Fat Propaganda Roundup: #BodyPositive Terrorists Hijack Southwest Airlines
By Ben Bartee - January 03, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Documenting the meatiest, juiciest cuts of “fat acceptance” propaganda from corporate and social media.

The Fat Crusade marches on, thunderously. They’re at the gates. Tributes will be paid.

Southwest Airlines submits to #SocialJustice, grants fats free seats no-charge

The fats, as we know, mix with aviation like oil with water.

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Complementary extra seats on airplanes have long been a top demand of the #bodypositivity lobby.

Because demanding free stuff is way easier than eating responsibly.

Because inertia.

Via Britannica:

“Law of inertia, postulate in physics that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force.”

Somehow the laws of inertia, and therefore economics, have been suspended, or else overlooked, though, as the fats are now granted free space on Southwest Airlines to have their heft propelled complimentarily through the air, as if jets run on prayers and dreams instead of precious fossil fuels.

Via New York Post:

“Plus-size TikTokkers are praising Southwest Airlines for its ‘customer of size’* policy, which allows overweight passengers to request a complimentary seat and forces the flight staff to accommodate larger flyers — even if that means kicking others with tickets off the flight.

‘If you’re fat, you know the anxiety of flying and this alleviates it a lot,’ Caroline, a travel influencer** who said she is a size 20, told her nearly 200,000 followers in a video posted at the end of October.

“I had a very comfortable flight just feeling like I was allowed to take up the space I needed.”

Under the Texas-based airline’s policy, customers whose bodies “encroach” past the armrest are entitled to an extra seat at no additional cost.”

*Calling an unfair accommodation for human-walrus hybrids — who, again, as a matter of physics, hog up more space and suck up more jet fuel than normal-sized humans — a “customer of size” policy is a total disservice to these people. They need tough love, not sugar-coating their obesity in the “soft language” that George Carlin ranted about back in the day.


**The very fact that there exists in this world an occupation called “travel influencer” is, perhaps, the best evidence thus far that we are living in the endtimes.

Oh, Lawd, take the wheel!

400-pound aspirational gym teacher denied work, sues school district for fat discrimination

The absolute hubris.

Via The Detroit News:

A former Wayne State University student who wanted to become a teacher is suing the university for $1 million, alleging he was discriminated against because of his weight and disabilities when he wasn’t allowed to do his student teaching virtually.

David Lopez, 44, was a student in the physical education kinesiology program, aiming to become a gym teacher. He finished every requirement for the program except for the student teaching.

Lopez weighs over 400 pounds and has diabetes, hypertension and asthma, according to the civil lawsuit filed earlier this year in Wayne Circuit Court.

‘They don’t think I fit the description of what a PE teacher was because I’m very overweight,’ Lopez said. ‘They didn’t want me to graduate with my certification because I didn’t fit what they perceived to be a gym teacher because of my size and because of my weight. There’s no doubt that was the reason why. There was no other reason. I passed everything.’

In a court filing response to Lopez’s lawsuit, Wayne State said there is no legal claim for weight discrimination against an educational institution*. The university also said it does not control the student teaching requirements of districts.

The university called Lopez’s lawsuit “frivolous” and asked that it be dismissed. A spokesperson for the university did not respond for comment.”

*If the kind of nanny state scolds who become HR professionals get their way, obesity will become a protected class from coast to coast right along with the proliferating LGBTQ4GF150+++™ rainbow spectrum, race, etc.

Via Society For Human Resource Management:

“​Employees can still be fired for being overweight in most areas in the U.S. But several cities and states have introduced or passed legislation to end that practice…

‘Body discrimination denies people necessary, even lifesaving, medical treatment; contributes to financial inequality; and creates serious mental health challenges,’ [New York City Council member Shaun]Abreu said during a February rally on the steps of New York City Hall.”

Just what we need: more “rights” for more “marginalized” groups as license to recast blame for their failures on society.

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