Climate Change™ Roundup: Letitia James Wages Jihad Against Beef
By Ben Bartee - March 04, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“Here comes an avalanche of [Climate Change™] bullshit.” -Marla Singer

Letitia James, noted heifer, goes to war with fellow cattle for Climate Change™

Soros-funded New York DA Letitia James has set aside temporarily her crusade to subvert the democratic process in the name of Democracy™ by keeping the leading presidential candidate off of the ballot in November so as to focus on another of her master’s pet projects: eliminating the useless eaters.

Via The Post Millennial:

“On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that she had filed a lawsuit against meat producer JBS Foods’ American division, JBS USA Food Company.

James alleged that officials were ‘misleading the public’ about the JBS USA’s environmental impact, namely via their claim that the company would ‘achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040’ while still planning to ‘increase production’*, and therefore increase its carbon footprint.

*Increased food production?! The horror! What are we trying to do, sustain the human population with nutritious sustenance like some kind of domestic terrorist organization?


“’As families continue to face the daily impacts of the climate crisis, they are willing to spend more of their hard-earned money on products from brands that are better for the environment,’ James said in a statement. ‘When companies falsely advertise their commitment to sustainability, they are misleading consumers and endangering our planet.’

James accused JBS USA of ‘greenwashing,’ a tactic which, she argued, ‘exploits the pocketbooks of everyday Americans and the promise of a healthy planet for future generations,’ adding that her office ‘will always ensure that companies do not abuse the environment and the trust of hardworking consumers for profit.’”

Meanwhile, innocently enough, in totally unrelated news…

New tech reduces lab-meat manufacturing costs by 90%

Via SciTechDaily:

Cellular agriculture – the production of meat from cells grown in bioreactors rather than harvested from farm animals – is taking leaps in technology that are making it a more viable option for the food industry. One such leap has now been made at the Tufts University Center for Cellular Agriculture (TUCCA), led by David Kaplan, Stern Family Professor of Engineering, in which researchers have created bovine (beef) muscle cells that produce their own growth factors, a step that can significantly cut costs of production

Until now, growth factors had to be added to the surrounding liquid, or media. Made from recombinant protein and sold by industrial suppliers, growth factors contribute to a majority of the cost of production for cultivated meat (up to or above 90%). Since the growth factors don’t last long in the cell culture media, they also have to be replenished every few days. This limits the ability to provide an affordable product to consumers. Taking that ingredient out of the growth media leads to an enormous cost savings.“

Let’s not be conspiracy theorists and speculate that the former story has anything to do with the latter. It just so happens as a matter of splendid serendipity that billionaire-funded lab-meat startups ramping up production coincides with the forced elimination via legal fiat of actual beef production by their minions who control DA offices from coast to coast.

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