Internet Hero Crashes ‘Queer Fat Club’ Zoom Call
By Ben Bartee - April 29, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Fat Propaganda Roundup: Documenting the meatiest, juiciest cuts of “fat acceptance” propaganda from corporate and social media.

Seismically obese diversity dance squad: A horrorshow

Frankly, this looks like a public safety hazard from multiple angles.

“No cheerleader of mine is ever going to weigh 200 pounds,” my Midwestern Irish-Catholic grandmammy used to quip of her adolescent charges in the Parish Pep Squad as they ran the track on a scorching August day.

“No heifers” was Commandment #1 at the Parish Pep Squad, and it was ironclad.

Mammy entrusted me with the stopwatch operation; if they came in a second over eight minutes on the mile, they had to do it all over. The power was intoxicating.

One young lady collapsed from heat exhaustion.

“We ought to get her to a hospital,” the assistant coach, Mrs. Phelps, pleaded — a real go-gooder, soft-hearted lit teacher.

But my mammy didn’t tolerate weakness; instead, she read a Hail Mary over this girl’s slumped body, crossed herself, and sprayed the melodramatic harlot down something fierce with the much-feared firehouse on loan from the Topeka FD — which she called a tool of “Divine Motivation” — until she got up and finished her laps.

Internet hero crashes ‘Queer Fat Club’ Zoom call

“Jo” (he/they) — a glaringly white, heterosexual-looking male, possible future incel domestic terrorist — found his way into the “Queer Fat Club” Zoom call and informed the visibly disoriented moderator that he identifies as a “fat-bodied person.”

His presence was as well-received — by the allegedly loving and tolerant people who claim to believe anyone can construct any identity they desire at any given time — as one would expect.

The problem — well, one of myriad — is that no one in these people’s lives, either online or in-person, ever says any true thing to them, like that having an “fat queer club” is for retarded, narcissistic losers.

No one says these things, even in the most diplomatic terms possible, because anyone that would has been cut out of their lives and/or blocked in Twitter and/or reported to HR.

So it’s left to crafty internet trolls like Jo here to deliver the message in novel and entertaining ways, because people learn best while they’re being entertained.

Medicare poised to push Wegovy on 3.6 million obese Americans

There has never existed on Earth a more prolific, mega-industrial drug-dealing enterprise as the U.S. government. That’s as true today as it was in the 80s when it shipped crack into the ghetto to fuel its drug war.

Not even the British hooking the Chinese on dope back in the colonial day compares.

Via CNBC (emphasis added):

“More than 3 million people with Medicare could be eligible for coverage of Wegovy now that the blockbuster weight loss drug is also approved in the U.S. for heart health, according to an analysis released Wednesday by health policy research organization KFF.

But some eligible beneficiaries could still face out-of-pocket costs for the highly popular and expensive drug, KFF said. Certain Medicare prescription drug plans may also wait until 2025 to cover Wegovy.

Medicare’s budget could be strained as more plans cover the costs of Wegovy. The program’s prescription drug plans could spend an additional net $2.8 billion if just 10% of the eligible population, an estimated 360,000 people, use the drug for a full year, according to KFF.

Under new guidance issued in March, Medicare Part D plans can cover Wegovy for patients as long as they are obese or overweight, have a history of heart disease and are specifically prescribed the weekly injection to reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes. The Food and Drug Administration approved Wegovy for that purpose in March.

KFF said that applies to 3.6 million, or 7%, of total beneficiaries, based on 2020 data. That group also makes up 1 in 4 of the 13.7 million Medicare patients who are obese or overweight. Those numbers may be higher based on more recent data, the nonprofit group said.”

Related: Wall St. Cashes in on Ozempic Grift

To summarize, 3.6 million obese geriatrics are about to get their guts mangled, succumbing to deadly muscle loss (called sarcopenia; look it up) and all manner of side effects from the drugs, while the public treasure gets pilfered, all for the private benefit of the pharmaceutical industry and its lackeys in the regulatory agencies — plus some generous “brought to you by multinational pharmaceutical corporation x” advertising revenue for the compliant corporate media and sponsorships for the celebrities who market it to the peasants.


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