Ozempic Propaganda: The Curious Equity™ Flex and What Lies Beneath
By Ben Bartee - March 19, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Unpacking the corrupt motives and means behind hefty pharmaceutical propaganda dropped on the heads of American fats with money to burn.

Obesity drug manufacturer: These drugs not prescribed for ‘cosmetic reasons’

Via CNN:

“Celebrities’ use of a type 2 diabetes drug to lose weight had sparked both backlash and fascination by the time of last year’s Oscars. As this year’s ceremony approaches on Sunday night, the maker of a competitor set of medicines in Ozempic’s class has a message for people trying to use the drugs to slim down quickly for cosmetic reasons: These aren’t for you.

“Some people have been using medicine never meant for them,” begins one ad from drugmaker Eli Lilly, called “Big Night,” which will debut on TV this weekend. “For the smaller dress or tux, for a big night, for vanity.”

A red carpet is rolled out; paparazzi cameras flash.

“But that’s not the point,” the voiceover continues as the images transition from a glitzy event to a woman dressed in ordinary clothes riding public transit. “People whose health is affected by obesity are the reason we work on these medications. It matters who gets them.”

The ad doesn’t specifically mention Lilly’s drugs – Zepbound for obesity and Mounjaro for diabetes – and thus it doesn’t include the litany of safety information that US TV-watchers have become accustomed to at the end of pharmaceutical commercials.

But it delivers a message Lilly’s been trying to convey since the beginning of this year.

“We have a point of view about how these drugs are being used,” CEO David Ricks told CNN. “These medicines were invented for people with a serious health condition; they were not invented just to have someone who’s famous look a little bit better.””

This advertising campaign is confusing on multiple fronts, not least of which being that it ostensibly discourages the fat rubes from buying up all of the Mounjaro for “cosmetic reasons,” which would appear to be detrimental to Eli Lily’s bottom line — despite aggressive marketing exactly to the exact opposite effect.

The other issue is that obesity itself is actively marketed as a disease, so the CEO’s pronouncement that “these medicines were invented for people with a serious health condition” doesn’t square with the standard industry rhetoric.

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Furthermore, the targeting of celebrities shilling these products is at odds with the industry’s active recruitment of celebrities to shill its product, as happened recently with diverse human-walrus hybrid Oprah hustling Ozempic.

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Two possible explanations for the PR campaign against pampered, obese celebrities are:

·       Diabetics who are accustomed to these drugs as a means to control their blood sugar can’t get them any longer, as indulgent fats who have no legitimate medical need for them have gobbled them up so they can keep stuffing their faceholes with McFrankenFood with impunity

·       The corporate state media has leveled consistent allegations of “racism” at these companies under the guise of promoting Equity™ on the grounds that diverse fats don’t enjoy the same access to these drugs as evil whites.

Via NBC News:

“About half of the adults in the United States have obesity or are severely obese, a crisis that means more people are at risk of heart disease, diabetes or some types of cancer.

According to new data, there are stark geographic and racial disparities in who is able to get their hands on semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy.”

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The question unanswered and largely unasked is: why would NBC News and lobbying organizations and the Public Health™ be so interested in injecting maximum volumes of obese minorities with these drugs?

Let’s not indulge in the naivety that it has anything to do with health; COVID-19 dispensed with that delusion once and for all.

So what’s the true motivation? Is it simply regulatory capture by industry and the advertising incentives that govern the corporate state media’s narratives?

Or could the motivation be something deeper — dare I speculate, donning my “conspiracy theory” cap, something a tad more genocidal in nature?

There are a lot of fat boomers coming up on Medicare age; offing them before their checks come due one way or another is one way to manage the budget. And if Eli Lily and Novo Nordisk can pad their bottom lines in the process, all the better!

Government wins; industry wins; DEI scammers win; your thyroid gets cancer and shrivels into a diseased raisin: the classic “three wolves and a sheep” Democracy™ proverb.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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