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Rising Taxes Part of Elite Global Strategy?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 05, 2012

The taxman isn’t really after the big beasts … Small businesses, not the multinationals, will bear the brunt of the Revenue’s blitz … Small businesses will be targeted by Revenue & Customs while global corporations use the law to get around their tax obligations Photo: Alamy … The taxman cometh. Ever since the first impecunious ruler sent his collectors marauding across the land to exact tribute from a resentful populace, no subject has been better guaranteed to get the blood boiling. Uttered in a thousand languages, the question “Why should I pay?” must be the most often asked in history, ahead even of “Do you love me?” or “What’s the time?” Gradually, though, it has been replaced by a new one: “If I’m paying, why isn’t he?” – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Taxes must be paid in ever-higher amounts.

Free-Market Analysis: Taxes are going up around the world and it’s time to offer the possibility that it is deliberate.

Of course it is deliberate in terms of individual countries. Our point is that the tax increases are seemingly being orchestrated as part of a larger policy aimed at reinforcing world government.

The powers-that-be that control central banks and have put in place a world government infrastructure are engaged in a series of moves to bring us closer to the goal of global governance.

Our perception that taxes are being deliberately raised the world over was buttressed lately by a number of articles commenting on this phenomenon.

Here’s an excerpt from one such article entitled “No Escape: Taxes Rise Globally,” that was posted recently at the Independent Journal Review:

Governments around the world are becoming more and more hostile to the ‘makers’ as we move into 2013. These days, if you are earning more than $1 million per year, finding any kind of tax shelter is becoming harder to do, especially if you are trying to find a tax haven overseas. In addition, you won’t find any breaks being overlooked, especially since the IRS is heavily scrutinizing earnings of all shapes and sizes …if you’ve made it, then they want to see it.

The New York Times has a 3-page report, concerning how taxes are going higher around the globe, and scrutiny of earnings is becoming so thorough it’s getting scary:

“Taxes on earnings, investment income, sales and a few other things have gone up already in many countries, and further increases are possible, including a huge one in the United States.

“Another source of unease and doubt for taxpayers is a trend toward increases of other sorts: in scrutiny by revenue authorities, reporting requirements for individuals and businesses, and legislation to close tax code loopholes.

“Also, it’s not like these rates are being hiked slowly by any measure. No, especially in European countries like France, tax rates on folks earning roughly $1.28 million are seeing a 75% tax rate under President François Hollande …a move some tax experts say is laughable:

” ‘It’s perhaps the most foolish set of tax policies under discussion in all of Europe,’ said J.D. Foster, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. ‘You just have to laugh and ask whether he was elected for the sole purpose of destroying the French Republic. Everyone says they want a growth agenda, then everything they do harms growth.’ “

The answer to Mr. Foster’s rhetorical question is “yes,” the elites trying to create global government ARE likely trying to destroy France, at least in its current incarnation.

Presumably, the chaos now being inflicted on the world will be ameliorated when the powers-that-be step forward to offer the bleeding, starving peoples of the world the ability to be part of a global government that will do away with the chaos of nation-states.

A chaos that has been developed and inflicted by the same elites behind world government! We see this as a definite possibility. After World War I, the League of Nations was developed. After World War II came the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, etc.

After chaos … order. We are not yet in the “chaos” phase but we are getting there.

Unfortunately, as the Telegraph article excerpted at the beginning of this analysis points out, people are not necessarily questioning the idea of raising taxes. In some cases, people are roused to indignation that others, especially large corporations, are not paying “their fair share.”

Of course, there is no “fair share.” And while we are not advocating tax evasion of any sort, we are well aware that the constant drumroll regarding sovereign debt and the difficulty of Western finances is providing justification for higher taxes.

Here’s more from the Telegraph article:

So the news that George Osborne is unleashing HM Revenue & Customs to hunt down the evaders and avoiders will bring some satisfaction to the majority who pay what is owed (mainly because it is taken from source and they have no choice).

But do we seriously believe that Google, Amazon, Starbucks and the other multinationals hounded by anti-capitalist campaigners such as UK Uncut are the real targets for this renewed onslaught? With their corporate tax departments and battalions of accountants, the chances of getting them to cough up when they are not legally required to is remote.

Starbucks has now apparently agreed to change its tax arrangements – but only because its coffee shops were being boycotted by customers. So, instead of the Chancellor spending the promised £154 million extra to bolster HMRC’s investigations, it would be cheaper for him to finance a consumer backlash and shame a few more big corporations into paying a fair whack …

But this new cash is not intended to fund a drive against the multinationals, since they will always be one step ahead of the taxman. It is really about targeting people much lower down the income scale – and doing so in a way that is more MI5 than Inland Revenue, with millions of people having their credit reference agency files secretly checked to identify possible evaders …

Of course, it is in the public interest that HMRC pursues tax that is lawfully due; but it must use its substantial powers appropriately, otherwise trust in the tax system will decline. At the time of the 2005 merger, concerns were voiced that the “Big Brother” approach of Customs and Excise would prevail; the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday seems to confirm its ascendancy.

Most of us will have little to do with HMRC beyond receiving a new PAYE tax coding every April. But for small businesses and the self-employed, it is a force to be reckoned with. It is these people, not the Googles and Amazons, who will get it in the neck as a desperate Treasury makes a rapacious grab for every penny due in tax. There is, needless to say, an alternative: the Government could try spending less.

What a disturbing article. Don’t the Brits see what is going on? Tax rates in France are headed toward 75 percent. In the US, local, state and federal taxes are headed over 50 percent for some – and not just the wealthy. (And that doesn’t include healthcare.)

Peasants in the Middle Ages were taxed or tithed at around 30 percent. Today’s miserable middle class is subject to far higher confiscations. And the taxes are applied all the way through the manufacturing chain, not just at the end of it.

In Britain, anyway, most of the indignation seems to be saved for those the government identifies as not paying all that they “owe.” This is a sad evolution and shows the strength of power elite memes. The promotion of scarcity themes and other sorts of propaganda continues to work broadly.

The current tax system is not reasonable on numerous levels. Nation-states, for instance, can print all the money they want via monopoly central banking.

There really is no reason to levy taxes, let alone confiscatory ones. There must be other reasons …

After Thoughts

We think we know.

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