This Is America: The Subway Chronicles
By Ben Bartee - March 16, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“This Is America” explores the undercurrents pulling Western civilization into the abyss.

Via Anarcho-Tyranny, U.S.A.:

“A concept where the state is more interested in controlling citizens so that they don’t oppose managerial class, rather than tending to real criminals. Laws are argued to be enforced selectively depending on what is beneficial to the ruling elite.”

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Tucker Carlson recently caught a lot of flak for criticizing degenerate, decaying American subway systems and highlighting the comparative cleanliness and, frankly, civilization to be found in foreign ones.

Make no mistake: he was absolutely correct in this assessment. I have lived many places in many continents, riding myriad subways in the process, and hands-down American ones are the worst —by a wide, almost indescribable margin.

Via New York Post:

“A fight aboard a packed Brooklyn train Thursday afternoon took a horrific turn when one straphanger wrestled a gun away from an apparent agitator and shot him in the head, police said.

The violence on the rush-hour northbound A train erupted when a 32-year-old man was confronted by an ‘aggressive’ 36-year-old rider after boarding at the Nostrand Avenue subway station at 4:45 p.m., NYPD Chief Michael Kemper said at a press conference.

I’ll beat you up!’ the alleged aggressor barked before hurling curses and trying to provoke the man to fight, according to footage obtained by The Post….

During the clash, the alleged aggressor, wearing all black, flashed what’s believed to be a knife or razor before digging through his jacket and eventually pulling out a gun, according to Kemper.

The train car erupted into screams and the straphangers rushed to the opposite end, with several throwing themselves on the floor, according to the harrowing video…

The 32-year-old managed to yank the gun away from the other brawler and he ‘fired multiple shots,’ striking the other man in front of dozens of commuters, Kemper said.

At least four shots were heard on the footage.”

Invariably, when you are an American overseas, and the inevitable, grammatically impure “where you come from?” question pops up, and you answer “America,” the follow-up goes something like: “California? Washington? New York?” Because those are the only cities/states most people know, plus maybe Texas because of the American cowboy.

They really love New York because it captivates their imagination. They close their eyes and see the Statue of Liberty in all of her glory.

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What they don’t see is this.

Watch this domestic terrorist lady get slapped around good and hard — for Equity™, and Inclusion™, and Diversity™:

I’ll leave it to the pattern recognition experts to note the demographic trends at play here.

“New York has a brand,” as they say, but I’ll take a hard pass on whatever that’s supposed to be — no offense to anyone who lives and loves the Big Apple lifestyle.

A diverse concrete jungle techno-hell with a heavy Social Justice™ bent and an unending stampede of migrants into the city is totally not my cup of tea.

Kansas, for the record, outside of metropolitan centers, is a lovely place, or at least it was the last I was there, in my Midwestern Irish-Catholic grandmmamy’s day. Maybe a few trainloads of Haitian migrants will fix that.

“Kansas doesn’t have a brand. When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas. No. You know what? But New York has a brand. It has a brand and that brand means diversity. That brand means we care. That brand means that we are compassionate.”
-New York City Mayor Eric Adams

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