EU Bust as Internet Reformation Rolls On …
By Staff News & Analysis - May 07, 2012

Hollande wins and the end of the euro draws nearer … In France, and in Greece, the anti-austerity backlash has achieved a double victory this weekend, bringing closer the point at which the euro breaks asunder. Continued German support for the single currency relies on acceptance of the austerity imposed by the fiscal compact. Both France and Greece have now resoundingly rejected the old political consensus, making the future of the single currency more uncertain than ever. In recent days, the European Union, in seeming anticipation of these election results, has loosened its rhetoric around austerity. Olli Rehn, the European commissioner for economic affairs, has called for growth friendly austerity and insisted: "The stability and growth pact is not stupid… the pact entails considerable scope for judgment when it comes to its application." – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: All will be well with the EU … hey, wait a minute!

Free-Market Analysis: Here at the Daily Bell one of the things we are (modestly) known for is our perspective that the Internet and the information it distributes would have a huge impact on Western government and the one-world global elite conspiracy, which thrived under the cover of darkness.

We call this phenomenon the Internet Reformation and we have modeled it on the effect that the Gutenberg press had on its times and society. We are fond of writing that the Internet is a process not an episode.

We still find all these things to be true. In the past years (more than a decade now, really) we have made numerous prognostications based on the Internet paradigm and the way it is reshaping the world …

We predicted that if we were correct about the Internet the elites' dominant social themes would begin to destabilize and fail.

These dominant social themes are fear-based promotions that the power elites use to promote world governance. The solutions to these fear-based memes are always the facilities that the elites have put in place, especially the UN, NATO and the IMF.

But we have argued that Internet revelations about the globalist conspiracy and knowledge about the Way the World Really Works would make it more and more difficult for the top elites to use this soft power.

Desperate, we predicted, they would turn more and more to hard power and to war, oppressive law-making and out-and-out promotion of economic ruin. All of this has occurred, in our view.

And all of it is very bad for the top elites who are moving as fast as they can to preserve their power and move ahead with their world spanning plans.

It is bad because there are just a few of these dynastic families and their enablers and associates controlling the global central banking family. They have enormous wealth but a non-existent constituency.

Convince six billion to go along with you and all is well. But if you are in an adversarial position – and you are six thousands versus six billion – well, this becomes a problem.

And it is. One by one, the devious themes are failing. Global warming gets little traction with the public. The war on terror is not well received. The various scarcity-based memes have been flogged to death and endlessly rebutted on the Internet.

Peak Oil is not generally believable. Food and water scarcity propaganda is increasingly questioned. Even the basics of modern medicine – especially the total efficacy of vaccines – have come under question.

And now the European Union itself is crumbling, along with the idea of "austerity" and Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency. If Barack Obama loses, as well, the powers-that-be will have sustained a considerable setback.

But the main resonance of what is happening now involves the EU. There is no doubt the crumbling of the euro and perhaps the EU itself is an elite setback.

Even as those in Brussels plot a more powerful presidency that will rule by true fiat, the larger public "buy-in" for the EU becomes more tenuous. This dictatorial experiment in one-world-ism may be retained for the moment via force … but force is a defeat for the elite conspiracy.

The elites seek co-option. They want to control your mind. If they cannot control your mind and spirit, well … this begins to cause trouble. There are too many they need to control. And they are too few.

It is impossible to control the modern world via power politics and economic chaos. True, perhaps a nuclear war of some sort would cull the population but there is no guarantee that the elites themselves – as currently constituted – would come out on top.

Now, it is true, some will argue (and we have), that while the elites intended for the EU to be strengthened by an expected chaotic downturn (with power moving toward the center), a breakup of the EU periphery will also strengthen elite plans because chaos will prove beneficial. Out of chaos … order.

But here is where we depart from that argument. While the elites DO fall back on chaos, war and authoritarianism when they have to, these are NOT their preferred tools. Their basic tool is the dominant social theme.

However, because of the Internet Reformation they've all but surrendered this tool. 'Net information has exposed their manipulations in profound ways. It is hard to move secretly toward world government with everyone watching and writing about it.

With Sarkozy gone, with austerity on the way out, with the EU crumbling in the south and even the French beginning to question the "great experiment" it is hard to see how the EU and euro survive "as is."

It is true that the powers-that-be that stand in the shadows behind the EU can insist on a policy that does not deviate from what is already established. But chances are this will send Europe up in flames, and the situation "on the ground" will change in any event.

It truly is a polarized world and the Internet Reformation – a process not an episode – is taking its toll. Who can predict where all of this will end up? The changes that are occurring may prove as profound as those that were ushered in by the Gutenberg Press.

After Thoughts

We see no reason to revise our thinking. This paradigm (this way of viewing the world) seems to work – much to the elite's probable dismay.

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