Internet Reformation: The Awakening Progresses Undeterred by Current Elections
By Daily Bell Staff - May 24, 2016

The Awakening Will Continue Regardless of This Year’s Election … Every four years the public gets all riled up over the outcome of the presidential election, projecting all their expectations and visions for a better tomorrow on to a candidate in the hopes that they will swoop in and save the day. However, the reality is that the outcome of the presidential election has little to no effect on the direction of the country anymore. – Last American Vagabond

This article posted at the Last American Vagabond makes points that build on some basic Daily Bell themes going back a decade or longer.

The main point in this article is the current presidential elections will not put a halt to what we call the Internet Reformation.

Interestingly, the original Reformation was a controlled, elite process designed to split the Roman Catholic Church asunder. But like so many elite manipulations, the Reformation soon took on a life of its own and moved in unanticipated directions.

The Declaration of Independence was unanticipated, for instance. The elites of the day were horrified by the concept of a country founded on the idea of natural rights.

There is considerable evidence that the French Revolution was fought to bring back the idea that human leaders, not God, created and bestowed rights.

But in the US that idea has never superseded Jefferson’s initial vision.

This is one reason the US has stood at the crossroads of world power. It is animated by a specific vision of freedom that is subversive to authoritarianism and globalism.

This is also why we believed the Internet would have a convulsive impact on many who lived in the US.

In the US, more than almost anywhere else, the Internet is allowing people to discover the philosophical traditions of freedom that the country was constructed on.

This is spawning a kind of mass awakening.

For a long time we received a good deal of push-back regarding this point. People didn’t see that technology was a fundamental trigger for evolution of human perspectives and psychology.

But we were confident. History seemed to show us that when people are given truthful information they will act on it.

In the modern era, truth has been scarce. People have been instructed from childhood that gigantic authoritarian societies are natural.

As a result, many in the West have a great deal of trouble understanding that in a normal culture, people have a good amount of control over their own lives. They have the power to influence their own circumstances.

The combination of monopoly money printing, wars, public (state) justice and corporatism creates a noxious stew of top-down control that gradually strips away the  possibility of normal life.

One is not in charge of one’s employment, relationships and cannot plan a professional and personal future.

Ordinarily, people wouldn’t put up with this state of affairs. But until recently, it seemed that this was the only way to live. People could not conceive of other options.

The lies were so pervasive. The mind control was nearly complete. The net of untruths was almost impenetrable.

But not quite. And now it is breaking down.

This is what happened after the discovery of the Gutenberg Press. The Press did for books and paper communication what the Internet has done for electronic information.

When people come into possession of forms of truthfulness that contradict their current reality, they often begin to discard their illusions.

Not everyone, of course. Some cling resolutely to their previous beliefs, but many change over time.

Here’s how the Last American Vagabond puts it:

The world is undergoing a paradigm shift in consciousness that in many ways can be compared to a new Renaissance 2.0. It is the development of a totally new way of understanding all of the past, present, and future of the current reality.

There should be little doubt that this conscious awakening has its roots in the dawn of the Internet, which has opened Pandora’s box when it comes to the vast human reservoir of knowledge and information.

The access to data that the public now has all over the world at their fingertips is light-years ahead of what was available just 50 years ago. Information that was once incomplete, scattered all over the world, and disconnected from the whole, is now all piling into one platform for all to see and piece together. It really is the age of information for those who care to seek it out.        

The article makes the point that the current, disastrous presidential elections won’t have an impact on the larger awakening. It also seems to intimate that the current elections may actually expand this awakening and speed it up.

What many fail to realize is that while a different outcome may be desired in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, this conscious awakening that is growing stronger everyday is not going to stop once it’s over.

Donald Trump certainly has good things to say. However, his determination to pursue the War on Terror and his apparent lack of ambition to do anything about central banking means he probably will not create substantive change.

Certainly Hillary won’t either. Seeing this, people will continue to turn away from mainstream solutions when it comes to initiating fundamental change.

We regularly suggest that change starts with individual human action. You need to take control of your own life before you can make a difference elsewhere.

We will use a paragraph from the Vagabond article to end this analysis.

Conclusion: “It’s more imperative than ever that we continue the process full steam ahead despite the show they are putting on to distract us. … At this point, we just have to make sure we don’t stop digging right before we are about to strike gold because that would be the ultimate shame. We are on the brink, so let’s not stop now.”

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