Goldman Takes Over the World?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 03, 2012

Goldman Sachs' Global Coup D'etat … When the people of Greece saw their democratically elected Prime Minister George Papandreou forced out of office in November of 2011 and replaced by an unelected Conservative technocrat, Lucas Papademos, most were unaware of the bigger picture of what was happening all around them. Similarly, most of us in the United States were equally as ignorant when, in 2008, despite the switchboards at the US Capitol collapsing under the volume of phone calls from constituents urging a "no" vote, our elected representatives voted "yes" at the behest of Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen and jammed through the biggest bailout of Wall Street in our nation's history. But now, as the Bank of England, a key player in the ongoing Eurozone crisis, announces that former investment banker Mark Carney will be its new chief, we can't afford to ignore what's happening around the world. Steadily – and stealthily – Goldman Sachs is carrying out a global coup d'etat. – Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks,

Dominant Social Theme: Watch out for this most powerful of all firms. It is the octopus of Wall Street.

Free-Market Analysis: Here's another meme, in our view. It's one we've fought against for a long time. It is the idea that Wall Street and private enterprise generally are malicious and ought to be confronted by government and heroic politicians.

That's the dominant social theme. The subdominant social theme would be more along the lines of Goldman's influence is spreading around the world. No firm is more evil, according to some, than Goldman.

From our point of view, this is not quite true. As we try to mention regularly, the power in finance lies with central banks. The securities industry and commercial banks are mere appendages of Money Power that resides in its fullness within the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, etc.

There are over 150 central banks in the world, most supervised in one way or another by the Bank for International Settlements. Someone put this gigantic financial entity in place. Someone supervises it.

And it wasn't Goldman. No, there's a power elite, in our view, that controls central banking and uses its impossible wealth to promote global governance.

Seen within this context, Goldman Sachs is merely one more tool in a global kit bag. Its operatives are merely more highly paid mercenaries. Not everyone agrees with this perspective, of course. Here's more from the article:

There's one tie that binds Lucas Papademos in Greece, Henry Paulsen in the United States, and Mark Carney in the U.K., and that's Goldman Sachs. All were former bankers and executives at the Wall Street giant, all assumed prominent positions of power, and all played a hand after the global financial meltdown of 2007-08, thus making sure Goldman Sachs weathered the storm and made significant profits in the process …

As Europe descends into an austerity-induced economic crisis, Goldman Sachs's people are managing the demise of the continent. As the British newspaper The Independent reported earlier this year, the Conservative technocrats currently steering or who have steered post-crash fiscal policy in Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, and now the UK, all hail from Goldman Sachs. In fact, the head of the European Central Bank itself, Mario Draghi, was the former managing director of Goldman Sachs International.

And here in the United States, after Treasury Secretary and former Goldman CEO Henry Paulsen did his job in 2008 securing Goldman's multi-billion dollar bailout, he was replaced in the new Obama administration with Tim Geithner who worked very closely with Goldman Sachs as head of the New York Fed and made sure Goldman received more than $14 billion from the bailout of failed insurance giant AIG.

What's happening here goes back more than a decade.

In 2001, Goldman Sachs secretly helped Greece hide billions of dollars through the use of complex financial instruments like credit default swaps. This allowed Greece to meet the baseline requirements to enter the Eurozone in the first place. But it also created a debt bubble that would later explode and bring about the current economic crisis that's drowning the entire continent. But, always looking ahead, Goldman protected itself from this debt bubble by betting against Greek bonds, expecting that they would eventually fail.

Ironically, the man who headed up the Central Bank of Greece while this deal was being arranged with Goldman was – drumroll please – Lucas Papademos.

This is very interesting! We've been writing for about a year that these loans were thinly disguised bribes. We pointed out that bankers were not THAT stupid, and they surely must have known what they were doing. They provided these loans, easily pilfered, to European elites who then made sure to deliver their countrymen to the European Union.

But to believe that Goldman itself orchestrated such a plan is fairly ludicrous, in our view. Goldman was just one more cog in a wheel, albeit a big one.

The article quotes the lefist DailyKos as follows: "The normal scenario usually involves helping a nation hide a problem and sell its debt until the problem blows up into a bubble that bursts in a spectacular way…Goldman Sachs then puts their 'man' into a position of power to direct the bailouts so that Goldman gets all its money back and more, while the nation's economy gets gutted."

The article then asks, "Why, despite mountains of evidence, have banksters at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street institutions not been thrown in jail for defrauding customers, manipulating LIBOR interest rates, and throwing thousands of Americans out of their homes illegally in a massive robo-signing scandal?"

You see where this is going, dear reader? We've predicted it already. This language is symptomatic of the George Soros-controlled Occupy Wall Street movement. The idea is to whip up resentment between the wealthy and everyone else. And then to put some people in jail. It will hardly matter who. The idea is to create a bloodlust and then slake it. The REAL criminals are to be left untouched.

Here is how it may work … Once people have been whipped to a fever pitch, US President Barack Obama will suggest a neo-Pecora hearing. The last such hearing, in the 1930s, resulted in the evisceration of Wall Street's capital-raising mechanism. This time, Wall Street and the banks will be entirely ruined. There will be nothing left of the market. Nothing left of the ability to raise money … except by the most powerful of elites.

This is where these people are headed. The rhetoric is intentional. Instead of blaming the power elite, the idea is to blame Wall Street. This allows the top elites to pass MORE regulation, effectively choking off the ability of ANYONE to create significant capital without elite approval.

We're not endorsing Goldman or modern Wall Street, by the way. The modern banking system is a despicable agent operating at the behest of the powers-that-be. But Wall Street – and Goldman – are not where the power resides. It evidently and obviously goes much higher than that.

After Thoughts

Get rid of Goldman and nothing will change. Get rid of modern, monopoly central banking and everything will.

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