Global Warming and the Undead
By Staff News & Analysis - November 09, 2010

Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics … The American Geophysical Union plans to announce that 700 researchers have agreed to speak out on the issue. Other scientists plan a pushback against congressional conservatives who have vowed to kill regulations on greenhouse gas emissions … Faced with rising political attacks, hundreds of climate scientists are joining a broad campaign to push back against congressional conservatives who have threatened prominent researchers with investigations and vowed to kill regulations to rein in man-made greenhouse gas emissions. – LA Times

Dominant Social Theme: Common sense must reassert itself. The message is important. The world will whither and die if it does not recognize global warming for the threat it is.

Free-Market Analysis: The world has certainly not recovered from the Dark Age of the 20th century when it seem every single facet of Western civilization was corrupted to serve the purposes of a Western global elite determined to implement global government. Economics, polity, education and even, unfortunately, science all fell victim to this all-encompassing effort. In this article, we want to examine how this trend continues and why a scientifically illegitimate – and discredited – concept like global warming can be continually propounded.

It is distressing to anyone who believes in the progress of civil society. The corruption of science has occurred like everything else through the availability of government-printed fiat money. Stuffed with paper currency, science has grown bigger and bigger until money itself controls much of what is researched and documented. Inevitably what this means is that government preoccupations will be reflected in science and that science will be controlled by invisible strings.

The mechanism is basically mercantilistic. The Western elites control central banking and are able to print money out of nothing to influence and ultimately control society, including its corporate and governance aspects. While money enables the elite to dominate, it is the use of dominant social themes, fear-based promotions that allow the powers-that-be to mold society as they wish in the direction of one-world government.

One of the most successful and basic elite themes was global warming. This fear-based meme has been used to attempt to fundamentally reshape how people relate to their environment and to each other. The idea is that much of modern society is contributing to an out-of-control warming trend that must be halted before the earth becomes literally unlivable. It is only through shared sacrifice and a dramatic reduction in living standards that people will be able to survive.

The global warming meme is perhaps the most perfect example of how the power elite likes to operate. The theme is entirely ridiculous, ludicrous really. But the overwhelming dominance of the elite in terms of the media, education and science itself has allowed the elite to establish global warming as something believed by millions if not billions.

Global warming – or at least the manmade part of it – can be rebutted by anyone who does even a small amount of research. Water vapor constitutes up to 97 percent of the atmospheric cover that supposedly traps heat. Human-created gasses constitute perhaps just three percent. Of course, global warming advocates argue that it is this three percent that is responsible for a "tipping point." But in fact, when one looks more closely at the numbers they are the product of whatever inputs researchers choose to utilize.

We will not in this article delve into exactly how global warmists have constructed their meretricious arguments over the years. There is plenty of information on Google and elsewhere that presents it in detail. What is important to note is that Internet exposure of the global-warming promotion via the now famous Climategate scandal – in which e-mails of the climate change crowd were hacked and released to the public last year – showed clearly how these promotions occur.

A small group of individuals intent on swaying science to one opinion or another can gain a chokehold on the journals pertinent to the subject. By controlling who is published and what data is presented, a determined handful of individuals can influence the outcome of research and its larger presentation. When the research shows clearly what it is supposed to, then it can be publicized to the broader media, eventually creating pressure for political solutions and even UN actions.

The global warming episode clearly reveals the how easily science can be undermined and in the latter half of the 20th century right up to the advent of the Internet. Accordingly, the global warming theme continues to be propounded. It is a basic building block of elite global governance and one it would seem that is necessary for a number of purposes. Establishing global warming as scientific fact for political purposes allows people's every move to be regulated and taxed – not just within nation states but globally, as the problem is to be perceived as international.

The elite, we wrote recently, have come up with a substitute for global warming by recycling the extinction meme. The UK Telegraph carried a nice expose which included the following statement: "The UN's two-week Convention On Biodiversity, launched on Monday: 'Delegates from nearly 200 countries are being asked to agree to new 2020 targets after governments largely failed to meet a 2010 target of achieving a significant reduction in biological diversity losses, a goal set at the last biodiversity conference in 2002 … Developing nations say more funding is needed from developed countries to share the effort in saving nature. Much of the world's remaining biological diversity is in developing nations such as Brazil, Indonesia and in central Africa.'"

We then pointed out, as did the Telegraph, that the issues came down as usual to money. We wrote: "You see what is going on? If global warming doesn't work, the UN, and those behind the UN's various programs, are prepared to attack with a biodiversity meme. But the underlying effort is always the same. The 'problem' is global and the solution is 'funding.' The UN and the power elite behind it is DETERMINED to get some sort of global tax implemented at UN level. It could be one tenth of one penny per person per year – but something that provides a precedent for more taxation down the road." You can read the article here: Recycling Memes: The Biodiversity Promotion.

Western science in our view has been thoroughly corrupted and remains so in the 21st century. Big Pharma skews health care research toward chemical treatments for natural body imbalances; Big Science pursues gravitational interpretations of the universe at the expense of intriguing theories about the electrical universe; engineering resolutely ignores the fascinating research of Tesla; archeology ignores increasing evidence of manifold, advanced, pre-Neolithic civilizations in India and South America.

Much of the skewing of Western science has been brought to light by the Internet itself. On Youtube, for instance, one can see short debunking clips on everything from the manipulation of the Beatles (and the apparent death of Paul McCartney) to NASA's suspiciously propagandistic clips on the Apollo moon-landings. The information has always been available but the centralization that the Internet provides is unique and powerful. What so much information shows us, indisputably, is that the suspicious science being unearthed always supports a Western-centric view of the world; while the suppressed science inevitably provides a much larger frame of reference.

The elite, which as realigned the scientific conversation in the past century, is interested mostly in research that either supports the primacy of Western culture or predicts its downfall. And either trend supports the larger elite agenda that has to with strengthening global government. Of course, as we discussed just yesterday in the article entitled Is Paul Dead? science is not the only discipline that has been twisted by the elite agenda. Art, religion, sexuality, politics, war – every single aspect of human culture has been steadily dragooned into service of the larger goal. That this article can be written and read by thousands is testament to the change that is taking place in the 21st century. And this is just one site.

The agenda of Western elites, in fact, has comes under the increased challenge of a communication technology it neither anticipated nor can currently control. Like the undead in Hollywood horror movies, elite promotions continue to rise up no matter how emphatically they are flattened. But the 21st century is not the 20th and persistence is no substitute for propaganda. Just today, we read the CCX, the Chicago futures exchange set up for "carbon trading" is basically going out of business. At one point, the CCX estimated that the carbon-trading market could be worth US$10 trillion. Not now.

After Thoughts

In our view the spell has been broken. Over time, we anticipate an efflorescence in all the forms of human endeavor, from art to science to literature and more. The elite may continue to try to impose the dead hand of its promotional agenda on every aspect of humanity; nonetheless, a renaissance may be coming.

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