What Brexit Supporters Have Wrong About the Origins of the EU
By Daily Bell Staff - April 28, 2016

The European Union always was an American project.  It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.  – Telegraph

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is telling the truth again, or at least part of it, in this most recent column of his. But we find ourselves disagreeing with him on some important points.

More on that in a minute.

The initial cause of the column is supposedly Pritchard’s disbelief regarding euro-skeptics who were shocked by Barack Obama’s recent statements (made in England) opposing Brexit.

Obama went so far as to warn those who might be sympathetic to Brexit that the preference of the US was to negotiate with the EU when it came to matters of economy and state.

A country set free by Brexit would be seen by the US as an afterthought, or so he basically implied.

Obama’s statements caused quite a stir. The idea was that the US stood for freedom and individual as opposed to communal rights. Obama made it clear this was a misunderstanding.

Pritchard spends the rest of the column explaining how the US power structure really works and why the US is responsible for the European Union.

He points out that the the Schuman Declaration that gradually led to the initial European Community was “cooked up” by the US Secretary of State Dean Acheson at a meeting in Foggy Bottom.

Pritchard also draws on now-declassified documents from State Department archives “showing that US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, and worked aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into the project.”


As this newspaper first reported when the treasure became available, one memorandum dated July 26, 1950, reveals a campaign to promote a full-fledged European parliament.

It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the Central Inteligence Agency.   The key CIA front was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), chaired by Donovan.

Pritchard finds all of this secretive but little of it reprehensible. He believes the US acted “astutely” given the reality of the Cold War of the time.

Interestingly he cites a memo dated June 11, 1965 that “instructs the vice-president of the European Community to pursue monetary union by stealth.”

We’ve pointed out many times that the EU’s monetary union was designed to generate momentum for a deeper political union. But a memo from June 1965 shows the discipline and longevity of the initial strategy.

Pritchard’s argument flows naturally into insights regarding the stance that Brexit supporters ought to be taking regarding an exit.

According to Pritchard, given the time and effort that the US in particular has invested in building the EU, “the awful truth for the Leave campaign is that the governing establishment of the entire Western world views Brexit as strategic vandalism.”

In his view, Brexit supporters should be emphasizing a larger military budget and should seek a powerful partnership with France to create a non-EU security alliance.

Unless Brexit supporters quickly come to understand that leave-taking will involve building a modern state – a kind of mini-EU in some respects – the movement will fail.

“You can quarrel with Europe, or you can quarrel with the US,” Pritchard finishes, “but it is courting fate to quarrel with the whole democratic world at the same time.”

However, Pritchard has left out some powerful players. Chief among them, London’s City and its financiers. This is the group to which we here at DB attribute the EU in its formative years and even today.

He claims that the EU is a US and even CIA invention. But intelligence agencies were initially private and thus were the creation of monied banking interests that wanted real insights from abroad.

Top intelligence operatives “follow the money” when it comes to their reporting lines. And the real money and most powerful influences have resided in London for centuries.

According to Pritchard, the EU was conceived of as a counterweight to the Soviet Union and civilian twin of the military NATO. But at a more fundamental level, the EU experiment is actually just one more advance in creating an evermore connected and inter-dependent world.

Globalist mercantilism is an authoritarian curse that removes choices from people’s lives and substitutes regulation. It is funded and driven by central banking – and by financiers – not by NATO.

Monopoly central banking was basically founded in London and to a large degree London financial “City” remains its seat of power.

We need to understand this power and its processes if we are to counteract it as a society and as individuals. If we do not wish to live under globalist regimes, we need to combat manifestations of faux internationalism in our societies and in our personal lives.

And we need to identify where the trend is coming from. We need to understand who is driving it. It is being driven by powerful financial interests. And those interests have always resided in the City.

Conclusion: What can we learn from the misunderstandings of Brexit supporters? That clarity is necessary when it comes to identifying the foes of freedom. Pritchard’s article, as informative as it is, unfortunately does us few favors in this regard.



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  • Bruce C.

    The only misunderstanding BREXIT supporters have is the depth of sickness in the minds of “globalists”. I’ve been saying that all of these diabolical machinations are getting so complicated and intertwined that things are more likely to blow up for everybody than work out in any recognizable way. Just this “story” of who and what was the behind the formation of the EU strikes me as a little absurd. How could something like that be so mysterious? The answer must be that there were many interests involved that may now be in conflict.

    Here’s a suggestion: Tell the ME refugees heading to Germany that Allah wants them to punish the usurious money changers in London’s “City”. It would be very interesting to see what would happen then.

    • Chuck

      The City of London is already run by Middle Easterners.

      • You make a joke?

        • olde reb

          I believe Chuck means London is overrun by Middle Easterners.

          It is interesting
          that Benjamin Ginsberg relates in FATAL EMBRACE that London
          financiers had induced King John to invade Normandy centuries ago.
          The revolt by the Barons, who would have had to fund and staff the invasion, forced the Magna Carta upon a virtually deposed king. Ben laments the financiers were eventually deseized, physically abused, and exiled. Their removal was apparently temporary.

          Is it not apparent
          that the EU is a significant attribute of the New World Order and
          Britain’s objection to it would be a loss to the movement ? The NWO has gone past the wild-eyed theory stage into an accepted viable
          objective isn’t it ?


      • Pilgrim

        Thus the moniker “Londonistan”.

    • That a secrecy of hidden manipulative intent can work through diverse and conflicting self interest is simply the nature of the ‘beast’. No one needs to ‘control’ others when they can be induced to serve such agenda as if it was their own and when there is a potential obstruction – there is a wide network of influence to bring the key pressures to key players in key points.
      This is very different from the illusion of control that is accorded to ‘power’ that presumes a similar illusion of control to that which we operate under the belief we have.
      Sickness in mind is what I feel is the PERVASIVE issue and that mind is therefore the template within which we think if we are not whole enough to observe it in act and be free of its deceit.
      When it comes to power – most are in agreement as to what it is but differ in its application and distribution or balance. As with inequality of wealth, many are envious of the powerful but are not in the arena of aligning or serving it to gain status and privilege of wealth and influence – even if all of it is token and dependent on conformity and obedience.

      I feel your last point is groundless. Many are for whatever reasons, fleeing their homeland at great risk to themselves, in search of a better life or even survival as such – including families with young and old members. To cast them as idiots who will do violence because they are told to, is demeaning. From any group of discontented and dissociated people, one may subvert, trick or simply hire some to perform acts of violence. Or perform such acts in disguise as them. The fact that ‘elitist’ interests are never the targets of any such attack is itself evidence that they are not in fact who the media presents them to be. Again you will find a diversity of self interest being focused or manipulated by disciplined opportunism. Where do they get funding, arms and covert support from? Ancient hatreds are exploited by those who feed them indirectly.

      One of the key moves of ‘power play’ is to set your rivals against themselves and each other in such a way as to profit from their diminishment and destruction. So IF you were able to actually carry out your imagined strike of vengeance – it would merely meet a reaction that would strengthen its defences and limit your capacity to cause bother.

      BTW it is possible that the sacrifice of Life on Earth is a scenario of achieving victory over it. This may not be openly held in thought – but it is clearly active as an agenda. Power in destruction is an oppositional sense of defiance and vengeance. There is a deep rage in humanity that is both denied – and used as a power source. My suggestion is to reclaim your feelings by honest acceptance instead of denials that mask with personal and social pretences – but take the hate from the trigger and stop feeding the fires of inflammation that are a sickness in mind that ravages our body in all kinds of convoluted and complex machinations as to seem unrelated to our own mind – indeed our ‘mind’ is busy justifying our self to ourself unless we pause it enough to feel a true connection.

      When conflict ceases to be the most interesting thing in life – some other kind of life can take root and flower.

      As an Englishman I am not a Brexit supporter – but a lover of truth and of the freedom to discover it – and hence choose not to sacrifice the idea of sovereignty – or free willingness as I see it – to a regulatory imposition in the name of a collective imposition that only shadow elites get to define and enforce. I want a process of willingness for communication to be the basis of outcomes – even though there is very scarce evidence of that in any arena of social and political life as a result of misplaced or betrayed trust.
      So I am living that willingness anyway – and the outcomes of my willingness are perspectives that arise from my participation. Because regardless of the apparent condition, we each have a unique perspective that is our experience of life. I don’t care what anyone ‘tells me’. I go within to discern – and am vigilant against Trojan horses by which false hopes are taken in that then operate as an inside job – by my own un-mindful consent.

      • Bruce C.

        My “suggestion” was somewhat tongue-in-cheek but meant to point out that a lot of what’s going on within the populace is the result of purposeful mis-education, ignorance and propaganda and it seems like a kind of Frankenstein monster is being created (the mobs of refugees and perhaps soon (white) European citizens too) that could easily and unknowingly attack its own “creators”. That, and because I think everything is so complicated (at least to me) in terms of the true intentions of whom, my “suggestion” was a way to possibly clarify things a bit at least publicly. I could just have well have suggested they go to Brussells and lay waste the EU building and its inhabitants. One or both of those “entities” or institutions I suspect were and still are behind the European invasion but I’m sure they expect to remain above the fray. “The City” may be anti-BREXIT now but if they suddenly became the enemy of the mobs I think they’de change their minds. A little poetic justice, if you will.

        Good luck on finding the truth in all of this. I am too.

        Along those lines, but I don’t know enough about it yet, and it does sound classically conspiratorial, but supposedly “the elites” have been planning for Islam to destroy Christians and Christianity in the West for a few hundred years at least and that’s why this is happening. Why anybody would want that I don’t know. Especially Islam. Islam is the “stupidest” of the “great world religions” IMO.

        • Intentions are tricky because it is impossible to see in others what is not in oneself and vice versa. Self interest operates in all – but false definition of self will lead to destructive or conflicted outcomes until corrected – which may take a moment or millennia.
          I have a sense of the imprinting of our core conditioning that we each carry different aspects of, and while it operates an extraordinarily complex of denial and fragmentation – I also see it opens a no less extraordinary richness of feeling and experience when embraced and owned rather than judged and rejected.

          Globalists are not secret in many of their goals and the replacing of traditional (and religious) identities with the State (religion) is one of them. While one CAN see the stupid in anything – including traditional religious developments – I feel there is a baby in the bathwater. – not least the human being who is predicated in its idea.

          A religion or Idea by which to live is not stupid in itself – but only those who use it as persistent futility. All religions tend to teach sacrifice of self to the representative or symbol of a greater power – but this I find, is a mistake.

          Those who would ‘lord it’, sacrifice to the god of power over conflict. I’m heading the other way – in free-wiling acceptance of all that I am – which is unconflicted in itself – and a different foundation from which to live because it is not persisting in a conflicted futility in vain hope of getting rid of the symptoms.

          True surrender is to Self – not to any symbol, image or concept of anything. But to That which you already are – which lives you regardless the scripting overlay of the personality sense. Which is not who you are – but is part of how you are focusing in this experience of a lifetime.

  • robertsgt40

    It always comes back to tribal mentality. Always has.

  • rahrog

    The secessionists of Scotland, and elsewhere, are strengthened by Obama’s threats. The emperor has NO clothes.

  • This article is timely and I hope it’s perspective finds a way into a larger conversation. I feel that good v evil narratives obfuscate a layer of deceit that triggers conditioned reaction where free attention would see more of what is present and perhaps open new possibilities. It all hinges on core definitions of self… and power.

    There are specific underlying patterns of thought that result in such a structure of controlling the unwary – not least the lack of focus and acceptance of false presentations in which we – generally – are all to ‘happy’ to sleepwalk when it ‘suits us’.
    The opening parts of the ‘Protocols’ illuminate the core emotional perspective of an ‘unworthiness; of others and indeed of humanity – that ‘cannot be trusted’ and is self-evidently weak and conflicted or degraded and hiding from the reality of predation as the only real underlying power – and so the ones who align and accept this ‘true power’ awake from moral inhibitions to claim ‘true power’ over those who are unfit for it.
    Elitism of self-specialness that at the same time is called to sacrifice itself to an unfeeling or inhuman ‘power’ is a pattern I can see in human consciousness. I attempt to write to open perspective on such consciousness – but the imprint of self-sacrifice is in fact the device by which a treasured self-specialness is defended against any possibility of communication or exposure.
    Whereas lies can and must assert, insinuate and impose themselves to have any currency of exchange. Truth cannot engage in war and remain Itself.
    To a war-mind, however, truth is the death by which it exists. The Jesus Story also enacts this. Allegiance to power that demands sacrifice is a cold, hollow and loveless ‘intelligence’ that has no feeling for a creation unfit and insulting to its image of perfection – in which ultimately no movement of relational feeling-being disturbs. This is a ‘god’ of death given power over life.
    Such manipulation operates through deceits that we take to be powers over or protections from the feelings we hate and cant abide in ourselves. There is the correspondence in loveless power – for we are first self-judging and self-hating and THEN look out to ‘see’ an unfit and unworthy, ugly and threatening world.

    I suggest that these ‘negative’ or denied feeling are rising up anyway regardless the controls and promises or deceits of any power on Earth – and that they effectively herd or gather a ‘harvest’ of a willingness to deny and forsake Life in the forms of attempting control OVER it – which is increasingly evidently destructive to Life on Earth – which is more one with our creative source-nature than a ‘disconnected’ sense of self can recognize or participate in.

    But one can just as easily see a harvest being gathered of willingness for Life – a true willingness to embrace Life on Earth – regardless of any quantitative aspects.

    The identity in loveless power is dependent on the denial of feeling being – or true presence – to seem to exist. For the feeling aspect cannot be substituted for by emotionalism of a compulsive dictate and still be free to feel and know Life.

    The freedom to feel and know Life is denied by definition – and so is restored by the release of such definition. That self-definitions operate as a deceit that denies a greater freedom of participation in all that Life is – is very well hidden in plain sight. But our relational interactions – our world – reveals this to us when instead of presuming to judge over all else, we recognize correspondences that enable a clearing out of that which does not belong in our ‘template’ or temple – so that what truly aligns in belonging rises of itself to our recognition.

    This is an entirely different order of perfection than that of a form-based thinking.
    Communication of false meanings operates a coded currency of deceit. It is a remarkable achievement that witnesses to the power of Thought – but as an inversion or reversal of the true order. For cause is not killed by its effects – nor Mind killed by its thoughts – yet this is exactly what we are believing – in asserting a mind as power over Thought. Coercion reflects a split-minded victim and victimizer, that then cascades as a chain reaction of conflicted fragmentation under the attempt to control ‘chaos’.

    Recognizing the coercive as distinct from the forcefully or fully communicated, is recognizing lovelessness in disguise… and not choosing to align with or operate out from it. One doesn’t need a complex understanding to smell a hate and refuse it – but once undermined from a core feeling of relational being – false understandings operate to invalidate and inhibit your true power of Living.

    Governance is the power that holds the balance points of a rich and dynamic multiversity of Life. False governance is set in a rigid and fixed compulsion as to what life is and thus sees almost everything that does not conform to its judgement as chaotic or threatening and out of balance. It becomes the sort of victory that ‘got the cancer!’ – but killed the patient.

  • boatman10

    Obama’s statement is obviously, blatantly and historically not true, as most of what he ever says is also.

  • thefinancedude

    This analysis is missing the “Madrid Circular” of which only Dr Farrell seems to have brought to public knowledge – the EU was the nazi’s exit strategy post WW2 as no one from the nazi party itself ever signed a single surrender instrument. Only the military generals etc signed it – and the nazi party went deep underground installing itself into as many corporate executive positions as possible while infiltrating the US Gov/MIC via project paperclip – so if the EU is a US creation, its because the US is simply the face of a well hidden fascist network…

    • If you are saying the US is a puppet state then I agree with you.

      The Nazi Party was not unsupported or un-infiltrated by International Power cartels. So where you put the chicken or the egg may depend on your current education. Painting the Nazis as powerful but evil has had an emasculating effect on European consciousness – so most are conditioned to assign an evil power to be causal there – and then define themselves against it – without looking further for the networks of power that operate within a completely different view of the world – for power uses whatever is useful and available to effect outcomes in its favour.

      • thefinancedude

        Do not disagree – was merely pointing out the nested doll nature to this power analysis as you so deftly see too!

        BTW – my simpleton mind has reduced all this into: Man does “X” to Man.

        Truly there are no organizations – only wo/men who cleverly ruse the unaware with mass mind games…

        • As one who has been touched or opened to a quality of one-ness (for lack of better words), I can only say that all is in a sense self-inflicted – but in ways that seem anything but and are thus experienced as violations or indeed power over. Jesus said – “even as you do unto the least …you do unto Me”. This for me, speaks the Heart’s recognition – but identifications of personal or interpersonal organisational structure operate in self-concept until the worship of form or image gives way to the worth-ship of a true recognition.
          Bob Dylan sung “it’s only people’s games, you got to dodge” – but did not realize it is the games we play within our own mind that attract such a negative synchronicity.
          Therefore if I find myself deceived I can thank the circumstance for revealing more about my otherwise hidden (to me) backdoors of conflicted or unguarded thought.
          Victimhood is used as a source of power here and the true creative power that is our natural inheritance is lost to the addictive entanglements – games and drama – that identification in power (over or under) brings.

          The mind is also a device of denial and the layers of denial and overlay of pretence make unravelling impossible BY the mind thus defined. So where we are coming FROM is our core responsibility – for if we come from a falsely defined sense of self, all else will serve that false agenda – regardless our profession or presentation. But this is also no blame or shame in the place we wake to realize it is NOT our true willingness.

          So yes to your post – and note the mass demand for unconsciousness calls forth a cast of roles accordingly.
          The truly shared is a vibrational quality of resonance – for shared purpose is what governs beneath the appearance of personae – corporate or otherwise. But to share purpose in disrupting and denying communication so as to play power games – cannot actually join or meet at all – and so enacts a contractual substitute for Life – a currency of exchange that operates from an agreement to lack wholeness and thus avoid intimacy. There is more ‘beneath the scenes’ than bad guys to ‘take out’.

          • thefinancedude

            One here too knows One-ness (agree no term really perhaps Love is “closer” to true intent/feeling).

            Bad guys = good guys/perception.

            Best advice is to learn how to pilot the astral/etheric/ego bodies successfully and seek whatever One desires…perhaps then the hoax, cosmic as it is – will reveal itself…

            the “World” exists on paper, Earth/nature does not domicile there – reread Gen 1 and Gen 2 – two Creators…which one does One choose to align to while playing the paper game…inside the Earth game 🙂

            the high contracting powers will honor one’s choice – though one time is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times though – now we have a pattern!

            turtles…all the way….down – lmfao!

  • Pilgrim

    For centuries the white nations of Europe (led by Britain) invaded lands around the globe, the peoples of those lands often becoming economic, if not actual, slaves as their own nation’s resources were exploited by Europeans.

    Today, weakened by decades of Marxism and central banking, Europe is once again the victim of wrong-headed policies, now actually inviting invading hoards of Islamics in their midst.

    Where Suleiman failed in 1529 Islamics of today have succeeded.

    The axis powers of 1938 boasting a population of 258 million caused a war that spread around the globe. It became known as a “World War”.

    Islamics of today boast a population of 1.7 billion, and they are invading.

    Whether or not Britain exits from the EU is of peripheral importance. The fact that barbarians have already breached the gates and are overrunning the wall is not!

    • This is not an invasion of conquerors but of a burden of conflicted liability and responsibility that is being targeted at Europe. I agree that humanity in general has been and is being weakened and in a sense de-constructed by false or conflicted thinking that we each take to be our own. Such is the art of deceit.

      The events triggered by globalism are significantly effected by corporate and financial law. There is no national or personal sovereignty under corrupted law used as a transnational imposition of loveless power. Financial and corporate power operates beyond the reach of governments that it can effectively subvert and usurp.

      There is little willingness to address this and what there is, is easily redirected into internecine conflicts. The self is thus programmed against its own Good by a hacker who has insider knowledge and is always one step ahead of our thinking.

      No matter the numbers – technology today can annihilate them/us and is held in check by a diminishing capacity for wisdom or restraint.To those who seek to be gods over humanity, what is useful is used while it has a use.

      EU is not as yet as ‘deconstructed’ as much of the Middle East and indeed of some of the US but ‘power games’ are between and among elites with anything and everything becoming subverted to war or ‘control’ agendas.

      However, we wake each day and live it as we find it. Chicken Licken ends her day in Foxy Loxy as supper. I prefer to wait on wisdom than rush around spreading panic – but of course if you have some practical advice…?

      Psy ops don’t have to be false flags to break down our ‘reality’/mind.