EU Becomes Increasingly Orwellian in Preparation for Possible Brexit
By Daily Bell Staff - May 28, 2016

A European army is exactly what the EU and UK needs Whether or not Donald Trump wins the US presidency, American sentiment is for the Europeans to do much more to help themselves  …  Under Nato Euope’s defences remain incomplete and necessitate US involvement – UK Independent

George Orwell’s 1984 is coming to pass.

It is not enough that the US has faux face-offs with Russia and China. Now Europe will build an army too.

And thus there will be three or four different major powers in the world.

Perhaps once Europe has an army, it will have a rapprochement with Russia and then Orwell’s prophecies will be mimicked almost exactly.

Three power centers, all opposed to each other.

The plan is obviously to have Germany manage it. This is why the false narrative has been floated that mysterious Nazis are somehow responsible for the creation of the EU.

Directed history goes to work. Germany supposedly created the EU and now Germany runs Europe and its army.

Germans are surely not happy about the idea of an EU army. Germans even now have had enough of war.

Also, Germans are uncomfortable with the “leadership role” that the Western mainstream media suggests they have.

But Germans are inevitably and always at the mercy of British banking. The City rules Europe and has done as it pleases with Germany for more than a century.

The EU was a City and CIA operation. Two world wars were not entirely Germany’s fault by any means.

Now the plan may be to anoint Germany more formally as head of the EU. This turns the EU essentially into a German property – for public consumption anyway.

This could be the next step in the European evolution.

Along with the success of Brexit.

Maybe this is why David Cameron was caught up in the Panama Papers. Perhaps the idea was to discredit him, and anti-Brexit forces.

Brexit may be the galvanizing incident that Eurocrats are searching for.

The trigger that gives them the justification to turn Europe from an economic union to a political one.

Europe is essentially unfinished business. It is a work in progress.  It needs an army and a political structure to turn into a full-fledged United States of Europe.

And the US? An expanded union is still planned from what we can tell, one that will include Mexico, Canada, etc.

Orwell was surely privy to such plans. He may even have had an affiliation with MI5 or  MI6.

From Wikipedia: “Despite his lifelong socialist views, in 1949, a year before his death at 46, Orwell gave the government a list of people he thought were Stalinist sympathizers or ‘fellow travelers.’”

And “1984” certainly served the purpose of accustomizing people with what’s happening now. People generally are less resistant if current events are familiar to them.


Germany has been among the most vocal opponents of Brexit. So it was perhaps surprising that it was from here that a mini-missile was launched into the referendum campaign, with leaked details of a defence White Paper pushing the creation of a European Army.

For the UK’s flailing Brexiteers, this was just what was needed. Veterans for Britain duly popped up to warn of the threats to UK sovereignty and to Nato, the alliance that had kept the country safe through the Cold War and beyond.

We are slowly changing our mind about Brexit. Perhaps it is more likely.

First the Panama Papers’ Cameron expose Now this EU army leak.

Conclusion: If this is a correct analysis of Brexit, then enjoy your visits to Europe while you can. At some point, Europe will begin to grow more hostile to the Americas and perhaps to Britain too. And it will be no accident.


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