Germany: Afghan Migrant Does a Diversity™, Rapes Drunk Teenager on Subway Platform ‘For Hours’
By - August 28, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

As we all know, Diversity™ in the West is Our Greatest Strength™, Our Values™, and Who We Are™ all at the same time – a Holy Trifecta is lovingness and liberalness.

This axiom is unquestionable, and the main utility of repeating it incessantly is in identifying anyone who tepidly questions it immediately as an irredeemable Deplorable.

To demonstrate Our Greatest Strength™, an Afghan migrant residing in Germany recently raped an inebriated German teenager with his Diversity Stick™ on a late-night train platform “for hours” while no one apparently noticed or cared.

Via BILD (translated from native German):

On Saturday (19th. August around 1 a.m. ), the heavily alcoholic 18-year-old was alone on the platform of the Max-Weber-Platz underground station on the way home from a celebration. There he met the later perpetrator, who took advantage of the victim being too drunk to fight back. According to the police, the perpetrator carried out sexual acts on him for several hours.

It was only in the early morning that the perpetrator let go of the 18-year-old and stole his cell phone. The stranger ran away from it – his disgusting act was recorded by surveillance cameras.

The 18-year-old then drove home independently. It was only the next day that he informed the police and filed a complaint. Thanks to the location of his cell phone, the police officers were able to determine the whereabouts of the perpetrator and arrested him.”

Third World migrants in Western Europe (Eastern Europe largely won’t take them despite the best bullying efforts by the EU) have earned quite a reputation for themselves as the undisputed champions of rape.

As I somewhat recently reported at PJ Media, gang rapes in Germany reached their all-time apex in 2022, with so-called migrants for at least half of them despite representing a much lesser share of the overall population. Because of methodological rigging by the German authorities in the service of maintaining the Our Greatest Strength™ narrative, the actual share of gang rapes by Third World migrants is likely much higher.

You might recollect this celebratory migrant mass-rape from New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany several years ago. Their resolution was apparently more gang rapes of captive native populations.

And, more apropos to the most recent case of non-consensual train sodomy, we have the diverse Afghan cultural tradition of “Bacha Bazi,” or “dancing boy” ritual rape.

Via Humanium:

Bacha Bazi or dancing boys (from Persian: bacheh – “boy”, and bazi – “play, game”) is an expression used in certain parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It refers to a practice in Afghanistan engaging generally male children and male adults. This practice has turned into a centuries-long tradition and involves sexual abuse and slavery of young boys by older powerful men, often Pashtuns (New Line Institute, 2021).

These preadolescent boys, called Bacha Bareesh or beardless boys, come from impoverished families and serve as “entertainers” to influential Afghans. Dressed as girls and wearing makeup they dance for their masters who later take them in order to get involved in a sexual relationship. This is how these boys provide for their families.”

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