My Good Friend Just Got Indicted on Bogus Jan 6 Charges (Three Years Later)
By Ben Bartee - January 07, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“The Ministry of Love was the really frightening one. There were no windows in it at all. Winston had never been inside the Ministry of Love, nor within half a kilometer of it. It was a place impossible to enter except on official business, and then only by penetrating through a maze of barbed-wire entanglements, steel doors, and hidden machine-guns nests. Even the streets leading up to its outer barriers were roamed by gorilla-faced guards in black uniforms, armed with jointed truncheons”

-George Orwell, 1984

One man’s domestic terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, as they say.

Karen Jones — one or the other, depending on whom you ask — is my friend. She’s also a wonderful person actively engaged in her community and family.

That she attended the Jan 6 election integrity protest endears her to me all the more.

The weaponized Department of Justice disagrees.

I interviewed her back in September 2021, in the first months of the FBI’s multi-year, Kafkaesque investigation into her.

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The local establishment rag nearest to her home in Santa Ynez, California, the Santa Barbara Independent, which has had a hard-on for her for some time, gleefully reported on her recent arrest (along with her husband’s).

Via Santa Barbara Independent:

“Three years after she helped lead the first wave of January 6 rioters up the steps of the U.S. Capitol, pushing through a line of police and receiving a volley of pepper spray in the process, Santa Ynez resident Karen Jones was arrested and charged with four federal counts of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct.

Jones ― an elected director of the Santa Ynez Valley Community Services District, a local tax-collecting agency that provides sewer and streetlight services to residents ― surrendered to authorities on December 14 in Austin, Texas.

Jones’s husband, Robert, who accompanied her during the riot, was arrested the same day in Los Angeles and faces the same set of charges. Each count carries a maximum potential sentence of 12 months in prison.

The couple are the first Santa Barbara County residents to be arrested and charged in connection with the events of January 6. Their arraignment before a U.S. magistrate judge is scheduled in two weeks.

In June, at an amateur comedy show in Austin, Jones boasted about her participation in the attempted takeover of the Capitol, telling the crowd: ‘I have been to the Capitol multiple times, and there has never been any reason not to go in. … I didn’t do anything that I thought was illegal.’ Jones claimed she only entered a ‘public’ section of the building and never a ‘private office’ or other ‘restricted area.’”

She engaged in no violence or vandalism that day. To my knowledge, no charging document has claimed otherwise. All of her charges are misdemeanors, which begs the question: why would the government pursue such petty prosecution three whole years later?

(In the meanwhile, as the government prosecutes grandmothers on years-old trespassing charges, the border remains a gaping wound, the bankers are still running hog-wild in their Whore of Babylon fiat casino unchecked, and not a single Public Health™ criminal has gone to prison for COVID malfeasance.)

Methinks the persecution of people like my friend Karen Jones might have something to do with the Brandon entity — fresh out of ideas for anything better to sell the public — basing literally his entire reelection bid on abortion and combatting domestic terrorism, which he made a big show of when his handlers wheeled him out at Valley Forge for a Jan 6 commemoration speech to yell incoherently into the microphone about Democracy™.


Joe Rogan and Tony Hinchcliffe discussed the curious case of Karen Jones on his podcast recently, as highlighted in this “The United States Government Vs. Karen Jones” montage from her ad hoc PR team (consisting mainly of her son, the aptly named Alex Jones).


I’m no purist, and I don’t put a lot of stock in politicians. There are only two things Trump needs to do that, if he did, would earn him my undying support from now until election day:

·       Acknowledge that he got duped into supporting Operation Warpspeed and announce Day-1 initiation of Nuremberg II military tribunals for all participants, starting with Anthony Fauci, as enemy combatants, pursuant to their COVID-19 crimes against humanity

·       Announce unform, no-exceptions Day-1 pardons for ALL Jan 6 politician prisoners and defendants

That’s all. If he made those two solitary pledges tomorrow, and put the right personnel on his campaign to indicate he is serious about executing them, I’d shill for him every single day until November with a religious devotion that would put the Mormon missionaries to shame.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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