Increasingly Desperate MSNBC Accuses RFK Jr. of Destroying MLK Jr. Legacy
By Ben Bartee - April 10, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Try to follow Morning Joe’s logic here, such as there is any to be followed:

·       Donald Trump, literal Hitler, has “dedicated” “his life” “to reversing the work of Martin Luther King” (missing citation; reckless speculation)

·       RFK Jr. is allegedly playing spoiler to the Brandon entity’s re-election campaign (Biden himself being an avowed segregationist who, by the way, which Morning Joe fails somehow to ever discuss on his show, once described integrated schools as a “racial jungle”)

·       Ergo, RFK Jr. hates black people

“Donald Trump has worked to reverse so many of the gains made since Martin Luther King’s passing. We showed that extraordinary clip of Bobby Kennedy and here we are… 56 years later, a guy we both know, Bobby Kennedy Jr., running, you know, as basically cover for Donald Trump. It’s not a coincidence that some of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s biggest contributors are Donald trump’s biggest contributors. So here we are all these years later, and just this twisted path has led us to where somebody named Kennedy is putting himself in the position to elect Donald Trump president, a guy who, whose life now is dedicated to reversing the work of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.”
-Morning Joe

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My favorite portion of literally any Morning Joe clip is his sidepiece Mika’s (daughter of OG neocon Zbigniew Brzezinski) performative menopausal let-me-speak-to-your-manager pearl-clutching and head-shaking that accompany all of her boyfriend’s self-righteous monologues, with the occasional “oh my God” or whatever supportively interjected to put a finer point on the outrage climaxes.

The fanciful flights of fantasy never cease.

Last year, the same corporate media blob sprang into action to report upon a purported secret Nazi code that RFK Jr. was using to séance covertly with the White Supremacists™ who make up his base.

Via HuffPo:

“A tweet from the account of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Friday used language that many observers say evokes the known Nazi hate symbol “1488.”

A post on the candidate’s official Twitter account used the numbers 14 and 88 in close proximity.

“1488” is a known white supremacist symbol, according to the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center*. The “14” in the symbol is shorthand for the “14 Words” slogan that is popular with racists around the world, while the “88” stands for “Heil Hitler,” since “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.”

The imaginations on these people! Fiction couldn’t be stranger.

It’s not enough absolution, apparently, that RFK Jr.’s father was a committed lifelong actual social justice crusader who spearheaded the civil rights movement, or that the junior Kennedy himself is publicly in favor of slavery reparations, or that until the last two decades he was a hero of the left.

Never mind the alleged racism or Nazism or whatever nonsense; the true unforgiveable transgressions Kennedy has committed are:

·       Standing in the way of pharmaceutical profiteering by asking inconvenient questions

·       Challenging the Deep State’s preferred candidate, the demented meat puppet whose handlers can’t get the CPAP strap marks off his face when he’s an hour late to the single scheduled daily event on his calendar

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