I Am Officially the Most Demonetized Writer at PJ Media
By Ben Bartee - September 28, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

I received a message recently from my editor at PJ Media:

“Congrats on a dubious victory/! You’re the most demonetized writer at PJM! You currently have 16 articles on the demonization list: 2 on climate change; 12 on covid.”

I responded that, although unfortunate for my and Salem’s (the proprietor of PJ Media) bottom lines, I take this distinction as a huge accolade and a ringing endorsement of my work.

PJ Media relies on two sources of revenue primarily, from my understanding: Google ads that run on publicly available articles and reader support, which garners access to “VIP” articles hidden behind a paywall.

Increasingly – as more and more articles on everything from transgenderism to COVID to “climate change are demonetized by the partisan political activists who run Google – the former source of revenue is drying up, and the platform is forced to lean more heavily on reader support to stay afloat.

Alas, this seems to be the trend for dissident media at large as censorship regimes ramp up and the corporate state pressures advertisers to boycott such outlets.

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In related news, independent platform Rumble, competitor to YouTube and thorn in the side of the technocrats, is under fire by way of a advertiser exodus due to its continued platforming of popular broadcaster Russell Brand, despite uncorroborated and anonymous rape accusations – almost two decades old in some cases — leveled against him.

As I covered recently at PJ Media, Brand was recently hit with an apparent #MeToo rape hoax by a consortium of corporate state media outlets who orchestrated a years-long witch hunt in search of rape victims or other scandals to smear Brand with. They interviewed, in their own estimation, “hundreds” of former contacts of Brand and poured over “hundreds” of hours of tape on him in search of anything incriminating.

The countless man-hours poured into the investigation makes the paltry result – four anonymous rape accusations from women insecure enough in their accusations to show their faces – all the more unimpressive.

Despite the shoddy and unsubstantiated accusations, the UK Parliament is now “asking” Rumble to deplatform Brand, under implied threat of legal action against it if it refuses, which it so far has – and valiantly so.

The purpose of this article is not a plea for financial support – I very much appreciate those who already do – but to raise awareness of the extremely powerful forces assembled against independent media. We all hang together or we hang separate.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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