Blame Germany for the European Mess?
By Staff News & Analysis - March 26, 2013

Stubborn and Egotistical: Europe Is Right to Doubt German Euro Leadership … The drama over Cyprus has made clear that the euro-zone crisis is developing into a struggle over German hegemony in Europe. On the surface, Merkel and Schäuble seem to be working to stabilize the economy. In actuality, they're binding other nations with the shackles of debt. Throughout Cyprus's financial crisis, German power has been on display. But Germany is pursuing the wrong ojectives, showing how it's incapable of wielding its power correctly. Cypriot leaders came up with the idea to make their own small-scale savers liable for the bankruptcy of the banks– with the approval of Germany — because they wanted to hold true to their principles of crime and punishment. – Der Spiegel

Dominant Social Theme: These Aryans are a stubborn, prideful race.

Free-Market Analysis: Blame the Germans! Money Power ever uses the Germans as a whipping boy in the modern era and we can see that Der Spiegel cooperates in this excerpt above.

In fact, the entire European Union and the euro experiment is increasingly blamed on the Germans. The idea is that the German Nazi party secretly engineered the European Union in order to rise from the ashes of defeat. What they could not win by force of arms they would gain via a political union that Germany would dominate.

This Der Spiegel article perfectly enunciates this meme. It is German pride on display throughout Europe. And it is the German boot that is stamping on the face of Greece, Spain, Ireland and now Cyprus. Here's more from the article:

Despite deposit insurance and Chancellor Angela Merkel's own promises, in the end it's the common people who suffer? The plan was withdrawn, and now the burden is falling mostly on wealthy Russians. But the damage is done, confidence undermined. What is the chancellor's word actually worth? Cyprus has shown once again that Europe can't rely on the Germans.

Fortunately the Euro Group has now made the right move. Those with smaller deposits are safe, one bank goes bankrupt and another is downsized. But the theatrics of the past week fit well into the image Europe is projecting right now: Irresponsible bankers gamble away the money of even richer money-launderers, and the politicians help both groups to save themselves as best they can — at the expense of the common people, who have neither the resources nor the influence to bring themselves to safety. And all of that takes place under German domination.

That was a sign. The chancellor indulges herself and the Germans in the luxury of navel-gazing. Historical memory is essentially wiped away, good for little more than cozy evenings when we wrap ourselves in blankets and ogle at the moral failures depicted in World War II TV dramas, like the recent German miniseries "Our Mothers, Our Fathers."

But this means nothing for the present. Just like twice before in our recent history, the Germans are falling deeper and deeper into conflict with their neighbors — regardless of the cost. It's a path that could easily lead to fear of German political hegemony on the Continent. Indeed, Merkel's idea of European integration is simply that Europe should bend to Germany's political will …

Under Angela Merkel's leadership, the Europe of nation states has been revived — a trend against which former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt issued a stark warning. "The German Federal Constitutional Court, the Bundesbank and Chancellor Merkel are acting like the center of Europe, to the exasperation of our neighbors," he said, and a portion of the public opinion is prone to a "national-egotistical view" of Germany. Schmidt, who lived through all of Nazi Germany and World War II, is not one to use these words lightly.

On and on it goes, spewing more disinformation as it lengthens. We are to believe that the leaders of an Anglosphere that soundly crushed the Germans not once but twice in the past century have sat back idly while subterranean Nazis consolidated power in Europe's postwar peaceful era.

This does not sound like any Anglosphere of which we are aware. The game is always the same and the globalists' influence emanates mostly from the City of London, Washington DC and to a lesser extent from the Vatican and Tel Aviv.

The idea that German, prostrate and thoroughly deprived of military power, is somehow behind what is going on in Europe today – or even behind the EU itself is a kind of dominant social theme, a promotion to hide the real balance of power.

After Thoughts

It is a misreading of history to claim that the German political establishment either created Europe or is in charge of its destiny. The truth is far more subtle than that.

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