UN Move Toward World Government With First-Ever Globally Televised Leadership Debate
By Daily Bell Staff - July 12, 2016

10 candidates for next UN chief to be in “globally televised” debate  … Ten of the 12 candidates who have announced their bids to replace UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will take part in a first-ever “globally televised” debate, President Mogens Lykketoft of the General Assembly said here Monday.  –

The UN is moving faster now to become the empowered body of world government and this mimic of a democratic election, as reported above, is just one more piece of the puzzle.

There are of course reports that UN vehicles are seeding Western parts of the United States as well, preparatory for some sort of US national security operation that will make use of UN vehicles.

Meanwhile, using the global blunderbuss of climate change, the UN has been organizing international conferences that supersede national authority.

Most recently, the UN created the “largest coalition of mayors to combat climate change.”

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is, according to the UN, “the world’s largest coalition of mayors, spanning six continents, representing 7,100 cities and 119 countries.”

The UN describes it as the “first-of-its-kind global initiative of cities and local governments leading in the fight against climate change.”

According to a European Commission (EC) press release, the Mayors and coalition represent more than 600 million inhabitants and more than 8% of the world’s population.

Announcing the accord in Brussels, EC Vice-President Maros Sefcovic said, “The EU Covenant of Mayors shows that when mayors share a vision of a low-carbon future and roll up their sleeves, things get done …

“Bottom-up and close to the citizens: that is the strength of the European Covenant. As of today, this will become the strength of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, a coalition that is truly unique on the global scene.”

Expanded activism is evident in the UN’s first-ever “globally televised” debate to be held in the UN General Assembly hall Tuesday evening.

It will be broadcast by UNTV and Al Jazeera Media Network. General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft elaborated at a press conference:

“The first globally televised event where 10 of the 12 candidates for the position of the next secretary-general are able to be present …

“The aim we are looking for is much broader participation in the general (UN) membership and the general public of the world in the selection of the next secretary general. This is the town hall of the United Nations.”

According to the UN Charter, “The secretary-general shall be appointed by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.”

In the past, the council has secretly chosen a single candidate for recommendation to the General Assembly.  But now nine of the 12 candidates have been publicly interviewed by General Assembly participants. . The 10th interview, of Figueres, is scheduled for Thursday.

Conclusion: At a time when internationalist forces are obviously moving to expand formal globalization on all fronts through such trade agreements as TPP, and by deepening the political bonds of the EU, the UN’s activities are not surprising. They are part of a larger whole.

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  • “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” — Thomas Jefferson

    “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence, (I conjure you to believe me fellow citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government.” — George Washington

  • ConPatriot1234

    We need to get OUT of the UN! Time for #Amexit!

    • Kar’ing


  • Guy Christopher

    The US will hold its own global leadership conference next November. the rest of the global leaders are scared to death.


    I have no doubt that this political move by the UN will soon accompany the role that her IMF will play in rescuing the Federal Reserve soon, per the blog we wrote 2 months ago, “Banker, Bail Thyself” at

    Since Brexit, China, the BIS and the IMF have been holding meetings to work out the final details of the rollout of the global economic reset and the drastic collapse of the old US Dollar (Federal Reserve Notes).

  • DrDean

    The United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held at the Bretton Woods Hotel in 1944. Coincidentally enough that is where and when the IMF and the World Bank were formed in writing.

  • ThomasJK

    The “United Nations” is a parasitoidic sad, sick joke, a power and control game, that is being played on the Citizens of the nations of Earth by a globalist, despotic would-be ruling class.
    Are the roots already sunk so deep that they can no longer be extracted and if so, will all sovereign nations become the unfortunate “hosts” who will meet their demise?

  • ED.F

    More BS brainwashing !!
    Wake up people,turn off the TV.
    Said it in a prior DB post,Trump may be our last vestige of truth for the U.S.S.A…
    November ,gonna be interesting to say the least!

    • Sven

      No offense but you’re preaching to the choir. I’m fatiguing from people telling me to wake up on websites where generally only enlightened people dwell in regards to these topics.

      And Hillary is not a criminal (sarc off, good for the blood pressure!).

      • ED.F

        Sven ,no offense,but if your fatigued from these websites then don’t read them or reply anymore!! Enlightened people?im a realist who is no longer brainwashed by media.I just returned from golfing as a single and teamed up with three other men all older than me whom I’ve never met,politics came up in discussion,all agreed the US GOVT. is corrupt including the clintons.Perhaps you should investigate how many people have died in connection with the clintons including the latest ,John Ashe,former UN president who was also indicted for bribery and was set to testify against the clintons,no offense!

  • James Freeman

    Who are these people in the u.n., with the delusional brains, that has never done anything constructive in their lives but sit around in their big fat chairs making rules to their games and somehow think WE THE PEOPLE are part of their game?
    Most of the worlds poplation do not know what they are doing and do not care!

  • r2bzjudge

    Britain decided to exit the EU. Other EU countries want referendums.

    The tide is running against globalism.

    • Casey Phyle

      The tide is running against globalism. Very true. Brexit is the proof, and others want to follow. But the parasites want to propagandize us into believing their Brown Stuff and give in to the “inevitable” globalization. Don’t swallow their Kool-Aid; protest at every opportunity. The bad guys construe silence as agreement.

  • Praetor

    This really sounds like a last ditch effort to make the UN relevant and have an effect on world events. I personally view the UN as no more than a movie backdrop. Its like Hillary’s foundation, takes in a lot of money to commit more crimes, than anything good. The UN is NWOs way of creating jobs.

    If we begin to see blue hats and UN marked vehicles around U.S. roads, people will see this as an invasion by a foreign power. And this be a fact all this divide and conjure strategy will go right out the window, because this is a government generated, MSM lie. This division is a ministry of propagandas projection and is not the truth of the facts on the ground. Its the whole mass of the U.S. citizen you have to look at, not just the small groups, that get their TV time, but the whole of society. Its a big mistake to thing the U.S. is divided.

    Those that dawn the blue hats and UN emblem be riding into a ‘Maelstrom’, good luck to them!!!

  • Webforager

    The internationalists are building infrastructure for the purpose of energy cooperation under the guise of climate change. My question is, is this the means for cementing demand for a common currency?

    • Razedbywolvs

      Socialism .. who cares about supply and demand.

      • Webforager

        The construct is better described as mercantilist…

  • Proud US vet/American

    “Beware! BIG BROTHER is watching you!” This kind of globalization only means one thing-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!! World citizen’s be prepared, we are on the path to WWlll, and the possible end to mankind!

    • Kar’ing

      Thank you “Proud US vet/American” for your service. And I thank GOD ALMIGHTY that HE IS SOVEREIGN. He will only let the evil go so far, then He’ll be sending His Son back!!!