More Questions: Lunar Rover Seems to Have Been a Willys Jeep
By Daily Bell Staff - June 01, 2016

Moon Landing Hoax | “Moon Buggy” LRV is a Willys Jeep – Lift the Veil

The “moon buggy” that NASA astronauts drove around on the lunar surface seems to be, in actuality, a stripped down jeep.

This sounds hard to believe considering development of the “lunar rover” is said to have taken years and cost tens of millions.

We would encourage readers to go HERE and watch a short video on the  topic.

A blueprint of a Willys jeep is superimposed over the moon buggy and the dimensions seem identical, down to  a fraction of an inch.

If this video is to be believed – if the information is accurate – Boeing and the others that worked on the lunar rover did nothing more than reconfigure an American jeep.

They added some antennas, figured out a way to fold it up (so it could be taken to the moon) and then billed the US government $40 million in 1960 dollars.

Is a lawsuit hiding here?

What’s even more baffling about the development – if indeed it is the frame of a World War Two jeep – is the historical narrative that accompanies it and that can be found in many articles on the Internet.

This narrative seems to have nothing to do with stripping down a jeep.

Instead, we learn that the vehicle was developed from “original plans.” In a comprehensive article entitled, The Difference It Made: Developing a Car for the Moon, we learn about the exacting standards that were necessary for planners to fulfill when developing the rover.

Here, from the article:

The LRV was subject to the same inviolable standards as all the rest of the Apollo hardware – and needed to meet “unprecedented challenges.”

Here are just three of many stated in the article:

  • deploy safely in 1/6 G from the bay on the LM Descent Stage and be operable within 15 minutes or so;
  • operate in a vacuum with temperatures between ±250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • permit ease of use by drivers wearing bulky protective suits …

Was the best solution to these demands a jeep?

At The Daily Bell, we regularly analyze elite “dominant social themes” – various forms of propaganda – and have been doing so for a decade or more.

But as we continually delve into this subject, we find that the propaganda becomes more invasive and all-encompassing.

There seems for instance to have been a determined cover-up when it comes to vaccines and the damages they can cause.

And central banking is a form of price fixing that creates terrible recessions and depressions.

And then … dinosaurs.

We recently discussed whether dinosaurs were real! Some surely are, but the timeline between dinosaur discoveries and Darwin’s presentation of his evolutionary theories is almost identical. Is this overlap just a coincidence?

Also, recently, we reported on the international space station currently orbiting earth.

There are numerous questions about how the station orbits in such a hostile environment and what exactly it does. Some have suggested space-station activities are actually taking place under water on earth.

And here is an odd observation: There are very few pictures of earth itself. One in particular has been regularly in use for decades. It appears to have been heavily photo-shopped.

This leads to questions about what exactly is orbiting the earth. There are supposed to be thousands of satellites overhead. But if so, why haven’t they taken pictures of each other or the earth?

We did what someone else did – make an “image” Internet search. We found lots of pictures of satellites. But that’s what they were, just pictures. Apparently photos of satellites in orbit are very hard to come by.

In the recent past, we’ve written about nuclear weapons and brought up some questions about what was actually dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This seems to be part of a larger pattern. As long-term analyzers of mainstream media themes, we have increasing concerns not just about individual trends but about their totality.

Certainly, as technology advances, there are fewer and fewer “checks and balances” when it comes to reporting truthfully on what’s going on.

Whether it’s satellites, nuclear weapons or lunar rovers, the general public is increasingly in the position of trusting reports from authorities.

The bought-and-paid-for mainstream media is almost useless when it comes to providing alternative points of view. In fact, if a theme or trend is regularly developed in the media, increasingly it seems to be sign that the information is in some sense untruthful.

These are not hypothetical or unimportant issues. As public disenchantment builds, it begins to have a corrosive effect on society. Civilization deteriorates.

Conclusion: At some point, especially when it comes to various forms of technology, the public will question more intensively what it is being told. Probably, it will come to believe, in some cases, that it is subject to purposefully misinformation.  This is a cumulative process. And the consequences could be serious and destabilizing.

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