Burning Paris Belies the ‘Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength’ Neoliberal Mantra
By Ben Bartee - July 04, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

The Brandon entity enthusiastically rehearses its canned line that “diversity is our greatest strength” ad nauseam as the pretext to maintain its handlers’ anti-white racist policies like affirmative action and unchecked immigration through America’s porous southern border.

The kind of liberals who reflexively parrot this line no longer even feel the need to justify their claim. It’s ascended from an arguable claim to the position of religious revelation – self-evident and not to be questioned.

Paris, however, which is currently on fire with race war, tells a slightly different tale.

Culturally and racially heterogeneous societies only work if everyone is on board with a serious commitment to pluralistic tolerance and, in the case of religion, a rigidly enforced secularism of state – i.e., the “separation of church” clause in the United States – and deeply held common beliefs shared by all sects within the society.

Islam, being an explicitly political ideology in addition to a religious one, is fundamentally opposed to state secularism. The Quran advocates, for instance, the implementation of religious law (Sharia) as the governing law of the land.

Furthermore, as many analysts have noted before me, Europe has made no ostensible attempt of any kind to assimilate all of the millions of migrants it has absorbed in roughly the last decade.

There are many, many more preconditions to prevent the balkanization and subsequent decline of society into entropy that France and other Western states have failed to maintain.

Sooner or later, the façade was bound to crack.

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