Fat Propaganda Roundup: Sadistic American Diabetes Association Recommends Processed Sugar
By Ben Bartee - January 06, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Documenting the meatiest, juiciest cuts of “fat acceptance” propaganda from corporate and social media.

ADA’s sick 60-grams-of-sugar pickle recipe

The sadistic biomedical profiteers over at the American Diabetes Association, who benefit greatly (in fact, base their entire career on it) from increasing diabetes rather than solving it, have a recipe for “sweet and sour cucumbers” that contain 60 (!) grams of added processed sugar.

This is damn near criminal.

Diabetics should all, without exception, in perpetuity until their metabolic dysfunction is resolved and insulin sensitivity restored, be on either ketogenic or extremely low-carb diets. To the metabolically compromised, sugar is poison, and all the more so when it’s processed and unfiltered through fiber.

The liberating and inconvenient truth — to borrow a coin termed by the Climate Change™ cult — is that there is no physiological reason why type II diabetes can’t be fully reversed with the right information and a modicum of self-discipline.

But then, if diabetics suddenly discovered their own power to heal themselves, the executives over at the ADA who make a killing off of the proliferation of disease might be forced to do an honest day’s work.

And that they would never abide.

Fats circle the wagon at ‘FatCon’, emotionally support one another in their quest for self-acceptance or whatever

Via NPR:

“There was art of fat bodies with apron bellies and stretch marks showing. Keychains that said “I am body goals” featuring bigger bodied people celebrating themselves.

There were racks of vibrant clothes that started with a size XL and went up from there. Clothes that people could actually try on and take home with them, a luxury if you are over a size 16.

I had arrived at Philly FatCon, a fat-focused convention for people to come as they are and celebrate their bodies

The weekend offered panels such as “Fat, Happy, and Healed” and “Fat & Fashionable” where influencers, experts and brands shared personal experiences, as well as advice on topics from fashion to combating fatphobia

There were wellness classes that ranged from breathe and flow yoga to dance classes like Twerk-lesque and “Free the Jiggle.” The instructors were all plus size and made the classes modifiable for people who needed it.

Queen Nzinga, who taught the Twerk-lesque class, has been a dancer her entire life and had been told that, while she was talented, she was too fat — a remark that was received with nods of mutual understanding. Today, Queen is a burlesque dancer known as “Philly’s Twerk Queen.”

We don’t have places like this to just be fat in a room*,” Queen shared with us. “We are the ‘normal bodies.’ America’s fat. And people love fat people** — but that isn’t broadcasted enough. There is another side to fat, where people live out loud.””

*Occam’s razor dictates that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Perhaps the reason they don’t fit in rooms is because they are about three times larger than the average-sized human.

Alice in Wonderland had a whole bit about this back in the day.


Secondly, no one “loves fat people” per se, as this lady claims. Save for the tiny subset of the population afflicted with a sexual fetish, if a person loves someone fat, it’s in spite of their obesity, not because of it.

These people don’t even love themselves, because they know they are aesthetically displeasing and patently unhealthy — two no-gos for evolution-driven attraction. You can’t beat millions of years of well-honed survival instincts.

Consider the slew of “affirming” iconography and sloganeering on display in the above article, which gives the game away.

These people are not proud of anything. If they were, they wouldn’t need a convention packed full of their whalelike peers to try to convince themselves that they are.

What they are trying to achieve is collective self-delusion insulated safely from reality in their #bodypositive bubble. But, again, you can’t beat natural selection. Weighing in excess of 400 pounds is never going to be “sexy” or “empowering,” and deep inside they know it. They will never attain the self-delusion they pursue so doggedly — a peculiar form of tragedy.

If any one of these fats could snap their fat fingers and turn into a healthy-sized human, they’d ditch their so-called “community” faster than you can say “Little Debbie.”

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