, without jackboots, gangs of thugs, insignias, patriotic anthems, without secret police or any state power at all. After all, he hasn't won anything yet. His movement doesn't fit any standard definition of Fascism.

A plumply loutish golden billionaire, he is a superb entertainer. Yet there are sickening echoes in his speeches of the Fascist movements of the twentieth century—extreme nationalism, the appeals to bigotry and fear, the emphasis on humiliation, the shrewdly gangsterish, undermining contempt for anyone who stands in the leader's way.

The article goes on this way, finding little good in The Donald or his rhetoric. It is not exactly character assassination but it is close. It drips disdain for Trump's rhetoric, his followers and their fears. What's odd, of course, is that one could write a similar article about, well …. Hillary or Bill Clinton. Or even Barack Obama.

But those articles would never find their way into this version of The New Yorker. Donald Trump doesn't have any real power yet, or not the kind that Clinton has, or even Obama. He's a relatively safe target, despite his habit of talking back to newsmen who displease him.

What is it that makes Trump so bad? He's attacking the shibboleths of the banking class. The world is inevitably globalizing and Trump stands in opposition to some of the main mechanisms of that evolving internationalism.

Trump wants to bring "jobs" back to the US. He wants to shut the borders. He wants to sign fair trade treaties and to "make America great again."

All this is anathema to the globalists who certainly may have put him up to it, as every thesis needs an antithesis. But leave aside the phenomenon of Trump and one is left with the reality of his rhetoric: The Donald has a point.

And that's why Trump has support. The New Yorker can write a thousand snarky articles about Trump and his lowbrow ways but it won't matter because a lot of what he says is truthful.

And in this distressing day and age, people respond to the truth. They are drawn to Trump rather than Jeb Bush because Bush's carefully crafted campaign is not built on truth.

Bush could tell the truth but he doesn't wish to. His campaign endorses the very things that so many rank-and-file Republicans find threatening and infuriating.

Bush – along with some of the other candidates – wants to expose the US to a larger Hispanic contingent. He is broadly in favor of trade treaties such as NAFTA and CAFTA. He is an elitist through and through, someone very comfortable with the way the current US system concentrates power at the top among a handful of elderly, white men for the most part.

Trump is not perceived in the same way. No matter his private politics, his current public persona is populist. He is portrayed – and portraying himself – as an Everyman who is sick and tired and "not going to take it" anymore.

It doesn't matter if this persona reflects Trump's real sentiments. It's working well for him. People are responding to him.

Just as importantly, The Donald has done something few candidates have accomplished recently: He's panicked the GOP's establishment controllers in a way that no has since perhaps Ron Paul some eight years ago.

In a recent article entitled "Will Elites Blow Up the GOP?" conservative Patrick Buchanan chronicled Trump's challenge to the party's power brokers and charted their panic as well.

The article is based on a recent dinner at which Republican Party elites reportedly plotted ways that Trump could be denied the nomination even if he deserved it. Buchanan writes: "The absurdity of such a conspiracy would be matched only by its stupidity. Has the GOP establishment learned nothing from history?"

Buchanan believes that those who wish to play kingmakers at a brokered convention are kidding themselves. Sure, they may be able to generate it mechanically but could they win with it? Buchanan clearly thinks not.

What the Republican collectivity has to realize is that it is they and the policies they produced that are the reason Trump, Carson and Cruz currently hold an overwhelming majority of Republican votes. It was the elites of both parties who failed to secure our borders and brokered the trade deals that have de-industrialized America and eviscerated our middle class.

It was the elites of both parties who got us into these idiotic wars that have blown up the Middle East, cost us trillions of dollars, thousands of dead, and tens of thousands of wounded among our best and bravest.

That Republican elites would sit around a dinner table on Capitol Hill and discuss how to frustrate the rising rebellion against what they have done to America, and decide among themselves who shall lead us, is astonishing. To borrow from the Gipper, they are not the solution to our problems. They are the problem.

Trump is surely correct in this regard, but his very correctness unveils a larger, troublesome spectacle. Just as the GOP leadership is morally bankrupt and devoid of ideas, so one could make the same argument regarding the Democrats. At this point it looks as if Hillary Clinton may be the Democratic nominee. She is in a sense the Jeb Bush of the Democratic Party.

The leadership of both parties is devoid of ideas and animated only by the stale breath of the globalist impulse. Voters realize this, which is one reason the democratic process is in such poor shape – and not only in the US but in Europe, too.

After Thoughts

Donald Trump does not represent an existential threat to the US republican paradigm – whatever is left of it. He is merely a sign of the times. He is not going to get "better" and neither is the system.

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  • gamathers

    During the days the Federal Reserve was formed the people that backed it feigned disgust, anger, and abhorrence. The wanted the FED to be created but they knew if they backed it, the people would be against it. So they used reverse psychology and talked it down. These days you don’t become the business “success” that Trump has become without the backing of the Global Elitist Bankers. Perhaps they are secretly backing him and “talking him down”.

    • Harry Skip Robinson

      They are surely backing him. There is not a day that goes by that his mug is not in the limelight by all or some of the lame stream media outlets. Hard to guess the strategy and what their end game is. The one thing that I can definitively conclude is that they do not want Rand Paul as President. I’m good aren’t I. Lol – God, if only the average person had the intellect of the readers of this blog.

      • Rebecca

        He has free publicity every day of the week from corporate-owned media that creates it’s own superstars. Take a guess. The same media that ignored Bernie Sanders when he was pulling 60000 a pop.

      • Rebecca

        It has occurred to me that Trump, a long term crony capitalist player is in there to pull the disaffected back in. It isn’t like he will honor his word, he is known for that. Just like Charles Koch said he isn’t going to back any candidate until the people choose. Snort.

  • Truth Hertz

    Anyone, who has done deep research on Trump, knows he’s a Clinton operative. His sister was appointed to one of the most powerful judicial positions in the country by Bill Clinton and Trump has long been good friends with them and a big donor to the Clinton foundation. It’s amazing how many people buy what this Reality Show huckster is peddling. Clinton is a lock, if Trump goes 3rd party. Perot did the same thing to help Bill get elected to his first term.

  • Harry Skip Robinson

    Good article. Jut love the main stream media. Trump, I do believe is a fascist though, surely a fascist mentality. Like most politicians he is willing tell you what ever you want to hear. I’m here in Florida were he has one of this homes and the a condo project and the Trump International Golf Course he built. He built the course very near the Palm Beach County International Airport and has now sued the County for $100,000,000 because he doesn’t like how the operate the fight paths, which have gone over both his home and golf course long before they were built.

    Additionally, he notoriously does not pay his contractors always finding fault in either materials or workmanship. That his MO; and I have heard many stories from workman of his various antics. His attorneys are as shrewd as he is both in construction law and in bankruptcy court. From what I can tell he is a theft that uses the legal system to achieve his goals. He’s lying like almost the entire lot of American politicians so you cannot really know what he believes in or not. Surely a sign of the times like you say, playing the populist card and the uniformed appear to be falling for his BS.

  • Bolt Upright

    I wonder…. Enlightened critical thinkers are exhaustively searching for something sinister on the Donny. There has to be something…a baby momma?…disgruntled x employee?….dead body in the East river?…there must be something the Liberal’s can expose on the Donny….Granted the Donny is not like wild Bill Cliton…but there has to be something dirty on the Donny erudite critical thinkers can expose. I wonder why they have not found anything yet? Are they holding back with information to use at the right time…?

    • Tom

      They always hold back information to use at the right time, on everyone. That’s what the NSA’s Total Information Awareness program is for. The information held back on Mitt Romney in 2012 could have put him in handcuffs at any time of their choosing, and they would have used it if it looked like he might win the election.

      • Rebecca

        My guess is they would have used it after the election.

  • chaim

    Hasn’t Trump said Snowden is a traitor who should be tried and executed?
    And isn’t he just another Israel-controlled neocon?

  • TG Molitor

    There was not one person on the stage last night that I would leave my dog with for the weekend.

    • Harry Skip Robinson

      Sadly, I even keep participating in the political process, especially at the Federal level, knowing that it is fruitless and a waste of time. We are going to be given a person they want as President either by hook or crook. Local elections and initiatives appear to be the only areas they do not influence. It’s not who votes but who counts the vote and the votes are counted by the demopublican cartel. Studies show that the majority has no influence over social policy. Realty is a bitch.

      • Rebecca

        State and local is controlled in any important matter by ALEC.

  • Tom

    The ease with which the Republican Party elites brushed aside Ron Paul in 2012, in spite of his being their only hope of winning the White House away from Obama, was the final proof of there only being one party. They knew that the hapless crony capitalist Mitt Romney would lose, but that was fine with them as long as they had one of their own Globalists win. That is now Trump’s role, to look good until the right moment, then gracefully crash and burn, throwing the “election” to the arch-Globalist Hillary, who will gleefully cackle her way into Armageddon.

    • TG Molitor

      Right, Tom. Trump, like Romney, is a crony capitalist. Which is David Stockman’s interchangeable name for fascist, in the definition of the Mussolini economic model, in which production is owned privately, but controlled by the State.

      • Harry Skip Robinson

        A pay to play system where the banksters grant themselves access to money at below market rates. When they trade the fiat backed securities between the nations states to strengthen their currencies and expand the money supply it is just mind blowing to me. Then the tax the middle class to death to keep the actually money in circulation and inflation down. How do you explain that to the average person? Rothbard’s “What Has Government Done To Our Money”. They won’t read it.

        • TG Molitor

          > Rothbard’s “What Has Government Done To Our Money”.
          Great little book, a Ph.D in Economics in 112 pages. Had a discussion with a well-known venture capitalist yesterday who was lamenting the Fed’s rate hike and took the position that the Fed “is going to kill the global economy.” I replied, “easy money causes busts, not interest rates.” Haven’t asked him if he’s read any Rothbard.

      • Rebecca

        In our case, production is owned privately and the state is owned by corporations. Read TTP… it gives sovereignty to corporatists.

        • TG Molitor

          Right. No better example of what you’re saying than the recent disclosure of Google spending more on lobbyists/campaign contributions than any other corporation since 2012. Politicians’ oxygen is money and Google supplies the O2.

  • Guy Christopher

    Since when is populist a dirty word? Did not the Founding Fathers envision citizens serving in leadership positions instead of perpetually elected rulers? Did they not risk the hangman to establish populist government?

    Here’s an idea for republican primary voters: they should demand a Dole, McCain, Romney, Paul Ryan or still another Bush run for president. That will teach those pesky small government types.

    The New Yorker would call me Fascist also. I personally want to see a wall built stopping illegal immigrants from crossing the southern border, and I do want to see millions of illegals of all stripes made to leave, deported or cajoled, and I don’t want 100,000 Syrian males age 15-60 coming to the US, and I pack a pistol – which I’m prepared to use.

    I’m not sure what Trump really is, and he’s not first choice for me, but I know that he is scaring hell out of media pundits of all stripes, and
    scaring hell out of the republican/democrat hierarchy, so that’s a huge plus. Dittos there to Cruz and Carson. And I know without Trump, there would have been no discussion of illegal or unwanted immigration in the current election discourse. Unlike His Imamship Barry O, Trump has been very transparent about his views. Unlike His Imamship, Trump is being vetted.

    I note that R. Reagan and super-pundit C. Krauthammer were once liberal democrats, who had epiphanies and switched allegiances. I don’t hold past discretions against Trump. I also note Fox News was once an anti-establishment network, and I don’t care for Fox much anymore. I want a guy, who speaks to at least a couple of my views, choosing the next couple of supreme court justices, not a Clinton.

    Perhaps it’s not a question of who we like, but who scares us least. Nothing I’ve seen of Trump scares me.

    No other republican candidate is going to stand there in front of millions on television next year on the stage in the First Great Debate and say to Hillary’s face she is a lying, cowardly traitor to this country who belongs in prison. If anyone will, Trump will. If he does, it’s a Reagan landslide. I don’t know if we will be better off if Trump wins, but I know we could be worse off if Clinton wins.

    • Praetor

      Trumps like the Kardashian. His whole life if out in the open. I don’t think his privacy even stops at the bedroom door. Bankrupt over and over, divorced over and over, like to gamble big time (casinos), has no problem showing his wealth, says he likes guns. Lets face it Guy, Trumps all American. That is what the people are looking for, ALL AMERICAN BOY! Not some no nothing, do nothing commie leftist social worker intent on making us all equal. No, the people are looking for the, All American Boy!!!!

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      I am concerned that you are allowing yourself to be motivated by fear rather than dispassionate reason and the hard lessons of history when you advocate an impenetrable wall at the borders to be built, maintained, and enforced by government, and immigrants forcibly deported or prevented from entering the US on the premise of the collectivist Fallacy of Composition and its logical corollary, the Principle of the Presumption of Guilt.

      Remember that a wall not only can keep out that which one regards as “undesirable”, but also can serve to forcibly keep one from leaving, if one chooses for whatever reason, thus converting the place it “protects” into a slave pen. North Korea, and Soviet Russia and its enslaved associated nations and peoples, like those of East Germany, are a few of many historical and current examples of the dangers inherent in the kind of wall you envision to be built and enforced along the borders of the United States.

      I maintain that every human being has the right to freedom of movement to any place on this planet, that one has the right to be stateless, if one chooses to be, and to leave one’s native land and migrate–legally or illegally–to whatsoever land one chooses–at one’s own expense and risk–and having arrived at that new place, enter it peacefully and support oneself and one’s family productively and entirely at one’s expense, respecting the legitimate individual rights of others, and receiving voluntary sponsorship and charitable assistance from whomever that supplements one’s own efforts, but nothing more. No government-funded, i.e. tax-funded, i.e. forcibly-funded assistance of any kind whatsoever–which assistance ought not to exist at all for any native citizen or resident of any nation in the first place.

      The problems and concerns that people have about immigration, like those they have about the economy and jobs, are, to a great extent, fundamentally the result of government interference. The government prevents people from sponsoring immigrants, and its control of and consequent factual ownership of land via coercive property taxes and outright ownership of lands, including lands along the borders in the form of national parks (e.g Big Bend) wilderness areas, and forest lands–thinly patrolled not only due to constrained budgets but also–and I would argue mainly–because of a lack of personal investment and accountability (see “Tragedy of the Commons”) facilitates immigrants’ surreptitious entry into the US.

      Let ALL land and its resources be truly owned and controlled as private property by the abolition of coercive property taxes and eminent domain, and the government’s holdings unconditionally privatized throughout the US right up to its borders, and its owners, motivated by their having an ownership stake in it, will monitor their lands and deal with trespassers–with their firearms at the ready, as YOU, sir, would have them be–and rightly so.

      Trump would never agree to this, nor would any other candidate, for he, like they, are statists who merely differ in degree. They want power and control over all people and all forms of wealth. Trump is a crony-capitalist, which is merely a euphemism for a fascist, i.e. “a statist who leans to the right”, as Ayn Rand correctly identified a fascist. (A socialist/communist is a statist who leans to the left). He merely differs from other crony-capitalists in being honest about it, but he still seriously thinks that he is entitled to receive stolen property–stolen via coercive taxation and distributed to him–to fund his business ventures.

      Trump is a narcissist and a sociopath. He appeals to peoples’ emotions and fears, encouraging mindless, jingoistic patriotism and supports more of the same hegemonic, bellicose, intrusive, foreign policy that those in US government–sociopaths all–have pushed and practiced for over a century–with violent, retaliatory results.

      Trump reminds me a lot of Rafael Trujillo, the dictator of The Dominican Republic from 1930 to 1961. Like Trujillo, he is a narcissist and a sociopath with the same vitriol and contempt towards immigrants as Trujillo had towards Haitians (though Trump may not be motivated by racism, as Trujillo was), whom Trujillo slaughtered by the thousands. I could see Trump creating a Cult of Personality around himself, as Trujillo and other dictators have, perhaps re-naming New York City “Trump City”, and issuing mandatory license plates, window placards, and bumper stickers that read “Trump on Earth; God in Heaven”, echoing Trujillo’s propaganda. Perhaps President Trump would award himself military medals, as Trujillo did to himself. Then, like people did Trujillo, we can call Trump “Bottlecap”, in reference to his medals, but to his face, instead of behind his back, as people and their children did Trujillo.

      Trump is a dangerous person, an aspiring tyrant who uses populist rhetoric to bypass peoples’ critical thinking and appeal to their emotions and raw, unchecked fears. He’s using the same psychological tactics, including scapegoats, that campaigning sociopaths have employed time and again throughout history to the present.

      I am concerned, Guy, that you are allowing Trump to hoodwink you.

      Please check his premises carefully and critically–and yours.

      • Guy Christopher

        Thanks, Colonel. I see your points, with a few choice arguments, primarily, your view that anyone on Earth has the right to move anywhere else on Earth. Sorry, but I don’t buy that at all. If walls should not exist, then let’s start with tearing down the walls of your home and continue from there.

        As I said, Trump is not my first choice, but between Trump and the Hillarybeast, I’ll take Trump. Personally, I think there are, and will come, more drastic, and more definitive expressions for new government, but I know human beings, as history shows, are well conditioned to endure a century or two of slavery before they take that final drastic measure. The onslaught of sharia guided peoples may speed that up by 50 years, and I’m sorry I won’t be here for that showdown. For now, we do what we can.

        As To Fear, the world would all have been better off today had Americans begun fearing the loss of our liberties a century ago. But as a nation, we blew it. Although we all had moments of well deserved bravado, we failed in the big show. Our legacy will be that our great grandchilden will pay a heavy price in blood for ours and our forefather’s enormous ignorance.

  • Jim Johnson

    Trump is a clever bastard who can afford to do as he wishes against a field of mega rich bastards doing as they so wish. I got involved in the joke of the 2012 elections, and stayed involved with many other neighbors. I must believe there is still Wisdom in the general vote. So long as Trump seems to understand this, I will not be getting in his way. My hope is some of these very intelligent people standing for office are pursuing a strategy bigger than their individual selves.

  • Praetor

    I hate the government! They are traitors to ‘we the people’! That is what its about. Will Trump be a fascist dictator, at this time who cares, just as long as it isn’t a Clinton/Bush or a ‘shill’ poser such as Obama! If the GOP pulls a Ron Paul on Trump, you will see a riot war on the convention floor. I like Trump, I like Rand Paul, I like Ted Cruz, they all speak the constitution says, but the question as always, will they follow it or re-write it. This has been the problem since they signed it. Interpreting instead of following the constitution. The constitution is simple, ‘Freedom of’ and ‘Freedom from’, and all of it means small, and smaller government, and over time almost no government. Now that is the constitution! Not less freedom and larger government, and getting larger, and less, and less Freedom/Liberty. So, will any of these people follow the constitution, who knows. Trump knows he is the anti-government vote. Trump won’t go down with out a fight. Trumps is no HillBillary nor bushwhacker boys. It will be interesting to watch!!!

  • b_c

    I’m completely flabbergasted at the narrowmindedness of the mainstream poltical narrative from both sides, Trump included. If anything, it does confirm we are sick and tired with the same old same old. As for myself, they can all keep bickering against one another raising passions while the only candidate with popular support finally wins the Democratic nomination and the Presidency.

  • Trump may be set-up for the fall guy, a giant stooge: he gets in to office, the burning poisonous house of cards caves in on all sides, he gets the blame for everything (economy, immigration, war, oil crises, carbon taxes, you name it), the public rue the day they ever voted for a political outsider, vow never to do anything dumb like that again and beg for yet more of the old regime magic.

    • Jim Johnson

      Spot on. 2020 will be which Hitler best impersonates Santa.

      • I had a vision of a Hitler/Santa mix-up – a strange apparition but the riding boots worked well with white fur tops!

    • Steven Hotho

      If this should actually happen, I wonder what “President” Trump’s response would be?

      • I can imagine all sorts of responses I would wish and hope for, to the betterment of humanity, but I fear he will know what is expected of him and play his roll like a good little puppet, for there are no real actors in the theatre of marionettes. That begs the question: is he the genuine item? Is he an agent of the same forces who have delivered us so far or is he his own man. If he won office would he: resist and act against the establishment (with the inevitable JFK consequence), would he fall or be manipulated into line or is he in some way already just part of the establishment agenda – a double agent of types.

        From my perspective no lasting change can be delivered from action within the cult of the Leviathan. The Leviathan must be seen for what it is, a myth, a false belief, and human society must progress to a new form of governance – the autonomous freedom of a stateless society.

  • autonomous

    I was not around to see Hitler and Mussolini, but I have seen both in newsreels from that era. Trump is a Mussolini clone, both in appearance and in ideology. In fact, so are billions of the current species.

  • Samarami

    This article, the referenced New Yorker column — the complete razzmatazz — is a primary reason I’ve not owned or allowed a television on my premises for now a half-century. I have but one comment — an urgent request, actually:

    Abstain from beans, folks!