Gordon Brown Proposes an Int. Children’s Court – How About Shutting Down British Wars First?
By Daily Bell Staff - April 20, 2016

Proposed world children’s court would punish abuses, slavery … An international court should be set up to punish those responsible for child labor and other forms of abuse against children, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the United Nations on Monday. – Thomson Reuters Foundation

Globalism proceeds apace. Last week Western leaders took aim at financial privacy and suggested an international register that would list the beneficial owners of every private corporation worldwide.

This week, yet another international judiciary is in the news. This one is a planned world court for children.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who is perhaps most famous for selling much of Britain’s gold at historical lows, attended a meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and submitted a voluminous report.

Brown was there as head of something called the Global Citizenship Commission and had brought with him “political leaders and academics focused on human rights.”

The idea is that a court would acquire the power to “oversee cases requested by children” and then issue “legally binding rulings.”

“We need, in a sense, a civil rights struggle by and on behalf of children because their rights have been neglected in the international community,” Brown was quoted as saying.

Up to one in ten children globally may be “child laborers.” And according to Reuters, the need for such a court is especially acute because of increased migration from the Middle East to Europe means millions of families and their children are exposed to exploitation and abuse.

The children’s court would supposedly operate in a manner similar to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands.

This is fairly dispiriting notion, however. The ICC has mostly made a name for itself harassing African political leaders – and incompetently at that.

There are questions about its funding as well given that the ICC is reportedly bankrolled by billionaire-leftist George Soros along with European Union apparatus partially controlled by Soros.

The third funding source is said to be the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Presumably, the an “International Children’s Court” would be similarly funded.

In an article posted at Huffington Post in 2014, Gordon Brown wrote the following when describing how the court might work:

We propose not only a Children’s Court but also that children and their representatives should have the right to petition the court directly. The court should receive and investigate individual petitions, independently monitor performance in member states, and further review areas of concern, including child labor, child marriage and child slavery.

Such a system would also allow us to report on how inequalities in health and education harm the most marginalized children and how compulsory universal education is the best way of combating child labor, forced marriage and discrimination against girls.

One can only imagine the propaganda benefits of a such a court as children will obviously not appear alone but are to be accompanied by “representatives.”

Additionally, Mr. Brown makes the point in his article that “compulsory universal education is the best way of combating child labor.”

Presumably then, a world court for children might soon involve a campaign to set up a global public education program, perhaps also administered by the United Nation. In a Boston Globe editorial a few days ago, Brown went even further:

Silent in 1948, not to be seen or heard, children are rising to demand their rights. We need to empower them. Every nation must be held accountable by a youth parliament, by a children’s commissioner acting as their first line of defense, and by a dedicated budget that focuses on what improves young lives.

Mr. Brown is sure that organizing children via politics and public education on a massive scale will wipe out youthful suffering. Unfortunately, globalist solutions rarely if ever solve the problems they are supposed to confront.

Privately funded groups and committed individuals remain a preferable way of combating abuses and exploitation of all sorts.

But much of the dysfunction leading to such difficulties comes from poverty and the breakdown of society. A healthy, vigorous, market-based society is the best answer to social abuse, political chaos and familial disruption.

Such general breakdowns are often exacerbated by war. Ironically, the US and Britain are among the chief purveyors of war among developing nations.

If Gordon Brown really wants to protect children he might do more than try to establish a children’s court. He might confront his own political process in Britain in order to shut down that country’s endless, senseless, overseas conflicts that over time murder millions and leave children homeless and parent-less.

Conclusion: A cessation to such pointless wars would probably do a great deal more from a practical point to benefit the world’s children than the court he is proposing.

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