New Libya Will Be Islamic
By Staff News & Analysis - September 14, 2011

In Libya, forces opposed to former leader Moammar Gaddafi, backed by NATO air strikes, continued their attacks Tuesday on the Gaddafi strongholds of Sirte and Bani Walid of the National Transitional Council pledged to build a moderate Islamic state and urged his countrymen to seek reconciliation. – VOA

Dominant Social Theme: Hey, if Muslims take over it's not our fault. It just happened that way. Live with it. Maybe we'll need some more wars. Or at least some more airport scanners.

Free-Market Analysis: At the beginning of the year we posed the question as to whether Foggy Bottom – evidently and obviously behind the "Arab Spring" – was trying to create a crescent of Islamic republics around the Middle East. You can read our analysis here: Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam?

It was not a suggestion from what we can tell that received wide traction (even on the Internet) but we want to note that what has occurred in Libya seems to be right in line with our larger observation. Of course, more radical forms of Islam are now resurgent throughout the Middle East. Again, in our view, this is no accident.

Such an evolution will be treated disparately by the mainstream media, which wouldn't be able to "connect the dots" even when handed a pencil and a coloring book. But for those of us who can remember things on a regular basis that happened even as long as several months ago, the current chaos in the Middle East is predictable.

As it has been reported virtually everywhere, we wish to remind you, dear reader, that the powers-that-be created a program several years ago (located in Washington DC) to educate the "youth" of developing countries in how to create social change by demonstrating and via sit-ins that were supposed to be non-violent. It is called the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM).

Youth leaders that have attended these events – featuring keynote speakers such as none other than Hillary Clinton – have returned home to organize and proselytize. The results have been revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, and a fairly bloody conflict in Libya that is not over yet. (There was also a kind of coup that occurred in the Ivory Coast where the West again supported the Islamic population over the Christian one.)

Of course, the Arab Spring has also swept over such countries as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, but these are countries that Western elites do not intend to reconfigure politically. In such countries, yearning for change has been ruthlessly repressed, apparently with Western approval and even cooperation.

The Middle East is therefore (it seems) devolving (purposefully) into two factions. One Western-oriented block will be composed of GCC countries and will include Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates. It will likely include as well Jordan and Morocco, which have not-so-coincidentally applied for membership recently.

Islamic republics may include Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria (if and when people like Bashar Assad are ousted from power) and even Yemen. In all cases, from what we can tell, the Muslim Brotherhood is to be used as a kind of Trojan Horse, assuming power and creating Islamic communities that the West will then use for propaganda purposes.

The Muslim Brotherhood, long ago infiltrated by the CIA, is the weapon of choice, apparently, for the new Islamic crescent. Infinitely controllable, the Brotherhood will provide the looming specter of Islamic fundamentalism without the inconvenient threat of its reality. Here's some more from the article excerpted above:

Libya's National Transitional Council on Tuesday reaffirmed its commitment to human rights and pledged to investigate abuses by its fighters against supporters of ousted leader Moammar Gaddafi. In a statement issued in Tripoli, the council said it is committed to upholding the rule of law and is trying to bring under its authority the varied armed groups that are fighting. The statement was in response to a report issued Monday by the human rights group, Amnesty International.

The report said pro-Gaddafi forces had committed widespread war crimes during the six months of fighting. But it also said it had uncovered evidence of abuses by anti-Gaddafi forces, including mass killings of prisoners, torture, disappearances and arbitrary arrests.

Amnesty added that many of these attacks had been carried out against foreigners from sub-Saharan African countries whom it said made up more than one-third of those held in nearby Zawiya. It said many were accused of being mercenaries but it suspected that most were migrant workers. The head of Libya's National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, called on Libyans to build a state that respected the rule of law.

Notably, the article tells us, Jalil "said Libya was a Muslim nation that follows a moderate Islam and he intends to maintain this." Thus we have the spectacle of the West and NATO destabilizing Libya, only to end up with a "moderate" Islamic state.

We noted just yesterday (news and notes) that Western powers are quite aware of the sentiments of the Libyan rebels, many of whom are Muslim fundamentalists of the kind that in a different place and time, Western Intel agencies would label as al-Qaeda.

But the true affiliations and backgrounds of many of these rebels has been repressed; the mainstream media has not reported on them. It would be inconvenient. This article, posted by the American government's propaganda arm – Voice of America – puts the best face on the Libyan revolution and does not give us even an inkling of a larger frame of reference. In that it is typical.

The article does quote Jalil as saying that "the nation must work for the abolishment of hatred and of jealousy and he urged Libyans to avoid revenge and oppression." The idea, obviously, is to make Jalil sound moderate. If he later on becomes less moderate, there will be silly articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post mournfully explaining the perils of "blowback."

Of course, it will not be blowback. Muammar Gaddafi is being removed from power (if he is) because the West is in the middle of a neo-colonialist push in the Middle East and Africa – and Gaddafi was not malleable enough. He made it clear over and over that he wanted Africa to operate independently of Western plans – maybe even launching a gold backed currency, the Gold Dinar. (You can watch a video about that here: Real Cause for Gaddafi's Expulsion: Wanted Gold Currency?)

Libya's new leaders came to power pledging to form a modern, democratic state, VOA tells us. "But they reportedly have come under pressure from Islamist militants as well as from regional political leaders and commanders of the various fighting forces that helped remove Gaddafi from power." One can see the "blowback" meme forming already.

From our perspective none of what is going on the Middle East is by accident. The mainstream media is filled as usual with articles about how the West is behind the Middle East attacks because various corporate interests are greedy for the oil. This is also misdirection, as we regularly point out.

Whether it is Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Middle East or Africa, the great banking families that wish to rule the world are attempting to consolidate power and influence. They are sending a message to rulers of countries around the world that they are only in power so long as they respect and support central banking and the expansion of global government that is now taking place.

It has nothing to do, of course, with oil or resources, etc. It has everything to do with expanding power and control and implementing world government. A phony struggle between Islam and Christianity has been chosen as the crucible in which further globalism shall be forged – a macro-level Hegelian play if you will.

The Libyan rebels are already under attack from Amnesty International that has just issued a report claiming the rebels committed war crimes. This is apparently meant to be a form of intimidation that will ensure that the rebels do not become too overtly radical.

Nonetheless, an Islamic Republic appears to be the outcome of the current Libyan revolution when and if Gaddafi is fully ousted. We would not be surprised to find the Muslim Brotherhood starting a political party as well in Libya. They have already set one up in Yemen.

After Thoughts

If we are correct, war and more war is in the offing for the Middle East. Western elites will not be satisfied until they have created a series of Islamic republics throughout Africa and the Middle East. These will be used to further terrorize the populations of the West and continue the removal of remaining civil liberties – and that process is already well underway.

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