COVID Propaganda Roundup: ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’
By Ben Bartee - December 30, 2023

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‘Holiday heart syndrome’

When you watched your non-binary vegan evangelist auntie Aurora Hibiscus (birth name: Janet Thomas) — on her 14th booster and proud of it because The Science™ is her religion and Anthony Fauci her Lord — keel over at Christmas dinner, drooling through her Gold Standard™ N-95 mask into her plate of gluten-free crickets, eyes glazed over, Good Morning America wants you to know it was because of something called “holiday heart syndrome.”

Via StatPearls;

The term ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’ is used to describe the manifestation of cardiac arrhythmias following a period of binge drinking, often observed during weekends and holidays. This association between cardiac arrhythmias and binge drinking was originally introduced by Ettinger et al., who observed 24 patients getting hospitalized with atrial fibrillation after engaging in a weekend binge of alcohol consumption. Subsequent research has demonstrated that HHS can also occur in individuals who rarely or never consume alcohol, but engage in binge drinking on occasion.”

Here’s the same lady, TV Doctor Jen, getting injected back in 2020, which, she explains, induced her to “shed a couple of tears of joy,” so you can know she has no ulterior motives and certainly wasn’t passed a fat check under the table by Pfizer to run interference under the auspices of her medical credentials.

The science™ warns that new COVID terror strain allegedly causes heart failure

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My sassy, unionized, almost surely diabetic English teacher in public high school used to admonish us from her well-padded chair, which she made full use of throughout the time we spent together: “common sense ain’t common.” And I’ll be goddamned if that wasn’t the one thing I learned that year.

What should be transparent to anyone with any “common sense” is that the “holiday heart syndrome” yarn spun for the kind of credulous adult children who consume Good Morning America — as well as this little ditty below from MSN — is an effort to obfuscate the true cause of the spike in cardiovascular disease across the developed world, which we know to be the jab.

Via MSN:

Covid-19 could trigger a ‘heart failure pandemic’, experts have warned, calling it a ‘global healthcare risk’. The rise in Covid cases, especially due to the new strain known as JN.1, could lead to potential heart issues.

Scientists from Japan’s top research institute, Riken, have issued a new report. They say the ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus clings to within human cells, are ‘very common’ in the heart. This means many people who catch the virus may suffer from ‘reduced cardiac function’.

The reason for this is still not clear. However, the report suggests the Covid pandemic might have changed things significantly. It warns those at risk of future heart failure due to ‘persistent infection of SARS-CoV-2 (Covis-19) is expected to exponentially increase’.”

Biden propagandist dig up 2020 COVID talking points for re-election propaganda

The Brandon entity’s abysmal poll numbers as an incumbent president are so deep underwater that it’s literally statistically impossible, based on years of polling precedent, for him to win in 2024 barring widespread vote-rigging that would make 2020 look like it really was the most “secure election in history.”

It’s no wonder, then, that his media tools are grasping at straws for something, anything to sell the public on his presidency.

Democrat strategist Simon Rosenberg, in that pursuit, is drawing yet again from the COVID well Groundhog Day-style:

“The central promise of Biden in 2020 was that he was going to get us through COVID and get us to the other side successfully. That’s really what the election was litigated on when you look back at polling and look at the election in 2020. And I think on that central promise Joe Biden has been successful. He did what he said he was gonna do. Our economic recovery here in the United States is stronger than any other G7 country in the world.”

Rosenberg, of course, fails to disclose the reason why an economic recovery was necessary in the first place: that he and his criminal friends in Washington and throughout the West shut down the economy and held it for ransom for the benefit of pharmaceutical profits and social control until the public submitted to the injections and biomedical surveillance regime.


A neat little trick, no? Manufacture a fake problem, offer a self-serving solution, then claim victory as a benevolent savior of humanity.

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