Propaganda Roundup: Hillary Claims Climate Change™ Targets Pregnant Women
By Ben Bartee - December 19, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“Here comes an avalanche of [Climate Change™] bullshit.” -Marla Singer

Hillary Clinton: Climate Change™ targets ‘pregnant women’

Mother Nature is a known domestic terrorist misogynist.

“We know, and estimate*, that we probably could measure about 500,000 deaths [from climate change last year], and the majority of those are women and girls, and particularly pregnant women,” Hillary Clinton declared at a climate change summit recently — one she almost certainly transported herself to via private jet.

*For the record, not to mansplain to the esteemed First Lady, “knowing” and “estimating” are definitionally not the same thing.

Via The Independent:

“’Hillary Clinton has said that the lack of women around the negotiating tables at Cop28 is a major concern and that the ‘tide has been turned’ against the voices of women being heard in recent years.

’In many of the governments that are represented here at Cop, there are no women,’ the former US secretary of state told a packed audience at an event at the Dubai Expo centre. ‘How do we get the concerns of women to be heard? That’s what events like these are about.

‘We also have to be cautious of the fact that now we are swimming against the tide, and the tide has been turned against women in many parts of the world,’ she added.

Ms Clinton was speaking at an event highlighting the critical role of women’s leadership in tackling the climate crisis, and also the growing impacts of extreme heat on women and girls in vulnerable communities.

The former Democratic presidential candidate referenced ‘visible pushback” against women’s rights and opportunities, pointing to a recent statement from Chinese leader Xi Jinping calling on women to “actively cultivate a new culture of marriage and childbearing.’”

Imagine being so high on your own neoliberal identity politics supply that, at a conference ostensibly designed to fend off a literal extinction event, you instead pivot to gender equity talking points — demonstrating, yet again, the uniquely Hillary-esque way in which she managed to lose the 2016 race to a real estate guy/game show host with no political experience despite having the entire Deep State and corporate media at her back to the extent that, on election day, the atmosphere in the press was more of an aborted coronation than an election.

At any rate, transhumanist technocrats should love Climate Change™, in such a case that it targets pregnant women, because they hate legacy fronthole women getting pregnant anyway. Human reproduction the old-fashioned way — as in, not in a lab — viscerally repulses them.

And what is this transphobic “pregnant women” bullshit? Your ideological kin call them “birthing persons” now, bigot. Get with the program.

Anyway, thankfully a brave and stunning Indian surgeon is devising a solution for all of the pregnant women killed by Climate Change™: get rid of them and transplant their uteruses into transgenders.

Via WION News:

An Indian surgeon is looking to carry out a never-seen-before procedure bytransplanting a womb into a trans woman. As the person would have been born as a man, the risky and highly expensive procedure will help biological men become pregnant. In the procedure, the reproductive organs of a dead donor or a woman going in for sex change will be used. It would entail the use of IVF and a C-section as no fully functional vagina is present in the case. 

Earlier, an attempt was made for the same procedure but it had resulted in the death of the patient after complications in some months…

Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible — and that includes being a mother. The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant. This is the future. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but it will happen very soon,’ Kaushik told The Mirror.”

Human breathing is now in the crosshairs of Climate Change™ technocrats: study

You might recall this little genocidal ditty from 2010, issued to sycophantic fanfare by the unofficial commissar of the global depopulation movement, Bill Gates:

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent…

Now, we put out a lot of carbon dioxide every year — over 26 billion tons… And somehow, we have to make changes that will bring that down to zero… This equation has four factors, a little bit of multiplication…

So you’ve got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero, and that’s going to be based on the number of people, the services each person is using on average, the energy, on average, for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy. So let’s look at each one of these, and see how we can get this down to zero. Probably, one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero. [audience laughter]”

In case you missed the forest for the trees, Gates was declaring a fatwa on human life itself there, albeit with plausible deniability.

In 13 short years, the rhetoric has become more explicit.

Via Daily Mail:

“Whether it’s eating less meat or cycling instead of driving, humans can do many things to help prevent climate change.

Unfortunately, breathing less isn’t one of them.

That might be a problem, as a new study claims the gases in air exhaled from human lungs is fueling global warming.

Methane and nitrous oxide in the air we exhale makes up to 0.1 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, scientists say.

And that’s not even accounting for the gas we release from burps and farts, or emissions that come from our skin without us noticing.

The new study was led by Dr Nicholas Cowan, an atmospheric physicist at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Edinburgh.

‘Exhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which contribute to global warming,’ Dr Cowan and colleagues say.

‘We would urge caution in the assumption that emissions from humans are negligible.’”

We are the carbon they want to eliminate.

Environmental activists want to give nature human rights

I write in my memoir, Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, extensively about the weird proliferation of “rights” in the West and the obsession with the same among the Social Justice™ left. Everything and everyone gets awarded things called “rights,” even as the most basic ones like freedom of speech for humans are disregarded at will by the government.

But sure, assigning more random human rights to humans and, apparently, to nature itself will probably solve everything.

Via New York Post:

Legislation that grants nature similar rights to humans is becoming more popular across the globe, with multiple countries and localities approving nature rights laws and several more considering similar legislation.

Panama, Ecuador and Bolivia have all moved to recognize the rights of nature with national legislation, a movement that has gained traction around the world and in the United States, with 10 states having some form of legal protections for nature, according to a report by CBS News…

Behind the effort in [Panama] was Callie Veelenturf, a 31-year old American marine biologist from Massachusetts who has spent much of her career studying and advocating for the protection of sea turtles…

The marine biologist said a book, ‘The Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Save the World,’ helped solidify the idea in her mind, causing her to make it ‘a mission’ to advance the concept across the globe.

‘It prioritizes the needs of the ecosystems and not the needs of humanity,’ Veelenturf said.”

And there you have it: as well-intentioned as this lady may be in wanting to protect sea turtles by “any means necessary,” as Malcolm X might say, the true power-brokers backing these kinds of laws have decidedly less altruistic motives: to cheapen the entire concept of human rights by assigning them to all manner of non-human entities. This is lawfare waged in the service of transhumanism.

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