Now Occupy Wall Street Seeks Global Warming/UN Accord!
By Staff News & Analysis - November 02, 2011

Of the many questions swirling around #OCCUPY, the most challenging is how to gel into a global movement without sacrificing the decentralized, leaderless model. There is a widespread acknowledgment that there are challenges that can only be dealt with on a global scale, such as a climate change accord and overturning international casino capitalism, and that we must therefore forge a globally united people's movement. – Adbusters

Dominant Social Theme: Workers unite! There is an emergency! The world is warming! Al Gore tried to explain it! The UN tried to fix it! Now it is up to us! Never mind that it doesn't exist – it's still important! It's the best way to realize the one-world ambitions of the power elite to whom we are beholden! Oops! Shouldn't have said that. (We got carried away.)

Free-Market Analysis: The Anglosphere elites are trying everything they can to implement "solutions" to the non-existent problem of global warming and now it seems they've set their controlled Occupy Wall Street movement to the task (see excerpt above).

Adbusters has proudly posted a screed on the new OWS "news" website calling for a global decentralized protest movement that will focus on, of all things, global warming. The UN is intimately involved in the hoax of global warming, but as we pointed out previously, the UN is also intimately involved in the transaction tax that OWS is seeking. You can read our article on the OWS transaction tax proposal here: Occupy Wall Street Demands Global UN Tax and Worldwide G20 Protest.

Now OWS is promoting the global warming meme, promoting the UN's agenda once again. OWS at the top is increasingly a stalking horse for the UN's unrealized agenda. What could not be gained so far by the UN because of resolute opposition via principled people (mostly patriotic Americans) is to be achieved by a manipulated movement of "people power" that is supposed to sweep all before it. It may not.

Of course, we predicted this very thing just YESTERDAY. The "news site" being set up by OWS and operative David DeGraw provides an occasional libertarian head-fake but really is evidently and obviously intended to promote elite dominant social themes, the fear-based promotions that the elites use to promote one-world government. You can read yesterday's article here: Elite Controlled OWS Plots the Next Big 'Net News Service.

OWS at the top (not at the level of the rank-and-file) is a controlled false flag operation. Adbusters, one of the organizers of the movement, takes money from George Soros, one of the elite's top one-world operatives. These protests, like the youth protests in the Middle East that were set up to create an Islamic crescent that could be used to further terrorize the Western middle classes, are sponsored by the CIA/AYM State Department crowd out of Washington DC. Here's some more from the Adbusters bulletin excerpted above:

ADBUSTERS TACTICAL BRIEFING The initial phase of the #OCCUPY movement was marked by several weeks of viral growth that peaked on October 15 with a global day of action. In the next phase, there will be a turn towards addressing the deep philosophical and strategic questions of how to escalate this democracy moment into a revolutionary people's movement.

Across the nation there are clear signs that the #OCCUPY movement is simultaneously maturing and growing more militant. However, there is also a growing recognition that the general assembly model that has worked beautifully thus far may be fundamentally limited on a structural level. A breakthrough came on Friday from the New York City General Assembly where the structure working group has proposed, and the general assembly has accepted, the adoption of a modified spokes council model that will work in conjunction with the general assembly.

This lays the foundation for a regional, national and potentially international spokes council, something that both #OCCUPYPHILLY and The 99 Percent Declaration have been pushing for. We are beginning to see how the #OCCUPY movement will elevate itself into an international force. Meanwhile, the power center of the movement is shifting away from the East Coast towards the West.

On Wednesday, #OCCUPYOAKLAND is organizing a General Strike that is already finding support within the local community. Solidarity actions are planned in occupations nationwide. Within the movement, there is a sense that this may be a turning point as militant tactics come to the fore and direct confrontation with the structures of the corporate-state becomes the norm.

This last paragraph brings up another point, which is the movement's increasing militancy. This is another clever elite trick. The idea is not only to build a controlled movement to promote a one-world agenda but to make it an increasingly violent movement. This way, whether or not the promotions work, the level of violence increases and the chaos that the elites need to implement a one-world order increases as well. OWS and movements like it become convenient tools for this approach.

We've been analyzing this evolving meme almost since OWS began. (We gave it the benefit of the doubt for about a month). But once we saw the attention it was receiving, we knew it had "legs." The mainstream media had begun to report on it, which was a giveaway as to what it really was. An elite promotion. (Hey, go carry a sign on a street corner and see how much attention YOU get.)

We're fairly sure of what OWS is now, at the top levels anyway. Yesterday, in fact, we wrote about the new Occupy Wall Street news website and how it wouldn't take long before all sorts of elite dominant social themes started showing up – dressed up as the warmed-over populism that the OWS movement is attempting to stimulate.

Heck, it worked in the 1930s when the elites were able to turn an economic downturn into a virtual worldwide fascist takeover. Why shouldn't it work today? Because of the Internet, that's why. The Internet Reformation, which is standing in the way, one way or another, of virtually every slimy trick the Anglosphere elites are trying to pull off in order to realize world government sooner rather than later.

How do you combat the world's growing recognition that the 20th century was nothing but elite-directed history? You used MORE directed history. Watch how OWS evolves. It seems "reasonable" enough but when you look closely all the telltale signs of directed history are there, from non-leader/leaders "emerging" to popular acclaim to the weird adoption of all the elite one-worlder promotions that have previously not received overwhelming acceptance in the marketplace.

After Thoughts

Now the elites have decided to hell with the marketplace of ideas. They're going to create a populist movement – or at least the mainstream media will portray it as such – and then they'll use the movement to justify various kinds of legislative action. This is the big push, man. They seem to have been planning it for a long time. It's all what we call directed history. Libertarians, get out now?

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