IPCC Global Warming Leak Proverbial Third Shoe Dropping
By Staff News & Analysis - November 04, 2013

International panel's leaked report predicts more illness, war, disease with global warming … Starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease already lead to human tragedies. They're likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change, a leaked draft of an international scientific report forecasts. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will issue a report next March on how global warming is already affecting the way people live and what will happen in the future, including a worldwide drop in income. A leaked copy of a draft of the summary of the report appeared online Friday on a climate skeptic's website. Governments will spend the next few months making comments about the draft. – Macleans

Dominant Social Theme: The leaked report is not surprising given the gravity of the problem.

Free-Market Analysis: Was this IPCC report leaked on purpose? A strange coincidence anyway. Follow the logic …

Saturday's editorial at The Daily Bell pointed out that James Cameron was leading the charge to cover global warming through the eyes of world-famous Hollywood stars. Meanwhile, Barack Obama issued an executive order demanding that states and the fedgov work together to solve the "problem" of climate change.

Both of these announcements were made on Friday, the same day the IPCC report was "leaked." We pointed out on Saturday that the two initial announcements coming simultaneously had a promotional odor about them. But we missed the IPCC report leaking at the same time. Here's more:

"We've seen a lot of impacts and they've had consequences," Carnegie Institution climate scientist Chris Field, who heads the report, told The Associated Press on Saturday. "And we will see more in the future."

Cities, where most of the world now lives, have the highest vulnerability, as do the globe's poorest people.

"Throughout the 21st century, climate change impacts will slow down economic growth and poverty reduction, further erode food security and trigger new poverty traps, the latter particularly in urban areas and emerging hotspots of hunger," the report says. "Climate change will exacerbate poverty in low- and lower-middle income countries and create new poverty pockets in upper-middle to high-income countries with increasing inequality."

For people living in poverty, the report says, "climate-related hazards constitute an additional burden."

The report says scientists have high confidence especially in what it calls certain "key risks":

—People dying from warming- and sea rise-related flooding, especially in big cities.

—Famine because of temperature and rain changes, especially for poorer nations.

—Farmers going broke because of lack of water.

—Infrastructure failures because of extreme weather.

—Dangerous and deadly heat waves worsening.

—Certain land and marine ecosystems failing.

… If emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of coal, oil and gas continue at current trajectories, "the combination of high temperature and humidity in some areas for parts of the year will compromise normal human activities including growing food or working outdoors," the report says.

Read this last graf closely to see the real agenda behind this IPCC "leak." Every problem, even a phony one, needs a solution; a "war" against carbon dioxide could prove extremely profitable for those who engage in it.

Never mind that global warming is an obvious dominant social theme – a promotion intended to frighten the middle class into giving up wealth and power to globalist solutions. The drumbeat for this promotion goes on and on.

It shows us what we have come to suspect about the power elite in these early days of what we call the Internet Reformation: They are not apt to retreat even in the face of overwhelming exposure.

We believed that once various memes were exposed the top men behind these "scarcity memes" would perhaps take a step back, reduce the level of their propaganda.

But the opposite has occurred. The decibel level has gone up. And now, from what we can tell, the idea is to use JOBS Act advertising opportunities to further promote global warming and various "solutions." These solutions will be generated privately to begin with and then rolled out into the public markets when the time is right. See Anthony Wile's editorial for more information about the convergance of directed events leading to one final Wall Street equity blowoff – one that stars climate change as its forefront meme: Global Warming: The Wall Street Party Has Begun.

After Thoughts

Of course, the IPCC leak has sparked a wave a negative commentary but perhaps that's not the point, as we recall the following: There's no such thing as bad publicity.

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