Like a Virgin, Touched For the Very First Time: My Inaugural Media Matters Smear
By Ben Bartee - September 19, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Started from the bottom, now I’m here!

“Daddy, how do I know when I’m a real boy?”

“Well, my son, you know you’ve arrived when Media Matters publishes its first smearjob of one of your articles.”

You might recall the Brandon entity being ferried to Maui to pander to victims of a wildfire, during which time he managed to both:

·       equate countless lives lost with a small kitchen fire in his home that purportedly threatened his Corvette and resulted in no injuries to any living being nor, actually, his car

·       appear to fall asleep during testimony of one of the survivors while a woman next to him wiped tears from her eyes with a tissue

I wrote about the slow-motion PR disaster in an article for PJ Media titled “WATCH: ‘Empathetic’ Biden Appears to Fall Asleep at Gathering for Maui Wildfire Survivors.”

The notoriously partisan Democrat propaganda machine, Media Matters, saw fit to “debunk” my story (and others) in an article titled “Right-wing media falsely claim that Biden fell asleep during ceremony honoring victims of Hawaii wildfires“:

 PJ Media also published an article describing Biden as out-of-touch and disrespectful, saying he “apparently fell asleep while listening to Maui residents discuss their losses.” The author later instructs readers: “Note the woman on the left of the frame wiping tears from her eyes while Brandon slumps over, seemingly catching some much-needed shut-eye after cutting his vacation short to try to put out the growing political fire in Hawaii.” “Brandon” is a nickname conservatives frequently employ to deride Biden. [PJ Media, 8/22/23]”

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I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide whether to believe your lying eyes or the modern-day Pravda. Even if he wasn’t clinically asleep, the limp corpse clinging to life depicted in the video could hardly be said to be “awake.”

As for me, I can conceive of no more wildly ringing endorsement of my work than to be targeted by Media Matters, and I pray for many more dubious “fact checks” in the future because they, frankly, warm my soul.

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