Directed History Sets War Between Syria and Turkey
By Staff News & Analysis - November 07, 2011

'15,000 strong' army gathers to take on Syria … An insurgent army which claims to be up to 15,000 strong is being coordinated from Turkey to take on President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, which risks plunging the region into open warfare. The national "Syrian Free Army" aims to be the "military wing of the Syrian people's opposition to the regime," its leader told The Daily Telegraph from a heavily guarded camp in eastern Turkey. Confirmation of an armed force operating with the covert approval of the Turkish authorities follows evidence that attacks inside Syria are causing high levels of casualties in the security forces. It also shows the anger of Recep Tayipp Erdogan, the Turkish premier, with Mr Assad, a former ally whose failed promises of reform have caused a deep rift. – Daily Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: War is breaking out all over. The Arab Spring is rising. What a coincidence.

Free-Market Analysis: Now it is Syria's turn. History will record that an Arab Spring swept across the Middle East and Northern Africa and turned dictatorships into Islamic democratic republics.

History will also show, we tend to believe, that the West has been challenged to reshape this radical Islamic surge along more "democratic" lines. It's all a lie, of course. It's all "directed." The 20th century appears to us to be "full on" directed history and right now the same appears for the 21st.

There's plenty of evidence these modern revolutions were spawned by the Anglo-American elites, determined to continue their advance toward one-world government. Various groups, affiliated perhaps with the CIA, were set up to promulgate "revolution." AYM is one such American/gobalist movement and obviously has ties to the US State Department and large US corporations.

Now the revolution has come to America and is masquerading as Occupy Wall Street. Overseas, "revolutionary youth" have created an Islamic crescent arc. Within the US and Europe the revolution will serve a different purpose: It will build a populist movement blaming private industry and banking for the one-world program put in place by the elite money mafia creating this turmoil.

It wasn't enough for them to control central banks. It wasn't enough to control nations and to have, literally, all the resources of the earth at their disposal. No, they had to continue their loony quest for world domination and now everyone else shall suffer more intensely than ever or, perhaps, just die.

What's on today's psychotic menu? Endless war for endless peace … Totalitarianism masquerading as a global demos … Genocide? The money spent on trying to consolidate worldwide power so these sociopaths can bestride the world like crazy colossi would lift billions out of poverty.

A single trillion bestowed on the world's poor in the proper manner would have a galvanizing effect on the entire globe. But, no, these same people would rather spend tens of trillions bailing out their corporate and banking colleagues. And then an equal amount waging war and consolidating military control.

Such a cold-blooded strategy. As we have pointed out, almost every single regime that has been challenged as a result of the Arab Spring has been secular. Almost every political structure that will replace the deposed secularists will be Islamic.

To challenge the secular Islamic crescent that the West is forming will be the GCC – the Gulf Cooperative Council – made up of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. with Jordon and Morocco in the wings. Now it seems Turkey is to be added to that MMO (Moderate Muslim Opposition) also known as the GCC.

This makes sense. Turkey is a large, powerful country and the GCC will be better equipped to oppose the upcoming Islamic Crescent now being put in place by the Western powers-that-be. Here's more from the article:

"We are the future army of the new Syria. We are not in league with any particular sect, religion or political party. We believe in protecting all elements of Syrian society," the Army's leader, Col Riad al-Assad, said. Made up of defectors from the regime's army, SFA fighters are conducting "high quality operations against government soldiers and security agents," Col Assad said. …

The size of the movement is unclear, with estimates ranging from 5,000 to 15,000. Many defectors have fled across the border and are being hosted in guarded camps in Turkey. Col al-Assad appealed to the international community to impose a 'no fly zone' and a 'no sea zone'. "We don't have the ability to buy weapons, but we need to protect civilians inside Syria," he said. "We want to make a 'safe zone' in the north of Syria, a buffer zone in which the SFA can get organised."

With a small weapons supply, his movement is not yet in a position to pose a serious threat to the regime, but its presence marks a definitive change to the original unified opposition policy of peaceful protest. Col al-Assad said he wanted his force to be recognised as the military wing of the Syrian National Council – the umbrella political opposition announced at a conference in Istanbul. "We are waiting for them to appoint a high delegation and send a representative to speak to us about how we can support their aims militarily," he said.

A council member speaking anonymously confirmed that 'off the table discussions' were taking place. "Our commitment is, and has always been, peaceful resolution, but our patience has a limit," the source said. "It depends on the political developments among the Arab League, the Middle East and the International Community. "In 10 days we will present a new plan that is to include a military and political strategy. Here the issue of the SFA may well be put on the table."

We don't know who al-Assad is and information on the Internet is sketchy about him and his rebels right now. But we have an inkling in due course it may emerge that al-Assad or his contingent are devout Muslims and the result of his insurgency will be an Islamic Republic.

This will be treated as a coincidence by the mainstream press. Meanwhile, the Leftist elements of the alternative Internet blogosphere will howl about greedy corporatists wanting to get hold of Syrian gold and raw materials or something.

Others will claim a Syrian takeover by the West is aimed at "tightening the noose around China" or other ridiculous notions appealing to those who are nostalgic for last century's "great game."

There are always elements of truth in these larger pontifications. But to us the real reason for these "revolutions" and their results couldn't be clearer: The elites need another manufactured war and first they need to manufacture two "sides." That's what they're doing right now.

Now add in what's going on between Israel and Iran and one begins to see the prospect of a major regional war. This has been one of the problems the elites have had. One can collapse economies via central banking. But eventually the natives get restless. When one has lost everything, after all, one has nothing left to lose. For a while, the insurrections can be controlled, but eventually they will spread. What to do?

After Thoughts

In the 20th century one could foment world war. In the 21st that's a lot harder because of nuclear weapons. It's one reason the elites have turned to the amorphous, phony war on terror. But it's not enough, not at all. They need something bigger. That's what's going on in our estimation now. They're building something bigger.

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