Vermin Supreme Stomps on the Terra—This Time It’s For Real!
By Kevin Bloom - November 16, 2023

You’ve probably noticed that every recent news article about Ron DeSantis mentions Vermin Supreme, the only candidate that has a REAL boot on his head, and not some faux tall boots on his feet.

It’s quite possible that Vermin Supreme will WIN the D Primary in New Hampshire! “How?!” You ask, your face flushed with wonder. It’s like this. Joe Biden came in approximately last in NH in the 2020 primary (he might have beaten Kamala) and so he decided that South Carolina would be a better start for his campaign in 2024.

Thus, the DNC decided that the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary just wouldn’t count, and NH could have their primary Without Joe Biden on the ballot.

The DNC has vowed that “their” voters will write in Joe Biden, but will they? Why bother? Why not vote for FUN? And there is NO candidate who is more fun than Vermin Supreme. Vermin’s platform is elegant in its simplicity.

  • Time Control Research
  • Free Ponies for All
  • Mandatory Tooth Brushing
  • Zombie Preparedness

Note that nowhere in this list will you find Endless Foreign Wars, Perpetual Deficit Spending, Genocide, or Tripping on the Stairs.

Vermin Supreme could have easily challenged Joe Biden to a Battle of Wits, and may still. Or Badminton, or Historical Trivia. Vermin could easily defeat Joe Biden in any of these contests.
And more.

You can find Vermin Supreme on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok, Youtube. and on other platforms, or you can volunteer at Vermin Supreme 2024

No ponies were harmed in the production of this message.

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