Yes, This is a Real CNBC Article on “Economics”
By Joe Jarvis - September 10, 2017

A chicken in every pot, and a unicorn in every garage. That’s the progressive dream.

No, seriously, they are dreaming, and they must have smoked something crazy before bed.

I almost couldn’t even write about this subject because I just kept staring at my computer screen wide-eyed and shaking my head. Really? Is this seriously being passed off as economics and news?

The larger the universal basic income, the greater the benefit to the economy, according to the report.

A $1,000 cash handout to all adults would grow the economy by 12.56 percent after eight years, the study finds. Current Congressional Budget Office estimates put the GDP at $19.8 trillion. The cash handout would therefore increase the GDP by $2.48 trillion. (Vox first did this extrapolation in their coverage of the report, and Steinbaum confirmed the accuracy of the extrapolation to CNBC Make It by email.)

Wow! You’re saying that by the U.S. government simply creating money out of thin air, we can increase the amount of money in existence! Why didn’t we think of this before? Why are we only $20 trillion in debt! why not go $200 trillion in debt. Why not $900 trillion?! Who cares, it just boosts the economy.

The super-serious-legitimate-intellectual study found that the larger the handout, the more the economy grows! Hear that? We can all be millionaires! It’s easy street from here on out.

We can all quit our jobs at the factories, farms, grocery stores, and office buildings. Things will keep being produced, sold, and organized according to the report.

What they didn’t add is that in order to finance these handouts without taxation, the U.S. would add $24 trillion of debt. The already insane national debt would more than double in 8 years.

And what would a cash influx of that kind cause?

Exactly what the study did not take into consideration. Inflation.

The factor that other models emphasize which is not present in the Levy Model is “potential output”—that the size of the macroeconomy is theoretically limited by supply constraints, and that once these bind, the effect offurther expansion in aggregate demand is primarily to increase inflation.

I love it. “Theoretically” the economy is limited by the supply of goods.

The grocery store has 100 loaves of bread, so theoretically, they can only sell 100 loaves of bread. Good thing only 100 people want to buy a loaf of bread.

But this study adds 1,000 more people who want to buy that bread. They conclude that this will not increase the price of the bread and that the extra 1,000 people who want bread will not be constrained by the fact that there are only 100 loaves.

It is utter nonsense! They are basically saying that they can drastically increase the consumption of goods without having to increase supply, and without the price of the goods rising.

And why do they believe this baloney? Because they are still using Keynesian economics, explained in the image below.

At very least the study concluded that raising taxes would have no net benefit to the economy. So they understand that taking from one person and handing to another would not grow the economy.

These estimates are based on a universal basic income paid for by increasing the federal deficit. As part of the study, the researchers also calculated the effect to the economy of paying for the cash handouts by increasing taxes. In that case, there would be no net benefit to the economy, the report finds.

But they apparently don’t believe that demand is enabled by supply. Have they tried to consume something that doesn’t exist? It’s a difficult task.

And they also don’t believe in inflation. But when the supply stays the same, and the demand grows, prices will rise. If the demand is enabled by increasing the monetary supply by going into more debt, that means that the value of the new dollars is derived from the old dollars. Every dollar gets a little bit more worthless because nothing about the real physical economy has changed. Supply has not grown to match increased demand.

And finally, maybe they don’t want to finance the universal basic income with taxation, but how are they going to pay the interest on the extra debt? Currently, it costs almost half a trillion dollars per year just to pay the interest on the $20 trillion national debt. They want to more than double that in just eight years. Who in their right mind would keep lending the U.S. money?

You can play with numbers, but you can’t change reality. This model would DESTROY the economy in 8 years, not improve it. Yes, there will be more money in supply, and therefore the economy has “grown” if you don’t factor in real purchasing power, which will collapse.

It would be a transfer of wealth from people with savings, to people in debt.

This trash is clearly being sold so that idiots can cite a study that says a universal basic income is a good thing. The chorus grows in the media, training the sheep how to sing their song of ignorance.

Baaa if you support a universal basic income!

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  • Baaa if you support a universal basic income!

    Take a walk on the wild side, JJ, and let tanking systems take the strain, for they are responsible the present drain[s] which offer no gain[s].

    Taking artificial wealth rather than supplying it, when you can choose to do either, is a really stupid, moronic move and because such supply has never been done before universally, is no valid reason to not try the new program/project. Indeed, in the light of emerging evidence are current catastrophic failures of past policy decisions surely a very good reason to do something completely different and virtually new too.

    You can be sure digital currency marketeers are aware of the fabulous profits to be generated via alternative means and memes, and the strength and advantage they would realise and wield over traditional ForeX markets.

    • aj54

      part of the delight of the current system is to be had by those who profit from it and actually derive pleasure from the swindling of others, and especially their pain

      • DjangoCat

        Sociopaths all. Read Putrid Shittgenstein “The Bullshit Machine” Vol. 1 of the Philosophy of Capitalism.

      • Ah, yes, aj54, the frenemy within to be eliminated. A RAT* or a virus in their systems will do it.

        *Remote Access Trojan

  • tahoe1780

    How about a 20-hour workweek and an Earned Income Match (instead of Credit)? Doubles the number of jobs while still motivating people to advance. Welfare dollars saved and money diverted from foreign wars could pay for it.

    • DjangoCat

      “money diverted from foreign wars”=cutting off the money pipeline to the MIC. That’s not going to happen.
      The only way through is to crash their system and supplant gold with bitcoin. That will kill them dead.

  • Praetor

    What are they going to do 7/8 billion people, when automation/robotics are the producers. Autobots only need oiling power and maybe a few people to turn a screw or tighten a bolt, but maybe another autobot can do that too. What are they going to do with the worlds people. This is a 50/100 year in the future problem. Good luck figuring this one out.!!!

    • Maddy

      That’s what people believed in 1900’s. That economy will collapse since all agriculture will be automated. Look at today!!

      • DjangoCat

        Read “The Time Machine” for a guess at how this turns out, the troglodites feeding on the “free dancing beauties in the light”.

  • WalkingHorse

    Credentialed imbeciles pretend to be our social and intellectual betters.

    “The mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs,
    nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately,
    by the grace of God.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    • Don Duncan

      “The mass of mankind…” may not have been born slaves, but they have been born into a world steeped in the superstition of violence over reason,of rule by elected rulers (a favored few). This cannot be justified by political argument so it is indoctrinated from youth, until taken on faith as unquestionable.
      Once enough have been infected with this faith in force, the rest can be dragged along by threats and punishment. Some victims comply under duress, most self-enslave without admitting it, in fact, attack anyone who would try to help them.
      To the unfaithful, un-superstitious, the masses are dangerous political zombies.

      • aj54

        Amen Don, we cannot even talk with them….

  • alpha_protagonist

    This begs the question…if governments can print any amount of $$$ they want, why are there taxes?

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      It had been demonstrated that taxes just don’t pay for diddly. The rate of national borrowing is what pays the bills because taxes couldn’t ever cover all that our spendthrift government wants to spend.

      • Doc

        It’s even worse, as I styed above when I looked into things they spent a lot more than the sum of income and borrowing. I never found out how they pulled it off.

    • davidnrobyn

      IMO, taxes, esp the income tax, are just a smokescreen. They provide cover for all the money creation. If there weren’t an income tax, people would start asking questions. Like, “Where’s all the money coming from?” The Feds don’t want people asking questions like that. The REAL purpose of the income tax, and hence the IRS, again IMO, is to ride herd on the citizenry, and keep them in fear. Works, doesn’t it?

      • gomurr

        The IRS is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve. It pays the interest on our debt.

        • disqussted999

          Exactly…besides the other functions it plays, mentioned above, it is also the banksters’ reward for setting up this fraudulent system for lending their created out of nothing legalized counterfeit notes (backed by nothing of course) to the govt. And of course the banksters show their appreciation for their ongoing license to steal the people’s wealth by filling the campaign coffers and enriching secret bank accounts and greasing the palms of those who were to represent the people and protect them from these criminals. In the meantime, the people are rewarded with a constantly devalued currency in which they are forced to be paid and which they must use to pay for goods and services, whose prices continually increase b/c of the devaluation of the currency. The greatest ongoing, govt-backed and -enabled financial swindle in the history of the world, in quantity anyway.

          • DjangoCat

            Ever wondered why Bitcoin is gaining traction? Same story all over.

      • mary

        the income tax led to inquisitorial government. It is also a primary method of behavior manipulation. Both are exactly what tptb want.

      • Doc

        Yes, and that reminded me of when I compared the annual government spending over ten years to the government income + government borrowing. You would assume that the first would equal the second + the third, at least over ten years.

        But the difference was enormous. The spending way exceeded the money coming in.

        I’m not sure how this could be the case, how they manage to pull it off.

        The right wing institute I worked for at the time didn’t let me dig deeper. Nothing to rock the boat, you now, just maintain the fascist duality.

        • DjangoCat

          Kabuki theater all the way. Diabolical, really.

      • It works effectively for a while, but only in states of ignorance where arrogance leads sway, davidnrobyn.

        More information networking and greater intelligence systems into remote command and cyber controlled administration create perfect storms and flash crashes that explode the myth and deliver madness and mayhem for CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] to rule. And such is catered for in the default programming of Future Virtual Derivative Deliveries today, for tomorrows which are sure to be nothing at all like the past with its ancient hurdles and secrets to keep.

        Oh, and another question which has current wheelers and dealers uncomfortable, is …. Where’s/Who’s all the money going to?

        If they aren’t earning it with honest toil be they crooks in a criminal enterprise and be joint venturing in a conspiracy.?!

    • Silver Savior

      It’s tradition lol.

    • DjangoCat

      Taxes are to pay the interest on the debt, and to fund the other scams like the military, the health care system, the prisons, the intelligence services, the prisons, the educational institutions, Fetullah Gulen, Bill and Hillary,.. oh, getting a bit off course,.. sorry.

  • Alan777

    It seems that marxist politics has polluted all fields of science and economics. Universal basic income probably sounds like a good idea to today’s snowflake generation and their teachers.

  • Doc

    If you actually try to study the econometric models these people are referring to, you will see that they are right, that’s actually what the models say. These econometric models are their gods. Don’t try to challenge the models, as they will call you petty infidels that don’t understand.

    Well I do, as I completed a model like that, 13,000 equations and all, and got myself a fancy doctor’s degree.

    I can tell you that you can tweak such models to produce any output you want, and I can tell you that people are doing exactly this. Anything to get the next “research” grant, to get to the next conference (held in Bahamas probably), to get a government job or consulting contract. It’s all bogus disguised as science.

    They all know they are advancing an agenda, while seling their souls.

    • Bischoff

      I couldn’t have said it any better…..

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Very true, thanks for the insight.

    • Don Duncan

      Perhaps “they” tell themselves the deception is forced on them, an act of survival in a system they didn’t invent but are held hostage to. Perhaps the latest, greatest apologist, J.M. Keynes, admitted as much in an informal setting (a cocktail party) when a colleague quipped “Of course you know your economics will self destruct in the end” and he replied: “In the end we will all be dead”. I take this to mean: If I survive & thrive, what do I care about what happens after I’m dead? He did humanity a disservice but he benefited.
      It is up to us to save ourselves from others who would use force/fraud.

      • aj54

        and exactly how do we save ourselves and others from fraudulent markets and money?

        • DjangoCat

          In times of stress, the wise man withdraws and contemplates his existence.


      “While selling their souls”, I do believe that our free will ~ our self accountability is being sold down the same river of greed !~! We may responsible goals and programs for our personal charitable giving, but with the sale of the $$$ ~~ we will have no dollars of value to be responsible for ~ or the give in any worthwhile manner!!!

    • Bernd

      For the last six thousand years the easy route for intellectuals to a comfortable career is to come up with reasons to support what the ruling class wants to do. Call these people priests, scientists, doctors, economists, or whathaveyou the role is the same.

      • Doc

        Sure, but there could also be good priests, good scientists, good doctors, good economists and so on.

        I think the good economists and scientists from history that I have studied gave me a good base to say that what is called economics and even science today is bad.

        Common sense takes you far enough but to actually understand and reveal that crap, you actually need to know more than them.

        • Bernd

          Being one of the good ones generally means a very rough and uncertain career. Even in fields where there is little to nothing of value for the ruling class there is an establishment that will root out anyone who disagrees with it no matter how strong his case. Most of these people are only validated long after they died.

          • Doc

            Not that I want to say that I’m one of the good ones, but they did come after me like bloodhounds at my left wing university. I then switched to a right wing intsitute and the same thing happened.

            I learnt that the left and right are in the same boat and hate when someone rocks it. They are all a bunch of fascists.

            I just tried to find things out and tell people about it. But no, not when it challenges the biggest lies.

          • DjangoCat

            I know the feeling. I left my industry in disgust on several occasions. Rampant fraud and corruption. It is hard to be an honest man.

      • Howdy, Bernd,

        A less easy route for fabless intellectuals is to come up with reasons to support what ruling classes can be doing ….. with Almost Perfect IntelAIgence.

        And in a Live Operational Virtual Environment Program …… IT Hosts Armageddon and Toasts Creative IT …… and a really explosive mix, especially so dark web side.

  • SnakePlissken

    Somehow, I suspect the banksters are behind this UBI stuff.

  • Bischoff

    Is Zuckerberg, who supports this idiocy of “Universal Basic Income”, really that stupid to think that he can peddle the idea to normal thinking people, or does he take advantage of the easily duped users of his Facebook social media business to further some left wing agenda……????

    • aj54

      he is just an agent; the idea would have appeal to people who work 30 hours a week now, and barely earn 1000 month, and are living in their cars, and get no health care or food stamps like we give away to the ‘refugees’ dumped here without the consent of the people

    • Silver Savior

      I find the idea completely facinating. I will be the first to sign up. I really want this.

      • Bischoff

        I don’t know what’s fascinating about the idea. It is perfectly understandable that the aboreal nature of humans is to merely reach out and plug the fruit. That was perfectly fine for our ancestors up in the trees where mother nature replenished the fruit at no cost of exertion to our ancestors.
        However, we humans do not exist in the tranquil environment of arborea. We have to slug it out in a terrestrial environment for which we were not genetically prepared. In order to exist in terrestria, we have to “labor” to then harvest the “fruit of our labor”. Failing to labor and to merely take of the “fruit of labor” already existing, will sooner or later bring you to the point when all the fruit in terrestria is gone…….
        If, you find that fascinating, then I think you just learned something about human nature.
        Normal thinking people would just find the idea of “Universal Basic Income” dumb. They would see it as a scam by those people who merely want to follow the aboreal instincts within us to take the fruits of labor of others. They are those people who are utterly opposed to being habituated to “labor”.

        • Silver Savior

          Work has over time crippled my back. It has caused so many problems.

          I work 8 hours a day but can never get ahead without big debt cycles. Purchasing power is being destroyed.

          Meanwhile there are millionaires and billionaires with so much money they will never spend it.

          What kind of system is this? It’s either I get a basic income or I go on disability. I can’t believe someone would not want Ubi. To me it’s insane to not want it.

          • Bischoff

            I understand your grievances……believe me. The system is rigged against the average working man, but the UBI is not the way to address the problem. I could explain how to fix the problem, but it would take pages to make it understandable, because it would require history lessons that were totally eliminated from the average man’s education.
            Who is advocating UBI……???? People like Zuckerberg……..why…….???
            Remember, he is one of those billionaires who you think should give you some of his money.
            Look, people like Zuckerberg who wants to run for U.S. President uses people like you to get their vote by promising UBI, but in the end, they just want to make sure their wealth is protected from you by giving you a “UBI” .
            However, the minute you get the UBI, it is instantly going to either your landlord or to the cost of a mortgage.
            So, the UBI gets you nowhere, except that it causes you to vote for a politician who will make sure that the system keeps being rigged.

          • Silver Savior

            So if Ubi goes to the landlord then that means that’s one less thing I have to work for? After all it’s always the rent that kills most people.

            Of course if people want to make more money (not in my situation) in addition to Ubi then they can.

            The way I look at it is an economic stimulus that comes once per month. I have to tell you that when Bush gave us a stimulus check that one year I was thrilled.

            Mine was $600 and it was a complete relief. At the time I was barely making it. I could not imagine getting a thousand or more. That would be insane crazy and would be great.

          • Bischoff

            You seem to live in a static world……
            When you get your UBI which then goes to the landlord, it does NOT pay for the rent you have been paying……your rent is going up by the amount of the UBI…….after all is done and over with you are not going to be any better off than before.
            The only thing that would have happened is that the people who work for a living to then also pay for the UBI are in fact forced to transfer their money to the landlords using you as the transfer agent in the process.

          • Silver Savior

            If that was the case then Ubi will set off hyper inflation and the dollar will soon go to zero.

            Then they will revalue precious metals and peg them to a new currency and holders of these metals will stand to profit handsomely myself included and the rent will be paid up for many years or a property can just be bought.

            All the while getting Ubi checks. There is always a spin to everything and while no one truly knows what will actually happen I am pretty sure Ubi will be the mother of all life changers.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            Oh, it will be life-changing alright, but not in a good way as you naively “think”.

            It would inflate the money supply and decrease purchasing power, as did that “stimulus” check that you received during the Bush administration.

            Your income increased by $600. Did your productive output at work increase by $600 ?

            Hell, no !

            You continued at your same level of productive output, as did everyone else who received it, while those “stimulus” checks triggered a Cantillon effect that put upward pressure on prices in every sector of the economy.

          • Silver Savior

            I don’t care about my productive output. I would not care if it was nothing. I think you did not catch the fact that I do want to see hyper inflation so the dollar will reset.

            I really am focused on commodities as I invest heavily in them. A revaluation would be the best thing that ever happened.

            I do not care about the status of the US dollar it’s done as far as I am concerned.

          • Bischoff

            Lots of luck……..
            BTW, I have a bridge in the Arizona desert I can sell to you when you strike it rich…….

          • Silver Savior

            Oh boy! Can’t wait.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            ” It’s either I get a basic income or I go on disability.”

            Thank you for making your infantile entitlement mentality so clear to everyone.

            UBI is just as much of a forcibly-funded, i.e.tax-funded welfare scheme as disability “insurance” is. Both make one who participates in them the recipient of stolen property while living like a parasite at other’s forced expense.

            “I can’t believe someone would not want Ubi. To me it’s insane to not want it.”

            In reality, it is parasitic of one to want it.

          • Silver Savior

            Still want it. It will be a game changer.

  • challengeauthority

    The Joy of Spending Other People’s Money by Professor of Ecomonics, Dr. Marx Leftist III esq.

  • Don Duncan

    “This trash is clearly being sold…”
    Yes, but “this trash” is a symptom of the superstition that rule (force not reason) is the only civilized way to live. Remove the force, and require voluntary consent, the trash will hurt only a few who will learn and in the end fraud will diminish to a minimum.
    Then we will discover what a truly civil society looks like.

  • aj54

    If there is no debt attached to the handout, and it is instead given through the Treasury (where the Constitution put the money power), then the ‘money’ would have the desired inflationary effects, but would not guarantee the purchasing power. Just as Greenspan said. This is not spending other people’s money. See the Chicago Plan or the American Monetary Institute. Is there no one who really understands what a false ideology our debt based system really is? Either go back to gold, or go full fiat, where debt is not needed. Not the fake private central bank money that we have now. If the people must guarantee the money, then it should be under public control, and banking should be a public utility. The system we have now accrues value to the non-earning entities at the top of the pyramid. The true wealth creators, the labor, is at the bottom; the system is extractive, and has dubious incentives.
    Robot driven efficiency has eliminated jobs. There are plenty of job openings that used to pay 100k for the job description, but now they only want to pay 30k for the same work. So that is why they say they just can’t find people…..they could train some…..

    • DjangoCat

      “they could train some…..”
      or not. Give them a pittance to shut up. Feed them H and Fentanyl and keep them quiet. Give them birth control pills and stifle the generation. Video games, hormones, girly boys. This is a major disaster aided and abetted by evil people.
      Eugenics was nothing to this.

    • WinChll

      If the people must guarantee the money, then it should be under public control, and banking should be a public utility.

      See page 80 Mr. McFadden speaks in the House re: 1933 Banking Act:

      Sums it up quite nicely.

  • Danny B

    As a result of my WIDE reading, I have come to the conclusion that all economists are simpletons. Take Gibson’s Paradox. It still works IF you factor in mountains of free money. They don’t. Take the Phillips Curve. It still works IF you factor in conditions worldwide. They don’t. ALL their pet theories like MMT and Quantity-of-money are all bogus.
    One of the very biggest failings of economists is to ignore human nature. They can’t quantify / qualify it so, they ignore. Armstrong come up with far better results because he tries to factor in everything.

  • Silver Savior

    I hope everyone at least gets $2500 a month. Debt has no meaning. That would sure take the pressure off me and the remaining workers who like to maintain a big ego can continue slaving away but with a lot more bargaining power from employers.

    Employers better go above and beyond if they want to retain any workers. As they should anyway.

    • Samarami

      And, while you’re in the business of thievery, why not push for “…minimum wage…” of, say 50 federal reserve notes (counterfeit however you calculate it) per hour.
      Take that back. Try for 100. You can always negotiate with psychopaths. Sam

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “Employers better go above and beyond if they want to retain any workers. As they should anyway.”

      Your employer went above and beyond the naysayers and other cowards when he took risks by creating his company that you work for, and he continually faces those risks every day. Handling them successfully enables him to stay in business, and you to have a job at his company.

      The only workers worthy of his retaining them are the ones who are competent and productive and thereby earn their compensation.

      I am self-employed and have 6 employees. If any of them got in my face and threatened me that I “had better” pay them more than they are worth, or else, I would immediately fire him or her. If they all made ignorant and arrogant demands, as I likely correctly presume that you do, I would either fire them all and replace them, or close the company and discharge them all.

      Perhaps then they would learn to be respectful along with being productive in order for me to be persuaded to retain them–as they should be anyway.

      • Silver Savior

        From what I see companies big and small do not do enough for their employees as a whole.

        They have made it quite clear that we are expendable and I think the companies should have more of a connection invested in their workers.

  • Silver Savior

    I get the feeling the people who don’t like ubi are already well off. Ask a poor person or lower middle class what they think about Ubi.

    So say if I live paycheck to paycheck like I used to. My car breaks down and needs $1000 in repairs. I could use my Ubi for that and that would save my finances from catastrophic failure.

    I know people who spend their whole ss check on rent alone and they rely on charity to get them what they need. Ask them if Ubi is important to them.

    I believe this is a classic case of rich vs poor. We need money!

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      “I get the feeling the people who don’t like ubi are already well off.”

      I apprehend the fact that people like you who like UBI “feel” that they are entitled by “right” to live like parasites at everyone else’s forced expense.

      “So say if I live paycheck to paycheck like I used to. My car breaks down and needs $1000 in repairs. I could use my Ubi for that and that would save my finances from catastrophic failure.”

      Alternatively, you could comport yourself like a responsible adult by budgeting your paycheck, eliminating non-essential purchases, and thus have some of your own money to save and have available for car repairs, etc.

      “I believe this is a classic case of rich vs poor. We need money!”

      No, this is a classic case of parasitic, ignorant and defectively-educated mentalities with a misguided sense of entitlement to other people’s property, like you, versus economic and existential realities of economic collapse and violations of people’s legitimate individual rights, especially their private property rights, that a UBI would engender.

      “We need money!”

      Dispense with your defective collectivistic “thinking” in terms of collectives, (“the rich”; “the poor”; “We”) and your mistaken, infantile belief that your “need” gives you a legitimate claim to other people’s peacefully-acquired money and other wealth.

      Climb out of your self-made crib, grow up, and EARN your own money by producing goods and services that people will be freely willing to pay you for.

      • Silver Savior

        Are you a republican? lol.

  • Danny B

    This takes 2 posts. This guy J.J. is just the average simpleton who has no grasp of history or human nature. Let’s start with human nature.
    70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs – Forbes
    Sure, just send everybody a check and see what happens.

    The Luddites were too early but, they were correct. Ned Ludd came to his conclusions when the British workers were confronted by low-wage competitors. The situation today is different. The human worker today is confronted by a worker who is much better than he is. This was an expected outcome of industrialization.
    The industrial revolution is working it’s way up the ability ladder. We now have collaborative robots. Ray Dalio said that his employees are there just to make sure that his computers get perfect information. They don’t make decisions. Sperbank uses A.I. to do loan approval.

    OK, back to human nature. Men, in particular derive their self-image from how good a provider they are. Take that away and you will get just what we already have in the ghetto, the indian reservation, the abo reservations. The indian reservations are hopeless places with high drug use and very high suicide.
    You can NOT take away man’s central focus in life and expect him to be mentally healthy.

    The PTB have realized that everything will be automated. They implement the Kalergi Plan to select for people who are dumbed-down and more controllable.

    The endorse world socialism to as a control mechanism. Socialism is the firewall between Mother Nature’s second-tier children and Darwinian pressures. Pissing in the gene pool is encouraged.

    Up against them are the Georgia Guidestones people. They are going to use the unfolding default cascade to create great famine. Why do you think that Bill Clinton was sent to destroy Rhodesia,,, the breadbasket of southern Africa? Everybody in Zim is on Food aid. South Africa is soon to collapse. Pox Americana bombed the Man-Made River project to ensure that MENA can’t produce enough food.

    We are a species created by ETs who are bored to tears because everything in their world is automated and perfectly predictable. One step up from Bill Shakespeare. 🙂

    • DjangoCat

      Wierd stuff there, Danno.

      • WinChll

        Actually, he’s quite on the mark. Not sure about the ET’s, but will not completely discount.

      • Danny B

        Think about computers getting MUCH more proficient at everything. Think about competition as man’s nature.
        Think about ANY possible cure for efficiency???
        GOV waste (broken windows) is the current cure for efficiency. The ratio of non-producers to producers has gotten too top heavy to continue. Borrowing money for consumption is the current solution from the State. Amerika is not the worst sinner.

  • longhorndude

    I wonder what these folks have been smoking?…

  • Saeed Hoque


    Have returned to reading your great articles, thank you.

    Did anyone scream socialism at full throttle? The owners and Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve are communists (Khazarian Ashkenazm that converted to Judaism in 740) are at their core, who waged WWI to subvert Christianity in Russia through Bolshevism, and now they are at it again as Russians return to the Christian roots.

    This Khazarian Cabal has infiltrated USA, UK, and European banking systems with their mass migration from the Eastern Europe (pale of settlements) to the West, and disguised themselves as Jews and working for the good of Jews. Instead, they have given the good name of Judaism and its sincerely followers a bad reputation.

    They are using terrorism as a means to get agreement from the ignorant voting masses to usurp their rights and God-given freedoms to food, water, happiness, religious freedom. Please read the book, “Illuminati and Terrorism – a 3,000 year History”, by David Livingstone.

    They are the cause of most of the terrorism and point the fingers at Muslims – a convenient ignorant scapegoats (whose lives were destroyed through illegal wars (aka with the pretext of possessing WMDs) who they have recruited using their Mossad agents like – Shimon Elliot (aka Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi). Not to forget their agents in Saudi Royal family and all the alphabet soup Intelligence agencies in UK, US, France, Israel).

    They have done this to Germany to foment WW II between Christianity and Fascism, and now they are fomenting war between Zionism and Political Islam (Wahhabism – nothing to do with Traditional Sunni Islam…we can repent and qualify for Paradise through personal salvation with God, Mighty and Majestic, without the existence of an Islamic State)…wasn’t this Albert Pike’s roadmap to a one-world government?

    Europe was in the dark ages during the Spanish Moors and Islamic Civilisation in Baghdad, Damascus and Yemen were at their peak. Europe was already practicing a form of Capitalism through its Comenda Financing Contract (between Entrepreneur and Financier) and was already using gold and silver.

    Islamic Civilisation reinforced this contract (Commend, which is known to Muslims as Mudharaba) further with additional trading contracts like Mushakara (adding multiple financiers and business operating partners), Ijara (leasing contract), Istisna (Manufacturing Contract), Salaam (agricultural contracts), Kafala (Agency Contract), Hawala (money transfer contract etc.).

    Those were the roots of true Capitalism where the rewards were commensurate with the risks entrepreneurs took. The markets were corrupted with the removal of commodity monies (Gold and Silver) and the introduction of Bonds and creation of Secondary Markets for the Sale of Bonds.

    Thus the corporations with many cash flows that reduced the risk of repayment for the bankers which reduced the cost of capital, and got more favoured positions with bankers and thus got became larger and larger…thus wielding more and more power in finance and eventually politics.

    Today they call the shots int he halls of Congress, and the little people have no say. Isn’t that the witches brew that gives rise to revolutions. Does anyone in the right mind thinks that these greedy elite will give up their stranglehold on civil society without a good fight?

    True Capitalism, where entrepreneurs are rewarded or bankrupted depending on the calculation/understanding of the risk, is not the problem but interventions by Central Banks that obliterate price discovery is the issue.

    Now the bubbles are so big that it is out of control, and the only solution as Ludwig von Mises propounded…credit is either voluntarily reduced or to sustain a collapsing credit bubble they print enough money to destroy any remaining purchasing power in the currency, and creating massive social unrest.

    Thus the proposal for Universal Basic Income (UBI) to prevent a revolution that it coming…the question is how soon this unrest will arrive. Is that the reason why the Police is being militarised in the Western World?

    One only need to study the pattern…these Godless elite take people from one extreme to another (Communism to Faulty Capitalism).

    There is another model that they will never allow the light of day as long as these greedy people are in power because they media will never promote anything that is good for society and ordinary people.

    Imagine a system where people live simply in this world and postpone their gratification till the Hereafter, knowing that there is a God, Mighty and Majestic, who will reward them for their good conduct in this life. Therefore, people behave with uprightness and Justice not just towards each other but also towards all living beings as everything is sacred creation of the All-Powerful Creator – whom they will meet and stand before on the Day of Reckoning and thus Judgement.

    If one believes in such a belief system then yearly giving of 2.5% of their savings to the poor is not so hard to comprehend. This economic system eradicated poverty many times in history.

    Part of the global environmental issues we face is due to over-consumption because the people in power have convinced the masses (through their fancy mathematical/econometric models) that we need endless growth to keep everyone employed. And when that doesn’t work we need to give money away (read UBI) so go consume some more to keep the economy growing, because they need to deflate the debt bubble through inflation…which otherwise would create a massive implosion bigger than the Great Depression.

    Likewise, capitalism worked so far because the middle-class (being Christians at one stage) was involved in the well-being of other people in society. Today the middle-class in the West is dying not just due to corrupted Capitalism but also degradation of their value due to vile and pornographic suggestions by Hollywood and porn industry…promoted, financed and created by the same Khazarian Cabal in order detract society from their moral bearing.

    Throughout history a small group of elite subjugated the masses and extracted labour for their own opulent lifestyle. In the Qur’an we read of Pharaoh and his elite group and how they had subjugated the Jewish people, and God liberated them by sending Moses and Aaron (upon whom be peace and blessings of Almighty God).

    This is the crux of the human condition on Earth that when they forget God, their Mighty and Majestic Creator, they begin to follow their desires and become slaves to their desires, and in the process become enslaved to a small minority of elite group.

    Therefore, there is ‘no light in the our tunnel’ to the malaise we are facing today in the social, economic, financial and banking system, unless we understand our purpose in this life, and submit to the One True God, Mighty and Majestic, for Guidance out of this confusion and maze we are in.

    Humanity immediate future and Eternal future hangs in the balance of belief in the One Mighty Creator, whose proper name is Allah in Arabic.

    Otherwise, we are going into slavery as Late Professor Alexander Tyler said in his 1854 Treastise, “History of Humanity from Adam (peace be upon him) to Early 18th Century”, that humanity has followed a pattern from freedom to slavery in 8 distinct stages.

    In the last two stages humanity goes from:

    7. Apathy to Dependence, and lastly,
    8. Dependence to Slavery

    Does UBI (Universal Basic Income) sound something too good to be true? It probably is…and a trap into slavery?

    Prof Tyler said, through spiritual fortitude humanity finds freedom. Which course are we going to take…return to God, or play into the hand of Satan and his helpers into slavery?

    Good luck humanity!

  • georgesilver


  • georgesilver

    I think it’s going to save me valuable procrastination time by checking if Joe Jarvis has written the article… then just ignore it.
    Reading one of Joe’s articles makes me think he lives in his parent’s basement and uses the internet to cobble together articles from second-hand thoughts of others. There doesn’t seem to be any real substance garnered from a life of real experience. A lack of personal financial ‘winning and losing’ and standing in a place hard won by personal decisions. It all seems just hearsay and fluff. Sorry about that.

  • Samarami

    Creating “money” out of thin air is counterfeiting and theft — no matter who does it. That understanding should make it easy for readers of this piece to abstain from beans.
    Stop supporting thieves.
    Those who have “opted out” (including virtually all anarchists) are not “…on their mailing list…” and will not receive government “checks” anyhow. Only the compliers are invited. Sam

  • blackdog

    I read this earlier, seconded to instapundit I think. If there is anyone, anyone in our ‘elite’ thinkers who believes greater demand will increase supply on its own, we are doomed. Supply of useful product creates demand. This is well proven, over many hundreds of years. Even useless products, like the IPhone 8, was not requested, but is in some demand. Can we not have truth in our thinking any more? Must we toe the socialist line, to our destruction?